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Extra Files

Regenerador (Plaga)
The Regenerador was created through experimentation by implanting multiple Plaga parasites in a single human host. As can be inferred from its Spanish name, it possesses incredible regenerative capabilities and can replace lost body parts almost instantaneously. Although still humanoid, it has suffered a variety of peculiar mutations including the loss of both ears and the nose, glowing red eyes, and a constantly drooling mouth split wide open with a row of sharp, fang-like teeth. Nothing human remains as far as intelligence is concerned.

Regeneradors can be defeated by shooting at the embedded Plagas with a thermal scope-equipped rifle. Should a Regenerador fail to collapse after destroying all of the visible Plagas, there will be one more hidden on their back. The Ndesu from RE5 was also host to multiple Plagas and was conceived as a Gigante-based B.O.W. with additional Regenerador features. This helps illustrate that B.O.W. development is not performed by repeated, random experimentation, but follows a specific methodology similar to regular weapons development.