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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
23928Name:Tamshe20172019-04-20 20:08:58
Ah well , i guess i will give up on this WS

I wish to thank all my psn friends , site buddies and all those who helped me on events and of course the ps3 forum guys as i take a rest from this forum

Special mention to the guys I played regularly with . ( Mars , pollin , Tony , Morning Star , Kin`Jo, Sas and to those I have forgotten) Of course there is Cvan , Soulless and Centurion . Then there is Yoko , Hinkyaku , Makorintan and others who helped me with good scores . These guys actually join your lobby ( including Matolo , Wo0kie and many others ) and helped you/me

I will be playing events still
23927Name:Tamshe20172019-04-19 19:33:56
Thank you again , Centurion VAC

Weekend survivor # 68 , Floor guide
23926Name:Tamshe20172019-04-19 19:17:50
Thanks , Iceman
23925Name:Iceman-live-de2019-04-19 18:30:13
WS 68 Mission 14 Graveyard (no respawn)
23924Name:Matolo2019-04-15 06:57:39
Evil,this event (IHC) is one for all.And kill the monster at the same time on the beach can be a lot of people who managed to go the beach in time,catching the moment, as they say.
23923Name:EVIL2019-04-15 06:17:08
This is strange but as well very interesting, that would mean obviously more People can kill the creature at a time, because I also killed pedrator :) :) I was playing together with my Parther (nicodner).

23922Name:Matolo2019-04-15 05:39:03

I finished off (killed) Pedrator.Most interestingly,the mission had to be restarted seven times before my weapon could deal normal damage.And I "removed" the remaining 3 million 945 thousand points of life.That was the most interesting-counted to total damage.Which is not usually the case with the last attempt,which was successfully completed the day the monster was killed on the beach.If you started at 9 am your local time,and on the same day-at 15.00 PM-once again continued,for the second attempt.
It is not pride,but simply counted the time,and went to the beach at the right time.In order to check, and what will happen if you kill the monster on the beach,and how to calculate you all the damage,including the last attempt to kill.So-count all attempts to the one who finishes the monster on the beach.Everything.Checked himself,personally.I've been waiting a year to check it out.)
23921Name:Tamshe20172019-04-15 05:25:15
Although I have never seen this bug
The only chance I would have was to
give up until i got a normal damage , then finish the event . If i quit , the game would have been over , unless i had the dlc version and a saved game

The last ws for the decimator was WS#50 ( when Soulless used a ps4 without a shotgun )
If this event is similiar , I might try
mura speed shot
amr 4 slot
shotgun tapi speed load
I have never passed a high mission with graveyard (# 26 or higher)
Unfortunately I may have to consider magic pixel with a shotgun
23920Name:Lara_Groft_TGI2019-04-14 23:55:25
You do everything right and get ripped off. I would have killed him without a bug. It is pathetic
23919Name:Lara_Groft_TGI2019-04-14 23:42:27
Capcom hate me, thanks Capcom for the shit damages Bug.
I go in the Boss-Event when have 3 Million rest damages, i can make 5 Million but what happend? Yes Damages Bug 50% lost no chance on 3 Million thx !!! Capcom hate me and i hate this Events
23918Name:Matolo2019-04-14 04:05:57
The truth is,for me, this shotgun is of no interest.Because of the high recoil it is impossible to fully use,more than half of his clip because of recoil flies just a sneak,I physically do not have the reaction to keep recoil ,and he stupidly shoots in the air.I have such a sample lying around,as I can not fully use it with the detail of "full burst".And if this event (WS n68)-the understudy of the event last year,the people who want to get this stupid shotgun,I can only sympathize.Yeah,I couldn't get it last year either.But I just found three. pieces in chests for the past,and this year.Two shotguns caught on 5 slots,one-six slots.His and left for collections,as a powerful,but alas-worthless weapons.
PS-Hello,Pollin. :)
23917Name:pollin2019-04-14 03:12:50
hi guys

hello Matolo, the decimator I wait a long time, I lost the other one of the previous event, graveyard in the end is very difficult, I remember many fell for lack of ammunition I was one of them, shotgun is more than recommended, anyway it's going to be a lot of fun
23916Name:Matolo2019-04-14 01:24:14
...And not a word of the upcoming WS no 68 event.Judging by the trophy (shotgun "Decimator"),the last level 30-the cemetery.Like last year.In short,it will be fun.)
23914Name:Lara_Groft_TGI2019-04-12 06:10:53
This evening, everything went normal again and I could reach 5 million
23913Name:Matolo2019-04-10 17:56:07
Lara_,you are welcome (
I myself restart this mission stably every time before I achieve normal damage from my weapon).
23912Name:Lara_Groft_TGI2019-04-10 06:12:18
ok Thank you @Matolo
23911Name:Matolo2019-04-09 23:12:15

Quite true.If the damage is applied to Pedro only partially-you only need to restart the mission.Then the damage will be normal (usual) for your weapons.Sometimes the mission needs to be restarted several times.
I guess it's still a software glitch in the game,not a trick with Pedro.
23910Name:EVIL2019-04-09 15:15:53
I tried IHC like 3 times yesterday, Always just getting half of regular Damage amount. In Addition,,i was disconnected (System error) each time. In My 4th try, everything was back to normal again, no disconnect and normal Damage amount / Points.
23909Name:Lara_Groft_TGI2019-04-09 10:55:31
That's right, complaining is of no use.
But it is really annoying when you have worked out a new damage level and can not implement.
Cheater does not remove Capcom either, so why turn around at the event? that makes no sense and therefore it will be more of an event error.
23908Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-04-09 02:57:58
From Thanatos ;

'Invasion of huge creatures: for ps3 players questioning the 50% damage reduction they suffer from one day to the next, this is a built in feature of the Pedro event, has been every year since 2015. Learn your bullet damage numbers, if they are halved RETIRE and restart the event. No use complaining to Capcom, it is a deliberate trick by them.'
23907Name:Tamshe20172019-04-08 20:14:35
Medals and LRCs

I do not look for medals on solo mode . ( Even friends logging on/off affects my system )

After being helped by Hinkyaku and by great players on previous lrc120 , I tried hard to get another on lrc 100 # 410 . ( It looked like it was not good enough )

Then I saw an opportunity on LRC#409 ( level 40 ) . My partner and I have internet problems still . Now i wait for 1 to 3 hrs or more
Sorry Matolo
23906Name:Tamshe20172019-04-08 19:58:52
IHC # 49

The enemy has a weak spot . In addition , you get critical hits which is difficult to control

Only a rifle will give you a good chance of hitting the weak spot

You can not see clearly with other guns which have a recoil . With these , aiming and timing are important , as well as patience

I took 1.5 hrs at the start with 1 rifle and amrs. Then over 1 hr with amr ..... without electric shock support
23905Name:pollin2019-04-08 17:15:00
hi guys

Lara_Groft_TGI I saw this too and I lost two days until I realized, the fact is that I did not remember how much damage my weapons were, I can see that this error did not occur only in my system, a solution to this between and leave the event until the error disappears, this error may be happening with many players who did not realize such error!
23904Name:Lara_Groft_TGI2019-04-08 15:13:32
For the Admins and Event-Support, give a very Problem.

Resident Evil Revelations 2-Event (Invasion of the Giant Creatures No. 49) The Event is broken!

I just damaged 947,898 (last night 2.2 million), very very big problems with the damage performance in the event.
Yes, all the damage is wrong.
High Roller from best 700 down on 300, Python from 5000 down on 3000 or 2000, Muramasa mega down from 12000 to 5000 damages, AMR level 99 the same 4000 from 12000 whats happen here?
I do not play among the best, but the loss is extremely unfair and incomprehensible.
Simply not being able to earn 1.2 million is no joke anymore thanks
23903Name:Tamshe20172019-04-07 20:38:49
Weekend Survivor
Decimator expected on the 19th April ... ws level 60
Ticket puncher ws lvl 70 three weeks later

Although i have 5 slot versions and 1 each from above events , i will seek those above.

it is a long wait ( i will try the svds and the pale riders again ) . ( Even 3 guns against a possible 8.3 on mission # 30 , duo only )
23902Name:tonyfresh5502019-04-06 15:45:16

Thank you. I will also be watching Cvans videos.
23901Name:Tamshe20172019-04-06 00:35:22

I watched your first person " dying light " .
It sure looks like a long game on ps4

I also watched your ws#67 with
steady shot 329
amr (very rare)
and mura lr+

Good game . (Cvan also has some pointers to save you seconds)
23900Name:tonyfresh5502019-04-06 00:32:27

Thanks , you're right I will do that !
23899Name:Tamshe20172019-04-05 22:07:49

If you want more viewers , you should state what the video is about

Nice effort using the weakest magnums. (I will watch it later)
23898Name:tonyfresh5502019-04-05 15:08:35

Thank you my friend!
I used 2 Mr.Trains and 2 magnum 2005m LR+
23897Name:tonyfresh5502019-04-05 15:08:41

Thank you my friend!
I used 2 Mr.Trains and 2 magnum 2005m LR+
23896Name:pollin2019-04-05 11:08:33
hi guys

very good tony really the magnuns are pretty fast for this stage!
23895Name:tonyfresh5502019-04-05 08:36:02
23894Name:pollin2019-04-02 02:35:38
hi guys
hello Tamshe
Yes, there are eyes on the body.
23893Name:Tamshe20172019-04-01 21:37:43

you mean the weak spot on his right leg ... IHC
23892Name:pollin2019-03-31 22:37:24
hi guys
hi Tamshe
I have an equal only of five slots, do not worry will do great damage to Pedro, hit the eyes
23891Name:Tamshe20172019-03-31 22:11:26
Weekend Survivor with a partner

The SVD rifles performed well

It is possible to use 3 svd rifles or 3 pale riders (even if you know mission 30 is 8.6 )

I am looking for my 2nd svd on this IHC
23890Name:Tamshe20172019-03-31 00:36:55
After 5 missions in 11.xx mins , not 10 missions . lol
23889Name:Tamshe20172019-03-31 00:24:53
Eager to play this weekend survivor with svd rifles only with a partner ,
I play solo again with the same m329 magnum , speed load
a zaytsev with fire rate 18
a steady shot ma40 with critical
an electric long range plus ma40 with critical
After 10 missions in 11.xx mins , i finished 30 seconds slower than the 3 amrs
23888Name:Tamshe20172019-03-30 20:24:02
On weekend survivor level 100

The pale riders work very well even with fullburst and without antirecoil , when playing with a partner

On the other hand the svd rifles are extremely difficult to control

Thanks Mars and pollin
23887Name:Tamshe20172019-03-29 22:46:59

Thanks buddy
I promised to play with pollin with pale rider and svd from the events.

Perhaps we can play later with pale riders only . Perhaps saturday as i have not set a time for "pollin" which is after his solo run
23886Name:Tamshe20172019-03-29 22:38:12
Again I had problems with late spawns and unknown actions ( i am not sure i was tired and not ready )

Using one of my strongest setup , I barely made it
It was nice to use 2 of my three amrs with 4 slots
I had problem with delays on first mission and restarted during the 10th mission. It was not much of an improvement , but i decided to continue after 10 mins 30 seconds to complete the first 5 missions
There was improvement upto 20 missions.
I did not use the bewilder and electric bottles I armed myself with
m329 speed load
amr electric.. 4 slots
amr long range.. 4 slots
Good luck everyone
23885Name:Mars2019-03-29 22:33:06
if you search a partner for ws with weapons restrictions you can contact me. just give me enough time to configure a set up.
23884Name:pollin2019-03-29 20:29:24

you are welcome!
23883Name:Tamshe20172019-03-29 20:09:51

Thank again for your VERY EARLY floor guide for this ws100 # 67

Thanks pollin as i was just about to post it
23882Name:pollin2019-03-29 18:44:55
hi guys

here is the floor guide
centurion thank you
23881Name:pollin2019-03-29 10:59:57

That's right, we hope to see the floors
Thank you
23880Name:Tamshe20172019-03-29 06:41:31
pollin found a video on ws44 with 3 pale riders only
There would be more players

It looks very hard for ps3 though
23879Name:Matolo2019-03-28 18:57:36
I see Tamshee.
In General,it can be safely attributed to WS events.The only place where Magnum Pale Rider is really demand-is IHC.Magnum shoots too slow for events with a level restricted challenge on the time.
23878Name:Tamshe20172019-03-28 06:47:27

WS means "weekend survivor"

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