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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
18546Name:Chayan Romero Flores2017-03-23 10:47:43
Ok, if You have doubts , let me know ;)
18545Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-23 10:31:51
jeffersonnino6: no matter what you decide to use it for, the only thing you want to do in the overlimits upgrades is capacity.
18544Name:jeffersonnino62017-03-23 09:52:41
Thanks Chayan i thought it was pretty much useless
18543Name:Chayan Romero Flores2017-03-23 08:58:22
Hello Jefferson, I recommend that You use It for HC , And that for ws And LRC must have 5 slot.
Note:if You use for HC , equip these 4 pieces.
Damage, capacity , shot loaded C And long Ranger.
18542Name:jeffersonnino62017-03-23 07:25:36
believe it or not ... after 1946 hours my FIRST purple AMR lv 100 4 slot .. as i have never owned one before ...need advice on how to setup .please .. is it good for ws ? ..thanking ya all ahead of time
18541Name:John2017-03-23 01:33:45
Lrc 80 was the same. Back then Jomi cleared lv9, Nick cleared lv11 and Darkstar cleared lv20. This lv can not be finished lv1.
18540Name:jeffersonnino62017-03-23 00:45:29
You mean to tell me that none of you GODLY pros can't beat lrc 198 at lv1 ... how SAD ... lol
18539Name:Kin~Jo2017-03-22 16:22:25
"And THAT'S why you can save up your OWN damned tuition!"

18538Name:John2017-03-22 07:05:28
I haven't been farming enough to tell these days.
The other day I missed Bloody Gina for 3 million HP!
I saw on the HC was at 0% but not dead. So I started the game to freeze it on my session. But by this time I had to put the baby to bed. It took 40 minutes so when I grabed my controller I had only 15 minutes to send datas. I shot without charge shot C and dealt 3.8 millions. It had 3.2 remaining when I hit the medallion. So close rofl!
18537Name:John2017-03-22 06:57:58
It's really fun to try lrc and succeed. It makes you better for ws too!
Thanks for the time you spent texting your method on your wall!
18535Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-22 04:21:43
are these new lrc's really worth these dimestore prizes. seems like a whole lot of work for not much of anything. i geuss i need to do them anyways for the experience since i'm not very good at them.
18534Name:John2017-03-22 02:01:21
Try to build up a Chicago Typewriter with capacity and fire ammo. It helped me last time. Also every time you shoot a Napad and he kneels, kick him to remove the scales. Good luck! Otherwise coop is easier.
18533Name:jeffersonnino62017-03-22 00:37:34
Lrc198 really hard ... not enough bullits ...looking for advice on weapon setup
18532Name:cvan8bells2017-03-21 14:21:28
Thanks for the head's up Iceman. I'll be mindful of that the next go around. I'm glad I was able to at least to get in the top 20. Also glad I don't have to look at those flying blobs for an hour a day anymore.
18531Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-21 13:43:44
sorry i didn't get my point across right. i screwed up by allowing my previous days event time to run into the new events time. in other words i screwed myself, plain and simple. i will definitely try not to let that happen again. (thanks for the headsup iceman) .
18530Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-21 13:28:00
i think i know where i screwed up. first off i seriously upgraded firepower the last 3 days and secondly. where i live dailys and ihc restart at 4pm everyday. the day before the creature died i didn't do mine because i thought it was going to die mid morning the next day. so i wanted to wait. so the next day even though it wasn't ready yet, at 3:15 i went in and did 9.7 ml. damage and immediately upon finishing. the new dailys and ihc icons appeared so i did my dailys while keeping track of the creatures health. approximately 15 minutes later his health was at 0% so i went back in and did an additional 9.35 ml. damage and hit the coin. the creature died approximately 20 minutes later. so when i should have got 19.05 ml. damage i got 920,995.
18529Name:Iceman-live-de2017-03-21 11:01:47
@ cvan8bells

your last upload counted the same way as The_Bluedevil_68 's.

your score 03.19. 21:16 CET 133 896 462
now your ammount of damage 134 091 208

btw gripping head to head race after Aello passed away
18528Name:Iceman-live-de2017-03-21 09:32:27

your last upload counted, but not fully
on 03.19. 21:16 CET your score was 163 639 544
at the end C R APCOM counted 164 560 539
The huge creature died 23:11 CET - 19 days running time
7 hours more for the 20th legit upload
If it dies on RE.NET at 6:01 CET you have ONE HOUR deadline for the last LEGIT upload
BUT NOT BEFOR 7:00 CET ! or you may loose points and places in ranking because

This event can only be played once per day. If for whatever reason the number of times your event data is received exceeds the event duration, your score will be adjusted according to the following formula:
[Total damage]÷[no. times data received]×[event duration]
18527Name:cvan8bells2017-03-21 08:55:36
@Blue, it hasn't added mine either. I'm hoping it does. I rushed home to get in that last run!
18526Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-21 05:10:00
wtf, didn't add in my last run on the ihc.
18525Name:djkazogi092017-03-21 01:23:58
I combined the method of Bluedevil and my farming method, this is the result..
18523Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-20 04:25:30
i posted my farming method on my personal message board so anyone who's interested can see it. (happy hunting)
18522Name:jeffersonnino62017-03-20 01:04:54
To me its really strange how the HC monsters only die on weekends .... i guess nobody shoots at them during the week ... lol
18521Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-19 06:50:26
don't thank me yet. it's not a magic method. you are going to have to work your ass off just like me and everyone else. it just helps it occur a little more often.
18520Name:Mikado2017-03-19 00:50:34
blue my id is AYUREADY666, thanks in advance
18519Name:cvan8bells2017-03-19 00:24:38
Hells Bells haha!
18518Name:Kin~Jo2017-03-18 15:24:59
The trick is to play that AC/DC song on a loop, lols~

Breaking your balls sucks, breaking your balls while farting REALLY sucks (slows texting/reading down quite a bit, too)
18516Name:cvan8bells2017-03-18 14:22:41
Finally cleared LRC 195 at lvl 1. It was a real ball-buster for an amateur like me.
18515Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-18 11:56:15
i need to be farming parts instead of spending all this time texting. i'm so slow at this that i could've already lvl 20 capacity and damage by now.
18514Name:nutty2017-03-18 11:48:57
blue give me time haven't got that far yet
18513Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-18 11:46:37
my only question is did you read the whole thing or just the part about you?
18512Name:nutty2017-03-18 11:44:00
went to the doctors and said doc I cannot stop passing wind but luck they don't smell he said sorry there is nothing we can do about that but we can do something about your sense of smell
18511Name:nutty2017-03-18 11:12:42
blue just finished your message
18510Name:nutty2017-03-18 11:10:47
not a skilled farter like me some bake beans and I got the full musical range
18509Name:Kin~Jo2017-03-18 10:08:43
The balloon gets that nice high-low whine...farting like that gets dangerous, lol

Some reason that reminded me of earlier "goggle porn" typo, which I googled for shits 'n giggles. Turns out it exists (big surprise lol) - Hell, California is looking at making it mandatory (ACTUAL surprise)!!!

(Sexy, SEXY Health Code at work.....mmmmm-MM!)
18508Name:nutty2017-03-18 09:48:52
blue just started reading your message
18507Name:nutty2017-03-18 09:34:35
I can honestly say fart power is not green
18506Name:nutty2017-03-18 08:32:13
fart power is good but you have to be careful of the follow through
18505Name:nutty2017-03-18 08:10:16
kin"jo I don't need deflating balloon noises I have fart power
18504Name:The_Bluedevil_682017-03-18 07:41:09
nutty ; your hilarious, maybe you read as slow as i text.

Mikado; if your playing on ps3, friend me on psn and i'll just show you. my i.d. is the same there as it is here. this invitation is open to anyone.
18503Name:Kin~Jo2017-03-18 06:07:09
Lol, got all excited at 1st then saw WS was app 150hrs away

*deflating balloon noise*

I'll be using my Decimator like Dafoe in Head-Shack off Platoon til then, lmfao~
18502Name:John2017-03-17 20:47:54
Good jokes!

Ticket Puncher for ws that's great news!
18501Name:nutty2017-03-17 19:51:54
harlock if writing message please write it slowly as I am a slow reader
18500Name:nutty2017-03-17 19:45:01
john its all right for the French invasion I will enjoy a game tonight harlock i am English when I first got this laptop I thought it was haunted by my old English teacher It had so many red lines under the words if it wasn't for my dicti dect dricto book of words I wounldnt be able to write anything
18499Name:John2017-03-17 19:07:11
Sorry for the french invasion :-)
We can do this lrc 40, arbeiten wir suzammen! I'll be online this night.
It's the first time I manage to finish it, and I did thanks to one box of ammo found on the ground !
18497Name:nutty2017-03-17 17:14:18
no I am all right apart form the fact I can not do this lv 40 at lv1 really pissed off, when one has only one brain cell I got into a panic when I think its gone wrong scary moment
18496Name:Harlock-SSX2017-03-17 15:56:36
Hey nutty. Haha, no worries, anything important concerning the game we'll do in English. What language would you wish for if you could? Maybe one of us is able to assist?
18495Name:Mikado2017-03-17 12:12:37
yo blue could you message me your farming method? im having the worst of luck constantly restarting the game and revisiting v3 over and over
18494Name:nutty2017-03-17 08:10:08
phew started to panic I thought bertie the brain cell had a stoke and couldn't read any more when I started to read messages luck I kept going down and English came up you lot are speaking French bleeding hell that's not fair I have a enough trouble reading English I haven't got a hope in hell of reading that
18493Name:John2017-03-16 08:29:54
Toujours partant pour des lrc ou ws en coop c'est toujours marrant. Tu peux m'ajouter au psn si tu le souhaites : johnlehobbit
Bonne soirée !

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