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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2934Name:Underaglassbell2017-03-27 19:37:50
Very rusty, but cleared WS yesterday with a Stranger @ 50:50, which I'll take.
- We could/should have got 45 mins or less, however, partner died during Protect the target map and we had issues with those damn Glasps too.

Ticket Puncher is an epic Magnum, so pretty damn happy to have two of these now at my disposal.
2933Name:Gapson2017-03-27 01:52:05
This player heve zero time left in solo WS, thats lucky!
2932Name:ItsHorky2017-03-26 06:10:20

Did you download the other episodes as well? after buying season pass?
2931Name:esmigo0122017-03-25 05:21:25
And so to me that the internet falls during this weekend? *very badly*
2930Name:KODAxCHROME2017-03-25 04:04:34
I got the deluxe edition , all episodes and most of the dlc are incuded
2929Name:Hansolo2017-03-25 01:44:19
Bought the game, beat the first episode, bought season pass, couldnt play new episodes, i linked accounts and still cant play new episodes, wtf did i just waist my money
2928Name:KODAxCHROME2017-03-24 13:03:08
Thank you Darkstar
Any lv 100 amr is greate fore what little time i have invested . Had nearly 650 hrs on ps3 and never got an amr above 93 .
2927Name:Darkstar2017-03-24 12:27:20
The Steady shot is a great find. For HC events I still would choose the long range part damage over critical rate. Long range per bullet is better than the chance of critical rate per bullet.

Depending on how comftable you are at aiming I would drop homing and add a damage part seeing it only has 4 slots.
2926Name:KODAxCHROME2017-03-24 09:14:03
Steady shot
2925Name:Darkstar2017-03-24 08:56:05
All capacity upgrades and depends on what you will be using it for and if any special tags.

IOTHC - Damage capacity Long range 10 and Charge shot C

Weekend survivor or LRC - fullburst capacity fire or electric and homing

regular raid play - pretty much whatever you want.
2924Name:KODAxCHROME2017-03-24 08:34:34
Just scored a 4 slot lv 100 amr , any advice . I know all cap
2923Name:sweetlittle_girl2017-03-23 05:26:49
@Gapson - i have sent you message. Thank you for replying!
2922Name:Underaglassbell2017-03-23 00:23:35
Black Fox - I didn't bother last time around, so I'll run it with you on one of the 3 days.
2921Name:Black Fox2017-03-22 08:22:59
Well there is a few days before WS, so now is the time if anyone needs help to ask for it.
2920Name:KODAxCHROME2017-03-21 23:53:22
Yea i see that . Currently at 43hrs on ps4 , and have 1 lv 100 that has WS potential . Miss my ps3 arsenal , had forgotten just how hard i worked to get it.
On the upside i know not to waste gold maxing out multiple sams .
2919Name:Gapson2017-03-21 19:07:13
@sweetlittle Have offer for you,write me in game or send friend request. My ID is Kristova_Noha
@KODA Ticket Puncher comming from Weekend survivor.
@esmigo I reserved WS coop run for you.
@Black Fox Now we get some handguns, maschine pistols and assault rifles with SR+ tag as prizes.
2918Name:KODAxCHROME2017-03-21 07:59:42
Par for the corse , good weapon up for grabs and i got nada to get me there . Oh well tis what it is .
2917Name:Black Fox2017-03-21 07:45:01
Its almost the 4th month of the year and only 2 decent prizes for events. Decimator and Ticket Puncher. I'm not feeling too optimistic at this point.
2916Name:KODAxCHROME2017-03-21 04:34:55
Finaly a usefull grind weapon , a 6 slot python . Yea i know the are as common as sand at the beach , but it's a start .
2915Name:sweetlittle_girl2017-03-20 19:12:09
argh!! Missed out AGAIN on Blooded Gina :( Anyone want to help me if it comes around again? Thanks.
2914Name:esmigo0122017-03-20 10:45:57
I want to thank Gapson for calling me to play with him and finally kill the Giant !! I had already given up on getting Gina and then this guy super good people helped me haha .. !!

Thank you Gapson, you are a great player.
Note: Great way to start playing on ps4 haha!
2913Name:Stretch2017-03-20 05:32:14
Vicegag: I'm still hoping, (Someday._.), to get a lvl 100 AMR myself.
Be happy with a But I have seen pics of a 5-slot AMR SledgeHammer, and a 6-slot lvl.100 regular? AMR

2912Name:ramon leal2017-03-19 22:20:40
Hello, I'm a fan of Resident Evil game, so much the revelations 2 of you capcom could give an anti matter in the events because I never managed to find one I would very much like to have an anti material
2911Name:Vicegag2017-03-19 08:07:46
Anybody know anyone who has recently obtained an lvl 100 AMR rifle with more than 4 slots?
2910Name:KODAxCHROME2017-03-16 05:22:16
Ps3 and ps4 versions are non compatible
2909Name:andrya4us22017-03-16 03:50:41
Hi everybody! Could someone tell me: Can I Cross-play REV.2 (or any other game) on 2 consoles(PS3 and PS4) at my home at the same time? I tried with SF IV ultra and it didn't worked...player(the two of ME!) wasn't found/seen on both consoles...I'll much appreciate Your answer on this 'cross-play' problem, thanks.
2908Name:itsLanceLM2017-03-15 00:52:30
2907Name:KODAxCHROME2017-03-14 06:40:22
Thanks for the advice , i got a ways to go before i do anything with the grim reappear . More interested in a few good grind weapons atm , with no burst weapons stages are a bit drawn out .
Yes Black Fox , ive done WS on ps3 . With less than 50 hrs on ps4 my arsenal is scant . Still lots of work to go b4 any events .
2906Name:Black Fox2017-03-14 05:22:07
I think Ill just go play some GTA V. At least you are guaranteed to get something you want for putting in the time to play.
2905Name:kilik_tf2017-03-13 23:33:45
Bad prizes for LRC 195 and 196. They should offer more capacities and damages.
2904Name:Mac2017-03-13 18:14:12
seriously im not going to touch the LRC 195 & 196 or may be i will just for the fun and not to the prize, well i know you may say this "suck it up buttercup".
2903Name:Darkstar2017-03-13 17:26:57
2900Name:KODAxCHROME2017-03-11 21:00:15 Report Thanx Black Fox . The grim reappear has such a slow rf , ill save as an HC weapon . With full power upgrades and cap 20 it will be devestating and the ridiculous animation will be of little concern .

If I were using a Grim reaper for HC events I would not be upgrading firepower at all. Even with a high capacity part I'd be lucky to have a little under 20bullets versus all capacity upgrades on the Grim Reaper

-damage 18+ capacity 18+ Long Range 10 Charge shot C if 5 slots I'll add Critical rate 10 and if 6 slots I'll add Mundane Murderer.

Not to mention the Grim Reaper is a powerful magnum + full capacity upgrades = more bullets/more critical hit proc's and more overall damage than doing a full upgrade on damage with fewer ammo even with magnum mastery.
2902Name:Black Fox2017-03-13 13:49:53
I did something similar with my first few level 100 weapons thinking I would get more within a reasonable amount of time. Looking back I regret upgrading power and fire rate on them beyond limits instead of using parts which do a far better job except in the case of capacity. If I were you Id at least backup my current save before doing any changes to the weapon so that if you don't like them you can go back to a previous save state and try something different.

I don't know if you have ever done a weekend survivor but just FYI, ammo in your weapons refills while the ammo in you inventory does not between stages.
2900Name:KODAxCHROME2017-03-12 12:00:15
Thanx Black Fox . The grim reappear has such a slow rf , ill save as an HC weapon . With full power upgrades and cap 20 it will be devestating and the ridiculous animation will be of little concern .
2899Name:Black Fox2017-03-12 09:14:25

If you haven't already, the best beyond limits upgrade for level 100 magnums, shotguns, and sniper rifles is capacity. I'm not sure yet if that applies to pistols and machine guns yet. Most people Iv seen put anti recoil, full burst, homing ammo, and fire or electric ammo on magnums and snipers.
2898Name:KODAxCHROME2017-03-12 00:04:20
Got my first lv 100 weapon for ps4 last nite , a 5 slot grim reappear . Not overly practical for grinding and im a long walk from an HC set up but a good find none the less.
2897Name:luchhhh2017-03-10 03:27:30
yes i understand. i really only use it for push weapons but i can see what you're saying
2896Name:Underaglassbell2017-03-09 23:47:43
@ luchhhh:

I totally understood the benefits, but struggled (at the time) with getting use to recoil on some of the mags. I stuck with it and can confirm I no longer use Anti Recoil on any weapons.

Well no, that would be better put: I no longer use it durring events.

I actually prefer using Anti-Recoil but no homing ammo for Code Red, as this means I can utilize the evade canc, and not have to depend on Homing Ammo and therefore ads more of a challenge as I determine the direction of bullets, so in that respect feels more of a challenge.

2895Name:luchhhh2017-03-09 17:25:31
also, by the way, did you ever stopped using anti recoil on non push magnums? just curiosity
2894Name:luchhhh2017-03-09 17:24:48
@underaglassbell its all about their change from ranking based to achievement based. prizes are worse, maybe more fair but worse
2891Name:Underaglassbell2017-03-08 18:32:32
I really wish they would offer 18 parts again - But again they are too stingy to give players decent stuff and thus more and more people are just walking away.

I didn't bother with the Decimator prize. That's not to say it's not worth a WS LV60 Run - It most definitely is, but at the end of it, it's just another weapon that requires, no deserves high level parts and as previously discussed I'm not into farming any more so ultimately, what is the point?

Back at the peak of my Raid farming, searching for my 1st AMR I did luckout and get a good number of LV 11 Damage parts, so I achieved LV 20 relativity quickly. Capacity probably took a month more, but again this was when the game was still fresh, and I was farming like no tomorrow. That's combined with a few LV 15 events.
2890Name:luchhhh2017-03-08 17:02:22
@black fox. i remember getting 2 damage 18 parts in one week from the lrcs. back when they were ranking related.
2889Name:Black Fox2017-03-08 11:49:10
The highest level part offered on these events is level 15. You would need 32 level 15 parts to make a single level 20. Granted that is more reasonable than half a million parts what is the likelihood the same level 15 part will be offered consecutively in events? That means you still have to rely on grinding level 9 - 11 parts which could be anywhere from 512 - 2048 parts. I would be surprised if I got one before I stopped playing this game, let alone enough to equip on four usable weapons.
2888Name:NavyZerimar2017-03-08 03:24:57
I don't mind grinding but the amount of time it takes it's just insane!

I have used some of the rewards I've earned to get higher level parts and they have indeed helped but it still takes forever just to get to Lvl 10... the highest I have at the moment is Damage 15 and it's been sitting there for a long time!
2887Name:Underaglassbell2017-03-07 20:55:18
If it helps, in order to get my Level 20 Damage & Capacity parts I only elected to keep parts that are 10/11 and then of course hope that drop a few 13+ parts via WS/IHC/LR-C events.

As per the below, chaining low level (1) parts is insanity.
2886Name:Black Fox2017-03-07 06:24:25
To figure out how many parts you need to make a level 20 just use 2^(20-n), n being the level of the parts you will be combining. For example 2^(20-18) = 2^2 = 4 level 18 parts needed to make one level 20 part. It would take 524288 level 1 parts to make a single level 20 part which is beyond insane.
2885Name:Darkstar2017-03-07 04:03:47
Another lost Trophy to spawn Glitchers. Redman could still prove me wrong by uploading his play.

Oh wait, he hasn't uploaded anything since ECP stop carrying him.

2884Name:NavyZerimar2017-03-06 08:08:32
Grinding damage parts take FOREVER! I am amazed by how much patience some people have to create the level 20 parts... I fell like I have been struggling to make my level 20 damage part since the beginning of time!
2883Name:Black Fox2017-03-02 10:12:14
Yep, the prize is one of the afore mentioned. Thanks for checking in. See you in a week.
2882Name:Vicegag2017-03-02 03:48:11
It looks like we'll have another IHC to last about twenty days.

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