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Sea Creeper (T-Abyss Virus)
As the name suggests, the Sea Creeper is an aquatic monster that results from a specific mutation following T-Abyss contagion in humans. The mutation is seen predominantly in females, and the frictionless shell reminiscent of long hair which covers their entire body enables them to silently approach victims in the water. When they are sufficiently close, they seize and feed from their prey using their six arms; none can escape the Sea Creeper's motherly embrace.

The Sea Creeper can be a troublesome enemy when in the water. In murky water, it can be hard to discern how near they are with the naked eye, so the Genesis scanner should be used to detect them. In waterlogged areas, Sea Creepers can be dealt with using regular weapons, but underwater they become truly dangerous; there are no weapons that can fatally damage a Sea Creeper underwater, and the only way to avoid being attacked is to use Pulse Grenades as a diversion. As the player's air will only last so long, the best course of action is to get out of the water as soon as possible.