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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
4033Name:HUNK2019-10-24 00:52:07
Be careful Pro Forum VIP.
4032Name:HUNK2019-10-24 00:50:22
Rev 3 coming s00n :D
4031Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-23 21:48:56

It's seeming like it will come out after the next gen xbox/PS is released in 2020. Thankfully with no repeats of a low-budget project A.K.A - REV2
4030Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-23 21:45:17
No doubt. If they wanted a closed beta it should really have been only playable on PC , with secondary console testing [xbox included] I'd laugh if it made its way to the Nintendo-Switch lol.

My point was they hurt themselves by having it as a closed-beta requiring a fucking code. No code in order to play, would enable more people/RE fans alike to try it out from exposure. There's no denying the xbox RE MP community has basically been dead for a year or so now. We saw a spike with the release of REVELATIONS 1 HD and it decayed after a few months, because it's a recycled game and noobs quit before reaching max level.

PS3/4 has always had diehard Asian players n shit over on that side of the fence, so yes, PS holds the majority of the playerbase. old news . no surprises here L0L

But I couldn't give a fuck with the livelihood and successfulness of RE xbox multiplayer, given that shit with RE:8
I only care about REVELATIONS 3, even then I don't expect much of a rise from the xbox playerbase L0L.
4029Name:HUNK2019-10-22 17:55:36
4028Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-10-22 15:30:14
It was locked behind a code for PS4 aswell bruh, and it was popping with players. You must be delusional if you think a RE online game would succeed on xbox in 2019.
4027Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-19 19:36:03

hmmm I wonder why the project beta resistance was dead ??? # Sarcasm....................

.....Because you needed a fuckiung code to try it.. they really limited themselves, it looked 'kinda' cool....but it was locked with a code, guess they wanted to feel exclusive and shit, but ironically you made it sound like no one gave a fuck to play it L0L.
4026Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-19 19:33:04
lastly, I hope you take advantage of the duplication glitch here on XBOX VERSIONS to amass max parts and copies of your guns...CAPCOM left it in the game intentionally from xbox 360 version.
4025Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-19 19:31:17
I been playing since March 2015 when this shit came out , past 2 years I only played WS C0-0P and a few LRCs, it's ran it's course

I never took this shit seriously, it's what let me to bombing the forums so long ago and having fun fucking with the cheaters and helping others, games dead now.

Hard to take it seriously when you had time-glitchers on every fucking corner and modders back on xb360, so for me all I did was play for fun in C0-0P LRCs rarely but WEEKEND SURVIVOR all the way,

sure I might lose time from time to desperate pause-glitchers who want to sit there alone in split-screen ONLY to barely pass my average legit laggy times, but I stopped caring about that shit. it's pathetic and CRAPCOM allows it to happen in a dying game.
4024Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-19 19:23:00
Yes they all like me in the end,,, its the equivalent of me sticking my thick juicy cock in a chicks tight ass and she screams 'noooo it wont fit' but after a while she starts to open up fully and enjoy it all the way, my balls smacking her pussy like a pendulum.

Back to business; I am confused on the language/typos - on XB1 , we only have 5 Slot Sledges at best , no 6 SLOT steady , whereas Centurion has a 6 slots LR+ and Steady, if I recall.

I'm not bashing Centrution, but they can seem that fast because of the endless potential/hardware the STEAM version allows, while the rest of us are limited greatly on the XBOX VERSIONS , you have the hardware of the system+the monitor allowing for such flawless things.

IF everyone had the same version...well things would be a lot different lol especially more time glitchers.

4023Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22019-10-19 00:49:26
I heard Project Resistance beta was pretty dead on Xbox One, why even bother releasing a online RE game on Xbox when the fanbase clearly moved over to PS4 by now.
4022Name:HUNK2019-10-17 00:18:10
Sry but i also have a very long history with rev 2 espcially with the steam version. Played 3000H+ there until the fucking cops rushed in. Seen and also played mayny many hours with Centurion i know wornout smiles bout the 6 slot SteadyShot AMR his Arsenal is not normal. "centurionVAC" This guy is was posessed.The point is to me i cant take all this shit serious anymore. I used to play with Deathraven all the WS shit. And jeez fuck the hure creature event senseless ffs. So now i just get 15450 medals like Provdrummer did and rip xbox one version new asshole.
4021Name:HUNK2019-10-16 18:05:03
Ok enough talking. Im starting to like you. Your welcome. Life is too short.
4020Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-16 03:47:57
- I hope you can follow all that and comprehend any phrases or big words you might find D-IFFI-CUL-T . L0L hahaha.
4019Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-16 03:45:21
* Finally , this is the MAIN point I had make a new account each, try to understand and FOLLOW * I was banned for communication reasons * not cheating // I can still post ranked scores across ALL my accounts *

The ban affects me until the year 2100, their way of a joke, from LOGGING IN to said account; the implication being that I CAN NOT [LINK] those accounts to NEW GAMES , ie. coming from REV2 xbox360 version , to new platform XBOX ONE, and .ect with new games like REV1 + RE2 and so on.

This meant I COULD NOT play WEEKEND SURVIVOR anymore coming from XBOX 360 to XBOX ONE, as you needed to link your account per platform + I could not LOG IN to redeem my prizes/parts or message in the forums or answer people on my message board anymore - I had to start over again. All in the name of WEEKEND SURVIVOR. lol. Well, Charlie- There-you-G0 ;)
4018Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-16 03:44:36
Basically, its like the most unpopular bully-faggot having to run to the teacher and lie to get you in trouble after they pick a fight and you beat the fucking shit out of them. oh sweet irony ; ''Just dont talk to me anymore'' Why so much hate? Just pls leave me alone.'' hahahah...
4017Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-16 03:44:00
You see, years ago back on xbox360, and later on XB1, I made many CHEATERS [and retards such like yourself] on this game have to RUN AND CRY to CAPCOM about ME, because they couldn't handle being put in their fucking place logically when they get CALLED OUT publically for being SCUM on this game - they get outplayed by fair people and have to resort to PAUSE-GLITCHING and MODDING for FAKE TROPHIES.

Isn't it wonderful and magnificent? To know ACTUAL cheaters couldn't take it anymore, weren't mentally equipped to take that pounding or fight back - SO MUCH SO - that the cheaters, the real modders+time glitchers that RUINED legit SOLO/DUO WEEKEND SURVIVOR and HUGE CREATURES had to use the complaint system to try and 'SILENCE' me , but what happens? I get BANNED, only to cum back harder, each time with a different account, each time, to tell them how pathetic they truly are.

4015Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-16 03:42:33

'' At least i don't need 1000 fake accounts like you you little bitch. Who the fuck you think you are?''

Your point? Firstly, fuckhead, they are not fake, I only use this account to post in the forums. Secondly, I didn't know you could count that high past 2-digits-BRAVO. But I think you go a little over excited when you were stalking me - It's more like 2 accounts I use. 1 for either Revelations 1+2, with the 2nd being back-up for when it's WEEKEND SURVIVOR so I get to play 2 times, should I chose too.

Ahhh I hear you say ' but why not just one account, why so many'? Well, Charlie , it's a long story- TAKE a SEAT and I'll tell you the short version;
4014Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-16 03:08:01
@ crHUNK

0 Boo Hoo, have a fucking cry mate, no one gives a shit about you L0L you are retarded trash [worse than actual cheaters] are you fucked in the head mate? I clearly pointed-out where you fucked up 2-times with how you tore apart WornOutSmiles innocent post, and you act like you can't even fucking read it.

I suggest you back to school and get the special aids teacher to [bre-ak it d-ow-n f-or y-ou an-d s-oun-d-ou-t t-h-e b-i-g wo-rds you can't seem to com-pre-hen-d] or wrap your dimwitted brain around. Please take your toxic-trash elsewhere, or , keep amusing us all hahaha . dumb fuck. you must be retarded with a victim-complex to react like this hahaha poor baby, SH-UT- T H E , F_UCK U_P.
4013Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-16 03:05:04
@ crHUNK

'' Get grown how old are you 12? Why so much hate? Just pls leave me alone.''

I verbally raped you with LOGIC, and all you say back is [let me send 'imaginary' killers] How childishly hilarious, but we expect nothing less from you at this point, nothing remotely articulate - just utter nonsense , forsucksake , you're so dumb you don't even get the jokes or references [yet everyone else does] while you get angry and cry L0L

4012Name:HUNK2019-10-15 21:40:16
@Marko.Makes.Pussyscats.Moan you fucking Idiot you gotta a deathwish or something??? You really wanna die??? I will send a few real killers to Australia and they will kill your whole "family" just for fun ulittle CUMWHORE!!!
4011Name:HUNK2019-10-14 19:20:44
Ok whatever you say your right. At least i dont need 1000 fake accouts like you you little bitch. Who the fuck you think you are? Always bla bla you fuckin big can i more do then get 15450 medals??? Just dont talk to me anymore you fucking piece of shit.
4010Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-14 01:16:57

You turn around and say 'how old are you 12? Why so much hate? Just pls leave me alone.' like a fucken pussy when you can't handle that pounding, bitch.

So it's okay for you to randomly lash out at innocent Smiles, but when someone else gives you a taste of your own medicine it's an adult dosage. You're clearly a little fucken kid unfit to handle that smack, let alone tolerate that BIG dosage I gave you punk. Are you even mentally equipped to comprehend what I just fucking told you?

Everyone else reading can, and they're all fucking laughing at you for looking like a 'clown' haha..the irony here is that you're the one who needs to grow up..

Rightnow, you're worth LESS to me than LUCIANO + DRAGON LIMA ......
4009Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-14 01:10:25

''post 3996 Name:HUNK date:2019-09-26

09:12:45 STFU Gayoutsmiles why you still use this forum to complain bout a game you dont play anymore you fucking retard. And who gives a fuck bout Centurion??? Are you his fanboy? So STFU Pussy. The only thing that is worn out is your moms crack gangbang cunt.''

4008Name:HUNK2019-10-12 20:15:48
Haha the clown is back. Amazing speech im impressed. Isnt there a circus near your city? Get grown how old are you 12? Why so much hate? Just pls leave me alone.
4007Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-10-12 20:06:42
yeah that's right, back the fuck up and re-evaluate yourself after you've calmed down 10-days later!? ... hahah

'flame around' are you fucken serious ? now you want to play victim like a bitch when my fire is too hot for you ? hahaha

You were the one who started this 'flaming around' , ya fuclen golbin cunt Shut.The.FUCK.UP and think before u open your dirty cock sucking mouth you fucking hypocrite; you started on Wornout Smiles for no reason other than being an emotional spaz nob-jockey cunt hahaha....
4006Name:HUNK2019-10-08 18:15:20
I already have a lv. 100 AMR. So no need to be jealous. Calm down its just a game. No need to flame around like a little schoolboy.
4005Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-09-30 15:54:28
@ crHUNK


4004Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-09-30 15:48:38
[?] where cunt [?] lol

'DownUnder' In the same shitty basement the hard 'Men at work' take turns gang-banging your mummy?

''your mums living in a land down under [basement]

Where she blows and men plunder 'step outta the way lads, he cums boy wonder~~

Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder? 'used up past her limit; asshole torn asunder'

You better run, you better take cover

Hahaha STFU you fat-retarded-faggit . Whats the matter ? jelly cus all the other kids have an AMR and you don't? well maybe if your mummy keeps working making the men cummy she can buy you one, then you can be like all the other cool kids at school...hahaha
4003Name:HUNK2019-09-28 17:02:56
@.Markomakesgaysmoan as i would care bout your shit ur saying. Yes i know your rev2 King.nobody gives a fuck bout you.Go suck more cocks in your basement.
4002Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-09-28 16:34:24
I kind of scratched my head a bit and then laughed @em ; captain CR'HUNK randomly sent me messages on an inactive profile out of the blue with the same type of stuff. I just ignored and laughed for a moment and carried on.

But why is it so funny?

Well.... I could think of only 2 reasons why they had a little 'outburst/tantrum'

first reason...I never had an opportunity to ASSist them on Weekend Survivor , and I'm somehow to blame for them being too shit to clear it solo for the prize?

hmmmm no...

maybes it's cus they're a gay angry jelly boy just wanting to play with all this eXXXcellence after seeing my profile pic and skills? hmmm someone needs a hot oil massage with a happy ending I think .
4001Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-09-28 16:30:27
Hahahah L0L

Don't mind him Smiles...

He's all Frowns, like a sad clown down at the CARNIVAL , trying to excite kids for a prize, no AMR ? what's the fucken matter mate, Jealous of our ARSENAL?

Attempting weekend survivor; but timeWISE you can't clear it, [so to speak] too many tries [that's unWISE] running with weak guns like a noob [UnOrganized] - KEEP playing until these floors are stuck in your head; fully-[MEMORIZED] don't stop you're seeing RED , close to death, someone's dead.

Now it's time to [pause] and reflect . so much so, until it's enough, they've become; [Familiarized] - you could say it's like STUDY, but we all know it's better if you take a BUDDY/ but you don't- you're in a boat- getting CAPSIZED, open your eyes, acting surprised? it's no wonder you're fucking with the BEST, but never even realized? sit-down and ponder, reconsider-no time for petty lies; maybe you should Apologize ? I can keep going [all night LONG] making you Feel Antagonized .

#SayyinLika [SONG]
3999Name:HUNK2019-09-27 23:55:25 admin go fuck yourself including Gaycom why you censor my messages? I hope you GAYCOM sons of Yakuza bitches rot in hell.
3998Name:HUNK2019-09-27 23:50:51
@wornoutsmiles yes i need hugz. Im just wondering everybody talking bout Unscripted and Sledgehammerz blabla. Im glad i got a standard 4 slot AMR lvl. 100. Only thing i get useless Muramasas SR+
3997Name:WornOutSmiles2019-09-27 02:29:11
Damn, you need a hug there? Sound a little upset :'(

This forum is for anything Revelations 2 related and considering it's a public forum, I can share my experiences as much as I want, irrelevant of whether I play anymore.

But yeah, before you consider calling anyone a "retard" in the future, you should seriously think about the mentality of what you're writing prior to doing so.
3996Name:HUNK2019-09-26 08:12:45
STFU Gayoutsmiles why you still use this forum to complain bout a game you dont play anymore you fucking retard. And who gives a fuck bout Centurion??? Are you his fanboy? So STFU Pussy. The only thing that is worn out is your moms crack gangbang cunt.
3995Name:WornOutSmiles2019-09-24 06:22:22
...weapons and frame rate...

Think that's when I finally put this game down...
3994Name:WornOutSmiles2019-09-24 06:21:05
Yeah, the Unscripted was ok, but compared to the standard Muramasa LR+, "useless" is the only way I can describe it.

Frame rate was always a big problem, I remember trying to beat Centurion on I believe 2-01 (the no respawn snow map). I got to the point where my strat was 2-3 seconds faster everytime...until 1 of the enemies near the end (like 30/35 I think?). That enemy literally took like 1-2 extra seconds to kill due to the invincibility frames on Xbox compared to PC for that enemy, not to mention the weapon disadvantage. Aiming straight at the head with no Homing and multiple Muras and none came close to his 6 slot Steady AMR which even with homing killed it in like 5 shots. I remember getting a run so good but still just under a second behind. I watched it maybe 20x and couldn't find a single time save. At that point I rage quit, deleted the video and gave a big f*** you to this game! I seriously wish I saved that vid, probably the best LRC run I ever did, only to be beaten by better weapons and fram
3993Name:Wesker2019-09-07 13:29:46
@ShadowSlayer69 oh you're right haha ​​I can't believe it even though I lost a turn! thanks bro haha
3992Name:ShadowSlayer692019-09-05 16:47:36
@ Wesker, looks like you finally didn't get cheated out of a gold tower, at long last (dedos cruzados, lol)
Congratulations, hermano!!!
3991Name:Wesker2019-09-05 07:36:01
@ShadowSlayer69 Hi Jay! thanks for the tip and the support! the point is that the event ends at 1pm and for the next turn it is at 3pm haha ​​which was no problem, I had time available to play it tomorrow morning, but I do not charge the event nor the missions of the day, it is not the first time that happens to me in an event but it is the first time that happens to me in giants,but it is done capcom let the game die for years having extremely horrible bugs, I don't have time to kill the giant this time but I hope you have time to kill him, luck bro!
3990Name:ShadowSlayer692019-09-05 00:42:05
Hay un bug nel juego, no lo dejan jugar antes de la misma hora que jugaste ayer.
Solo jugando a las 3 cuando hay el reset puedes garantir que dejan jugar gigantes o sobreviviente :-(
Espero que vive con los ultimos 14%, buena suerte amigo.
Ho perdido gigantes vezes demas por causa de ese bug...

Capcom's incompetence won't allow Wesker, currentlyy 1st on huge creatures, to play today, because of the gruesome 'no ticket' bug - your next ticket is held back until 24 hours after you last played, even if that was 2pm. Onnly way to guarantee you can play is to load up just after 3pm, forget it if you work...
I would not enjoy winning the event because a better player was hamstrung
3989Name:Wesker2019-09-04 23:09:09
Joder Capcom no es posible que se me bloquee una entrada para el evento de gigantes que estupidez jaja
3988Name:Walshy44622019-08-31 15:37:25

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

3987Name:Wesker2019-08-29 15:08:08
Hola les quiere compartir un video espero y les guste jajaja es mas que obvio que NO soy el mejor! y que lo juego por diversión saludos!!
3986Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-08-29 13:57:44
Unscripted is far from useless, but for those World-Record class scores you guys did?? yeah it's a fucken let down compared to how smoothly shaved the SONY consoles happen to have better frame rate/spawns RNG .ect

Really surprised that the XBOX-ONE version should have the only inconsistent max-speed MURAMASA to the point it can't handle the MAX-SPEED. It starts to fuck itself and freak out not dishing out proper DSP/burns; for whatever reason the game can't keep up and skips a few shots NOT calculating them towards the fullburst damage total not good for LRCs or WS really- still usable though.

So sad because even the
XBOX 360 version can handle the UNSCRIPTED / SLEDGE HEIMER no worries .
3985Name:WornOutSmiles2019-08-24 16:56:54
Yup, 3000 hours for the Unscripted to drop and the gun is pretty much useless on Xbox One. Gotta love that RNG...
3984Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-08-16 15:27:30
Weekend Survivor no.74 PRIZE GUN : SERPENT , the noobs will be happy, decent magnum, easy to handle and not overshoot.

in other news,

I have a video of finding my own Sledgehammer 5 Slot on xbox 360...and then sources also confirmed the person with the SLEDGE 6 slot acquired it 'legitimately' ..... so there's no reason why a 6 slot SLEDGE can't drop on XBOX ONE , or maybe , it already has , but no one wants to share it!?!?!?
3983Name:Cujo742019-08-13 01:15:32
Close to 600 hours and still no level 100
3982Name:.Marko.Makes.Pussycats.Moan.2019-08-12 23:11:07
Weekend Survivor no.73 C0-0P [41'54.WESKER-MODE]


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