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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
21556Name:~Morning Star~2018-03-24 11:43:23
I got a good word about you from Tony you mind helping me with the LRC 100 tomorrow if Cvan is busy Thank you

Regards~Dean Smith.
21555Name:~Morning Star~2018-03-24 03:02:51
Haven't heard of a user named eve/darkstar thanks for the info tho
21554Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-03-24 02:44:44
@ Dean Smith
Morning star? That reminds me... Wasn't there a scrappy female user here callled Eve/Darkstar here somewhere?
21553Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-03-24 02:40:56
@ Harlock once again :)
Yes, definitely a good strategy! Shoot what you can for a higher ration of shots that hit the targets; the reason I suggest using strong weapons against regular enemies is because you do not risk wasting ammo when you miss. Eg. shooting a zombie with a burst from an AR may result in you firing unnecessary shots into the air if you get too trigger happy. And if you repeat this process with so many enemies, it can really bring down your percentage to 80%! But this is just me. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you completing your run!
21552Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-03-24 02:30:00
@ Harlock contd

(don't wait till you get the "game over" screen" as it screws up your ranking). An especially tricky moment I found in Barry's ch4 is the area filled with gas. On NO ESCAPE, a single hit from o zombie can kill Barry instantly as if it were a grabbing attack!
21551Name:~Morning Star~2018-03-24 01:43:14
Oh nice I heard my friend and his cousin were infected by two fire elemental rotten i'll give him a call thanks cvan
21549Name:Harlock-SSX2018-03-24 01:39:37
Hey sas
Thanks for your suggestions and tactics intel. All other chapters worked well with the "good ole" running past everyone, occasionally knifing islanders and then getting top Acc. ratings because I just pretty much don't shoot my firearms AT ALL. Even in this last chapter I hardly need to shoot at anything, that big fight before the last elevator is actually the first time I shoot at stuff, making sure I hit 100% of course. But for some reason this isn't working in the last chapter because I obviously just do a crappy job in hitting Alex since my Acc. just plummets to unseen percentage numbers O_o I thought of doing this: On one or two of the rotten herds in the mines I just empty a couple of clips with body shots just to get a better hit-miss ratio at the end, since I can get a lot of hits in with an AR for example which should benefit my Acc. ratio for the last fight. (I will try this tonight actually).
21548Name:cvan8bells2018-03-24 01:38:43
Admission is free as long as you're accompanied by 2 elemental Rotten lol.
21547Name:~Morning Star~2018-03-24 01:36:38
So people won't be confused I may be changing my RE.NET Username to something like The Morning Star or Something like that
21546Name:~Morning Star~2018-03-24 00:44:30
Sound's like a nice fair How many life crystals do they charge?
21545Name:cvan8bells2018-03-24 00:32:48
This weekend don't miss the 3rd annual Spring Scagdead Street Faire. There will be food, live music, local vendors, free Glasp rides for the kids. Don't forget to get your picture taken with the Scagdead.
21544Name:tonyfresh5502018-03-23 23:17:17
Well the next 'Tower of Doom ' event is giving away another 'prowler'. Thanks capcom for making me lose interest in this event once again. (Btw I have 3 prowlers).
21543Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-03-23 19:31:45
Uh, I see LemonCurry's skipping items, but I guess he does it for speed. Nice watching for strategy though.
21542Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-03-23 19:26:53
@ Tonyhawk,

Thanks for recommending LemonCurry's channel! I think I know about the ironheads' weakspots, but I think I'm going to watch the vids to see if there isn't a secret item spot I might've missed!
21541Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-03-23 11:06:23
@ Harlock-SSX,

Welcome to the club! Harlock, you may already know this, but the strategy I use to increase my accuracy ranking is use my shots in a way so that I defeat normal enemies using strong weapons and strong enemies using weaker ones. Example: you shoot an afflicted or zombie with a well aimed shot with a magnum, rifle or shotgun. You may then finish it off with careful, SINGLE shots to the body pausing after each shot to make sure you stop shooting after the enemy is dead. Now for weapon sponges such as Alex, I unload my machine gun and handgun ammo because she's huge and missing my shots is far less likely than in the case of smaller and faster enemies. Also, when you fight Alex, you may want to make sure you break the hourglass hidden behind the closed gate through a grille at either side near where the examination bed is and objects set on fire during the fight in the piano room. Also, when you think you are going to die, quit the game before the animation is over (don't wait till you get the "
21540Name:tonyfresh5502018-03-23 08:42:54
Don't know if there's any other horror movie buffs on here like me. Just wanted to share this kill scene by my favorite villian, Michael Myers. Enjoy.
21539Name:tonyfresh5502018-03-23 08:41:28

I agree. I got another rainbow triple shot.

Capcom, please stop, you're not helping lol.
21538Name:Tomahawk2018-03-23 04:58:49

If you're not already aware, ironheads have a critical spot on thier upper chest. I didn't find that out until I played The Struggle. I watched a walkthrough by "lemon curry" on youtube. I also learned from him/her that vulcan blubbers' legs are crit spots. Makes sense, those little stubby legs supporting all that phat ass ;)
21537Name:~Morning Star~2018-03-23 04:31:53
Is it me or does anyone notice there getting rainbows this month crappy but rainbow
21536Name:tonyfresh5502018-03-23 04:26:33

Yes. Prowler is good with Jessica because she has Rifle mastery 3. I have this weapon on 3 shot burst and it works good for ghost ship.
21535Name:Tamshe20172018-03-23 04:23:43
Though i am not interested in campaign at the moment , I do remember the excitement of using 2 players and split screen
Off topic : there is a prowler lvl 48 waiting to be collected in RER . its not the lvl 50 , but its nice
21534Name:Harlock-SSX2018-03-23 01:48:43
I usually finish the Ironheads like this: I hit them with Moira FROM BEHIND (they start to lose balance), then kick them with Claire, then back to Moira and stab them with the Crowbar - rinse and repeat.
21533Name:Harlock-SSX2018-03-23 01:45:30
Hey sas
Yup, I'm one of them, I mean campaign guys. I'm currently working on getting S-ranks on all missions including IM and CM. I'm close to reaching my goal, the last chapter being the only one to topple. That one is giving me trouble, though, since you have to be S on Retries (which is not the problem) and S on Acc. (that's the one that sucks). The timer for the last mission is a huge "male body part", since it seems to give you an A rank regardless of how fast you are; I mean I did it in like 20 mins and it's still an A - oh thanks!
21532Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-03-22 22:00:59
Jesus. An edit option would really come in handy. Grammar!
21531Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-03-22 21:58:24
Playing on No Hope as Claire, the only spot I get 2 magnum rounds consistently is the military box in the butchery area where Moira pulls the lever so as to allow Claire to shoot down pieces of meat into the grinder.

As for the weapon loadouts, I find Claire's game harder on No Hope for two reasons:
Claire only has three weapon types besides the magnum which she does not get any guaranteed ammo drops for except for the spot mentioned above;
Claire faces ironheads which are bullet sponges and can't be killed as quickly and as easily as Barry can dispose od the revenants.
21530Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-03-22 21:53:26
Hi guys!

I know you are all crazy about Raid Mode, but I was wondering if there are any regular campaign players here other than myself?

There are two things I'm curious about:
1) what weapon loadouts do you carry as Barry and Claire and how your guns are customised;
2) whether anyone has found magnum rounds farming spots for Claire.
21529Name:Tamshe20172018-03-22 18:32:02
I am still working on cap and damage parts. I am already good for IHC once renet keeps toughening one creature , whether i get the mura' lr plus or not. I am almost there for WS . Once you guys do not move on , i am good for duo.... The ticket puncher is within sight . Hell ya

I think i should have asked by psn , but you do not have to go into details about the m1871 lr plus. I am now thinking this gun might be for slow spawn stages
21528Name:cvan8bells2018-03-22 11:24:14
Neiakekel2 -
You can probably find people here to help with events and answer questions you might have.
The next big reward up for grabs is the Ticket Puncher in 3 weeks.
21527Name:tonyfresh5502018-03-22 11:12:39

Speed load and speed shot are good cuz they both get 30% more ammo. For WS, I would do, Damage, Capacity,full burst, homing ammo, fire ammo. Works all the time.
21526Name:Tamshe20172018-03-22 09:57:37
In ws below (or IHC below) , you mentioned that you use an M1871 long range plus. I have one but i felt my 5 slot muramasa speed load and my zaytsev with a long range part were better for WS. My latest setup for ws is with the mura speed load and an untagged 5 slot electric mura. Besides the lr plus m1871 , I still have another speedload mura and a speed shot mura waiting to be used. How is it setup , please
21525Name:tonyfresh5502018-03-21 16:16:11
For all you die hard Resident Evil fans ..
21524Name:Neiakekel22018-03-21 10:46:06
Hello my friends let's play. I want to be friend with all you
21523Name:Neiakekel22018-03-21 02:35:36

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

21522Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-03-20 22:07:22
@ Kin~Jo,

I have not got an AMR either despite having put countless hours into raid mode as well as all of the other modes. The reason is that I don't enjoy looking at the loading screens 30% of the total playing time while grinding a single level for a few hours...

I still can't figure out how they thought implementing the RNG is a better idea than providing guaranteed rewards.I now have all the characters at level 100, with a few of them already possessing all the skills maxed out. I think it would have been fair if they allowed to unlock a single LV 100 weapon to buy in the store for maxing out every character. This could have started with weaker weapons such as machine pistols or assault rifles/handguns, leaving the AMR as the final reward for maxing out the last character. That would at least give people like you and me a sense of purpose as well as progress. All the while, there is absolutely no guarantee we will get the guns we won't by still playing the game, which is why I favour campaign to ra
21521Name:Kin~Jo2018-03-20 19:24:16
But hey, thank GOD for that LR+ High Roller, am I right?!?

Between the travesty of a representation SMG's/AR's get and it being the slowest firing/highest recoil of all, it SURE is reassuring to know THIS puppy (enhanced with even SLOWER firing and MORE REALLY let them close in & negate the Tag boost to a horrific disadvantage/neg drop via close-range) is there & available for pickup routinely.

Hell yeah!!!
*series of ass-slaps*
21520Name:Kin~Jo2018-03-20 19:18:13
I agree it sure would have been nice to have (even the crappiest Tag for) an AMR as at least ONE of any of the Event's Rewards...been playing 2+years & have only got a 99 Sledgehammer w 6 slots (kinda like an added "F#@K YOU") & like 4 or so 95's (mostly 4&5 slots) as loot. Period. Cheap-assed drop RNG won't even give me useless ones let alone upgradeable ones - I almost believe they dont exist & the rest are just B.S.'ing or hacking, it's THAT bad for chance-to-drop. Yaaaaaaayyy!

Never even bothered wasting parts etc on em/not worth it being unable to BL anything. Would be nice tho, for sure~
21519Name:Tamshe20172018-03-20 17:24:22
There was so much joy and excitement when these prizes were given out that players were discussing how to use them in anticipation.
TBH if i continue my no life farming I am expecting another amr. I believe i have started another cycle.If you work or go to school its so difficult that some people prefer the gift of modified saves.
Whenever there is a problem with renet servers , the organisation makes up for it.
No life = pressure from family + pressure at work - ability to handle them without losing them. Balance.We have been weighed and found wanting
21518Name:tonyfresh5502018-03-20 16:37:03
Soulless Persona

Maybe now the RNG is giving out the good weapons. Haha....fuck it , I might as well try and find out!!!!
21517Name:tonyfresh5502018-03-20 16:29:33
Souless persona

On PS4 too ???? Fuck that's not good. Dammit.
21516Name:CruelzinNN2018-03-20 15:58:28
Eu não também não estou conseguindo criar e nem entra no mapa do amigo....Acho que é alguma manutenção nos servidores online..
21515Name:Soulless_Persona2018-03-20 15:26:10
Rev 1 is doing the same. I think the servers are being shit tbh
21514Name:tonyfresh5502018-03-20 14:52:37
Ok my revelations 2 game keeps freezing every time i try to create a lobby or I try to accept an invite for a game. Is anyone else having the same problem? This shit is really starting to piss me off.
21513Name:tonyfresh5502018-03-20 12:54:58

I definitely agree with you. AMR prize would be very nice.
They did give out a while back (thunder raptor) which is a super rare Magnum in revelations 1. I have this weapon , but I got it only after about 700+ hours of playing ghost ship. It's the best weapon in Rev1 IMO.
21512Name:tonyfresh5502018-03-20 11:50:35
I'm guilty of grammar mistakes .
All the time. Even though I double check what I type before I post it. There's always something I overlooked.
21511Name:MRX2018-03-20 00:00:37
tonyfresh550 I played dark side chronicles. and as I remember it(it has been a while since I played it) you revistit the police station from RE2 and something from RE code veronica. I rented it. I don't own it. and personally I wouldn't buy it. but that is me. and also I just read sas_the_virtuous post I forgot that it is on rails. that was one of the biggest thing I didn't like about it.
Tamshe2017 thanks for the "encouragement" also join the club for grammar mistakes. I'm the founder lol.
21510Name:Tamshe20172018-03-19 22:14:20
Capcom come on , man
You gave us lvl 48 thunder raptor and serpents , lvl 50 muramasa , lvl 50 shotguns in RER as well as rares in stores.
Your subjects work or go to school. Find some way for them to at least experience an AMR rifle (lvl 100) that they will experience one ( eg a 2 slot as a gift or 4 slot as a prize ). RER 2
You do want promotion , don't you ?
21509Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-03-19 21:48:14
... never in the history of RE has there been so much congruity between how you think the game will play (based on what you see in the video) and the actual experience.
21508Name:sas_the_virtuous2018-03-19 21:45:30
@ Tony,

This is going to sound like a no-brainer (and I do not mean to sound patronising or anything), but I'd say watching videos on YT should be your main decision-driver here. I have the game and my impressions of playing it are very close to just watching anyone else playing it. The reason? Well...

As you know, this is an on-rails shooter, meaning you have very little control over the game and the pace at which it plays. It' goes like this: shoot a few times - "move" (be moved) forward - shoot a few times more - do an ocassional dodge - proceed to the next area. You may see a plethora of play styles in other RE titles depending on the palyer's skill and preference (eg. moving fast vs moving slowly, using OP guns vs underpowering your character, exploring and taking in your surroondings vs speed running the level, etc.). But with this game - because of the genre - there is little diversity in how you play it except for you customising your loadout. You be the judge, but I'd say never in the history o
21507Name:Tamshe20172018-03-19 21:26:56
Shocks . Every time i look at my posts , i see so many grammar mistakes
21506Name:Tamshe20172018-03-19 21:22:13
A word of encouragement
Get friends on ps4
Post also on ps4 forum. Some guys are willing to help. (some of them may have moved on. eg RER and re7)
I played rer2 free for about 700 hrs. I collected my daily crystals. Played lrc . Got cd and played all lrcs
I hosted and got much help.( I think from the forum a few guys wanted to help. Ocasionaly you get a good player to help you)
Dont be afraid to play all events (which is your best bet for parts and guns). In time you will get new friends who you can play regularly with

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