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Extra Files

Ndesu (Evolved Plaga)
A gargantuan B.O.W. created by utilizing the data obtained from the European-developed El Gigante, Ndesu has the honor of being the largest humanoid Plaga-implanted creature. Although it can be neutralized by destroying all five of the Plagas present in its enormous body, this is no small feat given its astounding Plaga-induced resilience. Ndesu's superhuman strength also allows it to almost nonchalantly pick up and fling incredibly heavy objects such as telephone poles and military Jeeps.

Ndesu is named after a mythical ogre-like cannibal from Central Africa and is encountered just at the point when the player expects a breather, where it promptly crushes a BSAA member underfoot. The ensuing car chase is similar to a shooting game—the restricted movement imposed by the Jeep combined with the impact of Ndesu as it forces its way closer makes for a remarkably tense experience. Irving reveals his utter lack of professionalism when deploying Ndesu in a fit of childish revenge: a true businessman would never have squandered his own wares so carelessly.