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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3015Name:KODAxCHROME2017-05-14 00:39:04
Ok i never realy took the time on ps3 to focus on a good lrc weapon , what parts are best ?
3014Name:Vicegag2017-05-11 22:13:53
I believe that the fastest and best access is the 4-6.
3013Name:KODAxCHROME2017-05-11 14:12:58
2-1 isn't all bad for farming , quick access to all 4 boxes . Both my amr and zaytsev came from 2-1 on ps4 , on ps3 i had my best luck in 5-3 .
3012Name:Vicegag2017-05-11 04:45:04
I played once and made 30 million (two controls), and the best player with fewer total playing time, was about 34 million.
3011Name:slangking2017-05-09 21:07:24

I have 420 hours and did over 5 million dmg per day in the last HC event (only played 2 days). I don't have special weapons and don't use charge shot or second controller. If i had optimised my gear for HC and could be bothered to spend hours each day for the duration of the event charging shots then i think those scores maybe within reach.

Don't forget that the RNG in this game means you could play CR for 1 hour and find 2 x AMR or play for 1000 hours and find none. Parts is different and lvl 20 takes a long time to grind (i don't even have 1 x lvl 19 yet) but there is not that much difference between lvl 18 and lvl 20. Also apart from cap and dmg all other HC parts are max lvl 10 so much quicker to grind.

3010Name:slangking2017-05-09 16:59:18
Turning off just makes the overall process (not run time) a bit quicker as the game doesn't have to connect to server each time. The quicker the process the more boxes you can open per hour. More boxes opened means more chance of something good. That's all there is to it.
3009Name:Vicegag2017-05-09 07:37:20
Damage and capacity lvl 20 are very desirable.
3008Name:KODAxCHROME2017-05-09 06:31:17
Not 100% sure about better items , but seems to help with this ridiculous spawn lag
3007Name:Vicegag2017-05-09 06:06:29
In the last IHC the first three had: 1254h, 845h and 476h, there requires the best weapons and items.
3006Name:Vicegag2017-05-09 03:32:59
Turning off RE NET, is the best way to get better weapons and items?
I always played with RE NET connected.
3005Name:KODAxCHROME2017-05-09 00:40:01
3004Name:slangking2017-05-09 00:30:58

Turn off under options in main menu (before you go into raid mode)
3003Name:slangking2017-05-09 00:26:58
@vicegag watch some youtube videos. LRC (particularly lvl 100) is not all about powerful weapons.More to do with knowledge of spawns and strategy ie use of bewilder / enviro hazards etc. That and having infinite crystals via usb save swap means pb times are often just through retrying till you get a good run / RNG
3002Name:KODAxCHROME2017-05-09 00:16:39
How do you do offline play on ps4 ?
3001Name:KODAxCHROME2017-05-09 00:13:00
I got ritatedi and gave up on ws . been having issues with a ridiculous spawn lag ,think its my server . An 8.17 run on II-1 was infuriating 10 second or more between spawns . Decided to play some thing else
3000Name:HeatShock2017-05-08 21:40:04
Two Zaytsev's and a Glitch
I used a variant of The_Bluedevil_68's method and got a 6 slot level 100 Zaytsev a few weeks ago. I tried to get another one from this WS but ran into trouble. Friday I got caught in an explosion on level 29. Saturday I was too aggressive with two Napads when only one was stunned. I learned my lesson and practiced 8-3 code red at level 50 to simulate WS conditions. I became consistent at surviving. Sunday I was moving along with pretty good times even on the slow stages. Then after I cleared level 22 the screen went black -- the glitch ended my run. It was late and I didn't have time to start all over.
I hope Sony fixes this. I always do a full shutdown and I keep away from my USB ports. That greatly reduced the glitch frequency, but I still got burned. Maybe I need to try different hardware. I'm using a slim now. Oh well...
2999Name:Vicegag2017-05-08 21:30:13
Can anyone explain, as players with less than 1000 hours of total playing time, can have so much power to always be in the top of the ranking, I have more than 2000 and I can not get in the top three
2998Name:slangking2017-05-08 17:35:17
@Black Fox

Shit parts as well, same as in most events. Considering how long it takes to grind max lvl stuff and the limited range of guns/parts that are actually useful my time seemed better spent killing Neil than running this ws. Would it hurt to give us some decent lvl capacity parts instead of useless crap?
2997Name:Black Fox2017-05-08 11:43:40
For the difficulty of this WS it should have been a Muramasa or Anti-material Rifle. Unless you have a friend or some insanely powerful weapons there isn't enough time or ammo to beat this alone especially since you cant respawn on stage 29.
2996Name:KODAxCHROME2017-05-05 22:49:00
My loosing prizes was a every day grind sesion with random rewards , when the system shut down while loading results it was as if i'd never plaid the stage and unfortunately getting the same items is un likely . In WS awards are predetermined , so all that would be lost is time . If the bug occurs while the lobby is loadin datta has already been transfered .
2995Name:KODAxCHROME2017-05-05 22:40:42
The sut down bug doesn't happen alot but is fairly common , if it occurs during WS you can restart the event as play data will be incomplete like quiting mid sesion .
2994Name:Underaglassbell2017-05-05 16:43:17
I don't believe I have played since this shutdown issue became a thing - How bad is it? I was thinking of running WS, later on, today or maybe tomorrow morning some time but am not going to bother if the game is going to shut down midway or worse at the final loading screen.
2993Name:KODAxCHROME2017-05-05 06:31:24
Now i'm a bit ticked , found a purple album muramasa and the system shut down while loading the results screen . All goodies lost . Sonny needs to fix this shit !!
2992Name:Mac2017-05-04 11:50:51
@Underaglassbell, you need to wait for the WS on 29th Sep 2017 to get the Muramasa (Long Range+) 6 slots.
2991Name:KODAxCHROME2017-05-04 07:28:17
After a long dry spell scored 2 rainbows last nite a 6 slot MP AF sr and a 5 slot zaytsev . Would have prefered a Muramasa but ya gets What ya gets .
Any one tried fb on the zaytsev , or is there to much lift .
2990Name:Underaglassbell2017-05-03 17:32:18
Zaytsev is a damn sight better than that last WS prize which was the worst I've seen in ages.
- About time they gave us a 6 slot Muramasa again though.

2989Name:KODAxCHROME2017-05-03 00:49:54
Event rewards seem a bit less than enticing
2988Name:slangking2017-05-02 15:51:00
Fix the crash bug ffs!
2987Name:Black Fox2017-04-25 05:31:54
Aside from my Goldfish, I sold every other variant of the MP-AB50 I have because they are pretty worthless and short range doesn't help because they aren't shotguns.
2986Name:andrya4us22017-04-25 01:32:21
@Gapson thanks!
Guys, since I'm quite new in using PS4,I have 2 things to ask U:
1.How can Ps4 problem 'shutting down by itself ONLY during Rev2 play' can be solved? I received 4.55 update and installed, but the problem continues, even 2,3 times in 1 hour...I lost a hardly found Lev. 100 Serpent & Mura. that way...
2. Can I 'juggle' with save data/flash drive like on PS3? I can't find the 'manual' save...
Thanks in advance.
2985Name:Gapson2017-04-24 16:57:03
Hi andrya! I can help you, later search you in game. :)
2984Name:andrya4us22017-04-24 00:34:01
Hello everyone , I recently switched from ps3 Rev2 to ps4._.I have experience but no weapons & parts for now...Please someone have mercy and help me in the next Challenges / WS, i'll much appreciate it. Until then, i'll try to level up for it. My ps4 Id- andimann1
2983Name:HeatShock2017-04-22 05:10:17
I already have the 6 slot Murarmasa Long Range + 100 from an event some time back. I just got my first rainbow Muramasa from regular play. It is a Long Range + with 4 slots. What would you do with it? Dump it? Having only 4 slots makes it pretty limited.
2982Name:KODAxCHROME2017-04-20 20:56:21
@ Killa damage , capacity , fire/electric , homing , full burst ,anti recoil
Full upgrade to capacity .
2981Name:Mac2017-04-20 10:24:37
Rumor that RE revelation will remaster to PS4, is this good as RE Revelation 2? or just get it and play for the story mood. because now i dont see Capcom care to put any progress for RE Rev2. i check the site update here, latest update is 01.28.2016.
2980Name:killabitch402017-04-16 21:12:51
What is the best equipment to put in magnum python level 100 gun?

2979Name:Underaglassbell2017-04-14 19:48:09
I really miss my Prowler from Revelations 1.

There were usually two types of Raid players: 1) the Mag + Shotgun and then 2) Rifle + Shotgun, I was always the latter ^___^;

My Revelations 1 Setup:

MP5 "Light Weight" / High Roller "Light Weight"
Drake SR+ / Cerberus

I did use the L. Hawk "Steady Hand" during the events, but the above was always my gear for Ghost ship!
2978Name:KODAxCHROME2017-04-14 01:07:08
The ones i get a kick out of is the sr sniper rifle , kind of contradicting .
2977Name:Black Fox2017-04-14 00:23:16
A Triple Shot [steady shot+] would be sweet; however, a handgun MPM [short range+] would make me vomit.
2975Name:KODAxCHROME2017-04-13 23:45:30
To be honest i'd prefer a hand gun over a machine pistol. Sure the machine pistols are fun but overall They're impractical
2974Name:Underaglassbell2017-04-13 16:57:47
It should have been the GodFather, i.e the rare version.

It kills me that WS is now watered down so that we get SR / LR variants. It should be reserved for the rare version of the gun, this is a LR-C gun at best, it's the type of 'Rainbow' you immediately sell on CR too..
2973Name:Black Fox2017-04-13 12:35:00
Oh look, another short range tag on something that isnt a shotgun. If we are going to get machine pistols they should at least be tagged with sonic assist.
2972Name:Underaglassbell2017-04-12 20:37:27
The main issue with switching to the 'Scorpio' is that it will ultimately suffer the same fate as he XBone, in that it has no exclusives, and then what good is native 4K if Sony has the IP's and exclusives on their marginally inferior system [Pro].

This error is poor, and should be fixed immediately, I'm not about to jump ship because of it, as my overall experience with my PS4 pro is very positive and I have zero interest in the Scorpio.

2971Name:Mac2017-04-12 15:48:30
Oh no, Nick, you means the 4.55 is available to update and yet the issue still there?? that's so sad.
2970Name:Mac2017-04-12 15:44:16
Hi Nick, your suggestion is good "I go to XBO for next year, my trust in Sony PS is gone" i have this PS4 for about 8 to 9 months, and it seem lot of issue with this machine and not friendly use, damn it.. wasting my money.
2969Name:Nick220119852017-04-12 09:39:06
Guys the update didn't help me. And anyway, i doubt it's something you can fix. Those who have there is no such problem you have no guarantee that this will happen in the next update. I go to XBO for next year, my trust in Sony PS is gone.);
2968Name:Nick220119852017-04-12 06:36:51
Kilik/ i also like you, after 4.50 update, it was switched off during loading and unloading RER-2, it was difficult for me to participate in LRC. Guys, i hope we can overcome this glitch.
2967Name:Twenty5HD2017-04-12 03:19:36
Can Anyone Help Or Make Suggestions?

Hi I just started playing Resident Evil Revelations 2, and though I'm using PS4 I have PlayStation Now and I can play RE2R, last night I signed up and it worked and played great, well I played up until 5 am this morning, and I looked and there was no place to be able to select and save the game, but I then remembered that it auto-saves so I thought I would be ok to shutdown my PS4 and play today. Well sadly all my progress is now gone, I have no saved data, it wont load my Capcom account or sync my account to the game. It says that I need to Register again and to perform a connection test, but why would I have to do all of this if I already registered? I'm confused and frustrated and would like to just beat the game and mark it off the list, its going to be impossible to beat it if my data doesn't save? And its not my PS4 that's a problem because I can save my progress with other games just not this one. I got all my awards and achievements I collected through my gamepl
2966Name:kilik_tf2017-04-12 00:00:35
I hope the game doesn't fail now with the new update...
2965Name:kilik_tf2017-04-11 23:08:59
Nick, While I playing doesn't shut down, but when I finish playing any stage when appears "loading" on the screen sometimes shut down randomly. It's a nightmare, especially if you want to finish a ws, you have to be praying for the ps4 not shut off by itself. Only happens to me with this game, I have the normal ps4 of 1 year and a half. I hope they fix this, though I doubt it.

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