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Extra Files

Alexia (T-Veronica Virus)
Alexia was able to achieve symbiosis with her own creation, the T-Veronica Virus, by spending fifteen years in a state of suspended animation at the Antarctic Base. Her first form, while still humanoid, has her body covered in a tentacle-like fibrous material. Her blood reacts violently upon exposure to air, and the more she is damaged, the more the surrounding area is engulfed in a raging inferno.

Alexia is the only female final boss in the series (The Queen Leech from RE0 was only named Queen for convenience; leeches are actually hermaphroditic), and features three forms that are fought one after the other. Her third and final form cannot be damaged with regular weapons and must be destroyed with the Linear Launcher. Although the Launcher features infinite ammo, its speed is relatively slow meaning that it takes some skill to predict the enemy's trajectory and land a successful hit.