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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
23783Name:Matolo2019-02-19 22:41:53
Tamshe, I think it's the hdmi cable.Or in the connector of the console (hdmi), a couple of times too, there were ripples and graininess of the image, and a couple of times-inverting all the colors of the picture.Managed to " fix " cleaning with a soft brush of the connector and hdmi cable plug with a soft brush,blowing with a vacuum cleaner.

About Scagdead-it will be somewhere in the middle of the stage,with the skill "healer".You need to bring it to the barrel and blow it,better Bazooka,throwing it previously in a couple of electric bottles,to enhance the effect,otherwise to kill him in the first level will be 10 minutes...
...When there's nothing else...You can use the shotgun with details "burst+2"," firing rate lv.20"...
But it's still going to be longer than the "full burst" part...
23781Name:Tamshe20172019-02-19 21:32:55
Just hope its not the tv , try another . chk cables


On lrc100 , i forgot the videos and had to fight the 1st scagdead alone
There were so many white shots , the ps3 version must have a lower incidence of causing burning damages , maybe under 10 % with fire ammo

I must admit the steady shot shotgunTAP194 is the best steady shot shotgun , although the 4 slot hydra feels nice . The M147s seems to move upwards with many white shots

Thats why 2 x 3bursts seems most controllable with any shotgun or just 5 to 8 shots with fullburst.
I am still uncomfortable with shotguns on WSs
23780Name:Tomahawk2019-02-19 19:40:06
Couple days ago while I was playing WS everything took on this grainy solarized look. Now it's stuck like that. Whether I'm playing a game or on netflix or just in menu it all looks messed up. Anyone had this issue and/or know if it's fixable?
23779Name:Matolo2019-02-19 17:55:50
Tamshe, you're right...It is necessary to be reinsured, and to pass also in solo mode.I didn't think about it then.Now, when I see that online there is no one interesting-just go solo.That's it.To fight with windmills nerds who know by heart each stage,and the location of their opponents (their appearance in those or other places),and waiting for them there with a gun at the ready-just does not make sense.You have to be the nerd that I am not.
23778Name:Tamshe20172019-02-18 22:42:50

I recalled that event . You lost all the rewards . I think you finished solo too.

On ws , it is just a waste of time when you can not see your partner on the event's leatherboard
It is bad enough if your "legit" partner lost his/her connection and WS is finished anyway

I have never seen a player with no icon though
23777Name:Tamshe20172019-02-18 22:27:37
Sorry guys
I normally use a link to Cvan's youtube channel to find many others , hoping to find ps3 events

I saw a video on handguns only with mixed lvl 20 to 15 parts on last WS60 # 65 on ps4

While this is a ps3 forum , I think Cvan made a wise choice of all fire ammo . A p10 steady shot and samarai sr+ were the powerful guns with a samarai long range and p10 sonic assist+ . An electric and quickshot were considerations by many including myself with 15 months experience. (This would have been difficult on ps3). (Note Cvan , Mars , Tony , Morning Star and many ps3 comrades are new to ps4 )

I observe some serious lrc skills here and handling of ps4 recoil

So those who are bored could try something new
23776Name:Matolo2019-02-18 22:08:41
Tamshe,is "bad"-cost me first place and the main trophy for one of the current events.At the time it was the first place.In fact-the record was removed from the grid rating.In support-nothing clear answer to my question " why?"-unable.Or rather not.Since then, I avoid playing "coop" mode with people who are not registered on the site
23775Name:Tamshe20172019-02-18 20:36:00
Its really bad when someone joins your WS or LRC
and they are NOT registered on "renet" . Worse , they ask to be your psn friend and won't answer your mail

This typo nonsense can be corrected by delete , copy and paste ..... while on gamefaqs , you just "edit"
23774Name:Tamshe20172019-02-18 20:32:02
LRC 100

This lrc i have not completed on solo mode

Here is a traditional method :-

Here is Cvan on ps4 with a slightly different method :-

Here a professional duo on ps3 by Whiterada and Nyao :-

Its really bad when someone joins your WS or LRC
and they are registered on "renet" . Worse , they ask to be your psn friend and won't answer your mail
23773Name:Matolo2019-02-17 22:49:39
...As a continuation of the topic written below-sometimes it seems to me that people do not read the names of online sessions that you create in search of a partner for the game together-not only that people constantly come who are not registered on this resource (and therefore no trophies they will not receive for the passage of online events), so also go to entry-level people,which makes the whole process of playing with such "partners"-ridiculous.You leave, you create session again-so they again climb to you in session...Over and over...Complete idiocy...Now,to find ride partner for online events are incredibly difficult...I think this is due to the release of a remake of the game RE2.All the people went to play there.Sadly.
23772Name:Tomahawk2019-02-17 16:36:08
If a player's icon isn't showing it means they're not connected to RE.Net right? But they can still enter WS as a guest. What's up with that? I've been rejecting players who don't have their icon showing just because what's the point of your not connected...
23771Name:Tamshe20172019-02-16 22:39:54

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

23770Name:pollin2019-02-15 22:23:07
Thank you all for the list
tamshe, you're welcome.
good luck to all
23769Name:tonyfresh5502019-02-15 19:49:17
Weekend Survivor #65
Floor Guide (level 60)

Floor (1) 6-6
Floor (2) 4-3
Floor (3) 3-6
Floor (4) 8-2
Floor (5) 8-3 graveyard
Floor (6) 3-5
Floor (7) 2-2
Floor (8) 4-2
Floor (9) 8-1
Floor (10) 1-5
Floor (11) 7-3
Floor (12) 3-3
Floor (13) 8-6
Floor (14) 4-4
Floor (15) 2-5
Floor (16) 7-4
Floor (17) 5-6
Floor (18) 4-5
Floor (19) 1-1
Floor (20) 1-4
Floor (21) 6-5
Floor (22) 6-4
Floor (23) 4-1
Floor (24) 2-3
Floor (25) 8-4
Floor (26) 2-6
Floor (27) 2-4
Floor (28) 1-2
Floor (29) 5-5
Floor (30) 5-4

Good luck to everyone!!!
23768Name:Tamshe20172019-02-15 18:44:36
Thanks to Centurion again for the floor guide for ws60 # 65

poliin was right . thanks partner . mission 2 is 4.3
23767Name:Matolo2019-02-15 04:55:16
23766Name:Tamshe20172019-02-13 16:37:10

mission 2 looks like the "gun shop " in re6 , the same map as on this lrc40 # 395
23765Name:Tamshe20172019-02-11 20:35:12
Your experience on rer2 and xbox360 , post#8530

Thanks for your videos on lrc which I use for ps3 ( also to Cvan on ps3 and Soulless on ps4 , and Centurion and steam players)

I find lrcs on ps3 is hard as you described . ( However each platform has its own experience especially with its controller )

I find my US version of re6 very hard in mercenaries . Restarting the system helps , but persistance also help.There were ocassions when you get good spawns . I took over 16 hrs on catacomb mercenaries event ,
while on previous catacombs I took about 2 hrs
23764Name:pollin2019-02-10 00:06:44
Hi guys
hello tamshe, I was also in doubt which was
I think it's the 4-3
23763Name:Tamshe20172019-02-09 16:49:24

Mission 2 ?

I am tackling this ws60 with full force

Good luck to all


Catacombs re6

I can not remember when last i failed mercenaries after going for a million

Failing to pass the first 3 combos at least 6 times is not encouraging after being successful with 5 characters and one easy event. Neither hearing a successful counter and nothing gets kill and i lose the combo
23762Name:Tamshe20172019-02-08 20:51:18
Sorry guys

If it takes me the whole night , I am tackling catacombs again (after failing for 4 hours straight. I already have 5 characters with 1 million scores )

Then I might play "invisible mode" on rer2 or "walk which is better for your health"
23761Name:Tamshe20172019-02-08 20:28:04
RER2 campaign ... the good ending

Raid players .... spoilers ... you must use Moira at the end of episode 3 . I think you must finish all remaining episodes.

Watch youtube as it is quite long
23760Name:Tamshe20172019-02-08 20:21:44

Great job on re6 (proud survivor , imprisoned and "delivering disaster " ) on ps3

Congrats on your first million on Catacombs .... mercenaries .... the hardest when its dark and you can barely see the type of enemy
23759Name:Tamshe20172019-02-06 21:26:11
RESI 5 or re5

You can now backup your save on ps3 . I could not do that Nov2017



can anyone verify whether , you can use your backup save from usb '' on your relative/friend ps3 ?

This was possible with PS Plus . At one time I recall some one did that a long time ago on rev1

This might be important especially if your ps3 is broken. ( You might not even get a new one to buy . I have been eying 2 for 6 months at a store that are gone , not there anymore )
23758Name:Matolo2019-02-05 23:07:07

...It's always like this.Installed cartridges level 10 (electricity or fire),Magnum,sniper rifle,where the percentage is 100,but constantly slip shots without causing the enemy elemental damage.I have no idea what it could be connected with.But it's a fact-it's really happening....
Sometimes, this happens when the enemy one hit to death, and sometimes-right in the middle of his line of life..
23757Name:Tamshe20172019-02-05 21:16:07

I may be wrong , but some parts do not work on some IHC as well as some guns are debuffed (weaken)

I recall my handgun lr+ was doing good total damage

I used "last shot" which never worked on IHC (with 2 rifle setup)

Critical part do not appear to work sometimes

Did anyone see a magnum or rifle that does not shock or burn on 1 shot (like 99.x % occurence instead of 100% ... white damages sometimes )?
23756Name:Tamshe20172019-02-05 20:51:01

This IHC could have been harder . Buffed or debuffed the enemy was

We actually took longer than most platforms , except wii or switch , when we usually finish the enemies first

I suppose if a 4 slot amr was the prize , the high scorers might have been more lenient ( or better an lrc"120" for these prizes or WS )


Another buffed result .... my 4 slots amr lr+ does more damage and criticals than my 6 slot amr (untagged) with the critical part on IHC
23755Name:tonyfresh5502019-02-05 20:42:39
Ironheads, afflicted, Vulcan Blubbers are the ones who take the most damage in IHC. The rest won't take as much damage, even with good weapons.
23754Name:Matolo2019-02-05 19:12:44
Tamshe,this monster is vulnerable places on the body,getting into that-doubles damage.Plus, some players play in a so-called"shock pair" when one shoots electricity and the other deals triple damage at that time.So he did not stand (Dreadnought)-only three days..
23753Name:Tamshe20172019-02-05 18:14:52

Thanks guys

49 persons got this great magnum . I now have 2
Others already had more and did not go for glory or bloody gina
This IHC could have been easily finished under 3 days , but some players were allowed to get the second prize or the first prize
Some good players did not bother with more magnums ( sr+ )
23752Name:Matolo2019-02-05 16:40:27
Hello Pollin, the suit for Gina is only given once.It doesn't matter how many times you see a huge monster killed on the beach.RER2 game for the PS3 platform abandoned by developers.I don't think there will be any innovations in the game.They are 6 chests was never implemented,although the loading screens-the place under them-is clearly visible.Vprochem,new costumes for Jill and Christopher,too, to wait in the game is not worth it...
23751Name:tonyfresh5502019-02-05 05:45:19
I killed the Ironhead last on PS4. You can watch me destroy it here.

I'm glad you were able to get the costume. Good work.
23750Name:pollin2019-02-05 02:50:29
Hello Matolo
it really is just a costume, they should have put other clothes for characters in the IHC as Jill and chris, and many others, changing each mission would be very cool, I took my second costume by chance also when I entered the mission at the end of the monster's life, it exploded there to my surprise
23749Name:Matolo2019-02-05 01:29:47
...Costume "Blooded Gina" - literally intriguing, sway mystery and mysticism to get it.But the funny thing is, it's just a suit.The skin of the character,which in addition to the visual appearance of everything in the game.It doesn't matter if Gina's bloody or not.In the game, this costume does not give anything.By the way,got it by accident 2 years ago.When a huge monster on the beach exploded.And I have it hanging idle unnecessary.)))
23748Name:pollin2019-02-04 22:55:20
Hi guys
Yuna, yes is even possible to get the costume yourself, you just have to do a considerable good damage, and monitor the health of the giant on the site, enter the game and see the total life of the monster is hit with the damage you can do and bingo, I remember that at the beginning I did not understand very well how it worked, but then it got too easy, just need a bit of luck too, for very low damage, see I got the costume twice doing this process
have a good day too!
23747Name:Tamshe20172019-02-04 20:49:54


Some people are busy , but I have gotten help from many , including site buddies , psn friends and public , and many on this forum .
Thanks to everyone , your help was appreciated

Get that capacity 15

Gamefaqs is a good place for threads on many games
I have made some threads on rer2 , but the ps3 forum is dead like here although it is the better forums. One can comment on these threads or make new ones there
23746Name:Yuna2019-02-04 18:43:42
I`m glad I made it, in fact on my own. It only proved my point that I can`t really rely on anybody and it will never change. A few people offered me help on their own with Gina`s outfit. I accepted it and waited yet nothing happened for the whole 6 months... In fact I saw some of those people help others get this particular outfit while I remained silent about it and eventually waited for my turn. I give an exception to only one person (not gonna include anybody`s name on public) but as for the rest of the "helpers" who were so eager to do it for me, allow me to say: "no comment". If you can count, count on yourself ^^
That is all I wanted to say (even though I`ve been fighting myself to not say anything).

Have a nice day everyone.
23745Name:tonyfresh5502019-02-04 12:40:53
Well so far, no one on PS4 has let me know about the "bloody gina'. So if you guys on PS3 want the costume...let me know ASAP. I do about 12 million in Damage.

PSN: CocoSnicker12
23744Name:Tamshe20172019-02-04 08:08:57
Caution on usb saves and copying to other devices like the PC

If you copy more than 1 profile ,

Make sure your folders are updated
One profile would overwrite another

If you make directories for all profiles , make sure that your directories and files carry the correct dates , especially if you overwrite them

Use simple "copy and paste" ... no fancy copying or formatting

Your usb memory "stick " is your main save " and it works if updated regularly " . It is best to have one for each profile
23743Name:Tamshe20172019-02-03 20:08:15
Off Topic ... re5 on ps3

I attempted to replay resi 5 with the family , but realised i had to play the campaign again , before i can play mercenaries . I played reunion with the strongest character/weapons . I am rusty , but the campaign brought back memories

I will always play RE6 as my best re ... but rer2 is nice also
23742Name:Tamshe20172019-02-03 19:53:31
Tony can really help on IHC and all others including other events

He got the FIRST bloody gina with creature around 9.xx million

You can get it as well alone or with a friend

However this magnum is a great magnum for WS and can be used on LRC . Shock support can help you get this gun , but it appears you have only 1 day left
23741Name:tonyfresh5502019-02-02 19:13:26
If you need shock support...I can help, just let me know.
23740Name:Tamshe20172019-02-02 00:19:55
HIGH SCORERS of IHC ...... please allow people to this gun

Regular players , please stop after 30 million to help other people as well. ( A lot of players can score 30 million after one try )

Renet should have considered LRC120 ... Only high scorers will get this gun
23739Name:Tamshe20172019-01-31 16:19:10
Game controller

It is really fascinating how one can run with it and use the direction pad to change weapons or sub-weapons without stopping or slowing down

At one time i thought it was done with a second player

Then again on IHC , one is using 2 controllers for long periods over 30 mins
23738Name:Tamshe20172019-01-31 15:49:43
IHC event

Damage 15 and m329 sr plus

I will try hard to get these
23737Name:Kin~Jo2019-01-31 08:16:20
Haven't played REmake2, but from footage I watched, it looks like Leon is being forced to do that College thing where Pledges have to hold a pickle or cherry up in their buttcheeks & drop it in a pint glass...must SUCK being the Rookie...seriously, WTF is up w his running animation???

Im still doing my PS3 backlog/saving for a gaming PC anyway.

Made me giggle tho, gotta admit (looks like he stole Claire or Ada's shoes when he runs)~
23735Name:EVIL2019-01-31 04:56:10
Hi all Players,
for those of you who haven't heard, yet.

F R E E DLC for the RE2 REMAKE coming out on 15.Feb.19!
23734Name:tonyfresh5502019-01-30 07:21:36
Check out my channel
23733Name:tonyfresh5502019-01-30 07:20:34
Is that your way of asking for help? I'm kidding. I've gone through that twice. But never again. Buy a USB stick. They're cheap. Save your data regularly on it. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.
23732Name:Pafuncia_2019-01-30 06:17:39
Hi, i just lost 500h of gameplay because my save got corrupted. I am very frustrated. Hope everyone have a nice day ;)

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