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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3913Name:Thanatos2019-04-16 00:40:29
Si, el gigante muere en su juego y obtienes Gina.
Az, it was way more fun getting Gina by exploding Pedrator than simply passing the first chapter ;-)
3912Name:Killer72019-04-14 12:07:51
Tienes que ver caer a los gigantes para tener a Gina?
3911Name:Cujo742019-04-11 17:51:52
Any tips for a new player. Please understand I’m a disabled veteran who plays this just for a diversion. I’ve tried to do big damage but I have no clue how to even get close to what’s needed for the prizes.
3910Name:allstar3122019-04-10 09:34:46
IX is locked behind a DLC purchase that cost either 5 or 6 dollars it isn't worth buying unless you want that full completion on your game and your resident evil net account as it's just throwback maps from revelations and possibly 6 as well.
again not worth unless you want full completion
3909Name:Thunderstrings72019-04-09 18:51:17
can somebody tell me how the hell to open level IX in raid!? i've cleared all the campains' i've cleared all the gauntlets in every level w/all the medals including the two omega levels. WTF! who creates a game but doesnt tell you how you can get in to play it. its like being pecked to DEATH by a fricken ckicken!!!
3908Name:Pussy MASTER2019-04-04 23:22:42
- it's not forbidden knowledge PAUSE GLITCHING

it's non-applicable to the casual players or anyone who isn't even serious about LRCs or WS .

and pretty much EVERYONE who plays those seriously is already aware of it, which should make those retarded pieces of shit cunts more ashamed and guilty that actually take the time to pause glitch in a dead game where there isn't even any competition that warrants such dishonest methods.

The people that are here still, have been around long enough to KNOW about it

The people that come and go casually or don't even KNOW about fullburst and fire ammo or LRC strategies ; it does not benefit them to have this knowledge, when they lack the basic building blocks of knowledge in this game.

3907Name:Pussy MASTER2019-04-04 23:13:42

you fucken cunts L0L

Ummm . it's not really hidden secret knowledge , it's actually given away in the very phrase [pause'glitching]
Anyone who has a very basic understanding of LRCs can put 1+1 together, and to all those who don't care or are casual are left in the dark, the player base was very small to begin with .

In a competitive arena where score is judged on the basis of the fastest TIME, it's a very faggy thing to do pause glitching for a big shinny virtual trophy [mimicking my COCK] they can only dream of fucking their asses with .

EVEN if I made a VIDEO with a shitty commentary showing the glitch, it wouldn't do much - you still need a brain and decent set of tools, even the old infamous BOB THE BUILDER from days old on xbox360 pulled it off.

I mean here : to anyone who plays LRCs you want an edge? pause the game after every kill to make them instantly spawn before your very eyes thus improving your time L0L , it's not good on every map .
3906Name:Az2019-04-04 02:34:01
Oh Jesus where do they spring up from? Please God forgive Thanatos and please fix his mind so he can post sensible forum posts and help him to finish episode 1. Amen.
3905Name:Thanatos2019-04-03 18:39:34
Mr AzDaz, supreme cleaner,
As a new starter, I'll happily use whatever the game drops, just as you feel no shame using omega parts
So if i can pause an extra Pedrator into existance for double damage, so be it, lol, til Capcom fix it
Enjoy your 'legalised' hand held hacks in this deadest of games...
3904Name:Az2019-04-03 06:44:35
Pause glitch be an easy repair Capcom don't seam to care. To end the glitch bitches cunning by pausing when they should just keep on running, So honest players don't take a licking I suggest the clock keeps on ticking Be no more obvious disgraces and stopping to tie any shoe laces.

Clock keeps running down even if game paused would clear the problem up if it can be done.
3903Name:Az2019-04-03 05:59:46
lol. I like the thought you put into that Captain Jimmy. Won't hold my breath for any how to video's, but then I kinda knew it was a no go area to share forbidden knowledge. Perhaps one day some rebel will post some cheat vids anonymously and blow the whole sordid game wide open and expose the crap out of it. ONLY TIME WILL TELL. Some might not be able to rap their heads around what they see..
3902Name:Pussy MASTER2019-03-27 11:19:23
You're telling me you want me to make some kind of guide?

About how those cheaters cheat, nowhere to run and hide, no such thing as abide?

Even the playing field he Implied, show them how it's done

tell them the truth, They have nowhere to run

Share the secret knowledge cheaters wield

How about evening the playing field?

You speak of the broken glitch, unspoken

the method of a bitch, listen up here's the perfect pitch

How the witch fooled you, pretending to be great

But only to pause the game - stop and wait

Manipulating the sands of time, capcom turned a blind eye , no moderating?

It's aggravating, agitating, cold and calculating, stopping and staring, making you waiting?

Humiliating, incriminating, only the bitches are participating

For fake glory, and I'm seen as discriminatory !? for telling a TRUE story?

How's that for an allegory!?
3900Name:Az2019-03-23 19:41:57
Cheats are the players that know how. Most players that don't cheat simply don't know how. Maybe Captain BOOMER WANG could supply some demo videos and enlighten the remaining fan base. Level an already distorted playing field. How about it pussy MASHER ??? lol.
3899Name:Pussy MASTER2019-03-19 12:06:16
Fucckkk this place is dead.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Level-Restricted Challenge No. 403 [C0-0P 1'14]

L0L Leon+Chris .
3898Name:Pussy MASTER2019-03-12 14:02:46

....I was .... BEWILDERED ....
3897Name:Pussy MASTER2019-02-19 14:54:03


this is the proof that silenced LOVETTA, what can YOU do here? ;
Level-Restricted Challenge No. 329 (solo 1'32'69)

it's an OKAY run, definitely room for improvement..

But, what can you produce without bending over and pausing your game ever 5 secs?? NOTHING lol hahaha

.....I'd challenge and offer you to try LRC. solo Level-Restricted Challenge No. 397 (NO GLITCH) but I know you can't resist bending to tie your shoe-laces HAHA
3896Name:Pussy MASTER2019-02-19 14:31:46
He is a cheater tho , basically

Luciano passed the baton over to this cockroach Dragon LIMA and they continue the retarded olympics hahaha

posting 'fake' times ..... fucking little bitch acknowledges me HERE and in the leaderboards, but won't respond here in a public place,

Yes, wise choice, save yourself the humiliation and guilt, I fucking ravaged ERICA LOVETTA up and I'll fuck you UP2. I know the

game is dead, and no one really cares, but have some fucking self-decency and respect yourself and others.
3895Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-02-19 02:28:10
He updated his profile comment. I do belive he's a cheating liar tho if he wasn't he'd have no reason to keep his messages locked.
3894Name:Pussy MASTER2019-02-18 22:16:26
@Dragon LIMA-beanss

Gezzz . you're still trying 2 post shitty fake pause-glitch scores in Weekend Survivor solo ,

but can't even beat my laggy sloppy C0-0P time . AHhahahaha ..better luck next time..or maybe don't even bother
3893Name:Pussy MASTER2019-02-18 13:48:47
Provided you're connected to the internet,

the DLC is free, and you will be prompted to download the most recent update (about 970mbs)

which contains the Survivors content.
3892Name:I AM A MENACE112019-02-18 02:36:36
there advertising a free ghost survivor dlc how do you get it?
3891Name:Pussy MASTER2019-02-10 23:54:05

Anyway that's all a bit of joking around - the main point was actually about the prospect of REVELATIONS 3 RAID MODE

'' ...let's ALL just hope cum revelations 3 , the online events are not exploitable in favor of cheaters .... and have MORE flavor than the fucken 'weak'ly RE2 challenges '' (weak / week

not to be taken out of context -
3890Name:Pussy MASTER2019-02-10 23:52:52
No, I did understand the words you used here , I 'MILKED' as much meaning as I could . lol : '' Icons that nobody but you can see except the one you're using ''

to which I replied : '' Your ICON shows up in REV2 raid mode , not to mention leaderboards - it's a small personal touch , but still a good feature '' > Furthermore

ICONs were one of the things I listed that I 'get out of RE.ent' since according to you if I do not play the RE2 WEEKLY challenges, I need to move on to a different franchise L0L (which I refuse) because ''if I do not attempt the weekly challenge I will not get more out of '' < and I listed what I have gotten out of in the past 3 years , much more than weekly challenges have ever offered. lol
3888Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-02-09 23:08:26
I'm well aware that the icons are displayed on the leaderboards / rev2, you didn't understand my comment, those icons can only be seen once at a time so it's not really any unlocks worth anything, atleast to me.

And no I didn't get angry over your 'joke' about weekly challenger i'm not that easily triggered that I would care if you enjoy it or not, it's a very challenging task to get the platinum medals which I bet most people are simply not dedicated / good enough to get. The difference between the challenges and a rev2 event is that those are based on skill only and not how much you've grinded stages or replayed all the match a billion times to know all the spawns. That's atleast why I enjoy them a little bit.
3887Name:Obscure2019-02-09 18:16:15
To me personally what hurts me the most bursts and pisses me off the damn cheaters, I try to improve my time in the events L100 / L1 takes me about 4 minutes and see the ranking table to these damn cheats that is done in 1 minute or 2, impossible to get that classification without doing some kind of cheating
3886Name:Pussy MASTER2019-02-09 12:01:45
Your ICON shows up in REV2 raid mode , not to mention leaderboards - it's a small personal touch , but still a good feature , they need to integrate features into future games , but have failed to do so thus far.

But, I do think you missed the main point entirely m8 or don't yet grasp the significance behind my previous statements pertaining to an IDEAL REV3 RAID - As someone who has played REV2 events 'complaining' about REVELATIONS 3 not having EXPLOITS which favor cheaters, (pause glitching/ and even modded weapons on HUGE CREATURES) is clearly a very valid and reasonable point to make. ALSO Capcom could have easily patched this , but they 'abandon' ship after LOTTIE haha

Hahaha and I guess you didn't like the taste of my joke about RE2 'weak'ly challenges lacking 'flavor'

In any case , good day to you -
3885Name:Pussy MASTER2019-02-09 11:56:10
I was saying ''in my 3 years here''

Obviously the events and player base has diminished by now , like I said , I only play Weekend Survivor for FUN with my friend now , it's the only good thing that makes me cum back to REV2 - I'm not one of those cunts who plays LRCs every week for 1st place L0L

+ ALSO Weekend SURVIVOR offers a RANDOMIZED floor list every time , it's not the same as saying someone plays the same stages over and over - or as mundane as LRCs WS is different every single time adding a uniqueness to it, which is highly fun and addictive in C0-0P with a friend .
3884Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-02-09 08:49:44
Then there is little reason for you to complain then. If you enjoy the same levels, same challenges, leaderboards with 10 (if even that) active players.. Icons that nobody but you can see except the one you're using is good enough for you then keep rocking.

The weekly challenge will be fun enough for me personally atleast for a little while. Then we'll see
3883Name:Pussy MASTER2019-02-08 23:36:01
In my 3 years here , the most I got out of was :

- Disgracing, humiliating and shaming cheaters, time glitchers , fuckwits and/or retards that make themselves out as ignorant fools acting as though they know everything about raid mode

- Helping COUNTLESS people in-game and/or in the forums (xbox 360/XB1) or message wall with advice, tips and tricks

- cool custom ICONs

- RAID stats tracking and comparing

- Events leaderboards

Dunno why I need to play RE2 weak'ly challenges or find a new franchise m8 L0L , I'll continue to play Weekend Survivor , that's the only good thing still really

weakly challenges are '0K' but I don't see them lasting too long , I'd only do them for the ICON rewards.

Good day Sir
3882Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-02-08 00:50:34
Events are dead, attempt the weekly challenges in re2 if you want to get more out of If not move on to a new franchise. Enough said.. :(
3881Name:Pussy MASTER2019-02-06 01:41:19
Fucken faggits @ CAPCOM are well behind schedule

2012 : revelations 1

2015 : revelations 2

2018 : ?

...let's ALL just hope cum revelations 3 , the online events are not exploitable in favor of cheaters .... and have MORE flavor than the fucken 'weak'ly RE2 challenges

I fucken HOPE they're secrectly working on REV3 ....with the power/technology game engine and graphics displayed in RE2 2019 you'd wanna bet REVELATIONS 3 is gunna be fucken sick
3880Name:ShadowSlayer692019-02-05 13:50:38
Capcom, if you're wondering why no one plays this game anymore:
so far 14 players on switch have hit 30m on IHC, and their creature is still alive
Omega parts allow them to score 10 million more each day, but they get the same target
XB1 have a health cut of a third on our creature, only 7 get the prize
Time glitchers are allowed to pollute our leaderboards on other events
Lottie costume was the last update we had, in 2015 ffs...
3879Name:ShadowSlayer692019-02-04 17:34:40
Esta muerto en 3 dias en todas plataformas, solo en Switch dura 5...
Y tiene menos salud en Xbox One, con 20 jugadores serios muere en la primera hora; es muy tonto
Capcom no se interesa en este juego, dejan lo puto trapacero Lima gañar todas las LRC
3878Name:Carloss 2392019-02-04 15:27:00
No es posible que este evento de gigantes solo dure 3 días es una tontería! minimo que dure 5 días!
3877Name:MichSM282019-02-04 15:17:16
Maldición pónganle más vida a los malditos Gigantes o si van a poner a uno débil que sean dos para tener tiempo de poder puntuar más, no es posible que sólo 3 días haya durado el maldito Evento y los que trabajan o estudian qué? no los podemos hacer a las 3 pm que es la hora en que se actualizan denle la oportunidad a otros jugadores y a los nuevos de que puntúen más carajo!
3876Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-01-29 19:05:54

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

3874Name:Goblin 62019-01-29 09:43:20

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

3873Name:WornOutSmiles2019-01-28 20:45:54
I'm loving it so far, but then I've not had nearly as much time as I'd like to play it yet.
3872Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-01-28 09:57:25

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

3871Name:Pussy MASTER2019-01-27 21:07:37
Weekend Survivor no.64

Player : Dragon Lima

C0-0P score : 41'38"76

S0L0 score : 40'08"20


why the fuck are you STILL time glitching? there's no one even playing anymore in S0L0 seriously ? hahahahaha
3870Name:Pussy MASTER2019-01-10 12:08:47

Why the fuck , hasn't weekend survivor no.64 been announced yet !?!!?!?
3869Name:AgentAlpha2018-12-22 23:39:25
If anybody wants to try to attempt the Level Restricted challenges, hit me up on Xbox. My gamertag is JOHNPARRAGAMES.
3868Name:ShadowSlayer692018-12-16 08:00:17
SSS es por los primeros 11 en caça tesoros
3867Name:El MOYO21772018-12-13 05:02:28
Alguien sabe cómo sacar un triple sss en revelesiones 1
3866Name:WornOutSmiles2018-12-08 10:49:01
I disagree about RE7 too. Despite some of the stupid Minigames bought out as DLC being comparable to AIDS, the main game and the remainder of DLCs were all amazing!..
3865Name:WornOutSmiles2018-12-08 10:46:07
I disagree on getting rid of LRCs, in my opinion they are genius. They were the only thing worth playing this game for. I can agree that it's all too easy to copy everyone's strategies and come out with a similar or better time, depending on whether your weapons and/or frame rate are better or not. There's pretty much no need to use your brain on this game now, especially in solo. I do think the LRCs could've been freshened up though. I dunno, like give every one participating the exact same skills and weapons (good or bad) and see what players can come up with. You'd essentially need a new strategy for every LRC. That said, RNG is part of what killed them too though...

I'm excited and scared for Rev.3, I just hope they can add the good from Rev.1 and 2 together and make something amazing. Let's face it though, it's probably gonna be another tedious, boring and frustrating grindfest trying to find items of use...
3864Name:Luiigi_G_Joss2018-11-19 03:01:04
En efecto
3860Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22018-11-06 04:22:58
Sadly most of the community is dying, not just rev.. :( I think we can blame RE7 alot for that.
3859Name:ShadowSlayer692018-11-05 17:18:42
@WornOutSmiles, you sometimes have to pause a 90 minute Huge Creature run so your friends don't think you're ignoring them, and a party invite on a solo run is definitely good for your sanity - I know u wouldn't last 5 minutes on that torture fest of an event, lol. My fix would be, scrap LRCs, they have become grossly repetitive and dull, and too open to abuse. You tube cut and paste takes the fun out of devising your own strategy anyway.
Capcom really need to get on with Rev3, and commit to it in the way they have done Monster Hunter World, regular free extra content and brand new challenges and equipment. RNG is at worst 1% so it is possible to get everything, unlike code red or ghost ship where hundreds of hours can still yield no top gear. Let's hope they at least listen while developing the next game. RIP Rev2 :-(
3858Name:Az2018-11-04 07:42:14
@ Wornout smiler
I gave FORTNITE a try but it wasn't for me. Too much sky diving, and when I finally got to the ground most of the time I would be killed and raped of all Id collected. Best I did was 3rd on battle Royale and that was just beginners luck. My son loves it though. It makes him angry a lot and I have to threaten to take away his gaming privileges if he smashes another xbone controller.

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