RE NET is only available in English and Japanese.

View the in-game loading screen tips.

  • You can adjust how forcefully you open doors and shutters.
  • Automatically jump over low barriers while moving.
  • Sprint to vault over waist-high obstacles in an instant.
  • You can open doors instantly while sprinting.
  • You can fire your weapon while at the top of a ladder.
  • Boarded up windows block your progress, but they can be broken through with a melee attack.
  • Analog aiming allows you to control the degree of your aim.
  • You can manually control the aiming intensity.
  • You can come out of cover with an attack or by sprinting.
  • You can cancel your reload by changing your weapon or using a melee attack.
  • With good timing you can counter a brainer attack from the front with a melee attack.
  • You can connect a melee attack to a brainer attack for a combo.
  • Attacks with the heated brainer can't be countered, but you lose the element of surprise.
  • Control how much risk you take in your actions through manual control.
  • Your movement speed increases while you have the handgun equipped.
  • With the brainer your movement speed will be fast and your melee attacks more powerful.
  • The shotgun is powerful in-close, but it will slow down your movement speed.
  • The PDW is a stable weapon that excels in mid-range combat.
  • Your tactical shield can guard against headshots while using the handgun or brainer.
  • While in cover you can adjust how much of your body you want to expose.
  • If you use a zombie shield for too long the zombie will eat you.
  • Two brainers clashing against each other causes a repel.
  • You can heat the brainer for added functionality.
  • Stomp attacks are effective against crawling enemies.
  • You can aim and fire using the handgun while using a zombie shield.
Zombie Jammer
  • Zombies won't bother you as long as your Zombie Jammer is functioning.
  • If your Zombie Jammer is destroyed you'll be subject to zombie attacks.
  • You can obtain a functioning Zombie Jammer from the corpse of another player.
  • If you attack a zombie, even just once, it may attack you even with a working jammer.
Crawling / Crouching
  • Knowing when to crouch and when to crawl is the key to victory.
  • You can only pass through narrow spaces such as air ducts while crouched or crawling.
  • Crawling enemies have their backs exposed, making it easy to destroy their Zombie Jammers.
Special Actions
  • You can switch between left/right perspective.
  • Use the turn-around command to quickly check your six.
  • The status I.C.O.N. that's displayed overhead allows you to check your allies status.
  • The radar at the bottom of the screen senses sound.
  • Crawling zombies can follow you through vents and drainage ditches.
  • The rooftops may seem safe, but watch out for crow attacks.
  • Even if separated from large groups, when your Jammer is broken watch out for the speedy Cerberus.
  • Ganados and Majini can't be used as zombie shields.
  • Obtain special medals by clearing the U-Trials.
  • Level up to unlock various items.
  • Get more exp by obtaining rewards during the battle.
  • The BGM is reduced while under cover or analog aiming for better sound awareness.
  • While using the scope sounds within the sight range will be easier to hear.
  • The BGM can be changed through selection of the start notice icon.
  • The sound radar may display more than just the sounds of enemy players and creatures.
  • If you don't make sounds while moving, you won't show up on your enemy's sound radar.
  • Duel Mode starts when time starts to run out. Enemy outlines will be visible through the walls.
  • If you die in a One Life match you'll be able to watch the action from above.
  • A thrilling deathmatch in which you only get one life. The team that takes the most rounds wins.
  • Items and DNA samples will be picked up automatically by getting close to them.
  • Take on various missions in a round-based match. The first team to take 3 rounds wins.
  • Respawn Match: Unlimited respawns; the team with the most kills wins.
  • Target Hunter: Only kills of the specified target count towards your score.
  • Domination: Secure the data spot to upload your data.
  • DNA Hunter: Kill the zombies and collect their DNA samples.
  • SP DNA Hunter: Kill the mutated zombie and collect its DNA sample.
  • Protector: Hold onto the briefcase for as long as possible.
  • Collector: Collect as many of the briefcases as possible.
  • Collar War: Defeat the enemy and obtain the battle data contained in their neck collars.
  • In 4 Survivors you'll fight without your Zombie Jammer and main weapon.
  • In 4 Survivors you'll have a knife instead of the brainer, and you can't climb walls.
  • Pick up an ink ribbon and use it in the typewriter to save your score.
  • Your survival time is your score. If you die your score will be dropped on the spot.
  • Fight to take other players' scores, or hide to survive...the choice is yours.
  • In 4 Survivors your health does not automatically regenerate. You'll need to use herbs.
  • Finding strong weapons or the prototype jammer can give you an edge.
  • Points are awarded based on survival time, and can also be obtained in battle.