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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
18598Name:djkazogi092017-03-27 22:30:34
thanks blue,your also good.. Our run is also lagging and some delayed spawn.. Andry try to coop with me but we cant, i try to connect many times but always network error..
This is also my first time to play in solo and im lucky that i did it, thanks to Chayan and Remy for their advice to use my 2 Magnum 329 instead of my Serpent and Basilisk. Its true that fast magnum is good in WS, also the Bewilder and the Riffle skill is a big help to me in the last 2 stage and in the protect the target stage..
18597Name:Kin~Jo2017-03-27 21:45:46
Damn, as far as I knew everyone had it but Rich (& by sounds of it he had a rapidly filling dancecard w players superior to me), who sounded well set/covered for it.

I appear to have been way off & asleep at the probs I can't do much but very sorry if I missed any friends in need - I honestly thought everything was in hand...

Especially if you got me on PSN/can see me, the Events are about an hour tops (unless mb I am in a multi-plyr preplanned sesh or something), I should be able to help out.

I have been crafting masterpieces of destruction on Dead Space 3...SO refreshing to hav control/variable arms...
18596Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-27 20:05:29
dj helped me with ws or should i say drug me through ws. half the time i felt like i was holding him back. i did what i could but he's got mad skills. thank you again dj.
18595Name:Kin~Jo2017-03-27 19:21:01
Ah, OK sounds like it was conn issues for nutty/andrya. Hope Rich made it, sorry to any buds who needed/ddnt get help-I wasn't aware any was actually needed if so (totally would've helped otherwise)~
18594Name:Harlock-SSX2017-03-27 16:34:30
Andrya, offered help from great (team-)players like you will never be judged as "disturbing" or "invading" - at least in my books. The only thing that stopped us are technical issues which are out of our control. Thanks a lot for your assistance in battle on WS, there will be other opportunities for us to win: "It's not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and how many times you can get up after being hit."
18593Name:nutty2017-03-27 16:19:40
kin"jo only had 1 clean run with out a disconnect and got disconnected when I played coop both ways so stop going thought the blue door just gave up still can not sign into ps3 but can get goggle yahoo etc on my ps
18592Name:Kin~Jo2017-03-27 15:32:19
Damn I was a bit absent but nutty/andrya/rich did you guys not make it? You got me on PSN/mssg me if thats ever so...
18591Name:Darkstar2017-03-27 15:27:42
Disconnects are pretty frequent on WS. I tend to retry runs at a later time. Not quite sure if it's a technical issue but congratulations to anyone that made it to the end.

This WS leaderboard could been clean but no never will be. The upcoming LRC 40 is every spawn Glitchers favorite stage. May the best glitcher win! Lol
18590Name:nutty2017-03-27 08:00:06
thanks its been like it for the week cannot get better then 60% signal normally 90/100% been trying to sign in tonight just going to time out given up its happen before looks like some DMC5
18589Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-27 07:28:24
nutty; what i said to andrya4us goes for you too.
you guys might try reseting your modem and router. i have to do it bi-weekly to keep a good connection.
18588Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-27 07:17:33
andrya4us; i personally think you are a great player to make it that far solo on ws. i only wish, i was that good. the first time i did it in co-op and only made it to 27. great job!!
18587Name:andrya4us2017-03-27 07:15:21
Nutty-I got disconnected' too, trying to help Harlock...and it happened yesterday too, with another I'm afraid to join important runs with a buddy, he'll say that I'm doing it on purpose!
And I heard others had this problem also. Maybe the Network became too 'hot' because this frenzy 'Mangum' run..who knows
18586Name:nutty2017-03-27 05:01:50
thanks jeff at least it letting me sign in and play
18585Name:nutty2017-03-27 04:55:13
got a solo run in with out a disconnect all the rest would have been cheating have tied coop just keep getting disconnected not fair on other player really wanted that mag don't think I will get it solo without cheating so I wouldn't be getting that mag will try a couple of coop but if get disconnected will have to say SOD IT if someone wants to help me it would be nice but if you don't I understand has there is a change I will get disconnected
18584Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-27 03:21:51
thanks guys, but just getting a few rainbows doesn't mean my method helped you. when your getting them on a regular basis then it's helping. remember it is random anybody can get rainbows using anything at anytime as long as their player is a 100. my method is like when your playing roulette, betting on black or red instead of a number so you win more often.
18583Name:jeffersonnino62017-03-27 01:20:55
Lets all say a prayer to the wifi GOD for nutty
kin~jo ... i had 1946 hours before i pulled my first and only AMR lv 100 with only 4 slots .. good luck
18582Name:andrya4us2017-03-26 19:10:49
Please don't be harsh and missjudge me! I usually don't want to disturb You (maybe You are in the middle of something important), SO if U need help or just a co-op run, don't hesitate to ASK ME! I don't want to barge in Your life/play uninvited...
Saturday evening/night I was 'available' for anyone, and since noBUDDY asked, I've run WS alone-needed 1.30 min. more for finish...See u all there!
18581Name:Kin~Jo2017-03-26 12:09:43
Btw, I was wrong when I said I had about 200hrs in...turns out is nearly 600 & have yet to get a SINGLE 100 AMR (only received one 30-something Sledgehammer, a 95/5slot & a 97/4slot reg AMR's EVER during my entire playthrough).

600hrs/3 shitty, substandard AMR's w no BL upgrades. Not a SINGLE 100.

I'm gonna go ahead and say time playing isn't a factor for weapon unlocks...
18580Name:Kin~Jo2017-03-26 12:00:26
Andrya, that IS weird & tends to indicate shenanigans, but it IS also possibly due to his privacy settings...did you accept request/see this, or did you see that checking his profile BEFORE/without accepting?

Some privacy settings disallow anyone but friends to see trophies/profile info or even mssg (FrndReqs included, meaning is up to them to initiate/others can't). Most people don't enact many (let alone the full set of) options.

That's all I can fig aside from evil tech emulator that can piggyback PSN would be a neat trick, lol - I'd use one ;))
18579Name:esmigo0122017-03-26 10:51:29

6 SLOT!!
18578Name:esmigo0122017-03-26 10:35:06
Anyone know if we only get certain weapons with X hours of play? I started a little time on PS4 and so far nothing of the anti material haha ..
18577Name:esmigo0122017-03-26 10:29:51
Cvan8bells I believe that in these cases the player that was with you already played the final week in the day, only allowed to play it 1x per day ..
18576Name:cvan8bells2017-03-26 07:54:50
I've never played a co-op mission before so please excuse my ignorance. I'm trying to find a partner through the Blue door for WS. Every time someone connects and comes into my lobby it won't let me select WS. I can load out solo no problem. Any advice? Am I missing something totally obvious???
18575Name:andrya4us2017-03-26 04:04:31
Hey-COULD YOU VERSATILE PLAYERS explain me this problem:
so I've met a 'stranger' (american) for WS through blue door, his name was a bunch of lines and slashes(an emoticon maybe), and after the run he sent me PS3 friendship request.
So, how come is that? He's a cheater? Though he had 2 Mura & 2 Amr equiped, and played 'average'...
I'll check again his 'name'...I hope I'm not get banned, or reward removed for this...
18574Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-26 02:14:54
here's how my luck works. yesterday i pulled 10 rainbows. but every single one of them i already had at least 2 of. that's how my luck works.
18573Name:nutty2017-03-26 02:07:26
been having wifi troubles all week now its letting me play but solo only if join thought blue door it doesn't let me join and if I invite someone they join then it disconnects me
18572Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-26 02:05:00
you guys are breaking my heart. my nickname from childhood is (bub) so of coarse i really really want a beelzebub 100, its my unicorn. so far two different people have pulled them using my method while the highest i've pulled is 95. but yet everybody keeps telling me i'm just lucky. the verdict is still out on that. i think i still need some convincing of my own.
18571Name:Mikado2017-03-26 00:56:00
Thanks to Blue's genius rainbow farming method i was able to pull 3 rainbows in one go, two of them were lvl 100 beelzebub 5 slot , and a 95 mr train 6 slot. If yall are having trouble getting weapons I seriously suggest going through my dudes message board and check that out.
18570Name:Kin~Jo2017-03-25 06:33:44
Btw, best part of this WS:

running around gesticulating at partner for a good 20+ seconds to hear a spawn (Lvl.30 & 12/14 enemies KIA'd with only minutes on clock) & then waiting even LONGER for the bastard to ACTUALLY show up. Nice!

I don't agree w it but can definitely see the compulsion to spawn-glitch some of these...a timed event & they arbitrarily stumble you with THAT shit - WTF?!?

Partner was absolutely fantastic, BTW...very well done, indeed.
18569Name:Kin~Jo2017-03-25 06:27:21
Nice! That was frustrating but I got it/gotta scramble for work now... least I'm in the mood - boss takes me for a pony at his personal Rodeo tonight I just might introduce his gonads to his tonsils using the back porch. Damn, I thought games were supposed to ease tension...
Where's that tweaker ex-GF RNG? I think I could do with a ride, lols/jk~
18568Name:Kin~Jo2017-03-25 04:59:25
Getting REAL pissed at this 1st run my partner bailed at 23 w app 12 mins left. Awesome...

Along w that there is some absolute assclown named hechima-king who literally spent the entire morning sitting in a lobby/waiting for a partner & would bail EVERY time before you could even get through the blue door...what the flying Dutch fuck?!? If you are waiting for a friend make it an invite only lobby asshole/don't jerk everyone off til your hands bleed ffs's!!!

Now nobody has the balls & I have to get ready for work. Perfect~
18567Name:Darkstar2017-03-25 04:25:18
There are actually skilled players that never visit the forums here but it's more like the games RNG through the blue door. Glad you found someone that can help.

Quite pleased to see the leaderboards on ps3 looking great on WS.

Well let's see if our Habitual Glitchers will rear their ugly heads this event.

18566Name:andrya4us2017-03-25 04:09:43
Tho I'm watching YOU ALL from the shadows, (admit that U are bored also) I didn't played Rev.2 for almost a week...All i'm saying is: IT MUST BE A LIFE BESIDES THIS "FARMING" GAME! And it is for me...
For WS, the first run is with a 'stranger' as usually (japanese, german, belgian)...Thanks 'stranger' whoever U are! Although the score is at limit (don't care for ranking) I'm happy that I made it.
See U buddies later these days...
18565Name:jeffersonnino62017-03-25 03:46:42
Chayan thanks for the fast response ...i'm using everything the same as you except instead of 2 shotguns i use 1 shotgun and a pistol just for the extra bullits and i have force on on everything but the shotgun .. thanks again least i'm on the right track ... lol
18564Name:Chayan Romero Flores2017-03-25 00:55:04
Hello Jefferson , use Chicago , assault rifle NSR47 And 2 shotgun.
Very hard that LRC "/
18563Name:jeffersonnino62017-03-25 00:27:18
Chayan what guns are you using for lrc 198
18559Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-24 08:18:39
cvan8bells; i had the same thing happen to me the day before my birthday. i pulled a lvl 98 sledgehammer with 4 slots but i just kept going at it in the same spot pulling multiple, multipley disappointing rainbows until at 2am on my birthday when i pulled a lvl 100 sledgehammer with 6 slots. 1 lucky lucky day. just keep on going at it.
18558Name:hollywood5452017-03-24 02:53:44
I need some site buddies and some active ps3 users who will play the resident evil games with me. I soon will start to get all of the resident evil games for the ps3 platform add me my psn is either hollywood_545 or hollywood545
18557Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-24 02:01:07
kin-jo : at least in the end the sex would be really good even though everything else went to hell. lol.
18556Name:cvan8bells2017-03-23 23:51:48
18555Name:Iceman-live-de2017-03-23 23:37:10
Hello fellow raiders
Somobody else no event rewards today ?
thought japanese holiday was on last monday

happy hunting
18554Name:Kin~Jo2017-03-23 22:09:31
Seriously tho Rev's1-2 RNG reminds me somewhat of breaking up w your girlfriend because she started drinking only to get back with her since she gave the booze up for Crystal Meth...supportive, perhaps...wise??? Well it'll at least be "entertaining", I guess~
18553Name:Kin~Jo2017-03-23 21:58:05
Cvan...that Suuuuuuuuuucks

This would basically just piss me off/kill my search right there. Good slots too, I presume? Sounds right...
18552Name:Kin~Jo2017-03-23 21:55:42
I recommend, if you are looking for rare weapons, that the Dev's not use such a crappy RNG...

(Wow guys, people HATED the RNG on Rev's1...let's make it WORSE!!! Gimme a high-5 on that!")

Lols...problem solved~
18551Name:Chayan Romero Flores2017-03-23 21:31:36
I Recommend You , if You are looking for rare weapons , desactive
18547Name:cvan8bells2017-03-23 14:42:01
I thought I was getting an early birthday present when I pulled a Rainbow AMR out of 8-6. The look of disappointment in my face was priceless when I went to check it out and it was a Sledgehammer...lvl 99 :(

Also Jefferson- I second Chayan's advice about the AMR
18546Name:Chayan Romero Flores2017-03-23 10:47:43
Ok, if You have doubts , let me know ;)
18545Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-23 10:31:51
jeffersonnino6: no matter what you decide to use it for, the only thing you want to do in the overlimits upgrades is capacity.
18544Name:jeffersonnino62017-03-23 09:52:41
Thanks Chayan i thought it was pretty much useless
18543Name:Chayan Romero Flores2017-03-23 08:58:22
Hello Jefferson, I recommend that You use It for HC , And that for ws And LRC must have 5 slot.
Note:if You use for HC , equip these 4 pieces.
Damage, capacity , shot loaded C And long Ranger.

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