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Extra Files

Licker β (T-Virus, Progenitor Virus)
The successor to the Licker, the product of an unexpected mutation. The Licker β was created by a Tricell employee using the Progenitor virus in an attempt to improve the Licker, but the results were not entirely satisfactory. While it has almost completely lost its sense of sight, it has an acute sense of hearing and a sharp sense of smell. It can also climb walls and attack with its sharp claws and long tongue, features which make it very similar to the species that developed in Raccoon City.

The Licker β is a unique B.O.W. in that it was developed by administering the Progenitor virus to a T-Virus B.O.W. The details can be read in the in-game file "Tricell Researcher Miguel's Journal - No. 1." When the Licker β is damaged, it flips over onto its back exposing its heart, making for an easy kill; be sure to take advantage of this weak point.