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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2987Name:Black Fox2017-04-25 05:31:54
Aside from my Goldfish, I sold every other variant of the MP-AB50 I have because they are pretty worthless and short range doesn't help because they aren't shotguns.
2986Name:andrya4us22017-04-25 01:32:21
@Gapson thanks!
Guys, since I'm quite new in using PS4,I have 2 things to ask U:
1.How can Ps4 problem 'shutting down by itself ONLY during Rev2 play' can be solved? I received 4.55 update and installed, but the problem continues, even 2,3 times in 1 hour...I lost a hardly found Lev. 100 Serpent & Mura. that way...
2. Can I 'juggle' with save data/flash drive like on PS3? I can't find the 'manual' save...
Thanks in advance.
2985Name:Gapson2017-04-24 16:57:03
Hi andrya! I can help you, later search you in game. :)
2984Name:andrya4us22017-04-24 00:34:01
Hello everyone , I recently switched from ps3 Rev2 to ps4._.I have experience but no weapons & parts for now...Please someone have mercy and help me in the next Challenges / WS, i'll much appreciate it. Until then, i'll try to level up for it. My ps4 Id- andimann1
2983Name:HeatShock2017-04-22 05:10:17
I already have the 6 slot Murarmasa Long Range + 100 from an event some time back. I just got my first rainbow Muramasa from regular play. It is a Long Range + with 4 slots. What would you do with it? Dump it? Having only 4 slots makes it pretty limited.
2982Name:KODAxCHROME2017-04-20 20:56:21
@ Killa damage , capacity , fire/electric , homing , full burst ,anti recoil
Full upgrade to capacity .
2981Name:Mac2017-04-20 10:24:37
Rumor that RE revelation will remaster to PS4, is this good as RE Revelation 2? or just get it and play for the story mood. because now i dont see Capcom care to put any progress for RE Rev2. i check the site update here, latest update is 01.28.2016.
2980Name:killabitch402017-04-16 21:12:51
What is the best equipment to put in magnum python level 100 gun?

2979Name:Underaglassbell2017-04-14 19:48:09
I really miss my Prowler from Revelations 1.

There were usually two types of Raid players: 1) the Mag + Shotgun and then 2) Rifle + Shotgun, I was always the latter ^___^;

My Revelations 1 Setup:

MP5 "Light Weight" / High Roller "Light Weight"
Drake SR+ / Cerberus

I did use the L. Hawk "Steady Hand" during the events, but the above was always my gear for Ghost ship!
2978Name:KODAxCHROME2017-04-14 01:07:08
The ones i get a kick out of is the sr sniper rifle , kind of contradicting .
2977Name:Black Fox2017-04-14 00:23:16
A Triple Shot [steady shot+] would be sweet; however, a handgun MPM [short range+] would make me vomit.
2975Name:KODAxCHROME2017-04-13 23:45:30
To be honest i'd prefer a hand gun over a machine pistol. Sure the machine pistols are fun but overall They're impractical
2974Name:Underaglassbell2017-04-13 16:57:47
It should have been the GodFather, i.e the rare version.

It kills me that WS is now watered down so that we get SR / LR variants. It should be reserved for the rare version of the gun, this is a LR-C gun at best, it's the type of 'Rainbow' you immediately sell on CR too..
2973Name:Black Fox2017-04-13 12:35:00
Oh look, another short range tag on something that isnt a shotgun. If we are going to get machine pistols they should at least be tagged with sonic assist.
2972Name:Underaglassbell2017-04-12 20:37:27
The main issue with switching to the 'Scorpio' is that it will ultimately suffer the same fate as he XBone, in that it has no exclusives, and then what good is native 4K if Sony has the IP's and exclusives on their marginally inferior system [Pro].

This error is poor, and should be fixed immediately, I'm not about to jump ship because of it, as my overall experience with my PS4 pro is very positive and I have zero interest in the Scorpio.

2971Name:Mac2017-04-12 15:48:30
Oh no, Nick, you means the 4.55 is available to update and yet the issue still there?? that's so sad.
2970Name:Mac2017-04-12 15:44:16
Hi Nick, your suggestion is good "I go to XBO for next year, my trust in Sony PS is gone" i have this PS4 for about 8 to 9 months, and it seem lot of issue with this machine and not friendly use, damn it.. wasting my money.
2969Name:Nick220119852017-04-12 09:39:06
Guys the update didn't help me. And anyway, i doubt it's something you can fix. Those who have there is no such problem you have no guarantee that this will happen in the next update. I go to XBO for next year, my trust in Sony PS is gone.);
2968Name:Nick220119852017-04-12 06:36:51
Kilik/ i also like you, after 4.50 update, it was switched off during loading and unloading RER-2, it was difficult for me to participate in LRC. Guys, i hope we can overcome this glitch.
2967Name:Twenty5HD2017-04-12 03:19:36
Can Anyone Help Or Make Suggestions?

Hi I just started playing Resident Evil Revelations 2, and though I'm using PS4 I have PlayStation Now and I can play RE2R, last night I signed up and it worked and played great, well I played up until 5 am this morning, and I looked and there was no place to be able to select and save the game, but I then remembered that it auto-saves so I thought I would be ok to shutdown my PS4 and play today. Well sadly all my progress is now gone, I have no saved data, it wont load my Capcom account or sync my account to the game. It says that I need to Register again and to perform a connection test, but why would I have to do all of this if I already registered? I'm confused and frustrated and would like to just beat the game and mark it off the list, its going to be impossible to beat it if my data doesn't save? And its not my PS4 that's a problem because I can save my progress with other games just not this one. I got all my awards and achievements I collected through my gamepl
2966Name:kilik_tf2017-04-12 00:00:35
I hope the game doesn't fail now with the new update...
2965Name:kilik_tf2017-04-11 23:08:59
Nick, While I playing doesn't shut down, but when I finish playing any stage when appears "loading" on the screen sometimes shut down randomly. It's a nightmare, especially if you want to finish a ws, you have to be praying for the ps4 not shut off by itself. Only happens to me with this game, I have the normal ps4 of 1 year and a half. I hope they fix this, though I doubt it.
2964Name:Nick220119852017-04-11 18:35:33
Guys update 4.55 has already appeared.
2963Name:Mac2017-04-11 16:50:17
@Gapson, i did not connect my joystick/controller to the use port all the time, but thing happen to me too.
2962Name:Nick220119852017-04-11 14:31:04
Hi Gapson! Ok! I will try today your method!
2961Name:Gapson2017-04-11 14:12:28
Hi Nick!
As Headshock say, unplug all from usb when you play and charge controller in rest mode. For me its fix the problem.
2960Name:Nick220119852017-04-11 12:11:27
Here's the asshole who did this console i have invested in this PS4 have so many $bucks$ now to suffer with this brick.
2959Name:Nick220119852017-04-11 11:29:31
Hi Mac! CE-36329-3 writes an error in the software. All other games work fine except for RER-2. Don't want to leave this game but to buy a new PS4 will not have it tortured me with its error code.
2958Name:Mac2017-04-11 10:21:55
Hi Nick, i think is noting to do with your console, it's the update version can't support the game. not sure they will going to fix this on the next update, but we all need to keep reporting it.
2957Name:Nick220119852017-04-11 10:15:49
Mac/Kilik_tf / I understand you have the same problem as me guys . After the last update 4.50 on my PS4 slim turns off when i play RER-2, it just infuriates me because i can't compete in the LRC. Tried everything nothing helps the only chance to wait for the new updates. Funny, the console is only 3 months and already problems, i have a PS3 will soon be 7 years and she's still alive.
2956Name:Gapson2017-04-10 19:49:09
What a shame, im not home this weekend! :D
2955Name:Underaglassbell2017-04-10 16:15:47
WS 34 = Chicago Typewriter [Short Range+]

2954Name:Vicegag2017-04-07 22:05:57
Here is the same, sometimes seconds after turn on my ps4, the Sony attendant asked me to reinstall the last update via pen drive.
2953Name:HeatShock2017-04-07 15:27:57
Happens to me too. I am on PS4 Slim. Crashes daily. Less if I unplug devices from USB. I don't charge controllers or plug anything into USB when playing.
2952Name:Mac2017-04-06 11:39:04
@Gapson, yes i notice this happen after the last update..
2951Name:KODAxCHROME2017-04-06 07:12:13
Yup , happens on ocasion some times when starting the game some times during play
2950Name:Gapson2017-04-05 22:25:18
Same happens to me.Its problem after last ps4 software update, must wait for fix.
2949Name:kilik_tf2017-04-05 18:23:23
Yes Mac, the same thing happens to me.
2948Name:Mac2017-04-05 15:08:07
Hi, Just want to find out if any of you guys having the issue that your PS4 shut down by itself while playing this game? it happen to me up to few times a day.
2947Name:KODAxCHROME2017-03-31 11:00:40
Weapons are too random to say any stage is best . IV - 2 was good to me on ps3 .
If you have a couple good fb weapons VII -3 is good for speed kill and dose tend to yeild good drops .
V-3 and II - 1 zre good for short runs , kill the fist 6 or so enemys and open all boxes . If you get something good finish the stage , if not quit and try again .
2946Name:esmigo0122017-03-31 07:12:11
In what phases do you get more rare weapons? I need to know haha
2945Name:Mac2017-03-30 16:27:05
Hope Capcom dont forget to put up the IOTHC for April on the first.
2944Name:KODAxCHROME2017-03-30 09:49:06
Opted for bust 1 , when i find a better mag ill replace burs 1 with soul eater 10 and use the mr train as a leveling weapon . As a non burst it has a nice rf .
2943Name:ChaosDrive2017-03-29 22:08:27
Trust me, it can help more than you think with anti-recoil. You are wasting more time without it than with it honestly. I have done both...with and without anti-recoil and I can say for sure that anti-recoil saves time in addition to bullets.

Chuck: FB is faster but you shouldnt be using that Mr.Train for events...however you can replace it with burst 1 or 2 if ya want
2942Name:KODAxCHROME2017-03-29 21:54:46
The fb wepon isnt an absolut need at this time , got a fb python . More a need for the xtra ammo.
Alredy know to do all cap upgrades for most grind wepons , was more after second opinions on parts . Atm i've only 3 lv 100 mags , a 4 slot reaper , 6 slot python and the mr train other than those a 4 slot amr and a rain of 4/5 slot svd ( not wasting time or gold on svd's )
2941Name:Underaglassbell2017-03-29 20:18:10

I was once of the same mind, however, since dropping anti-recoil, I could never go back unless I was running a non-Homing ammo build (i.e I absolutely needed the precision).

Essentially you're just wasting a precious slot.
- It look a little getting used to, but I strongly encourage people to learn how to use a Mag without the anti-recoil 'stabilisers' especially during events like WS where that free slot can be utilised for something like Critical 10 or Extended Burn or <insert useful part here>.

Look at it like this:

**Ticket Puncher**
Damage 19
Capacaity 19
Homing 10
Fire Ammo 10 / Electric Ammo 10
**Extended Burn 10 / Electrocute 10 | Criticial 10 | Long Ranage | Short Range

Freeing up that slot is going to boost your damage output / DPS vs Anti-recoil which has no benefit outside of it's passive primary purpose.
2940Name:ChaosDrive2017-03-29 18:51:38
Mac: Easy hit is good on a push magnum with no homing. I use it sometimes

Koda: Grinding gun? Cap, fire/electric, homing, FB

Also Anti-recoil is very useful but only put it on a 6 slotted magnum.
2939Name:Mac2017-03-29 17:08:51
Hi, did anyone know this "easy hit" part good in any use? i have it upgraded to lvl 10, but not sure it good of what use.
2938Name:Underaglassbell2017-03-29 16:21:52
@ KODAxCHROME I would not run anti-recoil on a 4 slot weapon. Many of the others will also echo what I am about to say: If you run homing ammo (higher the better) then you don't really need to worry too much about the recoil.

it also depends on if you're running an Evade Canc setup or playing without.

4 Is limited, but if it's the best you have, and you absolutely need Homing ammo:

Mr Train:

Max out the Ammo upgrades (DO NOT upgrade Damage or Firing rate)

Capacity 15 or better
Full Burst (if running Evade Canc)
Homing Ammo 8 or better
Fire Ammo 8 or better

I don't know if you ran the WS, but the 6 Slot Ticket Puncher is where it's at and the better choice, if not - I recommend the above until you get something with more slots, where you could add Damage 15 or better and or Extended Burn or Critical or BSAA (etc).
2937Name:Underaglassbell2017-03-29 16:13:51
@ andrya4us2 - Unfortunately that is correct. My Partner died during this stage too, however, I had the weapons and ammo to clear it myself.

There can and will be stages where you cannot respawn, so I guess you should think of it as an extra level of difficulty.

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