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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3394Name:cvan8bells2018-08-11 13:57:01
Lucio -
The Overlord and High Roller LR+ won't come around again until next year, probably Feb or March.
3392Name:Lucio2018-08-11 06:12:26
When is going to appear the Run for the Overlord and the Hight Roller Long Range+?
3389Name:mrhammed2018-08-02 04:18:04
Llevo muchos años baneado injustamente y quiero que mi caso sea estudiado por algun administrador, he sido seguidor y he comprado muchos de sus juegos y merezco ser escuchado.
3388Name:mrhammed2018-08-02 04:15:36
Hola, hace años use un editor y subí el vídeo a youtube para mostrarle a los jugadores que algunas armas no eran posibles de conseguir y eso pasaba cuando los jugadores editaban sus armas, tengo el video colgado en youtube hace muchos años, y me banearon, me gustaría hablar con el administrador de este sitio para que estudie mi caso, tengo las pruebas de que use el editor para crear conciencia.
3387Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-07-28 10:32:50
[Umbrella Corps] Hello, sorry to interrupt the REV2 talk here. But i'm looking for people who are still interested in playing Umbrella Corps. I'd love to have a group who are open to play atleast every once in awhile. I really want to get more game time in 4 Survivors, so feel free to send me a message or add me directly! ^^ Thanks
3386Name:Stretch2018-07-22 23:14:18
@cvan8bells ___"a big part of getting the BG costume is being at (the right place) at the right time"___
Hehe, that's mucho better said, in regards to getting Bloody Gina...lmao
And yes, on the last IHC......I remember when last enemy was down to about 1%?...And even after (giving up(or logging in+out) 8or9 times)))...It continued showing about 21 Milllion health left......I knew most damage I could do(Solo-splitscreen)was about 7-Million, but just decided to go ahead+complete...And also wanted to test a (hopefully/thinking_*improved*, shock support-weapon)...But sadly, my (hopefully/thinking) was wrong...Being I then realized, a ChicagoTypewriter-SpeedShot-(even with 8xmore ammo), is actually a worse shock support-wep, than just a basic Rifle/
3385Name:cvan8bells2018-07-15 09:05:58
And yeah a big part of getting the BG costume is being at the right place at the right time lol.
I noticed the last event both creatures went from 3 or 4% to dead pretty quickly which seemed kinda weird haha.
3384Name:cvan8bells2018-07-15 09:01:56
Haha yeah I'm not a fan of playing IHC but I'm pretty new on ps4 so I need some of the rewards.
Good luck on the AMR search, I've found 2 already (1 5/100 SR+, the first day I had access to Code Red, and 1 4/100 Sledgehammer a couple days ago)
3383Name:Stretch2018-07-14 10:10:11
I'm hoping by end of year, I'll finally get {my 1st} Lv. 100 AMR+(behappy with just a, and/or a {**LR+**}(*6-slot*) PaleRider-Grim-Reaper, (Anaconda) to have a better setup-Parts to actually have a chance, at getting Bloody thought, (IMO:), 80% of that chance to get (BG) is getting lucky+logging in {at right time} when enemy's health is down to like?¿?,
But still regardless of %'s?, the better Setups you have of Weapons+Parts for creating {most damage}, and (important also), your {Shock support Weapons} can {cleary help increase}._.Your {chances} to getting {Bloody Gina}, 4sure._. ._. IMO, anyhow._.And for whatever that means...roflmao :) :)
3382Name:Stretch2018-07-14 09:51:37
WOW, 4 posts already, this month of July._. ...Or 5,

And reply to: @cvan8bells........I really just started, playing the HC events for Weapons,+/or the Parts this year........Or guess, better said I (just started this year) to get more {serious/dedicated +/or just try2maketime4}
And yes, I surely was excited in getting that 6-slot Tap194 Shotgun also, even being tagged (SR+) unfortunately, I only had {time/chance} to play (3 times) on this last HC No.40 just able to get about 19.7 Million......Got almost 7million 1st time, but less damage 2nd+3rd time......And yes also, I'm still new+experimenting with using shock-support weapons, in Solo-split screen play"__-__"
Anyway, got lucky I guess?, and got a Purple-label_(2-1/2Star)_Shotgun?, farming for Weps+Parts {}, in 4th or 5th? run, right after 1st time I did the HC#40 Event......And it wound being the same exact Shotgun _TAP194 [ Short Range+ ] Lv.100, being award with
3381Name:cvan8bells2018-07-13 13:17:25
Anyone who played IHC for the sole purpose of getting their hands on that shotty, rewards are now available. I know I've been jonesing for it.
3380Name:ramon leal2018-07-11 08:35:56
3379Name:Loki121332018-07-06 19:58:19
Need help in finding some good weapons. Seems like i don't have any luck in finding some :( So dealing enough dmg in those online events seems impossible for now...
3378Name:ramon leal2018-07-03 08:46:40
3377Name:devilmaycrydbt12018-06-06 11:51:29
add me if you wanna help on getting bloody Gina psn herof98
3376Name:gabrielfz1002018-05-06 08:30:02
Hola soy nueno busco gente para jugar eventos d 100
3372Name:Gigantic2018-04-09 09:50:36
Ricky picky
3371Name:Tamura_Reiko2018-04-09 03:48:03
Anyone willing to help me get that Ticket Puncher? (I'm missing the parts and skills to do so myself, since I no longer have access to my old profile -.-)
3369Name:TheWulf562018-04-06 11:29:22
They need to increase the health points of the monthly Invasion of the Huge creatures. Its hard to get the points needed for all the prizes when it can be killed in less than 4 days. Not Everyone can hit for 30-40 Million each time.
3368Name:Vicegag2018-04-05 09:46:32
luck? It's something more than this, I have more than 2800 hours of gameplay and only a 5-slot AMR
3367Name:Obbey2018-04-04 23:13:30
What a bad notice. I only have 230 hours of gameplay and already got a 5 and 6 slotted AMR (Short Range+ and Speed Load). I think it depends on luck but we don't want luck, we want results.
3366Name:loup2018-04-04 05:54:24
salut comment obtenir des dommages de level 20?
3365Name:Gapson2018-04-02 15:04:59
I can help you, but have time only in friday(maybe in sunday). Search me in game, my ID is Kristova_Noha
3364Name:Murrz792018-04-02 06:26:25
Can anyone help me win in next Weekend Survivor in coop mode please? I would be very grateful. Good weapons 100 level with 6 slots in raid mode almost impossible to get unfortunately,constantly either not the that I need, either with 4 slots only.
3363Name:Tamura_Reiko2018-03-26 23:06:59
What Black Fox said:
3361Name:Black Fox2018-03-19 16:22:43
Games should be fun. Not frustrating, tedious, or disappointing.
3360Name:Black Fox2018-03-19 16:19:48
I have one skill left to max out on three characters before I have all of the skills maxed out on all of my characters and still don't even have 5 slot AMR. Just about every other game Iv played there was a clear path to getting what you wanted. The RNG is garbage and the prizes are always the same thing over and over. This will be my 3rd decimator. To add insult to injury gaining the parts to make the most out of the weapons requires ungodly amounts of grinding and cant be separated from any weapon they are put on. I don't think Ill be bothering with any more Revelations games.
3359Name:MRX2018-03-18 00:54:44
Jynx I agree 150%
3358Name:Jynx2018-03-17 13:10:55
Is there a reason that Capcom is only giving Nintendo Switch versions of RER2 codes for items, but are still giving every version of RER1 codes? As a PS4 RER2 player, I gotta say...this is really unfair. Why don't we deserve nice things?
3357Name:Gapson2018-03-16 15:11:57
MRX many players leave this game. No updates, no new content, no funny. ;) I come back only for weekend survivor event to help low lvl player get prize.
3356Name:CarvedBard42018-03-16 01:16:04

I come very little to the forum, but in case you need any information you can send me a message
3355Name:MRX2018-03-14 10:08:41
Welcome to ghost town. no one ever comes here. I've been here for roughly a month and the post under you are the first ones I've seen other than my own. which I deleted because no one answered them on the forum but I did git two PM. but I'll talk to you.
3354Name:Residentevil porn2018-03-13 13:00:35
Hello I’m new to this site
3353Name:Wickedluis2018-03-12 07:30:06
I completed the game in way under 3 hours ,but after the finishing credits i looked under episode select and it shows complete in 7 hours..what the heck happened?
3352Name:Tibbletoad2018-03-08 21:12:25
What does the error code PC0002 mean , i get it after i tried using a code i got in my email box.
3351Name:Pierrot_moon2018-03-07 02:16:56
What do Capcom . In the Giant event there are to much cheaters and they Stay in top t’en . All score are Not comptabilezed , WHY . IF its normal to cheat without sanction Hope Capcom will régulazide this there is no more fun to compete like that
3347Name:Stretch2018-02-13 19:53:43
@devilmaycrydbt1 Thanks, for adding me as a buddy
I'll make sure to send you supplies in Revs1 PS3+PS4 versions, everyday I sign-in... And hopefully the next 365 days in-a-row._. So that I can finally check that acheivement, off my
!!Also, and most important!! Wishin you a speedy recovery, and a Healthy+Prosperious New Year
+Since you've cleary survived the G-virus, after all the years... You can survive thru anything :) :)
And don't forgot~»> "Gamers never die, they just Respawn" :) .__. :) !!God Bless My Friend!! **Peace Out**
3346Name:@Fabian_Gutierrez_2018-02-06 15:13:40
Hola como puedo participar en un evento o alguien que me expliquen como puedo hacerlo?? soy nuevo en esto gracias :D
3345Name:ramon leal2018-02-06 00:42:30
3344Name:devilmaycrydbt12018-02-05 23:35:13
Hello, Fellow hunters of the B.O.W's, I have discovered I have Leukemia, The flu, arthritis, nerve damage, scoliosis of the spine, the list goes on but like Leon I will not give up! I ask for no pity, but it would be nice to get help in my favorite game before my time is up.
The only thing helping my mind rest is my gaming of RESIDENT EVIL. Thank you CAPCOM and everyone reading this.
I'm hoping I can beat or see at least one monster fall before my time is up, never been able to use bloody Gina. Honestly, it would mean the world to me. But as i say, I ask for no pity, but perhaps a friendly Hand.
Good luck to us all, may RESIDENT EVIL live Forever! :)
3343Name:BlackLeviatha6662018-02-02 17:35:05
Damn i just found a muramasa speed shot 6 slots !!!
This weapon is insane with that high capacity,no recoil and insane firing rate.
Yesterday i got another amr long range with 5 slots.
Cant say i'm unlucky xD
3342Name:Black Fox2018-01-30 09:42:35
Does Capcom know there are tags other than short range and long range? Someone should inform them that steady shot, sonic assist, speed shot and speed load exist.
3341Name:NavySeal742018-01-29 03:42:02

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

3340Name:Black Fox2018-01-14 11:29:51
We started last year with a Banshee. Capcom should just give everyone an AMR or Unscripted for every year they have been signed up for this site or on New Years.
3339Name:Gapson2018-01-13 19:10:40
@SuperMJCoolMaster maybe you not have buyed all four epizode
3338Name:SuperMJCoolMaster2018-01-12 16:29:42
Hi guys,I'm fan of RER2 and new event has released. Weekend survivor no.47. But I can't play it!Do I have to play coop with someone or...
3337Name:Black Fox2018-01-10 08:24:10
26M health left for IoHM
3336Name:BlackLeviatha6662018-01-03 07:38:46
OMG just found 2 more amr's !!!
Thats 4 x level 100 amr's in 6 hours time !!!
2 with 4 slots,one with 5 slots,and one with 6 slots and long range.
Is it just luck ?
Are is it a common weapon this days ?
3335Name:Obbey2018-01-03 05:45:18
I have 200+ playtime on Xbox 360 and still didn't get Auto-reloader 5 and now on PS4.
3334Name:Obbey2018-01-03 05:43:04
@Vambo and @Stretch, I want GSC Trinity to get STARTS 2 and/or FBC 2. I need a part that gives me Auto-reload since I have no luck on getting Auto-loader 5. Lol

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