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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3425Name:tonyfresh5502018-10-17 06:58:48
3424Name:Tigga2018-10-15 10:58:22
anyone available for the weekend survivor add me I have 2 nore hours till its done Psn id Doble_u201
3423Name:Rayne2018-10-13 07:24:54
I’m totally looking for help getting better on here. Any advice would be appreciated guys. Finally got Barry to 100 and working on my other players. Also, not sure why I can’t enter certain missions ?? I just bought episode 3 and 4 as I see it’s a requirement so hopefully I’ll gain entry after the episodes download.
3422Name:Rayne2018-10-13 07:22:33
@tonyfresh I can’t wait to play! I’m new at playing co-op. Just been building my players in raid mode with friends at the house lol. Should I get a headset? Also, how do you play change the gestures voices?
3421Name:tonyfresh5502018-10-12 16:25:14
Hey guys

Just FYI, the graveyard is floor 6 on WS.
3420Name:McNulthy2018-10-12 06:08:31
Invasion of the huge creatures no.43. What can we say about the winner. Well, for sure he must have hit the amr ore during his 8 hours and 43 minutes of gaming time. Also he must have hit the capacity, damage, charge shot c, long range and probably critcal hit ore during that small time of gaming,. Cause no one, not even Active Suspension was able to get close to his 198 millions in damage.. And also only a small part of his normal mode is glowing red, but yet again he has completed 101% of normal mode. Also hard mode a 101%., very hard only 100%. But he strikes back on code red with a magnificent 102% completion. So i guess DARK_NEWS_999 actually is David Copperfield :-)
3419Name:tonyfresh5502018-10-12 03:56:08

Don't miss your chance your chance to get it like I did last year. I waited a whole year on ps3 to get it. But i just got my ps4 so I'll have the rifle on both platforms. Lol.
3418Name:slangking2018-10-12 00:56:23

The top prize for WS 60
3417Name:Rayne2018-10-11 15:12:49
@tonyfresh550 @cvan8bells thank you! I’ll add you both!

What’s Muramasa? @cvan
3415Name:cvan8bells2018-10-07 12:14:01
I can help out as well. Feel free to add me on psn at Cvan8Bells

Any newer players - ya definitely don't want to miss out on that Muramasa next weekend.
3414Name:tonyfresh5502018-10-07 09:05:46

Yeah you could send me a friend request..

PSN: CocoSnicker12
3413Name:Gapson2018-10-07 00:58:38
@Lucio @Rayne search me in game, my ID is Kristova_Noha
3412Name:Rayne2018-10-06 21:03:27
@ Jinx - I think it sucks Nintento switch players have options for new codes but none on PS4. Guess they are trying to get more ppl on the there to play.
3411Name:Rayne2018-10-06 21:01:02
Hey!! I’m new on here! Been building my players in Raid mode for the last few months and trying to add some friends to play in Co op! Anyone down for new friends! Let me know. :)
3410Name:Lucio2018-10-06 19:38:29
Hey Guys Next Friday I'm going to be on this Event, I will need help in CO-OP please
3409Name:tonyfresh5502018-10-05 05:34:52

Very possible. What's not great is the chance of finding one. If I remember correctly it's. 0.2% chance of finding AMR. According to the RER2 Japanese Wiki. I just started playing this game on PS4. I used to play on PS3. I have 3 there.
3408Name:Tigga2018-10-04 23:47:38
is it possible to acquire a level 100 anti Materiel Rifle?
3407Name:tonyfresh5502018-10-04 18:39:08
Wow....ain't nothing going on in the PS4 forum. Is anybody alive in here....?
3406Name:Alex81952018-09-30 23:26:24
No deberían ya poner nuevos artículos en resident evil revelaciones 2 ? Por lo menos para la PS4 .
3405Name:Alex81952018-09-30 23:20:28
3404Name:tonyfresh5502018-09-28 15:38:55

Hey what's up buddy! Thanks for helping me get started on ps4. I also got help from Soulless_persona last night. I inherited evade cancel and rocket launcher.
3403Name:cvan8bells2018-09-28 14:20:22
Hi Tony!
3402Name:tonyfresh5502018-09-28 09:01:45
I'm new to this forum but I've played Rev 2 already on PS3 (1700 hrs). So I'm not a noob. Haha.
3401Name:Lucio2018-09-22 20:56:14
What Number is the Overlord and the Hight Roller Long Range+?
3400Name:Obbey2018-09-16 02:17:19
[Umbrella Corps] How do I send Decals to the game since I don´t find a Send button?
3399Name:Vicegag2018-09-16 02:16:01
it looks like they're waiting to get the IHC 43, to release.
3398Name:cvan8bells2018-09-15 07:16:50
Hey, are you ever going to release the rewards for IHC 42 for ps4 lol???
3397Name:Obbey2018-09-05 03:30:34
Please stop hitting the Giant, I need that Short Range+ Shotgun. Lol
3394Name:cvan8bells2018-08-11 13:57:01
Lucio -
The Overlord and High Roller LR+ won't come around again until next year, probably Feb or March.
3392Name:Lucio2018-08-11 06:12:26
When is going to appear the Run for the Overlord and the Hight Roller Long Range+?
3389Name:(1359410) noname2018-08-02 04:18:04
Llevo muchos años baneado injustamente y quiero que mi caso sea estudiado por algun administrador, he sido seguidor y he comprado muchos de sus juegos y merezco ser escuchado.
3388Name:(1359410) noname2018-08-02 04:15:36
Hola, hace años use un editor y subí el vídeo a youtube para mostrarle a los jugadores que algunas armas no eran posibles de conseguir y eso pasaba cuando los jugadores editaban sus armas, tengo el video colgado en youtube hace muchos años, y me banearon, me gustaría hablar con el administrador de este sitio para que estudie mi caso, tengo las pruebas de que use el editor para crear conciencia.
3387Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-07-28 10:32:50
[Umbrella Corps] Hello, sorry to interrupt the REV2 talk here. But i'm looking for people who are still interested in playing Umbrella Corps. I'd love to have a group who are open to play atleast every once in awhile. I really want to get more game time in 4 Survivors, so feel free to send me a message or add me directly! ^^ Thanks
3386Name:Stretch2018-07-22 23:14:18
@cvan8bells ___"a big part of getting the BG costume is being at (the right place) at the right time"___
Hehe, that's mucho better said, in regards to getting Bloody Gina...lmao
And yes, on the last IHC......I remember when last enemy was down to about 1%?...And even after (giving up(or logging in+out) 8or9 times)))...It continued showing about 21 Milllion health left......I knew most damage I could do(Solo-splitscreen)was about 7-Million, but just decided to go ahead+complete...And also wanted to test a (hopefully/thinking_*improved*, shock support-weapon)...But sadly, my (hopefully/thinking) was wrong...Being I then realized, a ChicagoTypewriter-SpeedShot-(even with 8xmore ammo), is actually a worse shock support-wep, than just a basic Rifle/
3385Name:cvan8bells2018-07-15 09:05:58
And yeah a big part of getting the BG costume is being at the right place at the right time lol.
I noticed the last event both creatures went from 3 or 4% to dead pretty quickly which seemed kinda weird haha.
3384Name:cvan8bells2018-07-15 09:01:56
Haha yeah I'm not a fan of playing IHC but I'm pretty new on ps4 so I need some of the rewards.
Good luck on the AMR search, I've found 2 already (1 5/100 SR+, the first day I had access to Code Red, and 1 4/100 Sledgehammer a couple days ago)
3383Name:Stretch2018-07-14 10:10:11
I'm hoping by end of year, I'll finally get {my 1st} Lv. 100 AMR+(behappy with just a, and/or a {**LR+**}(*6-slot*) PaleRider-Grim-Reaper, (Anaconda) to have a better setup-Parts to actually have a chance, at getting Bloody thought, (IMO:), 80% of that chance to get (BG) is getting lucky+logging in {at right time} when enemy's health is down to like?¿?,
But still regardless of %'s?, the better Setups you have of Weapons+Parts for creating {most damage}, and (important also), your {Shock support Weapons} can {cleary help increase}._.Your {chances} to getting {Bloody Gina}, 4sure._. ._. IMO, anyhow._.And for whatever that means...roflmao :) :)
3382Name:Stretch2018-07-14 09:51:37
WOW, 4 posts already, this month of July._. ...Or 5,

And reply to: @cvan8bells........I really just started, playing the HC events for Weapons,+/or the Parts this year........Or guess, better said I (just started this year) to get more {serious/dedicated +/or just try2maketime4}
And yes, I surely was excited in getting that 6-slot Tap194 Shotgun also, even being tagged (SR+) unfortunately, I only had {time/chance} to play (3 times) on this last HC No.40 just able to get about 19.7 Million......Got almost 7million 1st time, but less damage 2nd+3rd time......And yes also, I'm still new+experimenting with using shock-support weapons, in Solo-split screen play"__-__"
Anyway, got lucky I guess?, and got a Purple-label_(2-1/2Star)_Shotgun?, farming for Weps+Parts {}, in 4th or 5th? run, right after 1st time I did the HC#40 Event......And it wound being the same exact Shotgun _TAP194 [ Short Range+ ] Lv.100, being award with
3381Name:cvan8bells2018-07-13 13:17:25
Anyone who played IHC for the sole purpose of getting their hands on that shotty, rewards are now available. I know I've been jonesing for it.
3380Name:ramon leal2018-07-11 08:35:56
3379Name:Loki121332018-07-06 19:58:19
Need help in finding some good weapons. Seems like i don't have any luck in finding some :( So dealing enough dmg in those online events seems impossible for now...
3378Name:ramon leal2018-07-03 08:46:40
3377Name:devilmaycrydbt12018-06-06 11:51:29
add me if you wanna help on getting bloody Gina psn herof98
3376Name:gabrielfz1002018-05-06 08:30:02
Hola soy nueno busco gente para jugar eventos d 100
3372Name:Gigantic2018-04-09 09:50:36
Ricky picky
3371Name:Tamura_Reiko2018-04-09 03:48:03
Anyone willing to help me get that Ticket Puncher? (I'm missing the parts and skills to do so myself, since I no longer have access to my old profile -.-)
3369Name:TheWulf562018-04-06 11:29:22
They need to increase the health points of the monthly Invasion of the Huge creatures. Its hard to get the points needed for all the prizes when it can be killed in less than 4 days. Not Everyone can hit for 30-40 Million each time.
3368Name:Vicegag2018-04-05 09:46:32
luck? It's something more than this, I have more than 2800 hours of gameplay and only a 5-slot AMR
3367Name:Obbey2018-04-04 23:13:30
What a bad notice. I only have 230 hours of gameplay and already got a 5 and 6 slotted AMR (Short Range+ and Speed Load). I think it depends on luck but we don't want luck, we want results.
3366Name:loup2018-04-04 05:54:24
salut comment obtenir des dommages de level 20?

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