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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
19420Name:zBrut2017-06-22 19:42:23
my PSN its-_-fury and thanks bro [;
19419Name:Tomahawk2017-06-21 19:31:28

Tell me your psn id and I'll add you and help out when I can.
19417Name:zBrut2017-06-20 18:50:23
Hey all [; any1 will be soo nice and help kinda new player with raids to level up character ?.?
19415Name:Black Phoenix2017-06-19 08:14:37
hi guys just wanted to show you the resident evil vendetta trailer in case you haven't seen it enjoy
19414Name:BLACK-TIGER--552017-06-17 14:45:54
I just pass 29 long time no play
19412Name:Black Phoenix2017-06-17 05:50:25
i wondered and hoped capcom would give purple and rainbow weapons to say tnx to all the gamers, but such day never came D:. oh well...whatever.
19411Name:Black Phoenix2017-06-17 05:46:31
i might come back to check the forums, good 2 know u are ok and helping new gamers in raid. add me to psn if u like demetrio2121 take care. hello to soullespersona too. game on.
19410Name:cvan8bells2017-06-16 17:00:17
Here is the set-list for Weekend Survivor 37:

Flr 1) 4-3
Flr 2) 3-4
Flr 3) 7-1
Flr 4) 3-5
Flr 5) 3-2
Flr 6) 7-6
Flr 7) 6-5
Flr 8) 1-3
Flr 9) 5-6
Flr 10) 3-6
Flr 11) 8-6
Flr 12) 8-5
Flr 13) 2-2
Flr 14) 5-5
Flr 15) 3-3
Flr 16) 1-2
Flr 17) 6-4
Flr 18) 1-1
Flr 19) 4-2
Flr 20) 1-6
Flr 21) 8-3 Graveyard, no re-spawn
Flr 22) 6-6
Flr 23) 7-6
Flr 24) 5-4
Flr 25) 6-3
Flr 26) 1-4
Flr 27) 5-2
Flr 28) 8-1
Flr 29) 2-3
and the encore...
Flr 30) 6-2

Here is a general map guide w/screenshots if anyone needs for reference-

Good luck...
19409Name:Darkstar2017-06-16 08:18:48
Black Phoenix - lol. Hope you been doing well! Yes, everything's pretty much same old same old, nothing's really changed unfortunately. I no longer playing on the ps3, but still come here every now and so.

Who know's you might still find some time to come back and have some fun here! Again, hope you doing great!
19408Name:Black Phoenix2017-06-16 03:27:54
hello 2 all. there's no 1 i know anymore on the board besides darkstar :) hey you. i didnt know about revs3 . i guess i need a ps4 . i was bussy with other games such as skyrim n dragons dogma (good job capcom) now im playing dragon age inq. it nice 2 see u still here darkstar. i just cameback to see whats up. btw i see the online events still award crappy prizes :D
19407Name:cvan8bells2017-06-13 23:06:59
No problem. I'm starting to think the only way I'm going to get a 6-slot Mura is the event in Sep haha!
19406Name:Tomahawk2017-06-13 20:24:28
Yep I second that: good solid Info thanks DJ and Cvan.
Much appreciated
19405Name:No Continues2017-06-13 13:34:43
Thank you cvan8bells, much appreciated, I took a screenshot of your post, great info!
19404Name:cvan8bells2017-06-12 23:54:57
To add to DJ's post, for anyone interested-here are the dates for upcoming Weekend Survivors for the rest of the year.

6/16 - Cerberus (lvl 100)
7/7 - Serpent (lvl 60)
7/28 - Dagger Fang (lvl 70)
8/18 - Gravedigger (lvl 100)
9/8 - Firebolt (lvl 60)
9/29 - Muramasa LR+ (lvl 70)
10/20 - Beelzebub (lvl 100)
11/10 - Mr Train (lvl 60)
12/1 - Drake SR+ (lvl 70)
12/22 - Trident (lvl 100)
19402Name:No Continues2017-06-11 21:10:32
@djkazogi09- thank you, at lv. 100 I should be able to get the Cerberus with my eyes closed lol!
19401Name:TerraSeeker2017-06-11 14:36:59
I imagine most people already got what they wanted. The only people still doing it either deal low damage or care how they compare to others in the event. Personally I have the damage part and the svd is only really a trophy or a for fun weapon with how capcom setup the game. There's no point in going further except on a whim.
19400Name:Tomahawk2017-06-11 12:12:56
It does seem to be going down slow this past day esp. He's at 5 now.
19399Name:cvan8bells2017-06-11 09:13:45
Anyone else notice Pedro has been sitting at 6% all day? Did everyone finally come to the realization of how boring it can be to shoot at him for an hour?
19398Name:djkazogi092017-06-10 14:27:06
Cerberus @ Level 100
Serpent @ Level 60
Dagger Fang @ Level 70
Gravedigger @ Level 100
Firebolt @ Level 60
Muramasa LR+ @ Level 70
Beelzebub @ Level 100
Mr. Train @ Level 60
Drake SR+ @ Level 70
Trident @ Level 100
Banshee @ Level 60
Overlord @ Level 70
High Roller LR+ @ Level 100
Decimator @ Level 60
Ticket Puncher @ Level 70
Chicago Typewriter SR+ @ Level 100
Zaytsev @ Level 60
Bushido @ Level 70
19396Name:Tomahawk2017-06-10 14:09:38
It goes 60, 70, 100. Repeat. Or so I'm told.
19395Name:Tomahawk2017-06-10 14:08:04
Upcoming WS will be level cap 100. If I'm not mistaken
19394Name:No Continues2017-06-10 13:08:53
WS 37 + Cerberus = lv. 60?
19393Name:Tomahawk2017-06-10 10:51:13
Beware the old beaten track on lrc 220. It will swallow your ice bottles. Gone without a trace.
19392Name:Tomahawk2017-06-10 01:11:06
What the...? That means there's TWO Lottie guys!
19391Name:No Continues2017-06-09 22:24:36
Psn name - rj_pagong, is the lottie guy!
19389Name:cvan8bells2017-06-09 00:33:40
You had a great run and helped a lot of players on this forum.
Thank you and good luck!
19388Name:marksnsd772017-06-08 20:30:59
¿Alguien sabe cómo conseguir a Gina ensangrentada? Tengo que estar presente cuándo el gigante cae?
19387Name:Chayan13xD2017-06-08 14:08:07
Good guys or girls:
Today I retire at the events.
Thanks to those who supported me on my channel, I know it was in poor quality and I'm sorry.
My final video


I wish very lucky those who want to be the best, and if they need help in ws, lrc, etc.
Thank you!!

PS: this is not the end of my channel, very soon come back in ps4 (revelations3)
19386Name:No Continues2017-06-07 21:22:53
That lottie guy joined one of my games before tomahawk, I waited a few seconds to see what he would do after the level started and he just started laughing n throwing bottles at me while he cloaked so as soon as enemies came at me I quit!
19385Name:cvan8bells2017-06-06 14:06:32
Haha I'll have to keep an eye out for Lottie
19384Name:Tomahawk2017-06-06 13:29:10
Oh yeah I see these kind of hijinks from time to time. There's a dude I've played with who just runs around stealth cloaking avoiding all the enemies and laughing continuously (as Lottie)
19383Name:cvan8bells2017-06-06 13:00:37
Haha- a lot of gesticulating, shooting at non existent enemies. A lot of gesticulating and shooting rockets at me, while I killed everything.
A lot of spinning around in circles shooting at nothing haha.
I wish I had a capture device.
He did get the boxes though Haha.
19382Name:Tomahawk2017-06-06 12:42:19

Hahaha what happened?
Um with a username like that...
19381Name:cvan8bells2017-06-06 10:57:11
Is there a gentleman by the name of 420 Stonerman on this forum? If so, were you really,really...R E A L L Y stoned yesterday during our rare weapon marathon through the blue door???
19380Name:Tomahawk2017-06-06 07:42:34
Thank you, chayan
19379Name:Chayan13xD2017-06-06 00:49:06
Congratulations Tomohank.
You got rank 10 is a great start
19378Name:crevladal2017-06-05 18:18:09
cvan8 merci pour le site
19377Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-06-05 14:46:43
i'm totally with you guys. it's tedious as all getout. so much so that i did it just enough to get the prizes and gave up.
19376Name:cvan8bells2017-06-05 14:10:49
C'est un bon canal auquel vous abonner. Cette personne est généralement la première à publier des vidéos d'événements.
19375Name:cvan8bells2017-06-05 14:07:14
Crevladal -
Oui, je pense que beaucoup de joueurs de rang et de score seront affectés par les problèmes de cet événement. J'ai de la chance et n'ai pas connu de problème ma première course. J'ai vu une vidéo juste après, alors ça m'a aidé.
19374Name:crevladal2017-06-05 11:29:45
cvan8 jai fait 10.4 puis 20.3 et 20.7 en " sessions 51millions
19373Name:Tomahawk2017-06-05 10:51:53
Just quit and redeploy. No need to reload the game
19372Name:Tomahawk2017-06-05 10:48:48

Keep restarting the event until your damage is as it should be. Yesterday I had to restart 6x before the damage was normal
19371Name:esmigo0122017-06-05 10:38:20
I do not understand, today was the third time I do damage to Pedro, but this time the damage was minor in his critical eyes, why is it? Haha .. I spend more than 1 hour shooting at these giant, there is patience ...
19370Name:cvan8bells2017-06-05 10:28:30
Yeah it's not for everyone. I'm suprised I have the patience for it sometimes.
It's not too bad once you get used to it though.
19369Name:Tomahawk2017-06-05 09:36:08
To be fair I haven't even tried it. But I find IHC tedious enough as it is. I'm not trying to criticize those who do it. Just saying it's not for me
19368Name:cvan8bells2017-06-05 09:35:39
And yes it's a pain in the arse haha
19367Name:cvan8bells2017-06-05 09:25:10
Tomahawk haha.
I'm shocked more players don't use this method.
19366Name:Tomahawk2017-06-05 09:09:42
My reason for not doing it is that it's a pain in the arse
19365Name:Darkstar2017-06-05 08:48:23
It is definitely much easier to split screen shock the HC than finding a (capable partner) for shocks. If you have a second controller there is no reason you shouldn't be split screen to maximize your damage output. You are also free to not to, but to say it's "not clean" is false.

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