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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
19905Name:esmigo0122017-07-23 10:16:05
How absurd the port of rev1 is costing the price of a new game here Brazil ... sera going to have access to and events? Only it will be worth it.
19904Name:Kin~Jo2017-07-22 15:35:03
Nice SG setup/approach Nutty...reminds me of that song:

"Head & shoulders, knees & toes, KNEES & TOES..." knife-wielding/knee-drop follow-ups inflict fire damage? That would be funny (logic-wise) as tho the weapon/part IS equipped, but technically NO bullet/ammunitio was fired/spent, hahaha...not saying isn't so, just find it funny is all~

19903Name:BLACK-TIGER--552017-07-22 05:08:07
I don't have computer to use USB so I use user but am really stupid many times forget and this not first time this 3rd time
19902Name:nutty2017-07-22 04:51:06
since my game play got deleted (1880hrs) use usb still miss my 6 slot amr
19901Name:BLACK-TIGER--552017-07-22 04:06:26
I don't have USB i tried to backup my save data to user when I create user i come back to my main account and do some stupid things and delete my save data when back to the user i forget to backup my save data so it's end start from 0
19900Name:nutty2017-07-22 01:06:41
I am lucky all 4 shotguns 6 slot 2 are all slots clear so set up for each LRC follow up not so good in LRC232 but good in 231 so will try diff set up want faster time
19899Name:nutty2017-07-21 23:17:41
don't use focus as I get in close with shotgun use follow up as shotgun knocks most over or to there knees and increase damage is great with fire ammo
19898Name:cvan8bells2017-07-21 22:52:13
For my shotguns I usually use - cap,FB,fire,focus, piercing or quick load in the 5th slot depending on the tag and/or situation.
If I had 6 slots on any of the guns I like I would probably try BSAA or ex-burn.
19897Name:nutty2017-07-21 21:47:04
for 6 slot shotguns my set up 10 fire full blast highest cap possible highest damage possible 10 follow up increase damage 70% then bssa or stars in crease ammo to 76 then rest to fire power
19896Name:cvan8bells2017-07-21 14:34:31
Remy- yeah the ex-burn was in the 6th slot of a Zaytsev. Not sure how effective it was but I seemed to get more push out of the rifle in general.
Tomahawk I thought about using ex-burn on one or 2 of my shotguns but used quick-load on all of 'em. Might try a ex-burn build tomorrow.
All my shotguns w/ tags I like only have 5 slots though. A 6th slot would really come in handy haha.
19895Name:Tomahawk2017-07-21 14:18:45
I use extend burn on my shotguns. After seeing that really good players use BSAA/quick load instead I tried that and found I was having to shoot longer/expend more ammo so I went back to using extend burn. I guess I'm missing something. Dunno what...
19894Name:remy72017-07-21 13:58:04
No, I was referring to extended burn

But I guess on a push rifle, depending on tag and parts available, the 6th slot can be hard to determine, got er done tho that's all that matters
19893Name:Tomahawk2017-07-21 13:46:37
No not damage parts. I mean the damage bonus from using electric on the push magnum
19892Name:remy72017-07-21 13:39:53
I can't remember what I used last time I played this stage on lrc, think I used an ice/push mag, I know there is a glitch on this stage so some player's times may look a little funny in the top rankings.
Lol damage parts on lrc 100? To each their own I guess
And yea I remember that scag being a dick, it was quite some time ago, think I used decoys as well
19891Name:cvan8bells2017-07-21 13:26:53
Remy- yeah that makes sense, I was using a homing set up.
The freeze didn't work as well as I hoped.
I ended up using a push/fire/ex-burn rifle whiched seemed to get the job done better.
19890Name:Tomahawk2017-07-21 13:06:53
An elite enemy is always gonna recover quick AF too so hmmm, may not even be worth the slot. I got tea bagged by him pretty bad my first run but after that I knew what to expect and managed okay with just a force/electric speedshot python as my push. The ice doesn't seem worth it to me for such a brief freeze. I'd rather have the
damage boost.
19889Name:remy72017-07-21 12:45:31
Dunno how exactly daze works, more so on rev2 as its almost irrelevant. In rev1 daze was more relevant and recommended on shotguns, anyway it worked best on critical hit areas (scags' is it's small head in rev2 as well I believe) although could still be stunned or dazed without the part attached. Having the part attached just seemed to effect the duration of time the enemy was stunned for. But daze did work on non critical hit areas just wasn't as efficient.
I'd imagine the part was the same or similar in rev2, homing ammo would probably contradict with it in terms of full potential tho
19888Name:cvan8bells2017-07-21 12:21:26
Yeah I built a push/freeze/daze mag (steady-shot Python) mostly for the purpose of slowing down that little bastard Scagdead toward the end of this week's LRC 100.
The daze effect seemed pretty inconsistent across the 2 runs I used it for. Mostly it didn't seem to work that well on that goddamn Scag haha.
I don't really use daze that much so just wondered if I was missing something.
It was a lvl 19 part, I can't remember the percentage of stun power but I think on a mag it's over 500%.
That tough little bastard wasn't having it though haha
19887Name:Tomahawk2017-07-21 11:31:23
I really don't know. Haven't used daze in a while. I would assume it's like this: the more powerful the weapon, the more effective the part. Like with force. I tried using force on a handgun once and burned through all the ammo before I could get a single enemy to where I wanted it. It was a steady mpm or p10. I forget which.
19886Name:Kin~Jo2017-07-21 11:26:57
Reason why I mentioned armor is I believe the scagdeads blubber acts like (EXTREMELY good/unbreakable) armor, which is why its human head or DIRECTLY in it's open maw/leech mouth were its weak spots~
19885Name:Kin~Jo2017-07-21 11:24:07
Not sure, there is a lot of variables as well (resistances -like Elec on revenants vs fire-/unsure if armor detracts from Daze etc), also things like even Force Ammo (pushback occurs 100% of time but distance varies wildly dep'g on gun etc), any one of these could factor into Daze effectiveness.

In Revs1, Daze would make them recoil, but they are only ACTUALLY dazed when they stand in place reeling Revs1 this seemed to be a factor of the part/gun damage & (say w SG as example) range.

I have no idea if it works same way in 2, but I personally found Daze seems different now

(were you trying it on short&tubby Speedy Gonzales? IIRC Daze didnt effect Scagdeads all that well, even in Revs1)
19884Name:cvan8bells2017-07-21 08:28:56
Does anyone know if Daze is less effective on certain enemies or doesn't work as well with certain set ups? Is it like other aspects of this game where things don't always work as advertised?
19883Name:Certain Degree2017-07-21 08:26:10
RENET admitted "the score" after all.
I am "sad" rather than "angry".
Return our Bronze Tower Trophy!!
19882Name:cvan8bells2017-07-21 07:43:29
Wow, that little Scagdead is a big pain in the ass.
19881Name:nutty2017-07-20 15:56:17
black tiger don't worry it happens quite a lot double ammo for 1 kind of ammo most annoying but sweet FA you can do about it, it normally fix it self go again it should be ok
19880Name:BLACK-TIGER--552017-07-19 17:21:10
Guys do you have problem when use life crystal? Give me all ammo for 1 weapon
19879Name:Certain Degree2017-07-19 16:05:48
Let's see lrc 229 and 230 (Co-Op)…
Why isn't the 1st deleted?
Why? I don't know.(;_;)
19878Name:Tomahawk2017-07-18 15:49:11
Just the trailers for that particular event but other screenings were full features. I saw a couple others too. That was years ago. I don't know if that film fest still exists.
19877Name:Kin~Jo2017-07-18 15:28:59
Man, that was one CRAZY Yom-Kippur!

nice Tom, lols...that actually sounds like an awesome event - is it JUST trailers or do they show the films too? I'd go Google-happy after either way~
19876Name:Tomahawk2017-07-18 15:20:58
That "up skirt" line I got from a hokey old 70s film trailer about a trio of studly
hooligan type dudes. Tomcats. Voice over: "Tomcats! They're up your skirt before you can flirt!"
I saw it at an event of the incredibly strange film festival. 2 hours of cheesy old film trailers. So bad that you'd think they're parody. It was hilarious. The audience was in near hysterics for most of it.
19875Name:cvan8bells2017-07-18 09:28:43
Kinjo- haha looks like you've discovered a secret skill!
19874Name:esmigo0122017-07-18 06:33:30
Congratulations DJ you are getting better ... buy a ps4 soon to play together hehe ...
19873Name:Kin~Jo2017-07-17 23:43:29
I personally found that by arming myself with a crappy apartment, shit-paying job, public transit (rather than the nice car) & just talking in general - as well as the Canesta kit (WITH applicator) skills as backup...using that setup every vagina just prettymuch ignores me altogether~
19872Name:Kin~Jo2017-07-17 22:34:38
The flaming patut at end got me...literally slipped&slid around me & then gave it to me, Prison-Style before I could even see what was coming. Woke up in a skirt w lipstick/smeared mascara & some new pearls, as well as an invite to the DVD-Release Party~
19869Name:Kin~Jo2017-07-17 22:26:14
Hahaha, up in that stairwell I got rigid (armored up) & slipped on a Magnum.

Blew it EVERYWHERE thanks to her flaming crotch-crickets, lols (typical weekend in Surrey)~

Laughed my ASS off at skirt/flirt...good ol' snogging steps, a true landmark!
19868Name:BLACK-TIGER--552017-07-16 15:49:04
They are annoying
19867Name:cvan8bells2017-07-16 14:32:19
'Twas a Hell of a lesson to learn
19866Name:Tomahawk2017-07-16 13:58:42
Well that's what you get when you try to roofie a giant vagina. Tut tut.
That's all they are... Giant vaginas
19865Name:cvan8bells2017-07-16 12:05:57
I ran in to one in a stairwell of a creepy old warehouse. I offered it a bottle of ice but it threw it right back at me. It gave me some crazy drug that made me see and hear all kinds of weird shit. The next thing I know it's having it's way with me. :0
19864Name:cvan8bells2017-07-16 11:02:09
Hahaha, they're Hella nasty!
19863Name:Tomahawk2017-07-16 10:28:34
Oh yeah man those glasps love to party. They just wanna get down n dirty. They're up your skirt before you can flirt
19862Name:cvan8bells2017-07-16 09:42:51
I had a Hell (o)f a time with one of those Glasps today on the LRC 100
19861Name:Tomahawk2017-07-16 09:35:32
Hell o[n earth]
19860Name:cvan8bells2017-07-16 08:00:47
Hell O)))
19859Name:BLACK-TIGER--552017-07-16 03:41:06
Hi all
19858Name:remy72017-07-14 13:20:02
Oh, okay, no its just after rev2 came out revelations is referred to as revelations 1, same thing with other titles of games, movies etc, and yea as kin jo stated, it is getting re released for the second time onto next gen, rev1 was originally on Nintendo 3ds or whatever it's called
19857Name:Kin~Jo2017-07-14 12:50:10
Basically the difference is of you tried to pass of ORIGINAL Resident Evil as the HD "RE-make" by altering your monitor resolution.

yeah, it's 1080...but would you call that TRUE High-Def?

This game is a good example as (tho new content HAS been added), the videos are Classic/same flow & truly HAVE been remastered. That may give a better idea of w I mean for mere filter rather than true remaster or proper upscaling~
19856Name:Kin~Jo2017-07-14 12:43:02
To echo Remy/Tomohawk,

IIRC Revelations1 is getting an HD re-release (on current console, as was previously a "last-gen" idea about PC, as Revs1 is already available on that IIRC).

It is this "next-gen" HD Release that many are wondering/asking/still waiting to hear if it will get RE.NET support.

Reason being, as far as I understand, prev supported Titles (RE6 I believe, as example) that have had HD/Next-Gen releases have (surprisingly) NOT.

Kinda odd, as a new section wouldn't be hard to cut/paste/incorporate at ALL (even if nothing new was added/simply say, add a PS4 Widget etc).

Without it, all you are really doing is buying a filter, as these "HD" releases are never TRULY remastered/just have a filter (don't even think it counts as proper upscaling, actually).

No support would be a bad/stupid business move, yet stupidity knows no bounds (especially w greed as a Co-Pilot, lol)~
19855Name:Tomahawk2017-07-14 12:27:34
I thought revelations had been out for yonks and is already supported by RE.Net which is why I thought he was talking about something different.
19854Name:Axisian2017-07-14 12:18:49
"Now I just want capcom update revelations 2 it's better than resident evil 7 million times I don't know why they just post about re7 and make dlc for re7 even revelations 2 better and more popular in re net"
I KNOW RIGHT! RE7 Was a complete collapse for resident evil but we had to see this coming
Re1-2-3 Classic camera Re4-5-6 Behind the back camera Re7-8?-9? First person view? Well just wait for the next 3 Re10-11-12 ????

My favorite is still RE5...story was good both players could be well equipped in split screen...and Mercenaries + Reunion were good survival games...RE Rev2 story wasn't fun to play for a second mode is good but I liked the RE5 characters and enemies better...

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