RE NET is only available in English and Japanese.

Resident Evil Revelations 2プレゼントコードを使って様々なアイテムをゲットしよう!

Enter your Resident Evil Revelations 2 Present Codes to unlock
all kinds of great items on Resident Evil.Net.

Connect to RE NET

  • 1. After starting the game, select "Register Now" on the RE NET banner displayed on the main menu.
  • 2. Select "Agree" on the RE NET Terms and Conditions screen.

Log in to RE NET

  • Before you link your game data with RE NET, you will first need to register a CAPCOM Account, and log in to RE NET.
  • You can register your CAPCOM Account on RE NET using a PC or smartphone browser.

Register a new CAPCOM Account

CAPCOM Account login

Link your accounts

  • To link your game data with RE NET you will need to link your CAPCOM and gaming accounts.
  • 1. Push "Sign in to PSN℠" on RE NET.
  • 2. Push "Sign in to PSN℠" a second time.
  • 3. Enter your PSN ID and password on the Sony Entertainment Network sign in page.
  • 4. Your PSN ID will be displayed on the next page. Select "Link accounts" to link your PSN ID.
  • 5. Select "Test Connection" on the in-game Register Account screen to verify that your accounts have been correctly linked.
  • Your accounts are now linked.

Enter Present Codes

  • After linking your accounts, you can view your in-game progress on the Overview.
  • 1. Codes can be entered by selecting "Present Codes" from the Resident Evil Revelations 2 menu.
  • 2. When you enter a valid code, the respective item will be unlocked. If you have unlocked a game item, please select "Transfer Items" from the menu to send it to the game.

Please register a CAPCOM Account
to use the game link features.

CAPCOM Accounts
CAPCOM Accounts allow unified access to online services provided by CAPCOM. If you already have a CAPCOM Account, please log in now. Click here for more details on CAPCOM Accounts.