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Colmillos (Plaga)
Plaga-parasitized dogs that move in packs, attacking intruders in waves. Their name is the Spanish word for "fangs," which are their primary weapon, and which have grown to such an extent that they almost tear through the mouth. The parasite will also occasionally break through the skin on the Colmillo's back and use its tentacles to attack. Their canine fighting abilities are augmented with increased aggression and endurance due to Plaga assimilation.

There are two variants of Plaga-infected dogs, Colmillos (RE4) and Adjule (RE5), and they are formed somewhat differently: while Colmillios feature only enlarged fangs, Adjule grow a set of densely packed fangs between the two halves of their split heads. It would be interesting to know whether this difference is due to the type of dog infected, or due to the different Plaga variants used (the improved Plagas of RE5 are a result of B.O.W. research).