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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3868Name:ShadowSlayer692018-12-16 08:00:17
SSS es por los primeros 11 en caça tesoros
3867Name:Elmo772018-12-13 05:02:28
Alguien sabe cómo sacar un triple sss en revelesiones 1
3866Name:WornOutSmiles2018-12-08 10:49:01
I disagree about RE7 too. Despite some of the stupid Minigames bought out as DLC being comparable to AIDS, the main game and the remainder of DLCs were all amazing!..
3865Name:WornOutSmiles2018-12-08 10:46:07
I disagree on getting rid of LRCs, in my opinion they are genius. They were the only thing worth playing this game for. I can agree that it's all too easy to copy everyone's strategies and come out with a similar or better time, depending on whether your weapons and/or frame rate are better or not. There's pretty much no need to use your brain on this game now, especially in solo. I do think the LRCs could've been freshened up though. I dunno, like give every one participating the exact same skills and weapons (good or bad) and see what players can come up with. You'd essentially need a new strategy for every LRC. That said, RNG is part of what killed them too though...

I'm excited and scared for Rev.3, I just hope they can add the good from Rev.1 and 2 together and make something amazing. Let's face it though, it's probably gonna be another tedious, boring and frustrating grindfest trying to find items of use...
3864Name:Luiigi_G_Joss2018-11-19 03:01:04
En efecto
3860Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22018-11-06 04:22:58
Sadly most of the community is dying, not just rev.. :( I think we can blame RE7 alot for that.
3859Name:ShadowSlayer692018-11-05 17:18:42
@WornOutSmiles, you sometimes have to pause a 90 minute Huge Creature run so your friends don't think you're ignoring them, and a party invite on a solo run is definitely good for your sanity - I know u wouldn't last 5 minutes on that torture fest of an event, lol. My fix would be, scrap LRCs, they have become grossly repetitive and dull, and too open to abuse. You tube cut and paste takes the fun out of devising your own strategy anyway.
Capcom really need to get on with Rev3, and commit to it in the way they have done Monster Hunter World, regular free extra content and brand new challenges and equipment. RNG is at worst 1% so it is possible to get everything, unlike code red or ghost ship where hundreds of hours can still yield no top gear. Let's hope they at least listen while developing the next game. RIP Rev2 :-(
3858Name:Az2018-11-04 07:42:14
@ Wornout smiler
I gave FORTNITE a try but it wasn't for me. Too much sky diving, and when I finally got to the ground most of the time I would be killed and raped of all Id collected. Best I did was 3rd on battle Royale and that was just beginners luck. My son loves it though. It makes him angry a lot and I have to threaten to take away his gaming privileges if he smashes another xbone controller.
3857Name:Az2018-11-04 07:26:16
I recently tried DEAD SPACE on xb 360 and I really liked it. I am almost to the end of DEAD SPACE 2 now,with the 3rd instalment yet to be played. It's a corpse stomping, jump out at you when you least expect it, gore fest with some strange but effective weapons to play around with. If you haven't played it before I highly recommend it. Cheap but not nasty.
3856Name:Marko Moans2018-11-03 12:16:11
CAPCOM doesn't care , if they were going to patch it , it would have happened a lonnng fucken time ago when they came out with LOTTIE

- I mean, they left duplication in for the XBOX ONE, version , which is an argument in itself - I've always used it to sway people who think it's cheating or unfair > ..but CAPCOM really don't care

and yet..I should get banned on multiple accounts for putting the actual cheaters in their place, making them feel like the stinkey pieces of shit they are L0L CAPCOMs priorities...good job fuckheds!

TIMEGLITCHBITCH?? CAPCOM is uneasy about this , and just sweeps the cock'roaches under the rug when pressed for info about it ; basically ITS" CAPCOMS FAULT , and as such , they ignore THEIR FLAW in THEIR GAME. Add to that the slow spawns?? Sadly , REV2 was doomed from the start ...rushed game + incomplete RAID mode , lots of potential to be better than what it was -

Lets just Hope they iron out all the bullshit in Revelations 3 ! which promises the BEST RA
3854Name:MichSM282018-11-03 01:25:13
Joder contigo Capcom no se cargó mi puntuación de ayer en el Evento de los Gigantes pero eso sí se toma en cuenta el intento vaya TONTERÍA! cómo es esto posible!
3853Name:WornOutSmiles2018-11-02 21:51:12
Capcom ain't gonna fix it lol. I'm not sure how hard it would be to fix it, but seriously just make it so pausing in an event makes your score not upload. I mean, why would you "need" to pause on a 2 minute LRC? To me that's the easiest way to fix it, but with the amount of players on this game, I highly doubt they'll touch it.

As for what I'm playing now, I played Rev.1 until the RNG killed that. Then Fortnite had me smiling for a while. Now my smiles are all worn out waiting for RE2...
3852Name:Az2018-11-02 17:29:27
@ Wornout game.
What is your game favourite now you have worn out your smile playing rev 2. (please don't say Rev 1)
3851Name:Az2018-11-02 17:18:53
Would somebody do a clockroach glitch video and email the fucker to Capcom or or whoever. Make them see how corrupt the events are ffs. If they can't do anything to fix it, patch it or whatever there will never be a level playing field for events. Capcom care enough to remaster and remake these games for fans/addicts (BOB) so they ought to listen to feedback from fans and make improvement where needed. The Intendslow Glitch (Nintendo switch) has some great improvements but the same issues with lag and spawn glitch remain..
3850Name:NoLubeNoWarn1ng2018-10-29 15:09:19
@Smiles Guy I snatched part of your strat to beat my old time :) Still nowhere close to your lrc 93 time gg pal!
3849Name:WornOutSmiles2018-10-29 04:14:51
Nobody cares because the game is and has been irrelevant for quite sometime. A Gold Trophy on Xbox One almost always meant nothing, simply due to the fact there's never been much competition, players played for rewards over rank, or they just didn't play.

As stated, those using the glitch are obvious and I for 1 don't pay much attention to their score knowing full well it isn't legitimate. Not only that, but all the strategies for LRCs are already for the most part there ready to be copied and pasted. Having not played in a year or so I could safely bet my ass I could come back to this LRC, copy my strat from over a year ago, press pause a few times and get that gold Trophy in under 20mins...where's the fun in that?
3848Name:Black 0n Black2018-10-27 23:43:14
az I do not care anymore rev2. marko was right rev1 is better, without all this shit of glitch, rev2 three years after only the addicted plays still
3847Name:Az2018-10-27 20:01:13
I like the name clock roach when referring to a time glitcher. Kind of sums them up I think. I'm sure Black on Black would agree with me.
3846Name:Az2018-10-27 19:53:21
The clock runs on when you use a red crystal while transferring data crap appears though.
Could it not be made so for any stopping? Weather it be changing aiming and camera speed or taking a piss or tying your laces pausing? Maybe not.
3845Name:Black 0n Black2018-10-26 19:06:02
at least, this is the reality this game is too old for this shit here
3844Name:Marko Moans2018-10-26 15:48:54
Yes, about DRAGON LIAR

I don't know what's more pathetic ?? The fact that this person is obviously someone on an alternate account, pretending to be someone else hiding who they are ( because time glitching is so shameful perhaps? )


the fact that this person has 78 1st place trophies , either because they cheated , or simply because no one else played in that event ?? hahaha ..yes they play every week , cheating primarily with time glitch to win - kind of sad really.

At this point in REV2s life , it's kind of fair for everyone on XBOX ONE to have stopped playing over a year ago and just not give a fuck .lol
3843Name:Marko Moans2018-10-26 15:47:56
Had I not exposed her , she would still be glitching probably....ohhh it's interesting, the moment she stops , DRAGON LIAR should come out from the shadows and start glitching..hmmmm there's an obvious connection here

highly likely she's DRAGON LIAR ..cus time glitching + lying about it when I BENT HER OVER , PANTS DOWN: EXPOSED, was just sooo much fun for her . lol

And even if it's not you , LOVETTA , shut the fuck up time glitch in the past 2. you are both Brazilian 3. you both started playing at around the same time, it's not a coincidence you also played together ....soo excuse me for suspecting you?? # Sarcasm , in case u don't know what that is .
3842Name:Marko Moans2018-10-26 15:47:18
eh Cap'taine

hmmm well nah , shits been fucked here on XBOX ONE for a while sadly, no one cares to plays anymore, and no one is around to really give a fuck or care about what DRAGON LIAR does lol.. him n his fucking COCK n BALLs ROACHie bum'chum LUCIANO AKA Loosey anus * think they're so good good?? so good they can STOP TIME, haha well that was their plan, they're just a couple of wannabe Brazilian time travelers, too infinity and beyond !!!

I'm 69% sure it's that nasty brazilian sluts alternate account though , ERICA LOVETTA , I fucked her ass good and she ran away ( as best she could) . i made her quit the game L0L
3841Name:Az2018-10-26 04:56:46
A look at the switch forum compelled me to look at this forum to see if Dragon lima was getting raped for cheating on the 40 event. It looks like there's a lot of exposure of cheating on here well done. Too much ban ter not enough ban ning though.
3840Name:Az2018-10-26 04:46:10
Your all cheating mo fo's lol This shit never ends does it?
3839Name:Marko Moans2018-10-13 21:12:06
hmmmm '' do not worry, the dirty mouths of the forum have not understood anything about life, they are just jealous of the success of others. they are going to suck PS4 saying XBOX is slower, anything bad losers haha ''

said B0B to loveta / 5 months ago.

what??the. Fuck.
3836Name:Marko Moans2018-10-03 20:08:33
If by 'party' you mean 'weapons' , then you didn't miss out at all thanks

to CAPCOMS state-OF-the-ART weapon sharing feature EXCLUSIVE only on

xbox 360 and ONE consoles (fuck you Playstation) lol.

myself (or anyone else i suppose) can hook you up with weapons of mASS DeeStruction
3835Name:NoLubeNoWarn1ng2018-10-03 04:04:46
I missed out on the party! FeelsBadMan
3834Name:WornOutSmiles2018-10-02 06:38:44
Yeah, the 6 slot Unscripted has been passed around already.

Just a shame it always sucked dick on Xbox One. You're honestly probably better off with the LR+...
3833Name:Marko Moans2018-09-29 22:30:55
3832Name:XxxEsbeydiGxxX2018-09-29 15:15:47

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

3831Name:Marko Moans2018-09-23 22:35:00
Nah , 6 Slot Unscripted is already in 'circulation' among us 'all' L0L thx to the 'Arabian Knight'

what 'we' need , is a

SL'wedggie humper to feel complete in this game
3830Name:NoLubeNoWarn1ng2018-09-22 12:54:20
Sweet Firebolt...Now if I could just get that 6 slot Unscripted I'll feel complete
3829Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22018-09-18 04:31:16
h m m ?
3828Name:Marko Moans2018-09-17 23:24:09
3827Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22018-09-17 15:10:00
I don't think you know what I mean. Using PC when you enter the 'event' page REV2 is set as default. I've been grinding RE6 survivors on 360 all night and it's still locked to rev2 on xbox one. I think it's an issue in their coding. If you look at my other page you'll see RE6 is the first thing that comes up right now.
3826Name:ShadowSlayer692018-09-17 14:31:04
your final point is correct, I used to get event World Records, in spite of the reduced HC health on XB1. since they released unique mods for switch, that became impossible. 3 years of serious cross platform competition killed off in a ham fisted marketing stunt, thanks Capcom ;(
3825Name:ShadowSlayer692018-09-17 14:14:18
Marrtin, it's the game's event system, not the platform, in my experience. RE6 and Rev1 have instant updates on xbox too, Rev2 you've always had to wait several hours to see if your efforts were even registered. try a Rev2 event on PS and let me know what happens
3824Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22018-09-17 12:28:51
Why isn't updating the same for xbox players as PS or Nintendo? For example ; when I play RE6 or Rev1 on PS3 the event page updates to that specific game and platform.. Somehow Xbox is locked for rev2.. Not a major issue but just shows they care little for xbox players.
3823Name:Marko Moans2018-09-10 00:28:21
@ Dragon Lier or Lovetta...

HAHAHAH , what a fucking noob man....

Level-Restricted Challenge No. 349

1'57 time glitch on STAGE 1-2 solo.....

But you can only manage 2'20 in co-op with Luciano ?? ahahah

fucking pathetic . my solo score is faster than yours co-op... suck that dick bitch .

thank you for not humiliating yourself in Weekend Survivor solo with time glitch anymore ,

BUT you do not play the event in co-op with Luciano...I wonder why ..hmmmmm

3822Name:Thechickenox2018-09-08 16:06:04
Cómo ganan los eventos
son hackers o tienen un buen armamento solo así entiendo
3821Name:ShadowSlayer692018-08-07 13:18:11
congratulations to Carlos Alberto, this month's winner of the Bloodied Gina lottery ;)
right time, right place (my lobby)
3820Name:Marko Moans2018-07-09 09:36:12

It just doesn't make sense...if you and kamylla are SOOO GOODDD, and I am SOOOO bad ??? how come you had to leave her and use split-screen pause glitch to beat me and my friend a few WS's ago?? ahahahahah

Your modest time of 1'33 co-op LRC 329 with Luciano indicates you could be a decent team, why then , must you play S0L0 and time glitch?? WHY ! that is a SERIOUS QUESTION. I am NOT attacking you 'this time' . I also saw you were looking for partners for LRCs and WS. you got no excuses now. Play properly or just fuck off. plain and simple.
3819Name:Marko Moans2018-07-09 09:30:03
Oh Loveta....

I thought your asshole was too sore from me to talk here, for a few days at least...
You prove everything I say by how you react here .
Listen, carefully, okay slut?

You can time glitch and cheat alllll you want if you find it enjoyable , and if you want , you can be the delusional filthy bitch you are and try to lie about it, HOWEVER, everyone can see through the lies, and there is actual proof* and when I say that , I DO mean everyone dear. SO from now on, just stop the charades okay?

BUT if you choose to play Weekend Survivor C0-0P GET A FRIEND and fucking play in C0-0P for FUN, not this bullshit about you having to time glitch in S0L0 or split-screen C0-0P / playing with your modder bitch account?? Do you hear me slut?? I know you can since you are speechless after the harddd pounding I gave you up your ass the other day.
3818Name:Eriica LOVETA2018-07-09 03:11:16

Pra começar a mensagem não foi pra você , quem é você no revelations 2 ? hahaha consegue ser pior que o jjames , voce cala sua boca que ninguem aqui ta falando com vioce , se coloca no seu lugar , toda vez que falo com o james vem voce aqui igual uma cadela defender sua namorada chamada james , ele não tem como falar por si e manda voce a cadelinha responder por ele , voce não sabe de nada cala a merda da sua boca seu gay do caralho . e outra voce fala que todo mundo desconfia de me e cade todo mundo ? só vejo james e suas mil contas falando merda aqui lol fala serio vai pentear macaco porra
3817Name:ShadowSlayer692018-07-08 23:17:35
Loveta, thanks for clarifying, now for some FACTS: when you team up with a cheat to get an 'amazing' score, you won't always get banned, i have several whimpering emails from Capcom stressing how much they like to give people the benefit of the doubt, B0B being a classic case.
but they will scrap any score gained by cheating, and let a player carry on pretending they were oblivious to the hacks used by their partner, even if they do it over and over and claim amnesia... so your partner prefers not to let Capcom see their loadout, and you never think to ask why, just keep taking those gifted trophies - and you wonder why no one believes you...
vou morrer rindo ;)
3816Name:Eriica LOVETA2018-07-08 21:44:01
todas as ws coop que eu faço eu faço com uma pessoa que não quer aparecer ela joga com o desativado. eu não tenho como fazer sozinha porquenão tenho 2 controles e muito menos 4 mãos , essa ws eu não fiz coop , já falei que não sei porque apareceu , se eu estivesse usado armas modificadas eu tinha sido banida de tudo e não fui . acredite se quiser se não quiser acreditar foda-se tenho minha conciencia limpa. .
3815Name:Black 0n Black2018-07-08 13:19:47
that's what I said, the third screen-shared solo ws was detected by capcom
3814Name:Marko Moans2018-07-08 12:31:21
Sorry B0B, but that theory is incorrect

, they are MANY people by themselves 'solo' on C0-0P leaderboards simply because 1 player does a better time with another player , leaving the 2nd partner in that place with a slower time

ALSO ...if what you said was TRUE then, does that apply to SPLIT-SCREEN...... ???

do me a favor... and check Loveta's will see her in C0-0P , by herself 'solo'

on Weekend Survivor no. 54 S0L0 with a SPLIT-SCREEN ** glitch time of 37'53"67

HAHAHHAHAHH C'est la vie ??? Also , do me a favor and tell loveta how you modded and cheated for so long on 360, but evaded capcoms attention and even got you account unbanned ,

I look forward to seeing you and Pequarte on the next Weekend Survivor ;)
3813Name:Black 0n Black2018-07-07 19:51:09
why the solo coop is sometimes erase?
the coop must make two players appear and capcom monitors this!
capcom has two possibilities, either the third does not pass or there is a person who asks a capcom ok

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