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Resident Evil Revelations 2

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  • Resident Evil.Net (RE NET) is a
    completely free online service
    that links up with selected titles in the Resident Evil series.

    RE NET offers online events tailored using the vast amount of data from around the world, detailed game stats, and exclusive online achievements.
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With RE NET you can

Earn RE Points
Receive RE Points for
completing in-game requirements.
Unlock items
Use your RE Points to
unlock items for Raid Mode.
Use your items
Send the items you unlocked
to Revelations 2.

Online Events

Invasion of the Huge Creatures

Large creatures are stomping over the horizon!
Unload all your ammo to stop them in their tracks!

Level-Restricted Challenge

Weekly challenge missions are available!
Take them on at the lowest level possible!

Weekend Survivor

This Gauntlet is composed of many missions.
How many can you take on?

Rewards are unlocked at the end of each event! Earn rare items to send to the game!
View the decorations you've earned from events on your Overview!
Diorama Figure Deluge!
We've stocked up on diorama figures!
Have fun recreating your favorite in-game scenes!

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