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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3173Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-21 23:16:35
Mrhammed: It depends on what mod we are talking about if you used it in alteration of characters how jill battle suit or Albert Wesker Stars etc etc! This% 100 is penalized in PC stream with the minimum sanction of 12 months of block in different events but you can continue participating in the events without enjoying a punctuation of time! But this is in PC STREAM! In Ps4 never heard the alteration of characters (Skins) for this reason the majority that does this alteration of mods in online ends if or if being banned! by a whistleblower or an update of the game! Most of these mods do recommend using it with RE NET offline! Now with the saver editor is done of everything! If this your problem sorry I can not help you!
3171Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-21 22:56:28
mrhammed : Depende de que mod estamos hablando si lo usaste en pérsonajes como jill battle suit or Albert Wesker Stars etc etc! esta %100 penado en PC stream con la sansion minima de 12 meses de blockeo en diferentes eventos pero puedes seguir participando en los eventos sin goze de una puntuacion de tiempo! pero esto es en PC STREAM! en Ps4 nunca escuchado la alteracion de personajes (skin) por esta razon la mayoria que hace esta alteracion de mods en online termina si o si siendo banneada por un denunciante o una actualizacion del juego! la mayoria que hace estos mods recomienda usarlo con el RE NET en offline! justamento con el saver editor se hace de todo! si este su problema losiento no le puede ayudar!
3170Name:mrhammed2017-07-21 03:12:07
hi alex wesker, still waitin for your renponse, thanks.
3169Name:Darkstar2017-07-21 02:14:52
Hi Nick! Welcome back and hope you continue to enjoy this game.
3168Name:Nick220119852017-07-20 20:33:03
Hi friends! I am glad for you that you continue to play this great game. It is a pity that i won't be able to participate in the events. Played a bunch of games and realized that /RE REV-2/ was the best my game. (:E^_^E:) great job!
3167Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-19 09:23:50
Alex Wesker and the community Code Red say thanks to Darkstar EVE for always give support to this community! Darkstar EVE Thanks!!!! channel in yoututbe (Darkstar EVE)
3166Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-19 09:19:09
The community Code Red not fail in choose to the 8 Pro players in this game Resident Evil revelations 2 ! For all the players and fan of resident evil revelations 2. This the List the Pro players in PS4 that are clean and no used jailbreak for the alterations of the weapons or one dirty glitch of delay : for show videos! for play long time in this game and make true world records and always presents in one top ten : 1) Luchhh : name of channel in youtube (Lucho Aranzubia) 2) redstarspeed : name of channel in youtube (red starspeed) 3) red-dst : name of channel in youtube (redfeather dst) 4) cywlcy : name of channel in youtube (cywlcy) 5) JesseJames0584 : name of youtube (JesseJames0584) 6) Dark9-Dragon-Red (Roma-Italia): name of youtube (highlander9madara) 7) Soulless_Persona : name of youtube (Soulless Persona) 8) Moira.B : name of youtube (Moira B) this 8 players can say are Pro and have test in videos and in time that give to this of game! The community Code Red say thanks to all!
3165Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-19 09:07:27
The community code red say thanks to pro player red-dst for help to others players of level normal to get one good position in this event 229 in coop! Congratulations for the 1:52 in solo in this event 229! the community code red understand that you no need towers for be the better in this stage and give the chance to others in get one tower of golden! red-dst have the respect of all the community code red event #229 solo 1:52 channel in youtube (redfeather dst)
3164Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-19 08:49:29
Congratulations ~Shinyy~ for be the TOP #1 event 229 in solo! Video of this event in his channel Youtube (ShinyyToyGuns)
3163Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-19 08:44:10
Congratulations JesseJames0584 for be the TOP #2 event 230 in solo! Video of this event in his channel Youtube (JesseJames0584)
3162Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-19 08:41:19
Congratulations Luchhhh for be the TOP #1 event 230 in solo! Video of this event in his channel Youtube (Lucho Aranzubia)
3161Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-19 08:38:29
Congratulations for redstarspeed And Extrail31 for be the TOP #1 event 230 and get the true and new World Record in coop! Videos of this event in his channel in Youtube (red starspeed) and (Extrail 31)
3160Name:Darkstar2017-07-18 00:59:26
Sounds about right. I have 1800+ on PS3 found a bunch of 4-5 AMRs never a six slotted AMR.

Knew a Guy there over 3000+ hours never found a single 100 AMR and I believe he finally found one but it was a 94 Sledgehammer lol
3159Name:Vicegag2017-07-17 23:48:31
I have over 2600 hours of gameplay, and so far I have not gotten an AMR lvl 100 with six slots :((
3158Name:Vicegag2017-07-17 23:43:30
I have a rainbow Sledgehammer with six slots, ...... but it's level 97 :(
3157Name:Saudi-Rock2017-07-16 18:12:27
Hello everyone ,I did more then 1000 rare weapon marathon ! I didn't get the sledgehammer WTF!
3155Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-15 22:10:56
If someone is going to defend the rats do it with evidence and test! .................Si alguien va a defender a las ratas lo hacen con evidencia y pruebas! ........... Thanks and good day for all in the community code red!
3154Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-15 22:04:31
El Jugador (suspensión activa) no da respuesta no nuestra prueba alguna de su puntuación! En la Invasión de las Criaturas Huge N º 28, con esto queda claro que (suspensión activa) se unen a el grupo de ratas tramposas en este juego! Ahora son 3 ratas sucias en este juego! El primero EL CHUPACABRAS de guatemala PULIDOO: ID Ps4 JAC-PULIDO y su amor el gaucho pequeño polla mocho trucho Dreplove92: ID dreplove92! y suspensión activa = El cochino Shrek... por favor Si ve esto 3 ratas en su sesión no se acercan, pueden contraer el SIDA!
3153Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-15 22:00:03
The Player (active suspension) no answer no show test of his scored! in Invasion of the Huge Creatures No. 28 , with this (active suspension) join to the grup of rats cheaters in this game! now are 3 rats dirty in this game! The first EL CHUPACABRAS of guatemala PULIDOO: ID Ps4 JAC-PULIDO and his Love the gaucho little dick mocho trucho Dreplove92: ID dreplove92! and active suspension = The Shrek ... please If see this 3 rats in his session do not approach, can get SIDA!
3152Name:Darkstar2017-07-13 12:29:54

He comprobado de nuevo el canal de Youtube de Dreplove y no ha habido un vídeo que emparejaba funcionado con el tiempo fijado. Así que para ser justos, definitivamente no estoy descartando que el engaño estuviera involucrado.

También no pude encontrar Pulidoo YouTube canal, tal vez alguien me puede apuntar a su página si tiene uno. Gracias

I rechecked Dreplove Youtube channel and there has not been a matching video run with the posted time. So to be fair, I am definitely not ruling out cheating was involved.

I also could not find Pulidoo YouTube channel, maybe someone can point me to his page if you has one. Thank you
3151Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-13 09:23:23
The dirty rat of guatemala a guatepeor PULIDOO: ID Ps4 JAC-PULIDO and his Love the gaucho mocho trucho Dreplove92: ID dreplove92 follow make traps! now in this event #227! No have videos of his time! if see this 2 rats in his session do not approach, can get SIDA!
3150Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-13 09:14:19
The community feel very bad with this player (active suspension) 2 players Pierrot_moon & Vicegag think that you make is cheater???? no have test real? but if his score is very stranger???? in Invasion of the Huge Creatures No. 28 and others events of this gender ... (active suspension) if you no be one rat cheater can defend and show his test of honest way!
3149Name:Vicegag2017-07-13 04:58:13
After the number 9 of IOHC, no one was able to beat him, I am curious about the lack of interest of the big players in achieving this first place, the most interesting is that these 17 first places, came suddenly, after 2 second places, he must have found some wonderful formula.
3148Name:Pierrot_moon2017-07-13 02:11:41
Ok Angelus,

If u tell that i wiil believe u
3147Name:ShreDjent2017-07-13 01:06:02
Greetings everyone!
Hope you are all well.
I've made the switch from
Ps3 to Ps4 and basically
Starting from scratch.
Shame there wasn't a cross
Save or something lol
Oh well, I best get on with it!!
Best Wishes.
3146Name:Angelus412732017-07-13 00:52:23
no cheat
3145Name:Angelus412732017-07-13 00:51:22
about huge creatures it is possible that score
3144Name:Pierrot_moon2017-07-12 23:43:26
Hello. , about Active Suspension
Last shoot hé makes 22 127 290. That impossible without a cheat

Max electro shoot 4 SVD Quick shoot. With 20 capacity 4*105 + 118 / 2 = 269 shoots
268 shoots with all critical shoots , that is also impossible 50000* 268 = 13400 000
268 shoots critical and double 268 * 75000 = 20100 00

So a Score like that is Not possible without a cheat , all shoots critical and double not possible
Active Suspension give me u'r recipice when u d't cheat
3143Name:Vicegag2017-07-12 06:39:40
Even with good weapons, in this event, you start with knowing that you will at most get the second or third place.
3142Name:Vicegag2017-07-12 06:34:23
Despite having several first places in IOHC, I could not find any video, Active Suspension, I also have my doubts, how he gets this whole score, if it is in an honest way.
3141Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-11 19:46:34
Alex Wesker , Darkstar EVE and the comunity of Resident Evil Revelations 2 in Ps4 say thanks to: Soulless_Persona , redstarspeed , Luchhhh , Dark9-Dragon-Red (Roma-Italia) , goma channel and NICKY NIGHT FEVER for show in videos his score time and one game clean! the comunity no fail in choose! in this events 227, 228 and week survivor #38 are the best! congratulations!
3140Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-11 19:33:19
Congratulations Soulless_Persona for be the TOP #1 event 227 in solo! Video of this event in his channel (Soulless Persona)
3139Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-11 19:25:22
Congratulations goma channel and nao-80supra for be the TOP #1 Week Survivor #38 in coop! Video of this event in his channels Youtube (goma channel) and (NICKY NIGHT FEVER)
3138Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-11 19:12:33
Congratulations Dark9-Dragon-Red (Roma-Italia) for be the TOP #2 event 228 in coop! Video of this event in his channel Youtube (highlander9madara)
3137Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-11 19:09:31
Congratulations Luchhhh for be the TOP #1 event 228 in coop! Video of this event in his channel Youtube (Lucho Aranzubia)
3136Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-11 19:06:08
Congratulations redstarspeed for be the TOP #1 event 228 in solo! Video of this event in his channel in Youtube(red starspeed)
3135Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-11 19:02:45
Darkstar EVE! Y toda la comunidad que juegue este gran juego! esta persona si es persona? PULIDOO ID en PS4 JAC-POLIDO y su gran amigo íntimo la rata Dreplove92: ID Ps4 dreplove92 no tuvo prueba del último evento # 227! JAC-PULIDOO Lv: 1 / 01'13 "46 y dreplove92 Lv: 1 / 01'14" 61 en solo! ¡los jugadores dicen! Estas 2 ratas nunca cambiaran! Dreplove92 Sólo poner videos estúpidos de un tiempo ramdon que cualquier jugador al azar puede hacer!
3134Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-11 18:58:33
Darkstar EVE! and all comunity that play this game! this person if is person? PULIDOO ID in PS4 JAC-POLIDO and his great intimate rat friend Dreplove92: ID Ps4 dreplove92 did not have test of the last event # 227! JAC-PULIDOO Lv:1/01'13"46 and dreplove92 Lv:1/01'14"61 in solo!!puffff ! How much players right say ! this 2 rats never change! dreplove92 only put videos stupids of time ramdon that any player can make!
3133Name:Darkstar2017-07-11 02:20:32
I have found Dreplove's YouTube channel... I do not know or found Pulidoo's YouTube or if he maybe using another stream source.

As for Huge Creature, on PS4, Xboxone, and PC you can do extra damage Piercing one of the arms for extra additional damage. Require's a lot of patience but as for potential cheating, I never rule it out honestly.
3132Name:Pierrot_moon2017-07-10 22:51:32
Concerne event / Hudge créature

No one is asking the question of the score of " Active Suspension" who has more than 50 million more at each event, if it is possible that it explains how it does because being first with such a difference is a miracle, so the word is To "Active suspension"
3131Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-10 19:54:12
Mrhammed will study your problem and give you a prompt reply
3130Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-10 19:50:06
PULIDOO lo mismo para usted! Esperamos su video del evento 227 y su tiempo en Lv : 1 / 01'13 "46 en solo! Usted quiere limpiar su nombre ahora es su oportunidad!
3129Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-10 19:48:35
PULIDOO the same for you! We await your video of event 227 and its time in Lv : 1 / 01'13 "46! in solo! You want clean you name now is you chance!
3128Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-10 19:41:14
Sí Darkstar EVE! Tiene canal pero 3 o 4 videos cómo max! Ahora Dreplove92! NO subió NO tiene vídeo del evento 227 en solo Lv: 1 / 01'14 "61 en su canal!!!! sólo tiene video de un triste y simple momento de / 01'17" en solo !!! necesita de espera y darle plazo! Pero si no muestra el video de Lv: 1 / 01'14 "61 en solo! Dreplove92 seguirá siendo una rata sucia en este juego!
3127Name:Alex Wesker2017-07-10 19:37:24
Yes Darkstar EVE! have channel but 3 or 4 videos how max! now Dreplove92! NO uploaded video of the event 227 in solo Lv:1/01'14"61!!!! only have video of one sad and simple time of /01'17" in solo!!! just need of wait! but If not show the video of Lv: 1 / 01'14 "61 in solo ! Dreplove92 will still be a dirty rat in this game!
3126Name:Darkstar2017-07-10 04:08:15
Para ser justos .. estaré comprobando tanto la prueba de vídeo de la ejecución del evento y también su ejecución de vídeo coincide con su tiempo publicado en el marcador.
3125Name:Darkstar2017-07-10 02:17:35
Estoy usando el traductor de Google

¿Pulidoo y Dreplove tienen el canal de YouTube?

¿Tienes una prueba de video que puedo comprobar?
3124Name:mrhammed2017-07-10 00:53:58
ALEX WESKER Pregunta, hace 2 años usé un mod en RE: Revelations 2 y he sido baneado, hace poco empecé a jugar RE: Revelations 2 en PS4 y aún sigo baneado. El ban es permanente? o existe alguna forma de volver a participar en eventos? gracias.
3123Name:mrhammed2017-07-10 00:52:54
Pregunta, hace 2 años usé un mod en RE: Revelations 2 y he sido baneado, hace poco empecé a jugar RE: Revelations 2 en PS4 y aún sigo baneado. El ban es permanente? o existe alguna forma de volver a participar en eventos? gracias.
3122Name:LoVeJeSLyN2017-07-10 00:28:51
At last thx guy n gtamodsworld just help me clear thx in a million for answering my request as well darkstar. appreciate for those who help.

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