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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
20938Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-18 19:30:49
Also, to add to w Rich said if searching the net for a PS3 remote, use DualShock as a keyword in the search...this is Sony's Copyrighted TM name for the PS3 remote/no knockoffs are legally allowed to use it (some extremely well-cloned but still crappy remotes out there if just search "PS3 controller"...a dead give is plain black black centre button , usually slightly larger than Official one's button, w/o PS3 writ on it - have yet to see a knockoff w that ACTUALLY on the button - tho HAVE seen Chinese fakes w "PS3" on the casing itself above the button)
20937Name:Soulless_Persona2017-11-18 16:30:32
Fullburst, Fire, Cap, Focus, BSAA/Quickload
20936Name:tonyfresh5502017-11-18 16:10:50
Shotgun m147S Level 100 sonic assist + w/ 5slots
. Since it has piercing built-in, can I replace piercing 5 with another part? I'm gonna use it for level restricted challenge.
20935Name:RichWoz2017-11-18 07:10:16
I think PS4 controllers work on the PS3 but they're more money, whatever you can find but honestly don't buy off brand controllers they break too easily coz like I said, they're cheaply made.
20934Name:cvan8bells2017-11-18 02:08:19
Tony - I should have a bit of free time this weekend if you still need help with one or both of the LRCs.
20933Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-17 23:48:33
For the Vita I didn't buy it as I bought a PSP (disc model...also didnt like their mid-market switch to digi-only PSP's that no longer accepted the damned game/movie discs I bought) & the Vita was just too damned expensive when it was released. Then (alongside prior PSP switch-trauma) I just got too lazy...I would keep a Vita if somone gave me one of THOSE tho, for sure.

PS4 I would have to seriously assess their SP/Offline Plat-able lineup. I would likely just sell it & get PC copies tho TBH~
20932Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-17 23:42:22
hahah, I am saving for a PC myself & a PC OS that I like - doubt that surprises you Blue

Steam is still free, there are console commands (debug menu for w/e a game scats the sheets) & full mod creation/usage options (XBox One is alright w mods, PS4 only a few allow outside sources & Beth has it's head so far up ass w CreationClub it can wear itself as a golf visor).

That in addition to the marketing angle I just disagree with everything about & Vita are the only SCEA platforms I haven't bought since they began their existance. You could give me one & I would need to SERIOUSLY debate only buying SP games or just selling it.

EXCELLENT Marketing Curve as far as consumer retention goes, guys!
20930Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-11-17 23:21:10
Kin~Jo; lmao. you sound exactly to the word like my son which is why he just recently made the transition to pc.
20929Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-17 22:23:29
While that may seem like an extreme reaction to a small thing bear in mind that "Tied Selling" isn't allowed in order to counter monopolies & the severe gouging that inevitably follows them.

Also bear in mind precedent law & you may well see a day you are considering your Motorola pacemaker subscription, lmao~
20928Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-17 22:04:17
And to clarify (many think my primary offence w PS+ is $$$), I refuse to support it as it is a matter of principle as well as a matter of business ethics. When they go borderline or dance in the grey areas the only action I see is boycott (as they DO primarily care about the $$$)

Cell phones avoid "Tied Selling" as you can have them unlocked (at personal cost or by illegal PC Hoodoo), which is complete B.S. - bloody thing should be open at start & Carriers ought to have to include what models they may. Instead you go sniveling, begging for a plan & a free phone so you don't have to buy one (on a chain) at 5x the's disgusting~
20927Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-17 21:57:51
I'll be over one like white on rice the moment PS+ isn't a requirement to play online (IMHO that is the illegal business practice of "Tied Selling" wherein a product is only useable by also paying for a service entirely owned by the manufacturer. They slide on a grey area as can play offline, but the truth is you are not getting full access to the basics all the same, ie any Plat's req'g Co/Online...which is like EVERY game), lols

Interesting on the remote...I think I might ask a bud to confirm if PS4 works retro on PS3.
20926Name:TerraSeeker2017-11-17 15:55:05
You might try a PS4 controller. I've played with people before who claimed they were using a PS4 controller, not on this game obviously. No one uses mics. Personally I don't like the way they look and assume they feel strange, but they are the best, most reliable option. I need a new controller myself and plan on getting one on sale in a week. The ad I saw had PS4s at $200 for the ones with 1TB. It seems like a good time to buy.
20925Name:RichWoz2017-11-17 08:25:36
Try or small game stores in your area but, I don't recommend an off brand controller coz they're cheap & cheaply made,even though Sony controllers are still 50 bucks in my opinion you're better off with the Sony brand.
20924Name:tonyfresh5502017-11-17 06:26:36
Can anyone recommend a good off brand ps3 controller ? Or knows where I can get a decent one ? Either online or in the store. I know Sony stopped making the original ps3 controller. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
20923Name:tonyfresh5502017-11-17 06:07:31
Souless persona

Just wanted to say. You guys did great!!!!!
20922Name:tonyfresh5502017-11-17 04:26:41
Is anyone available to help me with level restricted challenge ?
20920Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-17 01:38:17
For anyone who didn't know - on doors w chains/lock in front of them, hit X to unlock & immediately hit/hold X & run into door to unlock/bust it open quickly. Spamming will be more likely to open it slowly & is best to do as early/far from door as possible (like the MOMENT you see X-prompt for lock/chains)~
20919Name:Tomahawk2017-11-16 18:45:38
Hmmm maybe that door thing was common knowledge already. Took me way too long to find out. I wish I'd known sooner.
20918Name:Soulless_Persona2017-11-16 14:09:18
@Tony: Yea...why?
20917Name:tonyfresh5502017-11-16 13:38:45
Souless persona

Didn't you do a video with Shinyytoyguns ????
20916Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-11-16 12:57:49
harlock: psn is a totally separate entity than than capcom a..holes who are controlling the parameters on the drop rates.
20915Name:Harlock-SSX2017-11-16 04:45:58
Hey mon ami Kin~Jo. Maybe it is a patch that makes the percentage drop for Lv. 100 6 slots AMRs in RE REV2 go up to 50% ... that is my best guess! So maybe you should get your guns out of the holsters and start farming again, hahaha! Take care mon ami et à la prochaine.
20914Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-16 03:57:39
PS3 has a brand-new "required" System Update?!? They're not even making new games for it...are you F*g kidding me or just desperately wasting our time/HDD space like a pack of A-Holes, SCEA???
20913Name:Soulless_Persona2017-11-15 08:42:27
@Tomahawk: Yes, better power and piercing and I dont have too much of a problem with controlling recoil.

Hold X doesnt always work but it works most of the time.
20912Name:djkazogi092017-11-15 08:03:27
This is my Weekend Survivor 44 Solo mode ;-)
20911Name:Tomahawk2017-11-14 19:34:46
Something very useful I just learned (from one of Centurion VAC's videos): when opening an area gate with a door directly behind it, press and HOLD X (or whatever your action button is) rather than tap. It will make your character push open the door quickly, as when running, rather than pussy foot around. A great time saver for WS and LRCs.
20910Name:Tomahawk2017-11-14 18:08:20

So would you favour the serpent (with anti-recoil) over a steady python for WS?
20909Name:Soulless_Persona2017-11-14 10:59:49
Crit is fantastic for LRCs but power is better for WS.
20908Name:Tomahawk2017-11-14 10:58:25
I think crit is a little underrated, or rather, undervalued. From what I've seen anyway. Example: I prefer my steady shot python to my serpent. No need for anti recoil so one extra slot. I put FB, homing, fire, damage, crit, capacity (or the electric equivalent). The crit bonus is very noticable.
20907Name:Soulless_Persona2017-11-14 08:50:40
LR+ has an additional 20% chance of crit so LR+ is best for HC. Steady shot is also 20% increase of crit as well.
20905Name:Tomahawk2017-11-13 10:07:43
What's this about darksider hitting on my girlfriend? I might have to knock his head off
20904Name:tonyfresh5502017-11-13 09:41:24

Haha yeah Gina don't take ish from nobody
20903Name:tonyfresh5502017-11-13 09:38:54
Just got a magnum pale rider with 6 slots. I guess the only good use for this weapon is invasion of the Huge Creatures. Right?
20902Name:cvan8bells2017-11-13 04:10:34
If anyone else needs help getting a ticket for Mr Train, now is the time.

Also - darksider600, Gina doesn't take kindly to unwanted advances. She might stomp your ass in those heels lol.
20901Name:djkazogi092017-11-13 02:19:51
This is it..
Weekend Survivor 44, Cvan and me ;-) sorry for the low quality
20900Name:cvan8bells2017-11-12 16:37:40
Thank you DJ. Please forgive all of my mistakes hehe
20899Name:tonyfresh5502017-11-12 13:54:11
Rare weapon marathon going on if anybody wants to join me
20898Name:djkazogi092017-11-12 12:37:52
Thanks Cvan for helping me in WS ;-) i will upload our Video soon...
20897Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-11-12 01:56:31
harlock: off will work. i've pulled five lvl 100 weapons this morning while farming parts.
20896Name:Harlock-SSX2017-11-12 01:18:24
Haha Tony, I know that feeling, believe me! I'm guessing that when I was around your total playtime, I always got purple / rainbow Chicago Typewriters - who needs those anyway? I will try farming with off the next couple of days and post my success / failure here. Oh and btw I got ANOTHER blue Mura (94) yesterday as the best of all findings - O_o ... Come on game!
20895Name:tonyfresh5502017-11-12 00:19:41
Im just tired of getting a rainbow 'firebolt' for the 3rd time this week. Or another drake. And several purple AMR albums... Only to find out its 'Sledgehammer level 96(twice), level 98 and 99. But maybe it's a sign that a level 100 is coming soon. Who knows.
20894Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-11-11 23:57:33
tonyfresh550: trust me it has everything to do with that disc.
20893Name:tonyfresh5502017-11-11 23:08:11

Yeah by 'offline farming' I meant disable the under the options menu. But like I said earlier, i don't always have good luck farming offline. But i have gotten purple and rainbows. I also tried farming with the Internet completely off.... No account link code, nothing. Never got anything that way. As for as disc or the digital version. I have the disc. That's my preference, but anyway..... I don't think that has any effect on getting rainbow albums or not. I think it has to do with those account link codes we get. That's why I power off my system after 30 minutes if I'm not getting anything good. It helps a little. Resets the RNG. Good luck bro. I hope you find something good. (Unscripted, AMR, whatever)
20892Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-11 16:53:08
also as to Charge/Crit it would possibly go better w a Brst1 or 2...

my electric support mags & SRs (all massive recoil like SVD etc) puts 2 charged shots in the same hole before scope jumps/RoF is fast enough etc is always a zapper.

You don't even need to charge full (just needs to start/can immediately release) for that, since as IHC support Dam doesnt matter

If using as primary I think 2 strings of math would run: 1) Base setup's Dam w e.ammo/electro & (during 1st shot) 2) charged difference added to tally (for 1st shot only/steps back to base dam for 2&3 on)

if you threw a Crit in there that could be confusing so the safe bet is to always go w base dam/lowest how Tags work, if you will/lack of better example~
20891Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-11-11 16:48:57
tonyfresh550: be specific. are you saying go completely offline or are you saying turn off in the main menu? because i have been told that before and tried it for a couple of weeks to no avail. but i have the downloaded version of the game and have never found a rainbow offline. maybe it has something to do with whether you have the disc version or not. it would make sense. capcom can't control a disc version.
20890Name:Kin~Jo2017-11-11 16:43:47
Rare, LR+ & any +Cap Tag are best (which is situational but a LR+ Mura w Crit10 is kickass no 2 ways)

Steady is good on Magnums & to me the Grail of SGs (nice find w that Python!)

My overall personal fav is LR+, but is very close & biased by Mura for sure.

It is ALWAYS best type on IHC...IIRC it even beats the +Cap Tags & the general setup of this partic game doesn't really like that much, lol~
20889Name:cvan8bells2017-11-11 16:40:30
Maridakat- if you're talking about Huge Creatures, it happens once a month at the start of the month.

Blue, congrats on your ranking. I was too busy to play for ranking this time. Although you would have hit top 10 whether I played or not :)
20888Name:MariDaKat2017-11-11 14:44:38
is the boss already done or will more come?
20887Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-11-11 14:38:36
cvan & all you other big guns: thank you for holding back and allowing me to get into the top 10 on ihc. ;-)
20886Name:Harlock-SSX2017-11-11 01:42:26
Okay, I'm willing to try it out and follow your advice. I hope you are right because I'm close to just give it up ... Thanks.

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