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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
22766Name:Matolo2018-08-15 14:20:02
Beer....Nasty, smelly bitch.How can you drink this...The taste,color, smell - like donkey urine.Vodka and a piece of lard with black bread-that's a decent drink and snack.... =)))
22765Name:Tamshe20172018-08-15 07:36:22
Extended burn trials with 2 anaconda magnums and 2 samurai hand guns

By just looking at the damages , no differences could be seen
1] character at level 100 , enemies from normal 8.3 (lvl 64)
2] character at level 100 , code red 8.3 (enemies lvl 105)

The enemies appear to die faster with " the extended burn part " , but the onscreen damages looked the same . The maximum damage seen was different by a small amount . That was the only visible damage in favour of "extended burn"

Damages from burning was more or less similar as expected
The duration of burning could not be measured , but appeared to be similiar , that is , the number of burning damages seen

Despite the trials , I will continue to use the "extended burn part" on magnums or rifles for extra power as i believe its works (like electric ammo and /or electrocute) and the damages seen on the screen is just for reference with some inaccuracies
22764Name:Tamshe20172018-08-15 07:09:48
I played lrc at level 100 , died , not realising until i played lrc100
Hurrying to setup for lrc100 , i forgot ice , carried rifle mastery for 3 shotguns
When i found out , i restarted at level 1 after carrying the ice bottles and using the shotgun mastery

I had extended burn trials on my mind
Further testing was done with 2 anaconda , then 2 steady shot samurai hand guns
From Centurion's steam guide :-

Element Booster Parts
Element booster parts work by increasing damage to an enemy afflicted with the required element (fire, ice or shock).

***As with any other stat increasing part the damage is calculated using the firepower of the untagged weapon***
22763Name:Tamshe20172018-08-14 21:49:31
My first trials failed
one m1891 with fire ammo only
another with fire ammo and "extended burn" only
on level 80 code red 8.3
It appeared to work , there was too much burning . I had to wait for the burning to stop . I used ice also
I got 920 , 1500 and criticals and weak spots. Shells , weak hits ,,,,,,,.Napads
The extended appeared to be consistanty higher and was inconclusive

I added homing and could not read the first shots , because of burning damages

I raised the character level to 100 and played 8.6 . I could not read the first shot , too much burning damages

The burning damages were consistant ( single shot slow rifle was intentional )
22762Name:Tamshe20172018-08-14 21:34:57
My memory slipped. It Donna Summer and her classical music (best on stereo)
22761Name:tonyfresh5502018-08-14 20:40:42

Donna Summer ok, I guess. But Dianne Warwick...?? Oh hell no!!! I can't forgive you for that one. Lol.
22760Name:Kin~Jo2018-08-14 19:26:34
Also, just to add to Tamshe w fire on low% weapons...the SG pellet anomaly & (as example) a high SMG or AR RoF can compensate slightly.

My SpeedShot MP-AF lights em UP~
22759Name:Kin~Jo2018-08-14 19:18:09
Bear in mind when calculating the %'s are BASE damage (or w/e Stat you are calculating) ONLY...w/e the Tag (Rare, LR+ etc) it is only the plain variant's stats that apply.

They also do not stack (as in BD 2,000 & a 10% boost [pure example, figure's made up to illustrate idea] you do NOT now calculate at 2,200 from there on out, it remains 2,000 etc)

Just a reminder to avoid potential disappointment/frustration &/or regrets~
22758Name:pollin2018-08-14 16:31:26

The cool thing is that it is possible to do this test in the red code nv 105
22757Name:pollin2018-08-14 16:26:46

ok, it would get more power than a ticket punch with damage part nv 18
22756Name:Tamshe20172018-08-14 16:13:19
Python with no parts except fire ammo lvl 10
firepower = 24205
Add "extended burn" ...50%
Add "damage lvl 18" ....51%
22755Name:Tamshe20172018-08-14 15:55:35
It will work on any enemy but some are stronger with a shield , fire or at higher enemy level
Magnums and rifles have a 100% chance with "fire ammo level 10" that the enemy will be "lit" on fire. Every shot will hit the enemy with 50 % more power (not adding to the damage part or any other parts) when equipped with "extended burn". It is like a higher level damage part.
I will test it and give you some results

It is not useful on other guns as fire ammo has a lower percent chance of catching an enemy on fire. Shotguns have a 19% chance with fire ammo and the slot can be used better with "close range" , BSAA , quickload etc. "Extended burn part " is not used with shotguns
Note an enemy could be burning or electrified .Shooting these enemies could cause burning or electric damages
22754Name:pollin2018-08-14 11:00:53

Okay, I understood, I saw that the monsters from stage 7-6, were very strong, especially the revernants in the beginning of the stage,extend fire it works very well on this kind of enemy right
22753Name:Tamshe20172018-08-14 08:21:21
With the zaytsev , the critical part can be replaced with the extended burn

(All my weapons with fire ammo and 6 slots had "extended burn" for 6 or more weekend survivors)

If you were using a python with "the long range plus" tag with a "damage part level 18" , there is a 60 % chance you can get critical hits with the "critical part" , however with tough enemies after mission 23 , the extended burn part should work better (as the average damage is higher over 10 or more shots)
22752Name:Tamshe20172018-08-14 08:03:08
I needed more firepower
I removed the antirecoil from the ticket puncher (magnum) with "extended burn" for an extra damage (50% of 25,750)
I replaced the "long range part" (60% more damage for enemies further than 12 metres) on the "amr" rifle with "extended burn" as enemies were closer than 12 metres
I left the antirecoil on the "serpent" magnum and used this for accuracy
I used my 5 slot muramasa for accuracy

I avoided burning the enemies except the very strong ones , not waiting for them to burn to death
I did not have time to try the 5 slot steady shot "tap" shotgun without the "pierce part"
The "stealth cloak" was very useful as well as the "exploding bottles"
22751Name:pollin2018-08-14 05:51:58
Good job on weekend survivor

hi,How was playing with extend burn? I stopped using it to not sacrifice another slot since antirecoil already occupies a space in the weapon, I used critical in my rifle and I liked very much at least to kill the hunters, did not come many enemies with fire this time, I am still to do a test with extended burn but still missing parts, gun I already have 6 slots,
22750Name:Tamshe20172018-08-14 05:43:36
I was tempted to link Donna Summer here. The best revolutionary classicals , i can enjoy the whole day.
Country music was good too , but there is a new age of musical artist now , always changing
22749Name:Tamshe20172018-08-13 22:31:28
Good job on weekend survivor ...solo . Keep it up ( you started late though , but well done ! )
22748Name:Tamshe20172018-08-13 21:23:23
WS strategy i used (continued)
3] I tried again , made careless mistake , but i learnt you can retire and start over (no need for ps3 button for quitting) . I actually fell off the top floor of " high sea fortress " and made a couple more mistakes
Anyway I replaced "magic pixel" with hurler and shot the fastest that i can , these enemies taking too long to spawn and shooting too early sometimes , and barely made it
In the excitement , i accidentally fired a rocket at the last enemy (and a glasp too)
22747Name:Tamshe20172018-08-13 21:21:47
Weekend survivor strategy i used , intended for aspiring new solo players
1] having gotten a ticket puncher and a serpent from events , I decided to use these with anti-recoil. Together with a 6 slot amr and a 4 slot amr lr plus , i could only finish 28 missions
I learnt the spawns , but i am not able to match the speeds of the youtube players. My weapons did not have enough firepower . Skills used :electric bottles , stealth cloak , rockets , chris armour shield , magnum mastery , evade cancel , evade extension , "catch me if you can" , hurler
2] I decided to use "extended burn" to increase firepower (the serpent had antirecoil still) and replaced the lr amr with my 5 slot speedshot muramasa (my ws mura) . I completed 29 missions barely. (however i made a mistake using magic pixel). I replaced hurler with rifle mastery. Replaced electric bottles with explosion ( a trick i learnt from Kin~Jo for those glasps)
3] I tried again , made careless mistake , but i learnt you can retire and start over (no need
22746Name:Tamshe20172018-08-13 20:48:06
Some lrc spoilers as usual
I have a special interest in that one


I was tempted to link Dionne Warwick here. The best classicals , i can enjoy the whole day. Revolutionary
22745Name:tonyfresh5502018-08-13 16:42:55
Finally... I've been trying to get this weapon and I got it last night.... Shotgun M147S (steady shot) 6 slots......!!!!!! Damn I wanna beer now!!! Lol
22744Name:Tomahawk2018-08-13 15:10:54
I like when he goes "...AAAOOOAAAOOOH!"
22743Name:Tomahawk2018-08-13 15:05:01
Well hey smoke gets in your eyes by the platters is before my time but I know it and love it. Dude's got mad pipes.
PS: You're older than me but only just
22742Name:Tamshe20172018-08-13 09:54:47
As far i recall , you can play ghostship any time
You can do "speed run"
You can do speed run with no hits
You can do a trinity (nothing can beat a solo run)

Rer2 is a different game entirely. New players can have a go at the best challenge .... weekend survivor
In solo mode too . Being carried by an ace player is an underachievement (like in ghostship)

Carrying another player is not bad ( as it allows him /her to get nice weapons )

If you are saying you can finish WS in solo mode without trying , and are pleased with duo playing , that is fine

If you are a resident evil fanatic , you would play WS in solo mode as well . I really can not understand why experienced players are afraid to play in solo mode . Theoretically the game is one hour long and i really do not see any real time saving by playing duo alone
22741Name:tonyfresh5502018-08-13 09:46:44
I go to this burger joint near my home.... and they play it every time, along with 5 other songs. It drove me crazy at first. Haha
22740Name:tonyfresh5502018-08-13 09:45:17

I wasn't sure if anyone would recognize the song. I mean it's before my time. I think. Lol. I'm 38.
22739Name:Tomahawk2018-08-13 08:27:51
True, creedence helps a lot with WS. I always have it playing in the background.
22738Name:tonyfresh5502018-08-13 06:52:11
This helped get through weekend survivor ! Check it out!

22737Name:tonyfresh5502018-08-13 06:52:07
This helped get through weekend survivor ! Check it out!

22736Name:tonyfresh5502018-08-13 06:49:48

Just like Revelations 1....I could do ghost ship solo...but why? It's faster with a partner. Same for Weekend Survivor.
22735Name:Tamshe20172018-08-12 15:37:01
I am going to use my 5 slot tap steady shot shotgun and try again.....with no pierce
22734Name:Tomahawk2018-08-12 08:52:24
I see. Well if you decide to graduate to FB/evade cancel you'll be stylin.
Because that's impressive.
22733Name:pollin2018-08-12 08:48:16
in my case I can only use the shotgun about three times,it helps a lot
22732Name:pollin2018-08-12 08:45:59

I used full burst only in the shotgun consuming all their bullets, the other weapons were standard pieces,are my alternatives at the moment
22731Name:Tomahawk2018-08-12 08:35:45
I used a 6 slot steady TAP with FB, focus, fire, pierce, bsaa, cap.
I didn't use it much but I needed it for some tanks late in the piece.
I don't use AMRs so...
22730Name:Tomahawk2018-08-12 08:31:21
So pollin you did that without any fullburst?
22729Name:Tamshe20172018-08-12 08:30:24
it is for a gravedigger i hope . I guess there will be an 8.3

Did you use a shotgun for this one? Which one? This ws70 is still tough though
22728Name:Tomahawk2018-08-12 08:08:37
Why is the next one expected to be hard? It'll be a 100 so should be much easier
22727Name:pollin2018-08-12 05:45:59

thank you, everyone who sent your videos, and helped giving tips, still so far from making a survivor with time to spare, but I'm very happy to have finished my first solo cleaning all areas, as you said to come others more difficult, Good game to everyone and thank you.
22726Name:Tamshe20172018-08-12 04:47:57

Congratulations !!!! Well done

And to all others

The next one is expected to be hard. By then I hope to be familiar with a shotgun
22725Name:Tamshe20172018-08-12 01:02:28
Weekend Survivor
One can understand that one can run out of herbs
What i can not understand is that there are experienced players not playing WS in solo mode (giving up after a few tries) . Obviously this is the best event , Yet i see a lot of new people playing it in solo mode. There is no cost of trying it , but failing to try is another story (in life as well without taking personal safety into account)

Anyway i am using
Amr with fire and extended burn
Amr long range plus with cap , fire , homing and full burst
Ticket puncher with fire ammo and anti-recoil
Serpent with with fire ammo and anti-recoil
I can not reach further at the moment unless i get the easiest of spawns (saving at least 5 mins for mission 30)

Good gaming to all
22724Name:Kin~Jo2018-08-11 21:08:04
I can't re if holding R1 down makes them knife repeatedly - seem to recall this/using it to avoid R1 prompts that negate it (stealth kill or finisher when they are prone kills Cutting Edgs, even tho most char's use knives in the animations)

IIRC flashlight DOES screw it up...I THINK partner AI will too (crowbar etc)

I remember needing to try a few times/getting a bit annoyed by it, lols (VERY 1st time is impossible, as need shoot the keys down, then they're on ground every run afterwards...tho obv's you're well past that point now. I learned that the hard way, lols)

But yeah, prettymuch what SAS said...treat it like a Barry S-Rank run & leg it/avoid as much as possible~
22723Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-08-11 14:05:24
@ Dean DarkSlayer
Contrary to what I found out online, it's best to NOT use the flashlight at all. It's best if you control the main character and run past all enemies. Basically, instead of treating this as a "knife only" run, consider this to be a "no kill" run. Aim for chapter 1 in both Claire's and Barry's campaigns and play on amateur. Break free if you get grabbed, and just focus on obtaining the key items. It's ok if the enemies die from the blades. The only times you must engage in a fight as Claire is during the scripted sequence in between pushing the cabinet in the early stages of the game, and for Barry this will be the first revenant.
22722Name:pollin2018-08-11 11:16:15

this 6-5 is very bad indeed.will demand good weapons, I confused myself in the mission 4-3 again where I lost time and 7-6 was also confused
22721Name:Tomahawk2018-08-11 11:15:56
It's a while since I got that but I don't recall having too much trouble. The PlayStation trophies site lists a bunch of things that can void it. The main one probably being the AI partner attacking with crowbar/brick.
22720Name:pollin2018-08-11 11:10:27

I almost got the last and easier mission I fell, if I had more 3min, my shotgun is great even made the difference, but the magnum snake kills on the hour is only a bit difficult to shoot with it by cadence, I do not use amr afraid of without bullets but I am already seriously considering using instead of the normal rifle
22719Name:Dean DarkSlayer2018-08-11 10:48:22
Anyone Having trouble getting the cutting edge trophy Messed up once on PS3 and 7 on PS4
22718Name:tonyfresh5502018-08-11 10:34:30
So this WS, not too bad . Still guys, save a rocket or 2
for floor 29 which is that
Revenant warehouse. I was getting a beat down towards the end of the that stage. Lol
22717Name:Tamshe20172018-08-11 06:49:55
good job
All i needed was explosion bottles and luck as i had a wounded napad and glasp to finish 7.6 near the medal
I reached mission 28 again with better weapons
It is amazing how you reach so far without fullburst. If you used a shotgun , what was the capacity with "level 16 " parts
I did not expect the serpent to be so good with antirecoil .Even with 2 amr i ran out of bullets. I need a 6 slot muramasa (then only the recoil of the main amr i have to control)
The scagdeads gave me a hard time in 6.5 (re6 haos last fight) , falling off behind the "crates" or containers. I got the tank scag with a shield emptying most of my bullets . I have seen Cvan used a rocket , but these two scags always fall where you can not see them , if you can not kill them on top of the crate or container

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