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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3984Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-08-16 15:27:30
Weekend Survivor no.74 PRIZE GUN : SERPENT , the noobs will be happy, decent magnum, easy to handle and not overshoot.

in other news,

I have a video of finding my own Sledgehammer 5 Slot on xbox 360...and then sources also confirmed the person with the SLEDGE 6 slot acquired it 'legitimately' ..... so there's no reason why a 6 slot SLEDGE can't drop on XBOX ONE , or maybe , it already has , but no one wants to share it!?!?!?
3983Name:Cujo742019-08-13 01:15:32
Close to 600 hours and still no level 100
3982Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-08-12 23:11:07
Weekend Survivor no.73 C0-0P [41'54.WESKER-MODE]

3981Name:KaosXV2019-08-11 22:50:18
God bless arabianknight 4 all that time sacrifice..
3980Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-08-10 15:14:52


If they just gave it out, for everyone , noobs and cheaters included , then that really de-vaules the status of the gun itself and just how rare and legendary it actually it.

There's a reason it's the best and most desired gun in the game available, and obviously for this reason they will not just 'hand-out' free AMRs to peasants L0L

Everyone WANTS the SLEDGEHAMMER .6ix , but only a few are truly deserving and genuinely worthy enough to wield it

Thank GOD for weapon took the . A R A B I A N . K N I G H T .

+3000 hours before the UNSCRIPTED .6ix dropped.

3979Name:HUNK2019-08-08 20:56:57
Gloryhole days but its 2019 lets still have some fun and ps crapcom aka gaycom pls give this small community a lvl.100 sledehammer 6 slots ffs we deserve it.
3977Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-08-08 14:09:15
The glory days were back in 2016+2017 , that's when shit was really POPPIN , and boy oh boy you know I did a lot of that ass 'poppin'

3976Name:jphinesdad2019-08-08 11:06:16
Can anyone help me finish clearing all the raid mode levels? Please send a friend request. I usually play late night Eastern Time. I'm jphinesdad. Thanks!
3975Name:HUNK2019-08-05 16:09:57
Valkgard explained it perfectly i keep playing for fun and im always looking for a WS partner.
3974Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-08-04 12:50:48
Sad I didn't use this site when it was poppin. I litterary realized what re net was in 2017 when everyone had already left. :( rip me
3973Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-08-04 09:14:59
Only thing that can save the PvP aspect of RE which is basically the main point of the entire site is a new REV game. Sure RE2 is a popular single player game but only 80 players across all plattforms are doing the weekly challenges.. That's a pathetic number.

A cross gen release as REV2 was would be great. Xbox One / Scarlet , PS4 / PS5.
3972Name:Valkgard2019-08-03 23:12:16
This game is dead as you said perfectly but the only fun part now is The weekend survivor
and if they can't deal with the fact that there are better players than them
they're in the sadness streets.
I recommend to them to improve their skills rather than complain of it
the friendly players don't need haters this is a great game but lets continue doing better
3971Name:Valkgard2019-08-03 23:10:50
Hi @Pussymaster, this is annoying bro, about the players that the only thing
they know is complain of others so if they can't play properly, maybe they should
practice, why we can't have a healthy community?

They are always trying to cheat the system? pretending they're good players? (you know who's related)
when I started I learn the game basics, but these Spanish speakers the only thing they know is complain
but they can't even finish a single event with a decent time and they're accusing the pro players.

PROV+WORN TEAM specifically
3970Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-08-01 12:17:08

Hahahaha!! and CAPCOM was not happy about the sales on THROWBACK? hahaha...well what do they fucken think will

happen when they included only FOUR meger recycled maps that were ALREADY in the game and make you pay for it??

I still bought the pack on xb360 regardless because I really 'loved' the game SO much and wanted all the medallions too.

But SERIOUSLY , only FOUR maps?? That is NOT enough to justify and authorize the sale of something adding less

value than the cost of purchase for content that was already supposed to be in the game. that's called a 'RIP-OFF'

L0L how sad indeed.
3969Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-08-01 12:15:50
Yes agreed! But you left out juicy Helena and her sexy cop outfit lol

My point about Piers was about them using his AMR+MP-AF and not including him in the game haha

On to 'THROWBACK' map pack W0W!...what the fuck did they honestly expect!?!!?! only 4 MAPS!!! 2 from the SAME RE6 stage!

*Requiem for War* + 1 map from RE:REV1 *Grand-Hall* and 1 from RE6 Leon'Dining-Hall??? << it was CUT CONTENT

BECAUSE they ALREADY used/recycled so many RE:6 Mercenaries and campaign stages...utterly disappointing , and they

didn't even make use of any of the really good level-destined stages that would have made RAID more interesting.

3968Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-08-01 05:08:23
More DLC was planned for REV2, not sure why they dropped everything for it. I heard somewhere they weren't happy with the sales for the 'throback' maps, but i'm sure everyone would have jumped on those if they had 'code red' options and were part of the events.. smh

And eeeveryone wanted all the RE6 characters in the game, Sherry, Ada, Jake and Piers.
3967Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-07-31 13:01:42

Piers [Rest in Peace] 'Anti-Material-Rifle' will NEVER be a prize, EVER . we got lucky a few years ago with the MURAMASA [Long Range+]

boy-oh-boy .... they take my nigga's rifle-make it the BEST gun in the game... but don't even make him an alternate-playable skin in RAID MODE !?!!? hahahah..

there's just SO MUCH missed potential and things they SHOULD have added over the years in this game...

Oh how sweet it will be when REVELATIONS 3 is eventually released after RE8 , im hoping .

...the more time we have to wait...seemingly the best software and hardware they have to work with to create such a game,and for it to run off of..I mean , for fucksake... Revelations 2 was but a mere ARCADE-GAME back on the xbox 360 originally! haha
3966Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-07-31 12:57:24

But if Crap'com was going to shake it up with event prizes they were within reason to do so with the release of the

inTendo-Switch , because Crap'com felt it necessary to change the game drastically by adding *SUPER-OMEGA-PARTS* for an inferior platform JUST to give people a reason to buy it - was the inTendo really that bad they had to create new-super parts just to get people to play it!?!? L0L

...And if capcom would go to those lengths BUT leave the current event-prize rotation unchanged during the release of the SWITCH - there's no chance they'll give a fuck to make a few minor changes to the prize-pool. Literally it's that fucken simple for them to make a few 'clicks' and SWITCH some prizes around.

3965Name:HUNK2019-07-31 10:44:31
@capcom pls make next WE survivor AMR Steady shot lv. 100 6 slotz. Peace
3963Name:WornOutSmiles2019-07-31 04:08:45
Yeah, I really don't even care enough to spend a minute translating that on Google.

I'm just more shocked at the fact we're approaching 450 LRCs and Capcom still haven't offered any AMR (and a bunch of other weapons) as an event prize. Considering there's maybe 50 active players remaining, even I thought they might have offered something different...
3962Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-07-31 01:00:38
You are right about LIMA'bitch + Luciano AKA Lucy'anus .... they BOTH actually DO time glitch and never provide videos of gameplay EVER.


...You seem very confused or perhaps in denial about PROV+WORN - they DO have gameplay videos that you refuse to acknowledge and pretend never existed?

At this point you're only making yourself look worse than you already are L0L.

But who really fucken cares ? It's a Dead.Game . At the end of the day all we have left is WEEKEND SURVIVOR , I suggest you find yourself a regular partner and just play for fun and try to work on C0-0P/DUO plans+strategies, because you never know when the sneaky little bitches want to cheat and time-glitch in solo.
3961Name:Tu puta madre2019-07-30 04:24:01
Muchas gfacias. NADIE HA DICHO, es un. Honor recibir agradecimientos tuyos

Esfuerzate para que mejores tus tiempos..


Suerte amigo a ti y a WESKER...
3960Name:HUNK2019-07-28 10:04:12
Can someone help me out with next WS? I need that Cerberus lv. 100 shotgun. Thx. thereals0ulz Over & out
3959Name:HUNK2019-07-25 19:10:55
May god bless you all max. Respect @pussymastah ill RIP gay box version into pieces. NWO fuck Satan.
3958Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-07-25 14:26:43
@HUNK be my/our guest,

there's nothing left to 'take-over' , unless you're referring to fucking with those time-glitching faggits that still somehow find enjoyment week-after-week, cheating for a virtual trophy they only dream off fucking their asses with . L0L


Rarefinders are a joke, at least take 6/9 . they do help, but your RNG/luck is still gunna be your luck.

basically, from the moment you first start playing rev1, the game has already internally 'predetermined' the drops for you...

this is HOW the same person can make a separate profile to play on BUT experience different/better drops .

It's utter bullshit, but you get what you get , and you play the game if you enjoy fucking Norman +1000 times . L0L.

The WORST thing is when YOU carry a noob in GSC runs and THEY get the orange drops, but don't deserve them haha.
3956Name:Torski872019-07-22 23:08:54
What is the deal with the rare finders? Use 0 all white guns two lvls below use 9 same shit maybe a yellow with no slots at your lvl
3955Name:Nadie Ha Dicho2019-07-21 14:29:41
Gracias por tus palabras Valkgard, Valknut o como te llames :D
3954Name:Nadie Ha Dicho2019-07-21 14:23:30
Muchas gracias por el apoyo "Tu puta madre" da gusto encontrar gente que te apoye por aquí y qué decir de ti Carlos amigo, brou no dejas de sorprendeme, sigues mejorando y eso me da un enorme gusto, haces que me sienta orgulloso :D
3953Name:HUNK2019-07-20 19:19:43

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

3952Name:WornOutSmiles2019-07-12 17:22:39
3951Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-07-09 12:32:15
you 'could' L0L


I think the tourist should take a vacation in the RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS RAIDER xbox club with +600 members before enlisting your help m8
3950Name:WornOutSmiles2019-07-08 22:50:04
I could...
3949Name:silvertourist202019-07-06 04:10:42
Please can someone help me get gluttony 5 on the xbox one. Tag is Silvertourist20. Thank you
3948Name:Valkgard2019-07-02 12:33:02
Wow!! this is changing Every time // with all respect and admiring for Wornoutsmiles and provdrummer

I started to play based on you runs guys both are awesome!!
for Wesker and Mich you have the last words guys if you know these great players of all time, I been playing rev2 about 2 years and its clear we have lots of haters. I love the work of you guys as well just continue playing and leave the negative comments behind be proud of you Every player needs to know that we starting from the beginning and you are oustanding players, thank you very much and I hope not offend those players that they need to be accepted in the community of this great game.
3947Name:WornOutSmiles2019-07-02 03:19:30
Appreciate it, Pussy Master, but he's clearly not worth responding to. Maybe he's butt hurt because we both duplicated weapons in the past, or maybe it's something else. I could understand if the hate is due to duplication, not everyone is cool with it and I get that.

Whatever the reason, i don't particularly care. Just know Puta Madre, that regardless of how many times you call us "garbage", on an even playing field (same weapons/parts, no glitches), either of us could still come back anytime after years out and still destroy whatever time you got on WS or Lv.40 LRC...
3946Name:Tu puta madre2019-07-01 21:13:39
Yes bro estoy con ustedes bros. MICH Y. WESKER.

Esas basuras tramposas. ( provdrumer , worn.... Luciano etc .. )
3945Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-07-01 19:44:46
HAhahaha shut the fuck up tu puta chica ,, YES we know you secretly glitched LRCs yourself a year or 2 ago

and now you accuse the best players on XBOX ever? hahahah

Who tell you these things cabrón ? The very envious bitter people that have to glitch themselves to get remotely close to the best players on xbox .

fucking sad _ use your brain or it will get smaller.

please educate yourself and re-evaluate your position on this :

it's ALL there for you to see.... case closed
3944Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-07-01 19:32:27
FINAL: I know you tried hard to be me fairly all those times in Weekend Survivor with your own co-op partner, but you don't need to time glitch to try and beat me - for fuck sake, I played for fun with slow laggy spawns (I AM AUSTRALIAN) and not even in a serious competitive manner with my friend (FROM EUROPE) of 3 years from XB360 on rev2 ...

You and your partner should focus on communication and learning the spawns on all the Weekend Survivor maps, surely if you still time glitch EVERY WEEK you have the motivation to improve your skills and teamwork , rather than cheat .

LOOK either of you; there's no need to be a pussy/coward and read this but not engage these comments here in the forum about you cheating, no one actually cares anymore, people play for fun now more than anything or to do their personal best.
3943Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-07-01 19:31:16
BOTTOM LINE: no one cares anymore keep time glitching like you always have. maybe even get some money and buy a new fucken game instead of time glitching every fucking week for those trophies dude. I'm not going to judge and say you're pathetic, because you might get enjoyment from being ALEX WESKER'S failed experiment. lol
3942Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-07-01 19:29:24
ANyway just know that I could have destroyed you in WS with time glitch in my sleep its so easy and takes not much skill...but at a higher level of play with no restraint, I will break the clock.

3941Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-07-01 19:28:11
If you want to be the worlds best time glitcher you could do that, but only because others have dignity and respect for those who fairly... Even if I glitched I would fuck the shit out of your times m8 ...But I know you time glitch for fake scores always to give the appearance that you have pro skill...look this games dead, and no one even really gives 2 fucks anymore.
3940Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-07-01 19:27:16
LIMA , if it's you stealing my name listen; I don't care anymore that you have to time glitch Weekend Survivor in C0-0P alone with 2 xbox remotes just so you can get your precious 1st place trophy - I play for fun and for a very long time.
3939Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-07-01 19:23:38

Which Little faggot stalked my profile here and saw I linked my gamertag :

J a x i d e n t = Lucia's AN0 alias in

Rifle Mastery-Jaxident-GLITCH ???? hahah WTF is this shit? whoever you are? you suck , you barely beat Anti-evade AKA Rifle Mastery 5 by 3 seconds...and he doesn't even play anymore hahaha!

...Look no one really cares anymore, and I know my name is so cool and unique you had to copy it. But now you will change it.
3938Name:Wesker2019-07-01 16:18:52
Que tal mi buen Mich jaja hasta apenas vi el desmadre que está en el foro jaja claro que somos de los pocos jugadores legales que aún quedan, no tenemos aumento de daño, ni cargador súper extendido, ni mucho menos hemos clonado armas o piezas, esos que hacen trampa déjalos solo quieren llamar la atención y sentirse que son muy chingones porque de seguro en la vida no dan ni una y nadie los pela ;) hasta da lastima ver gente así, déjalos que siempre se queden con su primer lugar porque es en lo único que pueden lograr en su PENOSA vida jaja :D y esto realmente da pena así de simple, ya que es un gran juego con una muy buena jugabilidad y los jugadores legales se cuentan realmente como: ShadowSlayer, WurmWaerter Katsu, Topbrass y entre otros mas, pero ellos como jugadores legales son los q le dan vida al juego porque aun siguen aquí participando solo por diversión y eso esta chido jaja
3937Name:WornOutSmiles2019-06-30 18:07:21
@Tu puta madre

Don't get me wrong, Google translate isn't the best, but even that suggests you are accusing myself and Prov Drummer of cheating. I'd love to know why, especially since neither of us have played this in years? And even when we did, we posted videos of our world records and our strategies, strategies of which a load of them are still copied to the letter even now.

I'd love an explanation on this...
3936Name:Thanatos2019-06-26 15:20:01
Lol... esos non trampan, idiota
Mich, Carlos, es impossivel gañar LRC sin trampa. Gigantes es el solo evento por oro legitimo, todos los otros pueden pausar para los inimigos apereceren al mesmo tiempo
3935Name:Tu puta madre2019-06-26 06:39:21
Michsm28 agregame y cuentame mas de los tramposos (provdrummer, WornOutsmiles)
3934Name:Tu puta madre2019-06-26 01:01:12
mich una pregunta como hacen trampa?
3933Name:Nadie Ha Dicho2019-06-25 03:40:59
Carlos no importa que nos hayan quitado el primer lugar hicimos un gran trabajo, para mí somos los mejores como los reyes sin corona como los ganadores sin trofeo, fuimos todo un día entero el primer lugar y eso vale muchísimo porque lo hicimos de forma legal sin TRAMPAS comos los buenos jugadores limpios y legales que somos, sigue así vas creciendo muchísimo y que los tramposos se hagan notar BRAVO! si ganar con trampas les sienta bien adelante, dan lástima :D
3931Name:WornOutSmiles2019-06-06 08:38:26
It stops at 9999 Co-Op games played. Same as the playtime stopping at 999 hours. I remember a friend on 360 had got to that point on both.

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