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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox 360 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
8462Name:Wavy Ed2018-01-15 16:49:25
Has anybody noticed that the weapons you receive in crates whether you spend your Resident Evil points or you get in stages have been becoming INCREASINGLY WORSE? The supposedly rare and ulta rare weapons you receive are nothing more than regular weapons with less slots? And for some strange reason the weapons you get on Ghost Ship are only level 47 now? Rarely are you getting anything over that. What kind of BS is going on here?
8461Name:MISS TRAIN2018-01-12 18:22:08
i finished infernal mode i don,t need more SUPPLIES thanks
8460Name:" ZAYTSEV "2018-01-10 13:37:22
felicidades por tu 3er lugar en el evento MISS TRAIN me impresionó que empezarás con un nivel bajo y creo que eres la primera novata en jugar un killcount Challenge y en tener ese récord y quita ese título de promising newbie ya no eres novata me siento muy orgulloso de ti suerte con el infernal mode ^_^
8459Name:MASTERHUNK2018-01-10 10:34:58
Good luck with infernal Miss Train, I have been playing RER2 raid mode for about 8 months now, when completed I am moving back onto RER raid mode to aim for full completion. If I can just get past the glitches that lose me the no damage medal.....
8458Name:MISS TRAIN2018-01-09 05:59:33
8457Name:MISS TRAIN2018-01-03 09:34:25
30.000 kills sigo esperando mi premio
8456Name:AZ (England UK)2018-01-01 22:27:46
Level Restricted Challenge 278
8455Name:MISS TRAIN2018-01-01 12:58:38
ya regresé sigo en la pelea happy New year to all gamers from the World PEACE And love
8454Name:Tu papi chiludo2018-01-01 02:35:40
¿Porque en mi consola cuando inicio el resident evil 6 me dice que se han dañado mis datos?
8453Name:MISS TRAIN2017-12-29 20:17:38
20.000 kills in THE killcount Challenge 23 vaya ha Sido la leche ánimo ánimo si se puede si se puede
8452Name:MISS TRAIN2017-12-29 18:38:24
RE.NET ya llevo 20.000 kills estoy esperando mi premio
8451Name:MISS TRAIN2017-12-27 03:33:49
my firsts 10.000 kills in resident evíl revelations give me my prize valla a Sido la leche $_$
8450Name:baldface2017-12-21 04:37:07
hey can you do missions for this if you only have level one pack
8449Name:Marko Moans2017-12-19 16:30:09
im surprised Mother Fuckers still be using these forums . fuck this place is dead.....

L0L I bet you guys didn't even know 6 weeks ago you could have grabbed a free lv.100 6 slot Mr.TRAIN magnum for completing WEEKEND SURVIVOR lol (if you were too shit you should have asked for help/thats what this place if for really)

8448Name:Marko Moans2017-12-19 16:23:17
@Vergin se-X

not sure what you did or what happened, but you'll have to be a little more specific about this
8447Name:Marko Moans2017-12-19 16:18:12

''People who have done the challenge during events @ lvl. 1 vs lvl. 40+ emanies w/rocket launcher and blue heart die & revive technique to respawn, Does that still work? Just wondering about this specific technique?''

Yes, it's always worked - BUT it depends on the stage. some stages do not allow for respawn. I suggest you back your save up on the cloud or USB drive before you go wasting your crystals. then reload after you did the best you can . simple

Dont quite understand your question about test'ticulation . if you can evade and testicle'ation still works then you can melee quickly i would ASSume .

But fuck that, you need FiR3 to kill these bitches, not going up behind them and squeezing and test'tickling with gestures
8446Name:MISS TRAIN2017-12-19 13:19:09
8445Name:Version-X2017-12-13 06:21:49
Can someone help me.Why my gamer tag Removed on resident Like that Gamertag: .I just wanna know why?
8444Name:GAARA FACE2017-12-12 16:01:28
Has anyone verified if using Jesticulate combined with Katana work together? Or standard melee/knife attacks?
I understand Jesticulate works when using jestures as it says, but it works also when you evade.
8443Name:GAARA FACE2017-12-12 15:53:57
People who have done the challenge during events @ lvl. 1 vs lvl. 40+ emanies w/rocket launcher and blue heart die & revive technique to respawn, Does that still work? Just wondering about this specific technique?
8442Name:AZ (England UK)2017-12-12 01:03:44
Level Restricted Challenge 271
8440Name:AZ (England UK)2017-12-05 23:20:44
8439Name:AZ (England UK)2017-12-02 07:55:45
My effort so far Definitely room for improvement.. .

Level-Restricted Challenge No. 269
8438Name:Obbeycas2017-12-02 04:37:14
Level-Restricted Challenge No. 269
8437Name:Shalashaska2017-11-29 09:44:32
zio, it's only for switch users.
8436Name:Zio Cleto2017-11-29 08:55:10
Hello! The present code giveaway that capcom released today is only for the nintendo switch players, or is it for all the platforms?
Because I wrote it, but it's occurred an error: This Present Code cannot be used. (Error Code: PC0002)
8434Name:AZ (England UK)2017-11-26 20:53:26
Has anyone seen this before ? Epic FALL level restricted challenge 268. Claire falls and says something weird. lol

360 at it again.
8433Name:LeonKennedy692017-11-22 04:16:19
Is anyone active in RE6 for the Xbox 360 I was hoping if anyone wants to play later mercenaries or predator feel free to add me as a friend my Xbox GT:SSSniperWolf442
8432Name:AZ (England UK)2017-11-21 05:20:49
8431Name:Obbeycas2017-11-11 11:46:48
Why, Capcom? Please drop me an Auto Loader 5 in Revelations. I have 200+ runs in GS and still didn't get it. Won't you love me anymore?
8430Name:Obbeycas2017-11-10 05:10:29
[Xbox 360] Level-Restricted Challenge No. 263:
8429Name:AZ (England UK)2017-11-09 16:40:27
Did you start over yet Kenneth? If not try creating a fresh profile or account or deleting your save data. It might be stored on the cloud forever but I am not sure as I have never tried to start fresh with the same account. I started a different one.
8428Name:AZ (England UK)2017-11-09 16:30:57
Is there nothing left to say?
8427Name:Black 0n Black2017-11-04 23:21:35
8426Name:AZ (England UK)2017-10-31 03:05:24
LRC 259

LRC 260
8425Name:Kenneth2017-10-25 20:41:06
Can you tell me is it possible to start a new game of Resident Evil Revelations 2 all over again from a disc on xbox 360 once you have reached the end? If so can you tell me how.
8424Name:Kenneth2017-10-25 20:41:06
Can you tell me is it possible to start a new game of Resident Evil Revelations 2 all over again from a disc on xbox 360 once you have reached the end? If so can you tell me how.
8423Name:Black 0n Black2017-10-23 13:54:35
RER 2 WS 43 solo 41:32
8422Name:Black 0n Black2017-10-20 05:29:09
rer 1 stage 1 abysse lv 22
8421Name:AZ (England UK)2017-10-16 20:03:17
Level Restricted Challenge 256 3"04

8420Name:AZ (England UK)2017-10-16 20:00:45
Level Restricted Challenge 255 00"58 seconds
8419Name:Black 0n Black2017-10-15 05:13:02
revelation1 stage20 abysse lv37
8418Name:Black 0n Black2017-10-10 03:25:23
8417Name:Obbeycas2017-10-03 08:00:46
Level-Restricted Challenge No. 251 / Noob run
8416Name:Obbeycas2017-10-02 15:30:54
Usted o su pareja necesitan matarlo o verlo morir.
8415Name:Lichgestalt942017-10-02 10:12:23
Hola, cómo puedo conseguir el personaje de Gina ensangrentada de este evento?
8414Name:gordogordao(BR)2017-10-02 04:10:57
@ obbey

Thanks for the save!!!
8413Name:Obbeycas2017-10-01 14:52:43
I'm free to help someone that needs help in the LRCs and WS. ;)
8412Name:Marko Moans2017-09-29 15:13:02
Oh the memories . 1 year ago WS.22

good tunes and times
8411Name:OutbreakZealot2017-09-28 20:52:53
Ouch! Well, yeah, I don't forsee this being a challenge I will be meeting at Level 1 anytime soon.

Probably will need a full-auto burst shotgun, with Level 10 Fire Ammo, Level 10 Extended Burn, Anti-Recoil 5, Easy Hit 10, Damage 20, and Capacity 20

Or 4 shotguns, with that spec on them. I don't see the 270 damage cap being effective on rifles/magnums, because it seems to me that the healers can heal faster than the burn damage, at level 120.

At least the shoguns can do up to 1890 damage per tick, because the bullet damage is considered to be 7 separate rounds, individually capable of up to 270 burn damage per pellet, everytime you fire a shell.

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