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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3787Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-04-19 03:43:43
re2 hype is dead, and so did die once again. Where is rev3? maybe they're waiting for PS5 to come out??
3786Name:tonyfresh5502019-04-19 02:29:56
3785Name:SPACE_ZOID2019-04-14 13:04:44
if anyone wants anyone to ever play with on ps4 add me natural_martyr
3784Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-04-14 03:41:40
Just a friendly warning about the new name changing feature.

If you still play on PS3 / PS Vita this name changing can cause permanent damage to some games. I tried this feature and some PS3 games stopped working and crashed right at the start up. LUCKILY it fixed itself after calling costumer support and getting them to reverse the change.

But be careful, only change if you have a name that u can't stand and don't play on older Sony hardware anyway.
3783Name:devilmaycrydbt12019-04-13 12:07:25
i still need to get bloody Gina. :(
3782Name:Waterbear2019-04-13 10:15:53
I noticed that too. I assumed some of the heavy hitters moved on to the re2 remake.
3781Name:Waterbear2019-04-13 10:09:37
I do!
3780Name:RealSaint2019-04-12 16:44:40
Surely someone out there wants a Bloodied Gina lol.
3779Name:tonyfresh5502019-04-12 15:21:22

The weapon reward is crap. Most likely the reason.
3778Name:RealSaint2019-04-12 15:12:08
This is the longest running IHC I've seen so far. Must be godawful boring to shoot at lol.
3777Name:BlackLeviatha6662019-04-11 09:18:19
Is there even a patch 1.05 for ps4 ? My game is still on 1.04, and want update. Still getting a lot scatters,and black weapons, so i guess nothing have changed lol
3776Name:tonyfresh5502019-04-04 06:09:13

Some people use 2 controllers in split screen or play with a partner. That way you can help with shock support which will double your score. Works best when your partner has 100% shock occurrence on all weapons.
3775Name:RealSaint2019-04-03 16:58:22
IHC 47 million points on day 3? Is that even possible with 10 Sledgehammers???
3774Name:tonyfresh5502019-04-03 15:57:26
I was hoping for less connection errors. LMFAO.
3773Name:Soulless_Persona2019-04-02 00:43:47
It added simplified Chinese
3772Name:Vicegag2019-04-01 11:39:41
Someone noticed, some change in version 1.05 of the RE revelations 2?
3771Name:sas_the_virtuous2019-03-30 19:35:38
All items count. Keys make up Ca. 50% of your pickups. Check out - there are topics there on this event.
3769Name:Mr. Ex2019-03-27 07:32:08
Question about weekly challenge "Item Aversion" (finish campaign with collecting 100 items or less on standard or hardcore)

Does anyone know if key/essential items for advancement such as keys, key cards, emblems, cranks etc. Count towards the total number of overall items collected throughout the campaign? Or are only items such as ammo, herbs,grenades, knives etc. Counted in the overall number of items collected? Any info on this will be greatly appreciated!
3768Name:RealSaint2019-03-26 20:45:51
What's with's bs fetish for Short Range+? >:/
3767Name:tonyfresh5502019-03-26 11:44:51
3766Name:JMic2019-03-25 10:34:12
Looking for someone to run raid mode with on PS4.. my highest level is only level 30 Barry... add me on PSN JMic09
3765Name:M a r t i n M i l k2019-03-24 10:40:53
My big issue with RE2 is the lack of FUN modes. I know the elitist fanbase are allergic of the multiplayer aspect of RE. However to have a separate mode like raid / mercenaries / other equally addicting mode is what make me come back for infinite ammount of hours.

The campaign was good but I need more in a RE game at this point. Those weekly challenges was a fun idea but i'd much rather see events for the title.
3764Name:Black Fox2019-03-24 05:21:14
I almost forgot, not being able to use infinite weapons to unlock other infinite weapons kind of makes them pointless because if you are able to unlock them then you never need them.
3763Name:Black Fox2019-03-24 05:16:28
RE2 is a great game. The only issues I take with the game are how fast the zombies can spin around when they look like they are barely able to stay upright, the amount of head shots to bring a zombie down capable being more than 5, how the zombies seem like they are 8 feet tall when you are close to them, and how enemies grapple attacks are almost impossible to evade without a defensive item. Id say realism is out the door if you can put 10 shots into someones head and expect any brains to be left.
3762Name:spartaGOOF2019-03-23 15:58:10
Why every time I open the forum I see tonyfresh on the first page right at the top, lol sorry that I haven't been able to play with u guys just been taking my time having fun on RE2 it's by far the best mechanics of them all for detail and realism, zombies figured out how to use door knobs now, that's a fuckin gamechanger!!!
3761Name:tonyfresh5502019-03-23 11:35:51
First 5 floors for Weekend Survivor #67

Floor (1) 1-6
Floor (2) 6-5
Floor (3) 7-6
Floor (4) 6-3
Floor (5) 4-4

And just FYI,
It's a level 100
3760Name:tonyfresh5502019-03-17 18:36:38

Thanks man! Cheers! Lol
3759Name:cvan8bells2019-03-17 10:46:38
Late to the party as always but I brought some Dr Pepper, for the burn lol
3758Name:cvan8bells2019-03-17 10:45:53
3757Name:Alf-Omega2019-03-17 07:58:08
And good luck with the wall... he’d just drill a gloryhole in it. Smh
3755Name:tonyfresh5502019-03-17 04:12:59
I got me some nachos with jalapenos over here. The best.
3754Name:Alf-Omega2019-03-17 00:34:40
But not me....I’m just enjoying my popcorn.
3753Name:Alf-Omega2019-03-17 00:33:31
Real Saint
Everyone is dog piling on Suihkari/ Prrkele/Trumpnator because he’s a festering genital wart.
3752Name:tonyfresh5502019-03-16 19:18:22
He said grabbing popcorn and coke. Oh shit!!! Haha
3751Name:RealSaint2019-03-16 16:43:20
What the hell just happened... Lol.
3750Name:Alf-Omega2019-03-16 12:30:48
:finding front row seats for this ether:
3749Name:Alf-Omega2019-03-16 12:13:56
:grabbing popcorn and coke:
3748Name:tonyfresh5502019-03-16 07:31:32
I will gladly install an electrified fence around the perimeter of that wall you build around that mofo. Lol. Just to be safe he don't come back to the forum .
3747Name:Soulless_Persona2019-03-15 16:30:32
*Can I build a wall around you.

Bless trying to type while sleepy lol
3746Name:Soulless_Persona2019-03-15 16:28:05
...Can I build a around wall for you? Cause I have seen the shit you say to others on their message boards. Oh, and by the way, why not voice your opinions of me and Shiny to our faces instead of going to others' message boards (including some people I talk to)? I am aware I am not liked in the community so just make it easier on yourself lol. Be a lot less hassle and I can have something to enjoy reading on my breaks.
3744Name:tonyfresh5502019-03-13 05:18:23
Ohh better look out..prrkele is getting mad. Hahahaha
He's gonna cry on us...tell his mommy on us....
3743Name:Alf-Omega2019-03-13 03:54:09
...and he’s triggered
3742Name:tonyfresh5502019-03-13 03:23:18
I think Trumpnator is prrkele
3741Name:Sarlix Kusanagi2019-03-13 03:17:59
Is it bad that I need help to level up to 50 in REV1? I'm level 48. PS4 version.
3740Name:Alf-Omega2019-03-13 00:10:29
Oh boy. Call an Uber
3739Name:Suihkari6662019-03-12 16:16:42
Alf you send me how to use usb, imbesal, dont like usb rounds, im good no respwan, all cheat fucks look mirror._. Without cheat no 3 is 1. I love no respawn=50% less idiots, no 1 huh waal of._._._
3738Name:Suihkari6662019-03-12 16:01:47
What we want"lol na wall" seen german._._ trump mighty dictator with tiny whores, usb that. No need na idiots, ww3 you lose, by wall
3737Name:Suihkari6662019-03-12 15:56:02
Play, hard,usb fucks. Trumpwall. Only d hasselhoff and idiots from na. Lol.
3736Name:cvan8bells2019-03-12 14:41:38
3735Name:Alf-Omega2019-03-12 13:11:47
Lmao. You’re now messaging in memes.

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