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Map Strategies 9: LANSHIANG

Lanshiang: Wide, open, and plenty of routes

This map has tons of corners, complicated routes, and it's pretty big to boot.
It's unlike any of the other maps really.

I had another member use a gesture and tried to find him using a scope.
This scope isn't particularly powerful, but I think it shows how without some kind of marker it's almost impossible to see.

Due to the squareness of the map and the complex routes, it almost feels like this map is wider than it already is,
and it can be hard to find your opponents.

Still, compared to other shooters it's not all that big.

Control certain features, get more kills

The top right toilets, and the bottom left corner have some rather particular features that lend themselves well to setups.

They're both about halfway between the starting locations, and are easy to defend.

The center of the map has too much ground to cover and is hard to defend.

1 The toilets. The route gets pretty narrow here and it's common for players to crouch and camp.

2 As one of the few places without a crossroads people will camp here a lot, which leads to a lot of fighting.

Pick one orientation

If you don't want to go with the corners, then pick either the vertical or the horizontal paths and wait for an enemy to cross.

The distances you need to cover on this map are longer than the others, so make sure to equip something suitable.

Unless you know where the enemy is you'll want to stay away from the crossroads as they are vulnerable from all sides.

Attack from afar, or look for corner encounters.

These seem to the two major patterns.

I find that a long range weapon with a magazine suitable for rapid fire seems to cover both possibilities quite well.

The Lancer CQBZ might put you at a disadvantage here. Don't take this as gospel, your own abilities are also important,
but that's the feeling I got when playing with one.

Run horizontally across the enemy line of sight

If you run fast along the horizontal paths you will be harder to hit if spotted.
Because the routes cross over often on this map you'll find more opportunity to use this strategy.

If you're jammer's broken or you're in difficult situation, just run for it,
it's unlikely the enemy will be able to get off more than a few rounds.

Only the best players will be able to hit with more than a few rounds if another player suddenly dashes out from the side.

Bonus: Bullets go through meshes and gaps

There are number of meshes, and gaps in the wall and between pillars on this map.

If it looks like a shot will pass, it probably will.

From some places you can even shoot without exposing yourself around the corner,
try and keep a mental note about these places so you can use them when necessary.

You can't tell from this screenshot, but certain places like this that appear as walls on the map actually allow you to see
right through to the next block.

You'll also find gaps in the walls and between pillars.
Try and find your own personal spot.

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