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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
24217Name:KUGUAR 752020-04-08 14:16:12
Приветствую, можно ссылку в ютубе
24216Name:Matolo2020-03-29 16:32:06
the thing is,I don't have a PC, and I don't really need friends either.New "friends"just appeared out of nowhere and had to be manually deleted...
24215Name:pollin2020-03-29 11:09:27

note: my account has never been changed or renamed, it was after an update!
24214Name:pollin2020-03-29 11:03:01
hi guys
I understand, after I reached 100 friends, that's when strange things started, I couldn't add more, I even did what you did, exclude some old ones, I could only add them via PC, sometimes not even on the PC
24213Name:Matolo2020-03-29 08:08:42
...Strange things happen...On the contrary, I made about 12 friends without even knowing it.I am offered friendship,which I do not confirm, but people are added to friends themselves.Now I deleted those personalities that I do not know at all, and I do not understand where they came from in my PSN account...
24212Name:pollin2020-03-28 08:50:04
as I already said here on the forum my difficulty in adding people to coop, I don’t know if it’s a problem with my system or psn itself, but I’ll leave my psn id in the message area, for anyone who wants to try to add me, if do not confirm it is not my fault, I hope you guys understand and sorry for inconvenience
24210Name:Matolo2020-03-26 15:46:57
In the meantime, I keep digging for information...It turns out that the prototype model of Jill Valentine in the game Resident Evil 3 :Remake was not the actress Milla Jovovich,but the Russian model Alexandra Zotova,which she herself publicly informs everyone on her Twitter page...But.Comparing photos of a live girl, her prototype in the game (features and oval face, cheekbones, nose, and so on) - I can clearly say that Jill Valentine in the new version of the game is the face of Milla Jovovich,but...Here though kill me,but the "new" Jill-completely different facial features the Russian model Alexandra Zotova.And that's it.Jill's appearance Milla Jovovich.
24209Name:pollin2020-03-22 06:48:33
thank you and centurion vac for guide plan video!

respectively a player who has not yet reached the character level in 100, could make the ws 100 with level 70 tranquil, but can depend on the weapon used, and this ws, is a little difficult in the last five missions.

the ws 70 can be made with 30 levels below the recommended, thus ending 80 levels on the character, it will also depend on weapons and internet so to speak!

good game to all!
24208Name:Tamshe20172020-03-22 05:22:05
Last time unless , I am asked a question

Thanks pollin and Centurion Vac for this weekend survivor's floor (missions) plan


This WS100 was completed on duo at level 68 and 65 . Thanks to pollin and Mars respectively

The previous WS (level 70) was completed at level 43 . We needed more firepower and luck for level 40

Playing WS100 at level 65 , we will have had to face enemies at level 120 from mission 23

Playing WS60(70) 30 levels below recommended level 60(70) , we would face enemies upto 80 levels higher than us

I got this idea from Mars , who had played with restrictions (handicaps) with Cvan before


It was not easy to get players using handicaps at WSs , but Mars was always there and pollin joined soon afterwards.
These restrictions brought interest (or revival) back to this game for me
24207Name:KUGUAR 752020-03-21 14:14:50
Привет всем
24206Name:pollin2020-03-21 00:22:43
on video
thank you centurion again
24205Name:pollin2020-03-21 00:21:22
hi guys
Weekend Survivor No. 85 =level 100
25=8-3 graveyard
obs:Graveyard on 25 floor no respawn!
good luck to all!
24201Name:Matolo2020-03-17 00:55:35
WHITERADA, but I find something else funny.Lose your life, your fingers, break your joysticks, and take out your brain...In order to become incredibly strong....V.....Video game.....Yes, you heard right.In a video game that no one pays you to play.I'm sorry,it's one thing to be strong in the exact Sciences,art,work,and life, so that people will look at you with admiration...A video game...Sorry, this is a kindergarten.And you have the mindset of a kindergarten kid.In this game, you can only be in two situations: a) an ordinary player who just plays, like me,and b)a nerd who is obsessed with fractions of a second, like you,for which no one will give him pays.Adriano, you say?...What do I care about him?He has his own life,and I have mine.All the best
24200Name:Matolo2020-03-16 23:11:58
Evil,sorry...Whatever you say.Discontinued.)))
24199Name:EVIL2020-03-16 20:27:36
Cease fire, Folks.
24198Name:Matolo2020-03-16 16:51:53
Tamshe, I forgot to add, well, I will say now-on the last game with you in a pair-I clearly saw your superiority.All your records, achievements, and so on-all at the expense of other people.Everything is done by "other people's" brains, not by you.You get lost on the levels, you don't know what to do.I will see what you will achieve if you take away your partner is not spilled water Pollin, you are absolute zero without it.But he-at least-would have a brain, unlike you, he had the sense not to enter into such dialogues, and not to hang labels first, inciting quarrels, and not at all the revival of this forum.Here is a bow from me low, and you-I even fart in your direction in the scum.That's all.
24197Name:Matolo2020-03-16 16:15:31
What do you care about the details I have? You keep an eye on your junk in your trunks,and I'll clean up my mess without you,believe me.Grovel on here,that's your lot.Fate,or maybe a whole vocation, "develop" this game in this way.That's all I wanted to say.
24196Name:Matolo2020-03-16 16:14:11
That's great.I will finally stop seeing this smug, stupid whining from you about me.I saw on the job level 40 as your "level" surpassed" my (you then wrote to me that I have a weak configuration that I sincerely laugh,as I glitch had only a rifle of muramasa,and soaked from it all,but just stupidly ran,and,it seems,wasn't even trying to kill anyone,either you have was bad at it-I don't know,but your level of "excellence"-revealing),but I will say one thing-you're a sycophant,grovelling in front of everyone who takes you to the companions,moreover,the contribution of this game is not your empty chatter, sometimes even with "air", since on the forum with you often no one talks,but you-write all the same,and not your smug whining,where you again,write that they say,how cool it is to pass the ladder 30 levels less than necessary,playing with Pollin,to be honest-your whining here is fucked up,and this is not a contribution to the development of this game.This stupid whining "about nothing".What do you care about t
24195Name:Tamshe20172020-03-16 06:11:48

I have done more than enough for this game and others

Could you explain why your psn profile is damaged /...rating says "minus"

In addition my ranking at this game is superior to yours , even if as you say you have level 20 parts. Also my contribution is superior to yous

I thought you just a bully , but something tells me there are more serious problems

I will not answer you again
24194Name:Matolo2020-03-15 17:04:09
I thank God for coming up with a stupid Google translator that can't translate correctly.I don't care who or what you are.I wrote to you in PSN, and if you are a fool in a blackout-this is your problem.The fact that I can't hold the recoil from Decimator shotguns and Sledgehammer rifles doesn't interest anyone, right,?...Do not pay attention to the player Tamshe2017, who is engaged in what hangs on all the labels of those,even without knowing what they are,he has all and all "great" players...It's ridiculous, because he's a reptile....It's been so long since I've been here, and so fast....I saw the anal sex of pirates.I won't to say who exactly, but you can see it by viewing the rating grid.It's so cute. )))
24193Name:WHITERADA2020-03-15 16:01:27
When you really like this game, there is no need to wait to be paid by Capcom, it is a game just for fun!
And being a nerd as you say, when there is a lot of playing and training that one becomes good. The example is with Adriano who plays a lot like me and has become incredibly strong and I'm happy with it.
Compared to many other players, I'm not jealous or a bad player.
I can recognize who is stronger than me and I congratulate him on their achievement.
So you've got it all wrong in your sentences.
I made a lot of effort and sacrifice to reach my level, I learned with the biggest ps3 player (maximumnyao, Lu-yun) and I thank them for it.
I in turn want to teach players who love this game, just for the passion of this game without hoping to be paid (which is ridiculous).
24192Name:Matolo2020-03-15 09:01:20
Tamshe, Yes you have all the players "great", can you pull yourself together, and stop licking other people's Asses for the sake of passing with them?... Oh, it's funny,who did not take you-all the great,cool, a worthy monument in his lifetime.That you are a reptile-I have long understood.Just didn 't say.Yes, I noticed that by unsubscribing here to this WHITERADA - I created a revival.And a lot of " problems ".And the as-same. The "great" player was disturbed.WHITERADA, I've already played with you , seen what you can do.There is no more desire .And Capcom doesn't pay me money to be a nerd.I just don't see any other incentive.Good luck
24191Name:Soulless_Persona2020-03-15 08:37:41
I cant wait to see your time for this LRC. Very hard one to do Ada. :D
24190Name:WHITERADA2020-03-15 07:41:35
Hello to the Steam community.
First of all thank you to you "Centurion" for adding friend and thank you for all your videos which are incredibly well done with winks on moments of movies that I love (Schwarzenegger, Terminator, Predator , Gladiator ...).
After I seem to see that on all game platforms there are bad stories of cheating between players, I find it a shame because it only dirty this game which is beautiful.
I took example on your videos from the start (@Cent, @Soull) I hope that for such a level of play, Cheating is not possible because the name you have does not need data spurious, otherwise it's really shameful !
There was already a lot of suspicion with the weapons of CarvedBard4 and Shinyy. I would be really sad if it is true. :(
24189Name:WHITERADA2020-03-15 01:54:44
Thanks Tamshe2017, if you want, pollin and you can send me friends invitations if you want to play. no problem. ;)
24188Name:Tamshe20172020-03-14 23:15:09
One last time again , Matolo , who like to harass great players or stir up trouble. not bad for keeping the forum alive

WHITERADA's youtube videos are super for ps3 players . They show what is possible

Mars is a great player at any rer2 event even LRCs . Luckily ( with pollin also ) we were able to play weekend survivor at lower levels than recommended , eg minus 30 levels. He also (and pollin also) continued with trials using weaker guns and setups for WSs

1] poor internet gives weaker results and disconnection
2] this game has bad RNG also with enemy spawns

People avoid players with damaged PSN profiles and modded super weapons
24187Name:Mars2020-03-14 06:37:13
In my case I can confirm that WHITERADA has helped me a lot in LRC the last days. And in LRC I am not a good player, knowing only the basics. He was friendly and gave me hints via messages. Not everyone is willing to do this effort.
24186Name:WHITERADA2020-03-14 00:57:39
if you want to have proof that i give the players a lot of chance, you just have to invite me! Matolo.
I'm waiting...
ask Wo0kie, ask Mars, Tonyfresh550, toshi ,.... and other if I don't let time and chance.
24185Name:WHITERADA2020-03-14 00:38:47
haha ^^ aaah no Matolo, no you shouldn't imagine that !
I am not leaving any luck with players because it is true that there are techniques in this game, I told myself that with everything I have learned from other players stronger than me, it was time to share my experience and in turn learn from other players.
It is true and difficult to communicate with the translation and the language difference, but with the will, I am sure we can do it!
Look ! (Mars is German and I am French! and the proof is there!) ^_-
So no problem.
Look YouTube videos Centurion VAC and other strong players, training, practice and after you become strong too.
24184Name:Matolo2020-03-13 21:36:01
From myself, I will add - the player WHITERADA is looking for really strong players, such as himself.When entering into a game with him , you must clearly know his tactics of fighting, and clearly know what and how, and at what point in the stage to do on the task.Otherwise, it turns off , and writes you a message that reads as follows:-" I can 't make a good time with you."Going on a mission to such players, you must understand to the end how to behave at the level, and what exactly and very quickly- you need to do at this point in time.Otherwise, they won't be interested in you.Good luck !(Poison_Sweeper).
24183Name:WHITERADA2020-03-13 03:17:36
hi everyone.

Monday i will share my run lrc40 solo (University) with my equipment, while waiting for good luck to all.

For those who want to play with me on coop, leave me a message.
See you!
24182Name:pollin2020-02-29 01:04:48
hi guys
Weekend Survivor 84 [Lv. 70] - Floor Guide
thanks centurion again
graveyard at floor 18

good lucky to all!
24180Name:Tamshe20172020-02-09 21:09:09
One last time folks

1] Thanks to Centurion and pollin once more , this WS60's floor guide is available on video and text respectfully

2] This ws60 was attempted at level 30 playing coop ... needed 2 mins and more trials

3] congrats to all players of WSs


LRC100 graveyard or cemetry .... the best lrc ever

I attempted lvl 9 again , only to bothered with about 95% bad spawns . I decided to knife the last spawn , a fire elite , to death lasting over 20 mins

Congrats to all playing this LRC including pollin at lvl 7 and Matolo .
24179Name:Matolo2020-02-07 23:38:57
Hi, Pollin.That's right, that's the kind of thoughts that come into my mind-you look at Jill and you realize that her face is painfully similar to Alice's from the movie.In principle,Milla Jovovich has a pleasant and sweet appearance... :)
24178Name:pollin2020-02-07 18:06:42
Hello Matolo
yes i also noticed this similarity!
I thought I already saw this face somewhere just did not know where :)
24177Name:pollin2020-02-07 18:02:57
Hi guys
Weekend Survivor No.83
level 60
01 8-1
02 5-6
03 3-1
04 8-5
05 1-5
06 7-4
07 6-2
08 1-3
09 1-1
10 4-5
11 5-5
12 1-4
13 4-2
14 2-4
15 8-4
16 6-6
17 2-3
18 5-4
19 6-1
20 8-2
21 2-5
22 4-1
23 3-3
24 5-2
25 3-2
26 1-6
27 4-4
28 7-3
29 6-3
30 7-1

good lucky to all!
24176Name:Matolo2020-02-07 16:49:23
By the way...It only seems to me that the main character of the new reissue of Resident Evil 3:Nemesis,Jill Valentine,is suspiciously similar to the main character of the same name films based on the series of games, Alice (Milla Jovovich), or did someone have similar impressions of this character?... :)
24175Name:Matolo2020-02-05 17:20:56
Hello KLEUTUS.How are you? Alive?...Did you collect the maximum level details you were hunting for?...I saw you online a couple of times, and I even went to your session to play together.You disappeared somewhere...But nothing.Soon you will become the GREAT LORD of the RINGS in the game Revelations 2. xD
24174Name:Matolo2020-02-05 17:15:10
Hi, Pollin.I'm sorry, I didn't play Revelations 1,so I don't know what you're talking about...
24173Name:pollin2020-02-05 04:22:05
Hi guys
the other day i realized that all stages are present in the restricteds 100/120 / and 40 minus stage 7-3 of revelations 1, strange not? I’ve never seen it there, if anyone knows why the capcom left it out, can post it here, my theory is that would have few enemies before the coin, but it has stage 8-4 which is also small, would have no reason to leave out!
24172Name:DEVASTA2020-01-29 10:44:21
se alguem nao tiver armas boas pros evento se quiser ajuda me contate se eu n estive oucupado ajudo .
+ sou novato tbm ja fui o numero 3 do brasil nesse jogo hoje em-dia sou noob kkkk
24171Name:DEVASTA2020-01-29 10:37:20
vejo que tem + brasileiros no site agora que pena que parei de competi por ranking agora so faço os evento e nao ligo pro ranking o site em breve deixara o ps3 de lado.
antes os evento tinha de 2-3 itens bons e agora ta dificil vir evento cm itens bons!
24170Name:GOODSUN2020-01-26 01:29:56
24169Name:Kleutus2020-01-24 20:07:51

Este site está meio bugado, por exemplo na aba de transferência de itens, os itens de gelo esão com o nome dos itens elétricos, que coisa cara! em que ponto de desprezo chegou o site deste jogo. Se bem que pra mim isso não é uma coisa estranha, pois há muito tempo este jogo está cheio de trapaceiros e a capcom nunca fez nada à respeito.
24168Name:pollin2020-01-24 13:50:09
hi guys
it seems that everything is returning to normal now, or almost everything
24167Name:Kleutus2020-01-24 01:55:00

Parece que a capcom leu o meu comentário e colocou o meu tempo.... kkkk que hilário!
24166Name:Kleutus2020-01-23 17:36:54

Já fazia algum tempo que eu não jogava este jogo e então resolvi jogar o sovrevivente do fim de semana e advinha o que aconteceu? O meu tempo não foi computado kkkkKKKKkkkk(ri para não chorar kkkk). Cara a verdade está bem clara, a capcom está se lixando pra este jogo. Abraço!
24165Name:GOODSUN2020-01-23 14:57:38
Olá Pollin...
Obrigado mais uma vez pelo esclarecimento, seguimos juntos nessa batalha!
24164Name:pollin2020-01-23 12:41:56
lrc 491 has already appeared updated here for me just now, I think they will update the rest gradually as the days go by!
24163Name:pollin2020-01-23 02:00:23
obs: aqui para mim aparece que o restrito No. 494 está inavaliável como um possível erro no site, em geral páginas erradas

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