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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
21196Name:tonyfresh5502018-01-16 11:59:28

Ok that's good to know.
21195Name:tonyfresh5502018-01-16 11:56:44

Yo te ayudo amigo
21194Name:EdSavant292018-01-16 08:57:05
Hola, alguien que me ayude a subir de nivel a neil al nivel 30 ?
21193Name:tonyfresh5502018-01-16 03:04:41
Just turned on my ps3.... And on the first round of farming 8-6. I got 2 rainbows at the same time. Chicago Typewriter (steady shot) and MP-AB50G (speed load). can't complain.
21192Name:tonyfresh5502018-01-16 02:39:29

That sounds good right about now with my coffee. :)
21191Name:Harlock-SSX2018-01-15 22:08:02
Hey Tony
I have some self-made AMR-cookies with chocolate coating leftovers from X-mas - you want them as consolation? My 2nd AMR also never happened, just FYI ...
21190Name:remy72018-01-14 21:58:48
In general, damage parts are better than long range but with that tag and it's penalty, yea sure. Just some extra things to know:

Anything over 6m (penalty and long range part in effect) you still have 43% damage

Between 4m and 6m you wont get any damage increase, just base damage

Under 4m you'll have 17% increase from the tag.
21189Name:tonyfresh5502018-01-14 20:49:26
Hello everyone

Just wanted to share my offline farming results for December 2017. Here goes...

Dagger Fang 100/6

Chicago Typewriter (long range) 100/5

Magnum Anaconda (short range+)

Muramasa (short range) 100/5

Magnum Pale Rider (speed load) 100/4

Magnum Python (steady shot)100/6

Shotgun Tap 100/5

AMR..??? Still on the hunt for's in the game, it's just a matter of finding it.

21188Name:tonyfresh5502018-01-14 20:35:46

Ok I'm terrible at math. So I just want to know, is it a good idea to add the long range 10 part ?
21187Name:remy72018-01-14 02:09:25
"In regards to the long range part + short range tag posts. Parts, benefits, and penalties from tags don't stack or cancel each other out, they get added and subtracted individually.
So let's say you got a short range + tagged muramasa and add a long range 10.
24 463 (base damage) x .6 (long
Range 10 part) = 14 677
24 463 x .22 (damage penalty over 6m, on basic short range tag is 17%) = 5381
Over 6m= 24 463 + 14 677 - 5381
= 33, 759
Under 4m you'd add the 22% and long range would take no effect without a penalty"

I just copied and pasted this, someone asked a similar question way back, didn't really feel like typing it out again.

Quick tip: the term search on this forum is really handy, still have to search through stuff but very convenient
21186Name:tonyfresh5502018-01-13 21:27:03
Just got Muramasa (short range)
with 5 slots. If I add long range 10 , will that override the short range tag? Which decreases damage the farther an enemy is....
21185Name:cvan8bells2018-01-13 00:34:23
Harlock -
Yes, there is no Graveyard this time haha. I was surprised it didn't show up on one of the top floors.

Please forgive me, it was past my bedtime when I posted the stage list hehe.
21184Name:Harlock-SSX2018-01-12 18:30:50
Oh, and Cvan - I really miss your signature-motivation phrase for me "... And the encore ... All that stands in the way between you and [insert weapon here, like example given: Sledgehammer LV 100 / 6 slots/ 3 stars] are a couple of ... that ..." - Apart from that personal sad little moment great job as always partner, see you on the battlefield soon!
21183Name:Harlock-SSX2018-01-12 18:26:13
Do my eyes deceive me or is there no 8-III graveyard in this WS?
21182Name:cvan8bells2018-01-12 17:01:34
Here is the set list for Weekend Survivor 47

Floor 1) 2-5
Floor 2) 8-5
Floor 3) 6-5
Floor 4) 5-3
Floor 5) 6-6
Floor 6) 5-5
Floor 7) 1-2
Floor 8) 7-1
Floor 9) 1-5
Floor 10) 1-3
Floor 11) 7-6
Floor 12) 3-4
Floor 13) 8-1
Floor 14) 4-4
Floor 15) 4-6
Floor 16) 3-3
Floor 17) 1-4
Floor 18) 5-6
Floor 19) 6-3
Floor 20) 8-6
Floor 21) 2-2
Floor 22) 3-1
Floor 23) 8-4
Floor 24) 6-2
Floor 25) 4-5
Floor 26) 8-2
Floor 27) 2-6
Floor 28) 4-1
Floor 29) 5-4
and the encore...
Floor 30) 4-3

Good luck
21180Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-12 06:02:45


...we worked REAL hard on that one - I remember it clearly, lols, just glad it ALL paid off~
21179Name:White Blood2018-01-12 02:23:41
Wooow... Me happened too. Yestearday, i have now 40800 REP. In the Killcount Challenge i finished with 39 enemies, lol
21178Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-11 22:25:57

Anybody ELSE get awarded 40,000Pts upon login for Revs1 Killcount Challenge?

Cuz I did - and, uh, pretty NEAT trick...seeing as how I didn't even play/participate at ALL...

Just saying (would still prefer a Revs2 AMR, but thanks anyways), lol!~
21177Name:tonyfresh5502018-01-11 11:15:22

Awesome man! Thanks! This will save me alot of time. :)
21176Name:cvan8bells2018-01-10 13:36:52
Tony - it's 2-3

Here is a stage list guide w/ screenshots. It's pretty handy.
21175Name:White Blood2018-01-10 12:52:48
Te lo había dicho antes, el bosque es el II-03
I said you before, the forest is in II-03. Saludos/Greetings.
21174Name:tonyfresh5502018-01-10 12:48:13
Im still trying to find out which stage is the forest. Can anyone help me? I'd rather not go through every single gauntlet to look for it. Thanks.
21173Name:BRAC962018-01-09 16:16:42
Ya falta poco para que termine la invacion de los gigantes n°34, a Ichor le queda un 5% de vida :)
21172Name:tonyfresh5502018-01-09 06:18:28
The last LRC 100 was a pain in the ass. Especially cuz of the no respawn.
21171Name:super.vitoko2018-01-08 11:15:40
Hola a todos, busco compañer@/s para Modo Asalto, tengo personajes de Lv decente, pero es mas divertido jugar con otras personas sin importar el lv :D

ID: Super_Vitoko
21170Name:Gamer1172018-01-08 06:01:21
jaja gracias de nuevo white
21169Name:White Blood2018-01-08 04:03:04
Si aún no te han dado el traje clásico de Claire y ya cumpliste con los requisitos te invito a que te pases el juego, porque hay personajes y trajes que tienen más de dos condiciones, eso podría ser lo que te falta.
21168Name:White Blood2018-01-08 03:59:47
Gracias, echaré un vistazo a esos mapas. El Operativo y misión del Bosque (extraído de la campaña) es el II-03
21167Name:tonyfresh5502018-01-07 20:03:40
White blood

5-3 y 8-6 tienen mas chansa para obtener Armas raras.
21166Name:tonyfresh5502018-01-07 17:58:46
Does anyone know which stage is the forest?
21165Name:Gamer1172018-01-07 14:31:21
jaja claro seria genial jugar ya te agrego después para jugar un rato jaja en ps3 verdad
21164Name:Gamer1172018-01-07 14:24:18
o genial muchas gracias white, entones bueno ya tengo el capitulo 1 y 2 entonases obtendré todo incluyendo personares extra y los capítulos la lucha y mujer citas de forma permanente verdad??? vacica mente todo.
por cierto otra duda que tengo am..en modo asalto debo ganar 50 emblemas superado con 1 personaje para desbloquear su traje clásico pero con claire ya yebo 90 emblemas superado pero no me lo han dado, sera un error o debo tener los otros 2 capítulos de la campaña pues solo tengo por ahora el 1 y 2
21163Name:White Blood2018-01-07 10:05:34
Hola Gamer117
El Pase de temporada, sino me equivoco es el paquete de todos los capitulos y los DLC que constan de Wesker y HUNK para asalto, entre otras cosas. Es el juego completo, en pocas palabras. Si gustas jugar conmigo el modo asalto puedes añadirme Leon_dorado1999, saludos amigo!
21162Name:Gamer1172018-01-07 03:11:49
hola am... necesito algo de ayuda jaja am.. en rev2 pues lo he comprado en digital, bueno apenas los 2 primeros capítulos y vi lo que era el pase de temporada pero no entendí bien el contenido y am.... quisiera saber que contiene el pase de temporada y si es permanente o algo temporal jaja apenas voy conociendo esto jaja gracias por su atención.
21161Name:CaosOriginal2018-01-07 02:00:51
Anyone who could help me? New at this game,but very active :). ID:CaosOriginal
21160Name:White Blood2018-01-07 00:04:41
Sorry for my english, is basic hehehe. I searching for partners ^.^ leon_dorado1999, i leveling up to 100 all chars.
21159Name:White Blood2018-01-07 00:01:30
Thank you, community.
A tipo forma farming weapons/pieces? I play the V-03 (Steel Beast,taken from RE6), at the start of game, you are able to check the chests, if is good stuff you stay at the end of level, por you can quit. But i hace a doubt. ¿theres chances find better equiment in other stages? ¿or the rate are the same? Thank you forma read.
21158Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-06 15:53:16
Weird...I see you MUST have linked/enabled RE.NET on sure you weren't farming "offline" & just forget to turn it back on?
21157Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-06 15:49:43
You've linked the game in RE.NET/enabled RE.NET in game menu? That should do it, even if Revs2 isn't set as main game...

...shouldn't even need to finish game before accessing, ought to be fully incorporated after 1st data upload/syncing.

Sounds like you didn't enable it in-game to me, it's very bottom of list in 'Options' off the Title Screen (once you've pressed start after booting it up, etc).

Hope that helps~
21156Name:FPSFORCE2018-01-06 00:26:23
Having trouble with transferring items from Resident Evil.Net to my RER2 game for raid mode. I have completed raid mode, so not sure why it won't send. Any tips on how to get this done.
21155Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-05 12:39:06
Yeah, fire blows for that...between the initial impact flare & the resodual burn, the bullet itself gets em maybe 1/3 of the time.

Whereas electric amplifies the bullet damage ITSELF (rather than adding a 2nd type of damage altogether)

...thankfully only a few parts are effected by that bummer of a technicality~
21154Name:cvan8bells2018-01-05 12:09:04
White blood -
Don't use fire ammo with Soul or Greedy Killer. If the enemy dies of burn damage and not bullet strike you won't get the extra xp or gold. Try electric instead.
21152Name:Gamer1172018-01-05 06:36:56
hola am...vengo con una duda sobre el modo asalto, bueno mas bien en claire, sobre su traje clásico de resident 2, se supone que tras completar 50 misiones con los 5 emblemas con un personage te dan su traje clasico y ya yebo mas de 50 misiones y aun no me lo dan falta algo o que honda jaja y perdonen mi ortografia podesco un ligero problema de disleccia jaja en fin gracias por su atencion.
21151Name:Pelona2018-01-05 00:18:47
I am having problems connecting to events..are you suppose to do all the things they ask for or just like one or 2?
21150Name:White Blood2018-01-04 22:55:42
Hi, community. It's a bad idea combine Soul Stealer with Fire Ammo. ¿Why? Because when the constante fire kills the enemy theres no EXP Bonus. A curious tip. ¡Greetings!
21149Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-04 21:28:23
I also like how he's dead again but the '2 enemies defeated' Reward is locked...there HAVE, technically, been 2 IHC deaths so far~

(was hoping that trick ALSO extended to my wet-bar...sadly the empties that weren't w Charon was prev'ly alive/well are still empty - DAMN you, RE.NET!!!)
21148Name:tonyfresh5502018-01-04 18:16:22
I guess if we can die and use a life crystal to respawn, so can our friend 'Charon' WTF?
21147Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-04 08:47:00
Now picture me wearing em making kissey-faces & doing a modified finger-pistol cho-choo train move...

...prettymuch Canadian Military training in a nutshell - we're nip-deep in beaver over here, as you can tell~
21146Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-04 08:19:53
*Air guitar*
21145Name:Kin~Jo2018-01-04 08:19:29
Lvl 100/6 slot, baby...going Beyond Limits To-NITE!!!

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