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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
4076Name:Botlok+2020-08-08 08:57:08
Well the King of the Titans strikes again! Congratulations Thanos,you have beaten me fair and square. My best was not good enough and I tip my hat to you! All bow to the King,cheers : )
4075Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2020-07-26 18:10:46
@ ThanatoSSer

yeah man, the Resident Evil Resistance servers are fucking laggy as fuck. cheap ass capcom not buying dedicated servers....
4074Name:Madand2020-07-21 19:40:53
In realtà lo hai avuto solo tu sto problema noi abbiamo giocato. Sempre
4073Name:Thanatos2020-07-04 21:53:01
Well, I just killed Defiler on Huge Creatures but he is alive and well, thanks to ''the service is unavailable'' - 3 days in a row!
Capcom's useless servers are the weak link in their games, it's time they were updated to match the renewed popularity of their titles, or it will be short-lived...
4072Name:F34rl3ss952020-06-08 16:36:56
First Time Events.

Hey Guys. This was my first time with an online Event (Resident Evil Revelations) and when can i obtain my rewards?
4071Name:Valkgard2020-05-30 16:44:50

Until 2050 man, Rofl

We gonna be playing long time, good run

It's good to play w all my friends
4070Name:Wesker2020-05-30 16:04:02
@Valkgard siempre es divertido jugar unas buenas partidas! gracias jaja
4069Name:Valkgard2020-05-25 17:32:16
Level Restricted Challenge 527 00'49''087

Thanks to Wesker was fun bro enjoy/
4068Name:Luentrix2020-05-25 02:44:31
Wow I see man I did my reseach, scroll all the way down to see and i can tell he is a cheater, that is really sad cheating on this old game to just get online trophies that have no value. I wish capcom caught on cheaters and banned them. Looking at challenge 527 and 528 on coop ranking i guess Luciano is a friend of his that cheats with him? those time are impossible to get without a cheat I guess. Now it all makes sense because I always wondered how can someone have that little time
4066Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2020-05-19 09:00:58
Quick story is - he cheats and everyone hates him. he is a loser. Please I encourage you to scroll back a few pages and see all the posts addressing his coward ways...he doesn't even dare show his face here because of me..and you know why!? because i have exposed him time and time again...

I actually have VIDEOS on YouTube of my gameplay that shows I am capable of all my times..whereas? Lima-bitch has NEVER shown a video...why? Because you will see him PAUSING THE GAME OVER AND OVER, playing alone....

Before you reply, I hope you do some of your own investigation....ALL his first places are from cheating...even in such a dead game with no real players left..
4065Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2020-05-19 08:53:33

hahaha are you for real???? Lima-Bitch is the biggest cheater here...either you're new here or just ignorant to FACTs

yess...indeed..upon 'first-glance' he may 'SEEM' like a good player, to the untrained eyes and to someone who hasn't played the events for long...but I took a break from here for months..and i really can't believe that sad pathetic piece of shit is STILL playing every week ALONE - CHEATING

look i could list every reason, but ive done a good job of exposing that trash many times before

I encourage you to to SCROLL DOWN and look back at all the posts I've done on THEM , on previous pages.


4064Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2020-05-19 08:42:38

i dont check this place for a few months...fucking sad all these noobs missed out on a free


LAST WEEKEND SURVIVOR NO.87 come only comes around once a year.
4063Name:Luentrix2020-05-18 21:20:48
Hey Obscure so Ronaldo Lima is a cheater? I saw him popped out #1 on the #525 event. Can you explain me how he cheats? Im curious to know the full story behind this.
4062Name:Obscure2020-05-04 15:31:47
What I do not understand is that Capcom does not ban these players for cheating Ronaldo Lima that end of wild event score is impossible to get that score, I have the best weapons I know the game perfectly where each one comes out boot and it costs me less than 55 minutes. Ronaldo Lima stop cheating and using glitch that makes you lose the experience of the game that you are a bad loser, damn cheat, I hope your Xbox cheat will explode
4060Name:Wesker2020-04-03 06:51:55
@bg_home109 quiero pensar que te refieres a “Gina ensangrentada” debes de matar por lo menos a un gigante para poder obtenerla!
4059Name:bg_home1092020-04-02 07:41:38
Como puedo conseguir ala Gina
4058Name:Charg3r702020-03-24 04:17:57
I been playing revelations 2 for about five years now and if anyone ever wants a partner let me know in a Xbox message my user name is Charg3r70 and I’ve got a really good build for the raids
4057Name:Wolf2020-03-16 06:59:31
Well whenever Xbox Live comes back anybody wanna play Code Red levels more than welcome?
4055Name:Korda2020-03-13 12:05:04
Does anyone still play this game? I really need help with the invasion of the huge creature event it’s been years and I still haven’t got the bloodied Gina skin
4054Name:no name2020-03-12 13:47:30
How do I unlock Gauntlet 9 normal hard and very hard
4053Name:WornOutSmiles2020-02-18 01:00:06
The Chicago Typewriter is useless for anything other than having fun. In fact, if you plan on taking the game seriously you can safely avoid any weapon that isn't a Magnum, Rifle or Shotgun.

Unless of course you're referring to campaign in which case the Chicago Typewriter is amazing.
4052Name:Residente_Malvado2020-02-16 05:22:02
Is the chicago typewriter a good weapon? I have one, and i’m wondering if it’s worth it or not.
4051Name:WornOutSmiles2020-02-09 01:28:59
Jesus. Yeah, I suck, you're clearly so much better. There's no doubt that I couldn't ever come close to your 51 minute solo Weekend Survivor time. You're the reason I retired from this game, I just couldn't keep up with you...
4050Name:Tu puta madre2020-02-04 02:44:12
Wornoutwiles are suck, tras , noob tu que haces aqui largate
4049Name:WornOutSmiles2020-01-29 20:26:18
Yeah, that's still a thing, Jacob. Bloodied Gina is the reward on every Huge Creature Event for witnessing 1 of them being defeated.
4048Name:Jacob Wesker2020-01-26 09:47:31
Hi everyone, first post. I heard somewhere that you could get a raid mode costume for Gina called "Bloodied Gina" by doing something called "Invasion of the Huge Creatures No. 5, and I was wondering if it's still possible. Thanks! -Jacob Wesker
4047Name:Ernoji2020-01-26 05:39:09
Anyone do events on raid mode?
4046Name:Milki-Hazard (2) Xbox2020-01-18 03:18:42
You are 5 years late dude, almost no one are playing rev2 on 360 these days, and I heard there is a glitch on there which makes it impossible for users to connect. Not sure if this is true or not since I don't own Rev2 on 360.

You could try to look at 360 events and contact players directly. But as I said, you are on the least popular console and it's 5 years late.
4045Name:HoneyBunn2020-01-02 13:15:51
4044Name:HoneyBunn2020-01-02 13:15:50
4043Name:Aaron2019-12-24 16:38:20
I have a problem in Resident evil Revelations 2 I got sniper Claire well it said that and I look and it's not there
4042Name:Valkgard2019-12-20 19:16:09
Weekend Survivor no.79 C0-0P [38'31'']


4041Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-12-10 13:27:35
Weekend Survivor no.78 C0-0P [41'40]

4040Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-12-10 13:25:42

You post FAKE scores, and for what?? out of fear more people will know that you actually cheat?? why do you care in the first place if you even consider to cheat!? Do not be a pussy or coward. cheat fully, or not at all - the place in between is reserved for FAKE bitches trying to appear as though they can produce the SAME scores legitimately without having to CHEAT in the first place...but you cheated to achieve ALL those scores, so that defeats the purpose entirely. inside you know what's right.
4039Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-12-10 13:24:48
Are you seriously STILL cheating with the pause glitch alone using 2 controllers just to get near my FUN-AVERAGE times??? hahaha We have FUN, while you play alone with 2 controllers making the time glitch scores. I feel bad for you man, not even your LRC partners play with you seriously for WS. you have NO fucking chance and try so hard to time glitch in a dead game. For the time you put into the game, you earn all those stolen intrinsic worthless fake trophies hahaha.
If you time glitch you go ALL IN or NOT AT ALL - you don't be a pretend pussy, trying to make fake scores appear real by waiting at the end, or maybe that really is all you can get, even with the pause glitch. even if I use the pause glitch, I break the clock and fuck it hard like it's a woman - I don't hold back or pretend. I give the best I got until the end. I am not fake.
4036Name:HUNK2019-11-15 17:32:16
Thx for this 6S Muramasa 100 LR+ epic.
4035Name:HUNK2019-10-26 02:03:35
Wow a Firebold... lol crapcom. seriously???
4034Name:Milki-Hazard (2) Xbox2019-10-25 04:18:01
I kinda doubt Rev3 will ever come.
4033Name:HUNK2019-10-24 00:52:07
Be careful Pro Forum VIP.
4032Name:HUNK2019-10-24 00:50:22
Rev 3 coming s00n :D
4031Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-23 21:48:56

It's seeming like it will come out after the next gen xbox/PS is released in 2020. Thankfully with no repeats of a low-budget project A.K.A - REV2
4030Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-23 21:45:17
No doubt. If they wanted a closed beta it should really have been only playable on PC , with secondary console testing [xbox included] I'd laugh if it made its way to the Nintendo-Switch lol.

My point was they hurt themselves by having it as a closed-beta requiring a fucking code. No code in order to play, would enable more people/RE fans alike to try it out from exposure. There's no denying the xbox RE MP community has basically been dead for a year or so now. We saw a spike with the release of REVELATIONS 1 HD and it decayed after a few months, because it's a recycled game and noobs quit before reaching max level.

PS3/4 has always had diehard Asian players n shit over on that side of the fence, so yes, PS holds the majority of the playerbase. old news . no surprises here L0L

But I couldn't give a fuck with the livelihood and successfulness of RE xbox multiplayer, given that shit with RE:8
I only care about REVELATIONS 3, even then I don't expect much of a rise from the xbox playerbase L0L.
4029Name:HUNK2019-10-22 17:55:36
4028Name:Milki-Hazard (2) Xbox2019-10-22 15:30:14
It was locked behind a code for PS4 aswell bruh, and it was popping with players. You must be delusional if you think a RE online game would succeed on xbox in 2019.
4027Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-19 19:36:03

hmmm I wonder why the project beta resistance was dead ??? # Sarcasm....................

.....Because you needed a fuckiung code to try it.. they really limited themselves, it looked 'kinda' cool....but it was locked with a code, guess they wanted to feel exclusive and shit, but ironically you made it sound like no one gave a fuck to play it L0L.
4026Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-19 19:33:04
lastly, I hope you take advantage of the duplication glitch here on XBOX VERSIONS to amass max parts and copies of your guns...CAPCOM left it in the game intentionally from xbox 360 version.
4025Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-19 19:31:17
I been playing since March 2015 when this shit came out , past 2 years I only played WS C0-0P and a few LRCs, it's ran it's course

I never took this shit seriously, it's what let me to bombing the forums so long ago and having fun fucking with the cheaters and helping others, games dead now.

Hard to take it seriously when you had time-glitchers on every fucking corner and modders back on xb360, so for me all I did was play for fun in C0-0P LRCs rarely but WEEKEND SURVIVOR all the way,

sure I might lose time from time to desperate pause-glitchers who want to sit there alone in split-screen ONLY to barely pass my average legit laggy times, but I stopped caring about that shit. it's pathetic and CRAPCOM allows it to happen in a dying game.
4024Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-19 19:23:00
Yes they all like me in the end,,, its the equivalent of me sticking my thick juicy cock in a chicks tight ass and she screams 'noooo it wont fit' but after a while she starts to open up fully and enjoy it all the way, my balls smacking her pussy like a pendulum.

Back to business; I am confused on the language/typos - on XB1 , we only have 5 Slot Sledges at best , no 6 SLOT steady , whereas Centurion has a 6 slots LR+ and Steady, if I recall.

I'm not bashing Centrution, but they can seem that fast because of the endless potential/hardware the STEAM version allows, while the rest of us are limited greatly on the XBOX VERSIONS , you have the hardware of the system+the monitor allowing for such flawless things.

IF everyone had the same version...well things would be a lot different lol especially more time glitchers.

4023Name:Milki-Hazard (2) Xbox2019-10-19 00:49:26
I heard Project Resistance beta was pretty dead on Xbox One, why even bother releasing a online RE game on Xbox when the fanbase clearly moved over to PS4 by now.
4022Name:HUNK2019-10-17 00:18:10
Sry but i also have a very long history with rev 2 espcially with the steam version. Played 3000H+ there until the fucking cops rushed in. Seen and also played mayny many hours with Centurion i know wornout smiles bout the 6 slot SteadyShot AMR his Arsenal is not normal. "centurionVAC" This guy is was posessed.The point is to me i cant take all this shit serious anymore. I used to play with Deathraven all the WS shit. And jeez fuck the hure creature event senseless ffs. So now i just get 15450 medals like Provdrummer did and rip xbox one version new asshole.

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