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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox 360 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
8012Name:AzGudAz2017-04-30 20:04:10
Sorry I couldn't help myself. Must be a habit I have developed on here. Your old pals told me to tell you..Thanks for the guns and they miss you. mmmmmwah X
8011Name:AzGudAz2017-04-30 20:00:09
I think people must be finding other forms of media to communicate or slag each other off mate, whatever the case may be. Not many on here asking for tips and advice is there?
My advice to anyone too shy to ask anything on here is don't be afraid to ask anything, no matter how trivial the question. . There are people that can help, such as ADR and others. Don't ask BOB he cheat's. LOL
8010Name:ADR JaiDe N2017-04-29 21:24:08
man this place has gone to shit
8009Name:ShadowSlayer692017-04-24 17:17:21
well, it sure scared Gallivant Pha** into self-deletion, goodbye and good riddance :)
...or does the pause glitch have unexpected side effects after all? if so, tic toc boom next, Bob the collector of mods, beware
8008Name:xBADASS PSYCHOx2017-04-24 09:52:02
@firey5 the melon muncher. Dude,seriously!!! Quit drinking!!! You're drunken rants are so sad. Seems like you have another enemy. What did you do? Lie to them too? Anyone wanna see real life pics of fiery5 ? If you're starting a garden? They would work just like a scare crow keeping all the bugs away from your cotton.
8007Name:AzGudAz2017-04-23 19:47:33
Loading............Please wait

8006Name:AzGudAz2017-04-23 19:45:25
Loading...........................Please wait

.Loading...............Please wait
8005Name:AzGudAz2017-04-23 19:43:16
. . . ... . . . . . . ... . . .
8004Name:firey52017-04-21 12:16:44
I'm still here #I'mstillhere, I'm still freaking here. Any other takers? Of course they answered already. I'm still here, what are going to do about it? Nothing. Nothing. Nothing!!!
8003Name:firey52017-04-21 12:16:43
I'm still here #I'mstillhere, I'm still freaking here. Any other takers? Of course they answered already. I'm still here, what are going to do about it? Nothing. Nothing. Nothing!!!
8002Name:firey52017-04-21 11:21:05
Seems your clown posse couldn't take me out either. Oh yeah maybe because that story is as full of it as YOU ARE!
8001Name:firey52017-04-21 11:18:10
And what do you mean caused us to go down south? We were never up north ha ha! You never even have me a chance! I tried to join you, and you said you wouldn't because of what you heard from a friend? Pacific? That's all I help? Really? I've been global with this game, all 6 continents and back (yes douche I know there's 7 continents, but I can't find anyone that has xbox live in Antarctica). Sorry, but REAL players know that this game is about co op, about teamwork, and you can't beat the ghost ship otherwise unless you have MODDED weapons. So call me out Kushy or whatever your name is now. What did I do? Let's hope RE.NET is able to find it! Oh but they won't, because unlike you, I DON'T MOD
8000Name:firey52017-04-21 11:06:27
Damn Stoner I can't even read all that. For one, learn how to spell, for two, I don't know you, probably because you're one that has had to change your name over and over. If I'm a hacker, why do I still carry the name firey5. I'm firey5. I will always be firey5. Never changed my gamertag, naever changed my username, and I'm getting called out from people that have been banned!?! Hahaha!? Call me out for what. Go ahead. Pick anything. I'll wait. And no, you didn't join up with ne, I joined your girlfriend, who equally sucks. And yes, you can help anyone anywhere because you have MODDED weapons. For my gameplay, it takes pure skill and experience, and I'm not ashamed. But what I am IS STILL HERE. I'M STILL HERE. I'M STILL &@$#%* HERE. What are you going to do about it Kushy??? Oh yeah that's right, NOTHING.
7999Name:AzGudAz2017-04-21 01:21:41
WS 34 leader boards have been adjusted. All arrows are pointing upward and on 360 they all point to you TIC TOK as if to say , AWWW LOOK WHAT HE DID. tut tut tut.
7998Name:AzGudAz2017-04-18 19:37:15
WS 34 You just can't help using that pause glitch can you TIC TOK
7997Name:stoner420x352017-04-14 22:34:22
I know it take u all day to sit here and hear me bitch but you all got a life haven u dver been f over by a game by another person and didnt deserve it? You cant tell me ur perfecr angel and never got touch and f over in a game and this goes for any game mine was capcom every other game fine with so all i gota say is hey ima be a modder one day if capcom dont fix wht they done so if u need guantee saftey and need guns or help on resident evil games period add doctor kushy yy ill help i got skills and soon ill have mods then firey5 stories will be half true that ima modder dont dog me till u try me so u have ur own story about me to tell duces
7996Name:stoner420x352017-04-14 22:28:48
Theres more to be said but i ant runnen for president but i ant gonna cry wolf about people when theres good and bad we all know that but u guys dog it before u try to give another person a chance to explain why they do what they do some are hard to explain some are retarded and do it cause they can then theres the ones capcom f over for no reason thats why i hate capcoms co workers cause they can get away with murder and nun them will bat an eye
7995Name:stoner420x352017-04-14 22:24:41
Nah truth is i could on Any system but why do tht when i do skills to fight back against everything i stand for i dont like modders and ok pacific people he helps unlike me i help even if they kids/have adhd period even the inoyying ones i even help the slow people and almost ever race if there willing to learn and id rather not get into it wht caused our stuff go south he knows and i know dam well what happen thats never gona change temptation to mod cause of capcom wht they did to me is wrong and i wish they take another look at me to see im legit period so im holding out for now but 1 day and gods honest truth if i dont get my leader boards back i will mod not just cause to get even to help others beat the shit out moders and so called mac and its funny half of people they know been keeping me well informed about them and its sad tgo be honest at least i have the balls to say this is doctor kushy yy ii give it a month and then ill mod it but my woman profile stays legit period to show u i have skills and
7994Name:ADR JaiDe N2017-04-13 00:45:31
lol kush , wtf did firey do to you man?? and firey has helped many on rev1 as a matter of fact . anyway...cant u just mod all ur guns back? or are u staring over fresh ? haha . Im jays Aussie friend ....
7993Name:stoner420x352017-04-12 17:17:49
And firey5 i dont have time to waste about your dum as so keep my name out ur mouth be4 i expose you for who really are u fn hipcrit you think i wont i will u keep sayin my name i dont have time for imatured u help people thats a lie u wanna know how i know simple ur never aroun d when new comers are around they dont even know your name they know my womans and mine doctor kushy yy and u got scared and ran into hiding agian when u found out it was me so dont there i will expose you down to a tea from my experince kid so keep my name out ur mouth ill keep ur name out of mine kid the immatured is what is goin to get ur hurt
7992Name:stoner420x352017-04-12 17:10:23
Need friends plz add me msbabykush for rev1
7991Name:Matheus BR2017-04-12 08:43:00
Eve you're so bad... I love it!
7990Name:Darkstar2017-04-12 02:19:11
I wouldn't be surprised if that is Dumbestcookie's true skill in this game. Pity, I was hoping for a full ban.
7989Name:Matheus BR2017-04-11 18:36:36
Please stop excluding the awesome results of Mr. Dumbestcookie. I'm sure they are legitimate. Dumbestcookie, put a video evidence, maybe your results will be put back.
7988Name:LITTLE MISS 902017-04-07 00:28:13
Finally wanted challenge 19 rifle zaytsev level 48 5 slots cornucopia 2 thanks you make me very very happy.
7987Name:stoner420x352017-04-06 21:46:54
Hello names msbabykush gamertag need a partner for rev1 anytakers with a mic plz send msg and tag
7986Name:firey52017-04-06 11:36:27
Do the rest of you freaking believe me now? Oh wtf who cares. Bottom line, I'm still here. Still playing, still helping people, still the same name. Never changed the way I love games and never will. What are you going to do about it?? Nothing nothing, not a thing.
7985Name:firey52017-04-06 11:33:14
@Badass Why do you want to know where I work? And why should I be cautious of letting you find out where it is? What would you do? You say that like you would jeopardize a person's real life over a video game. Oh my word, is this an open confession? News flash psycho, I'M. STILL. HERE.
7984Name:AzGudAz2017-04-06 10:25:55
I was coming 1st on HC when I made my last post here. Then the strangeness kicked in and shadowslayer69 showed up and cookie went ahead of me and I found I was 3rd.
I killed the beast though if you want to see it die.
7983Name:ADR JaiDe N2017-04-06 07:05:15
and french maids/willing servants to do their bidding .
7982Name:J4y1872017-04-06 05:49:42
so, the cockroach steals another trophy, but we all know Az is the true winner. keep at it mate, cheating scumbags are always to lazy to best those with true skill, they rely on their mods and glitches and are easily caught napping.
7981Name:AzGudAz2017-04-05 22:08:57
WOW I am coming 1st on HC. Yes Bob I am coming 1st because nobody in their right mind acknowledges your scores or believes them to be ligit moddershit of giant cheaters. How is it that you can make "sudden" massive leaps up the rankings on a one play per day event and Capcom don't see it but everybody else can? You're a parasitic thieving tic.
7980Name:Obbey2017-04-04 13:02:31
@Az, this one is from Chayan on PS3:
Unfortunately we didn't have much videos from that actual LRC on Xbox 360. :(
7979Name:AzGudAz2017-04-04 06:34:15

Cheers for that pal. They sure looked easy to kill back then. They are old vids. Show me one from lrc 199

My runs are always clumsy dude I could research and copy my runs from vids and I would still be a clumsy oaf I am beyond help. : )
7978Name:Obbey2017-04-03 15:04:12
@AzGudAz, here's a video of Carved's run on 360:
Dreykosan's run on 360:
Hope it helps you in your runs. ;)
7976Name:Darkstar2017-04-03 08:08:00
James - Much love too dear. I never played on Xbox360 I do believe the players on this platform would know best. I have seen differences personally progressing from PS3 to Xboxone in terms of my movement and everything else is much better on Nextgen.
7975Name:ADR JaiDe N2017-04-03 04:51:03

....Anyway... while two different systems could be playing next to each other side by side in real time - the time IN GAME while be different due the specification of the platform on which the game is running if one platform runs faster than the other, very easy to understand= these different internal specifications produce different results in game , in our case rev2 , and it can be seen broadly across each platform - sure , sometimes it's vastly visible n other times not so much.

much lag . i mean luv
7974Name:ADR JaiDe N2017-04-03 04:50:26
@EVE lololol

Sorry to 'bust' your 'bubble'


'' From what I learned all platforms have the same spawn times just bullets accurately hitting the target is different. ''

No. I disagree with this statement ~ these is a reason the times differ from console to console at top player performance . For example ... last WS33 , i did it on both xbox consoles and the times were different ( same amount of lag) but different spawn times thanks to the xbox one being the faster n superior console over the 360 . It comes down to how fast the game can handle the graphics=how fast the screen can go/ and the processor speed. Hahaha if only you guys could feel the pain us 360 guys have to go thru...

....Anyway... while two different systems could be playing next to each other side by side in real time - the time IN GAME while be different due the specification of the platform on which the game is running if one platform runs faster than the other, very easy to understand= these different internal specifica
7973Name:Darkstar2017-04-03 03:05:23
I don't believe so dear. And the honor is mines.
7972Name:AzGudAz2017-04-03 02:24:17
I was asked.. Does the order in which you attach parts to weapons affect it's performance? From left to right I mean. i.e Electric, critical damage or damage, critical electric etc etc If it does I haven't noticed any difference was my reply.
7971Name:AzGudAz2017-04-03 02:08:56
Not sure I would be a good co op player but sure that be ok. It would be an honour.
7970Name:xBADASS PSYCHOx2017-04-03 01:59:02
Wow!!! Looks like fiery5 got drunk again and went on another rant. You are so damn pathetic. Still sleeping on the garage floor or did you actually quit mooching off of Kim"great women by the way" and actually get a job? Don't let me find out where it is....LMFAO!!!
7969Name:Darkstar2017-04-03 01:31:13
AzgudAz - would you like to run a coop event with me on One this upcoming week?

If you like send me a friend invite to Darkstar Eve
7968Name:Darkstar2017-04-03 01:15:53
Bob like any spawn Glitcher wont play stages where the spawn Glitch isn't as effective. Stages like 197 actually requires good skill and movement to get a good time. So the spawn Glitchers like to hang around the stages that can be manipulated to their advantage.

7967Name:AzGudAz2017-04-03 01:13:00
360 is glitchtown. Weird anomalies happen often. Well they do on mine. I was starting to wonder if weird crap only happens on my game. Can it be because I use disc.? James didn't think so but I think it's a possibility.
7966Name:AzGudAz2017-04-03 01:04:53
Bob won't prove his 1"15 he never does. Looking at his huge creatures score it's a miracle he hasn't been banned. In fact I was wondering why he never played lrc 197. Due to his and Crvedbard's absence I was lucky enough to pick up a silver tower for that event for the first time ever. It felt like they let me have it, kind of them don't you think?
7965Name:Darkstar2017-04-03 01:04:37
AzgudAz - Dont get me wrong dear. I wouldn't believe any of Bobs runs (even a simple farm run without video evidence. From what I learned all platforms have the same spawn times just bullets accurately hitting the target is different.

You have video proof of your run Bob? Love to see it! Not holding my breathe though seeing you are no different than the average Spawn Glitching thief.
7964Name:AzGudAz2017-04-03 00:43:30

1"15? Are you serious? Forgive me but I am sceptical of any time under 1"20 on 360

Can you post a link to a video please with a run under 1"20 on the 360? That be awesome.
Here's Obbeys 1"22 maybe he will put his 1"18 up later.
7963Name:Darkstar2017-04-03 00:17:31
1'15 is a valid run time.

Then again, I wouldn't believe any of Bobs runtime unless I can see it visually.
7962Name:AzGudAz2017-04-02 22:18:49
under 1"20 on lrc 199? on the slow spawn 360 mmmm (scratching head in disbelief) Smells like pause glitching if you ask me.

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