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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2844Name:Soulless_Persona2020-03-17 05:52:24
TBH, I dont blame the dude for assuming since you did say "a new centurion" after the whole cheating thing in the convo.

Just dont threaten or make weird lewd comments to me like that one dude on PS4; otherwise, I dont care what else is said or even opinions about me on the boards. I barely the game anymore beside some speedruns and occasional time for LRCs.

Furthermore, stay safe everyone in this time and have a nice day.
2843Name:Nimitz2020-03-17 02:00:47
quiet centurion
I wasn't talking about you
we know you are unbeatable in lrc
it's just to understand that there is another cheater
2842Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-03-16 06:43:22
:O The almighty god lvl player has spoken to me:
2840Name:Uzumaki19882020-03-16 05:24:03
@Daegoth Vilfariel: Point noted! However, if you were expecting that there will be a "banned" logo or something on a cheater's profile, then no... That is not the case. In Rev2 a ban means the cheater has been permanently removed from event rankings.
2838Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-03-16 03:00:16
Uzumaki I perfectly know what a ban means. I didn't ask that. But whatever I saw his rank removed.
I'm just glad another cheater won't receive rewards or be ranked among legit players.
2837Name:Soulless_Persona2020-03-15 05:58:14
@Cent: To answer your question, not a lot of time to play that week and the runs I had didnt have a the executioner I wanted tbh (I basically want to one and done the LRC cause I do not like it solo). I had a few 1'40"-1'42" runs otherwise. Also had the game for years on PC, just never had the proper one to play until last year.
2836Name:Uzumaki19882020-03-15 05:25:23
@Daegoth Vilfariel: Their ranks have been revoked, this means they can no longer be ranked in events. That is what a ban means. They can still play the game but their times/scores/damage to IHC creatures will no longer count.
2835Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-03-15 01:11:10
Uzumaki how do you know that cheater was banned? I'm seing his profile but can't find any bans.
2834Name:Uzumaki19882020-03-14 22:06:26
@Centurion: Cent, we all know that you are the LRC god here. :) I think @Nimitz was referring to the recent cheater who got banned for cheating in LRC and IHC :
A quick look at your profile will tell anyone that you are super legit :D
2833Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-03-14 22:04:07
I absolutely hate cheaters. I know some of them are console players and as they spent so many hours on their peasant consoles think they can cheat in pc. They are still cheaters.
2832Name:Centurion2020-03-14 10:29:26
Please don't insult me. All of my records are from legitimate gains throughout the years.
Ms Soulless_Persona Veteran console player.
Is using a hacked save file. She most likely purchased the game during the 2019 Christmas sale.
End of video
What I don’t understand is how a skilled player can use a hacked save file and still can’t take the prison. A Steady Shot Muramasa can kill any Executioner.
2830Name:Nimitz2020-03-13 23:34:28
well the new centurion has arrived
2829Name:Uzumaki19882020-03-09 03:45:19
So will the cheater get away because they have ~300 hours of gameplay time?
2827Name:Fatal Frame Rate2020-03-01 18:11:15
Забаненый аккаунт в любом случае удалить придется, от него ни какого толку. И создать новый
2826Name:scorpion_ka2020-03-01 16:26:51
а лучше вообще удалиться, чтобы не мешать другим игрокам
2825Name:Fatal Frame Rate2020-02-27 13:27:05
Я не уверен, но вроде бы удаление всех сохранений должно решить проблему. Лучше конечно же у других читеров спросить.
2824Name:v.a.n.2020-02-24 18:10:27
народ,как можно снять блокировку аккаунта от участия в онлайн событиях?сфальшивил в revelations 2 а заблокировали все игры от онлайн событий.хочу исправить ситуацию.кто знает?
2823Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-02-24 07:50:49
Are you sure?
2822Name:Fatal Frame Rate2020-02-22 13:02:15
Yes of course
2821Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-02-21 14:23:28
Long/Short Range Part + Long/Short Range Weapon Tag stack?
2820Name:SEBI2020-02-13 16:33:38
AhouGa bye bye......vac,.Szkoda Cię takie dobre wyniki miałeś ...Byyyeee.
2818Name:Uzumaki19882020-01-24 12:48:48
Well the scores and rankings have got updated now... -_^
2817Name:Nimitz2020-01-23 15:27:57
capcom is not updating maybe it has caught a virus ha ha ha
2816Name:Fatal Frame Rate2020-01-23 13:14:57
WS82 & LRC rankings not updated
2815Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-01-23 11:18:32
What's wrong with LRC rankings??
2814Name:wanteD_O2020-01-19 00:42:15
Why Weekly Challenge Not Counting?? it's The 4th Survivor/The Tofu Survivor Challenge and it says Kill at least 40 enemies and I killed 54 with Hunk but I don't know why it's not working :((
Can anyone help me?
2810Name:XXVALENTINEXX2020-01-02 09:35:08
yes i was cheating and im not gonna make an excuse so if they ban me im ok with dat. i was doing it for fun thats all becasue i have 100% this game on ps4 so i feel like theres no point todo it again i am sorry and i will never cheat again. happy new year btw
2801Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-12-29 03:57:52
Is somebody available to help me on WS? I really want that magnum.
2800Name:HelenaEX22019-12-26 09:03:34
XXVALENTINEXX: You use 1hp enemy cheat, i play with you on Steam 2 days ago, the cheat it was so obiusly, a lvl 4 with stages on lvl15 and killing with one shot, you ask the ban for yourself.

Lundgren: Not actually. I never use cheat, i was on the 10 best scoores but since a few months my scoore isn´t in the events i send a email and the answer was i was using cheat something i never did, that was so stupid. If i really use cheat Why i always end on 3rd o 5th position? The ban isn´t always for valid reason. At least i can participate on the events, now i help a firend on the events an always its on the 10 best and is id is Renn, if i can participate like that (Rewards isn´t something i need) lm fine with that.

Also they call me cheater but... What about the people who has a lot of ARM and they have less than 600 hrs? That people they really didn´t use cheat?
2799Name:Uzumaki19882019-12-26 03:53:02
@Lundgren: Thanks man! I just checked the events page for this person and it is obvious that this person's cheating.... Lol 19 hours into the game and LRC 486 done in "37 seconds" @ Level 1...
@XXVALENTINEXX: Sorry buddy, I don't play with cheaters...
2798Name:XXVALENTINEXX2019-12-25 16:01:27
get banned from resident evil?????? i have never seen that happen i mean i guess if your being racist or cheating.
2797Name:Fatal Frame Rate2019-12-25 15:36:31
Uzumaki1988, I highly recommend not playing with the cheater, you can get a ban too
2796Name:Uzumaki19882019-12-25 05:20:07
Thanks for your request. I have accepted but I'm usually only available to play over the weekend. :)
2795Name:XXVALENTINEXX2019-12-24 05:20:20
looking for a partner to play rer2 or rer1 one with steam id should be XXVALENTINEXX
2794Name:SEBI2019-12-09 01:11:50
Chyba się zgodzę z tobą nic nie zrobimy z tym , więc trzeba mieć ich w dupie. I bawić się grą .
2793Name:Uzumaki19882019-12-08 22:47:25
@Sebi: I understand man! But can't help with this whole situation.. The cheaters will always be there... The best we can do is ignore them and enjoy our game. :D
2791Name:Nimitz2019-12-08 01:36:23
it is useless sebi also looks at the rankings coop
these cheaters have existed since the game came out
2790Name:Uzumaki19882019-12-07 05:09:39
@Sebi: Man, do you really think these shameless cheats will stop cheating because you are upset at them?

This is why, I have stopped bothering about these dumb cheaters and decided to simply focus on having fun for what little time I can give to the game these days... :)
2789Name:SEBI2019-12-06 00:26:34
Yamazaki ty pierdolony oszuście. Daj sobie spokój z grą w re.rev2 136 godzin gry to ty możesz zrobić sobie wydarzenia na 100 poziomie.Więc powiem Ci grzecznie wypierdalaj z tej gry , nie wkurwiają innych graczy .
2787Name:Uzumaki19882019-11-29 03:52:21
@All: Happy Thanksgiving Friends! :)
2786Name:MozzyMathison2019-11-13 01:05:19
@Uzumaki1988 i would love to add those who are still playing this game. Best Community Ever :-)
i will add you on steam. I really need a level 100 attachment+ weapon. Looking forward for everyone's help here :-)
2785Name:Uzumaki19882019-11-12 05:06:21
@WS No. 78: Finally my next Mura LR+ is here! :D :D

@MozzyMathison: Feel free to add me for the WS event. The reward is sniper rifle Muramasa Long Range+ with 6 slots. My Steam ID is Uzumaki1988. :)
2784Name:MozzyMathison2019-11-12 04:11:48
thank you all, finally you guys helped. i would love to cooperate with y'all in events. :-)
You can add me on steam.
Steam ID "MozzyMathison"
2783Name:W3SK3R2019-11-07 22:47:36
First step on the long ladder is to built a farm weapon. Use a sniper with at least five slots and lvl 100. Modify all on capacity. Mods: tripleshot mod, homing ammo, electro ammo, greedy killer and soul eater.
Use this in stage 8-6 to kill as many napads as u can. Level up with the wesker character to get the ability chancel/evade.
Replace the triple shot mod on your weapon with a full burst and combine it with the chancel/evade ability.
This is a basic condition for further steps.
Try to get a better sniper. Best farming sniper is muramasa and rifle M1891/30.
2782Name:ares.one2019-11-06 20:57:24
@ MozzyMathison

Make sure to have at least 1 level 100 character.
Make sure to have the toolbox unlocked to maximum (lvl 4?) to stack / combine parts.

Then look forward to farming boxes.
Complete / Coop events LRC, WS.
IHC is difficult to boost as coop partner if u dont have at least some decent weapons that do remarkable damage.

Iam working with savefiles. Even if i farmed about 900 hrs in this game ... i barely can have lvl 18-20 dmg and cap parts.
So i dublicate my savefile as a backup. For almost every event i destroy some weapons to get all parts together and put them in the weapons i wanna use.
When i did the event ... i reactivate / replace my backup savefile.
2781Name:Fatal Frame Rate2019-11-03 13:32:22
2779Name:MozzyMathison2019-11-03 08:51:35
Can anyone please help me in winning rewards from IHC events, what are the best level Strategy/guides or any helpful tips for raid mode. Any sort of help can be appreciated. I am Having a hard time in raid mode events.
2778Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-10-12 14:44:57
nvm already done
2777Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-10-11 03:32:38
Is smb free for both LRC? I need carry.
2776Name:Drmi2019-10-09 15:38:35

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