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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3510Name:tonyfresh5502018-12-13 06:52:29
Apparently, says 'only one account per platform'
But on PS3 , I have 2 accounts. So I guess it's just a lie. Lol
3509Name:Alf-Omega2018-12-12 22:59:42
Thanks to Capcom for taking action. Big congratulations to Loup on his first gold tower and his veteran partner Machodelbierzo!!! To all players that compete in ANY event, please notify Capcom if you see the players ”Pinklady”and “Sam”on ANY event leaderboard. They are save editor cheaters that steal first prizes and world records from honest players. They have now been removed from LRC 40 and LRC 100 over 5 times. If Capcom is not alerted, they will not be removed. Everybody can help with this matter. Thanks and salute to everyone battling for top spots.
3504Name:machodelbierzo2018-12-11 16:00:53
Gracias capcom por echar a los tramposos :-)
3503Name:Gapson2018-12-11 02:22:47
@Stretch My setup is not secret. :D
3502Name:Stretch2018-12-10 19:16:45
@Weekend Survivor-Event#93 <«~~»>
Anybody interested in playing for the Drake Shotgun, send me a Buddy reguest for here on ...
Or can send me a friend request on PS4 Network._.My PSN ID: FishingFool987
Hopefully have time SaturdayEvening or most of Sunday after 2or 3pm CST US
!!Peace Out+No Bad Days!!
3501Name:Stretch2018-12-10 18:48:39
@Gapson ._.Last but not Least._.
Thanks again to you also, for offer to help me+info on setups for the HC-events...And adding me as Buddy here+adding my as a Friend on PS4 Network...The info+pics you showed, helped me more than you know+++
3500Name:Stretch2018-12-10 18:41:34
@Robert Thanks again, for help with the LRC#374...That 3-Star Anaconda_Long Range+(LR+), is sweeeeetttt._.
3499Name:Stretch2018-12-10 18:41:34
@Robert Thanks again, for help with the LRC#374...That 3-Star Anaconda_Long Range+(LR+), is sweeeeetttt._.
3498Name:Stretch2018-12-10 18:27:07
@devilmaycrydbt1 What is your PSN ID? If it's not hero***8 , then my bad._.Block out 3 characters, for your privacy, your welcome._.But I've message you, sent you Revs2 invites, party chat invites(fix my headset), No responce, nothing???Shows your online on PS4?, playing Lost Of The North??I was actually looking for shock support help doing HC-event to get to 20million damage, to get level 8 Electric Ammo part...So just got 1.6M running 3 magsLR+(with) anti recoil+fullburst and my 1 MuramusaLR+._.lmao._. Already have 4 level 10's, but that 8 be nice extra._.Anyhow, like I said Communication, Communication, Communication._.
And if you don't know my PSN ID, then clearly your not recieving my PS4 messages, or your PS4 ID: is not hero***8 , or I'm in bad nightmare, trying to Communicate with you on my PS4 console+the Playstion Network._.
3497Name:Stretch2018-12-10 17:22:32
3496Name:cvan8bells2018-12-10 15:04:48
3495Name:tonyfresh5502018-12-10 04:24:21
3 years ? LMAO. C'mon really
3494Name:devilmaycrydbt12018-12-09 10:12:47
ok, ill set my ps4 to receive messages i knew b Gina doesn't grow on trees Ive been trying for three years.. that's why im hoping we can do it. with your help, i can. whats your name on psn?
3493Name:Stretch2018-12-08 17:22:55
@devilmaycry....I'm already your friend, on PS4._.You may want to check your settings on receiving messages?._.
And nothing personal, but "Bloody Gina" doesn't just grow on trees._.Even (IMO-for what that's "BG" is still 75%Luck/right time/right place-25%/right equipment/right help._.
But mainly also, "Communication" is a big thing in gaming, or "Life in General"._.Just saying, My Friend
3492Name:Gapson2018-12-08 01:23:31
My ID is Kristova_Noha
3491Name:devilmaycrydbt12018-12-07 12:26:04
@Gapson about the same. whats your psn name?
3490Name:Gapson2018-12-07 03:53:39
@devilmaycrydbt1 My solo damage is 7,14mil. Your?
3489Name:devilmaycrydbt12018-12-06 13:44:09
whats your psn ps4 user name so i can add you? :)
thanks everyone
happy holidays and warm blessings
3488Name:devilmaycrydbt12018-12-06 13:41:54
@Stretch @Gapson
you'll help me get b gina? thank you! im adding you on ps4 now.
three years of hoping i could get to see one fall, i hope we can do this, thank you from my heart.
happy holidays warm blessings
3487Name:tonyfresh5502018-12-06 09:50:07
8-6 in 39 seconds
3486Name:Stretch2018-12-06 06:07:40
@Gapson Sent you a site buddy request add me if you want to... And anybody else wants to add me, just send me a request._. Later all, !Peace Out+No Bad Days!
3485Name:Stretch2018-12-06 05:57:14
@devilmaycry Just did this ("quick"-run)_(no shock support_used maybe? "50%"-full 3 second-charge-shot C) against last enemy *Ichor* 3.4M damage._. Anyhoot, if you ever want to do a pre-test run, to see/have a ballpark figure/idea of damage "we can do together" and mostly know what actual health left for Ichor needs to have, to even have a chance to defeat, just let me know...Otherwise, like I said before "We be just, picking/eating Shit with the Chickens" Later, my Friend

Online Events Invasion of the Huge Creatures No. 45 - RESIDENT EVIL.NET
3484Name:Gapson2018-12-05 23:10:28
@devilmaycrydbt1 If im home when Ichor die, i can help you. Today i check my solo dealt damage.
My ID is Kristova_Noha
3482Name:ShreDjent2018-12-05 10:29:43
I have been experiencing the same psn issues for 2 days now
3481Name:devilmaycrydbt12018-12-05 09:37:21
hello everyone, anyone having psn ps4 network issues? if you go to account management<restore licenses, it gives an error code. on down detector alloooot of people are either locked out of their games or cant restore licenses. was wondering if you b.o.w. hunters are having any issues as well.
and as for b Gina, lets win this time haha (i wish) its taken me over three years every time i lose by an inch. if you or anyone here could help me see a giant creature fall, i would be so thankful and appreciative. you guys and gals are awesome.
happy holidays
3480Name:ShreDjent2018-12-04 16:42:19
I feel your pain my friend! XD best of luck for next time! I'm still grinding for the sledgehammer lv100 lol
3479Name:devilmaycrydbt12018-12-04 10:42:09
i lost. i was so close. i could taste it lol.
but my 2nd player was a lvl 100 and did not use his best weapons (randomly generated partner from the game) and i lost with it having 0% health.
please, if you can easily win at the giant creature to see it fall to get b Gina, please add me.
message me here,because my profile is private. my psn is a symbol of "three years of play" avatar with blue and pink colors. i would be so grateful and appreciative to you if you could help me with this.
im also down to play normal raid missions too. besides events. (im lvl 100 on three characters so i can be of help if you need help in a mission to. )
happy holidays
3478Name:devilmaycrydbt12018-12-02 06:26:24
hello all, i really need bloody gina PS4. please help me. @Soulless_Persona
i need your psn user names, mine is set to private so i must manually add you.
i have been wanting b gina since the game came out, but time and time again i lose. i just need to witness one fall to get it.
it would be the best Christmas ever to get that skin.
please post your psn name here if you would like to help me.
i would be soooooo incredibly thankful.
warm blessings to all and happy x mas/holidays
3477Name:tonyfresh5502018-11-24 13:16:50

Blah blah blah
3476Name:Prrkele.2018-11-24 04:45:32
Lmao, send more. Maybe few years,hours,lot,s of alhohol,cigarettes later getting second. Till then trying to make pinklady,sam a couple. Both plays co-op with ghost,
3475Name:Dean DarkSlayer2018-11-24 00:05:22
Good Riddance~
3474Name:tonyfresh5502018-11-22 18:02:22

Prrkele gave up. I think we ran his ass outta here.haha
3473Name:Dean DarkSlayer2018-11-22 01:15:25
I figured it out AMR's are really hard to find for you because they don't like jackasses Do piss off now :)
3472Name:tonyfresh5502018-11-21 19:41:27

Haha fuck you 2 !!
Haha haha haha haha haha !!!
3471Name:RealSaint2018-11-21 15:11:43
I don't understand how you folks can play this for years. LRC gets old with weak part rewards that can be mostly bought in the vestibule anyway, and WS is trolling with its time limit. Densha-san is mocking me. >:/
3470Name:Prrkele.2018-11-21 10:45:15
Tonystinks, imbesal, shut the f up. Play thousands or little more hours and cry then. Finally after 2220hours i got 1 6slot amr. Are americans,japans playing same game? Got 2 friends (3000hours) not even 5 slot amr. How 200hour got all? Same game? I wonder a lot! Europe different versio?
3457Name:tonyfresh5502018-11-19 13:09:24
What's up Dean !
3456Name:Dean DarkSlayer2018-11-17 01:19:57
3455Name:tonyfresh5502018-11-16 07:37:53
3453Name:tonyfresh5502018-11-05 12:18:52

It happens. Usually its posted 3-4 hours after you finish. But can take as long as 24 hours. Sometimes they fall back . Just keep checking .
3452Name:pinklady2018-11-05 03:24:54
hello I have a problem here. I played an online event this morning. but somehow my points are not scored. and no I have a pure memory state. I'm not a cheater
3451Name:pinklady2018-11-05 03:12:46
hello I have a problem here. I played an online event this morning. but somehow my points are not scored. and no I have a pure memory state. I'm not a cheater
3450Name:tonyfresh5502018-11-04 22:35:19
It's actually pretty easy. I've done it twice.
3447Name:Soulless_Persona2018-11-03 19:47:40
Ok, anyone want Bloody Gina?
3446Name:Soulless_Persona2018-11-03 16:10:18
WS? or?
3445Name:takeshi18232018-11-02 20:55:41
3443Name:FF7animefreak2018-11-02 01:30:38
Anyone know how to obtain a level 100 weapon outside of an event? If so please let me know. If you are on the PS4 please feel free to pm me. My gamer tag is FF7animefreak.
3442Name:Dean DarkSlayer2018-11-01 23:46:30
Yeah Hopefully more people will move from the PS3 Forum to the PS4 Forum just not matolo lol.
3441Name:tonyfresh5502018-11-01 06:46:10
True that. At least PS3 forum has some life in it. Or what's left of it.
3440Name:Dean DarkSlayer2018-10-31 23:23:36
Yeah, Either that or someone like Matolo is ruining it.

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