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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3839Name:Marko Moans2018-10-13 21:12:06
hmmmm '' do not worry, the dirty mouths of the forum have not understood anything about life, they are just jealous of the success of others. they are going to suck PS4 saying XBOX is slower, anything bad losers haha ''

said B0B to loveta / 5 months ago.

what??the. Fuck.
3836Name:Marko Moans2018-10-03 20:08:33
If by 'party' you mean 'weapons' , then you didn't miss out at all thanks

to CAPCOMS state-OF-the-ART weapon sharing feature EXCLUSIVE only on

xbox 360 and ONE consoles (fuck you Playstation) lol.

myself (or anyone else i suppose) can hook you up with weapons of mASS DeeStruction
3835Name:NoLubeNoWarn1ng2018-10-03 04:04:46
I missed out on the party! FeelsBadMan
3834Name:WornOutSmiles2018-10-02 06:38:44
Yeah, the 6 slot Unscripted has been passed around already.

Just a shame it always sucked dick on Xbox One. You're honestly probably better off with the LR+...
3833Name:Marko Moans2018-09-29 22:30:55
3832Name:XxxEsbeydiGxxX2018-09-29 15:15:47

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

3831Name:Marko Moans2018-09-23 22:35:00
Nah , 6 Slot Unscripted is already in 'circulation' among us 'all' L0L thx to the 'Arabian Knight'

what 'we' need , is a

SL'wedggie humper to feel complete in this game
3830Name:NoLubeNoWarn1ng2018-09-22 12:54:20
Sweet Firebolt...Now if I could just get that 6 slot Unscripted I'll feel complete
3829Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22018-09-18 04:31:16
h m m ?
3828Name:Marko Moans2018-09-17 23:24:09
3827Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22018-09-17 15:10:00
I don't think you know what I mean. Using PC when you enter the 'event' page REV2 is set as default. I've been grinding RE6 survivors on 360 all night and it's still locked to rev2 on xbox one. I think it's an issue in their coding. If you look at my other page you'll see RE6 is the first thing that comes up right now.
3826Name:ShadowSlayer692018-09-17 14:31:04
your final point is correct, I used to get event World Records, in spite of the reduced HC health on XB1. since they released unique mods for switch, that became impossible. 3 years of serious cross platform competition killed off in a ham fisted marketing stunt, thanks Capcom ;(
3825Name:ShadowSlayer692018-09-17 14:14:18
Marrtin, it's the game's event system, not the platform, in my experience. RE6 and Rev1 have instant updates on xbox too, Rev2 you've always had to wait several hours to see if your efforts were even registered. try a Rev2 event on PS and let me know what happens
3824Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22018-09-17 12:28:51
Why isn't updating the same for xbox players as PS or Nintendo? For example ; when I play RE6 or Rev1 on PS3 the event page updates to that specific game and platform.. Somehow Xbox is locked for rev2.. Not a major issue but just shows they care little for xbox players.
3823Name:Marko Moans2018-09-10 00:28:21
@ Dragon Lier or Lovetta...

HAHAHAH , what a fucking noob man....

Level-Restricted Challenge No. 349

1'57 time glitch on STAGE 1-2 solo.....

But you can only manage 2'20 in co-op with Luciano ?? ahahah

fucking pathetic . my solo score is faster than yours co-op... suck that dick bitch .

thank you for not humiliating yourself in Weekend Survivor solo with time glitch anymore ,

BUT you do not play the event in co-op with Luciano...I wonder why ..hmmmmm

3822Name:Thechickenox2018-09-08 16:06:04
Cómo ganan los eventos
son hackers o tienen un buen armamento solo así entiendo
3821Name:ShadowSlayer692018-08-07 13:18:11
congratulations to Carlos Alberto, this month's winner of the Bloodied Gina lottery ;)
right time, right place (my lobby)
3820Name:Marko Moans2018-07-09 09:36:12

It just doesn't make sense...if you and kamylla are SOOO GOODDD, and I am SOOOO bad ??? how come you had to leave her and use split-screen pause glitch to beat me and my friend a few WS's ago?? ahahahahah

Your modest time of 1'33 co-op LRC 329 with Luciano indicates you could be a decent team, why then , must you play S0L0 and time glitch?? WHY ! that is a SERIOUS QUESTION. I am NOT attacking you 'this time' . I also saw you were looking for partners for LRCs and WS. you got no excuses now. Play properly or just fuck off. plain and simple.
3819Name:Marko Moans2018-07-09 09:30:03
Oh Loveta....

I thought your asshole was too sore from me to talk here, for a few days at least...
You prove everything I say by how you react here .
Listen, carefully, okay slut?

You can time glitch and cheat alllll you want if you find it enjoyable , and if you want , you can be the delusional filthy bitch you are and try to lie about it, HOWEVER, everyone can see through the lies, and there is actual proof* and when I say that , I DO mean everyone dear. SO from now on, just stop the charades okay?

BUT if you choose to play Weekend Survivor C0-0P GET A FRIEND and fucking play in C0-0P for FUN, not this bullshit about you having to time glitch in S0L0 or split-screen C0-0P / playing with your modder bitch account?? Do you hear me slut?? I know you can since you are speechless after the harddd pounding I gave you up your ass the other day.
3818Name:Eriica LOVETA2018-07-09 03:11:16

Pra começar a mensagem não foi pra você , quem é você no revelations 2 ? hahaha consegue ser pior que o jjames , voce cala sua boca que ninguem aqui ta falando com vioce , se coloca no seu lugar , toda vez que falo com o james vem voce aqui igual uma cadela defender sua namorada chamada james , ele não tem como falar por si e manda voce a cadelinha responder por ele , voce não sabe de nada cala a merda da sua boca seu gay do caralho . e outra voce fala que todo mundo desconfia de me e cade todo mundo ? só vejo james e suas mil contas falando merda aqui lol fala serio vai pentear macaco porra
3817Name:ShadowSlayer692018-07-08 23:17:35
Loveta, thanks for clarifying, now for some FACTS: when you team up with a cheat to get an 'amazing' score, you won't always get banned, i have several whimpering emails from Capcom stressing how much they like to give people the benefit of the doubt, B0B being a classic case.
but they will scrap any score gained by cheating, and let a player carry on pretending they were oblivious to the hacks used by their partner, even if they do it over and over and claim amnesia... so your partner prefers not to let Capcom see their loadout, and you never think to ask why, just keep taking those gifted trophies - and you wonder why no one believes you...
vou morrer rindo ;)
3816Name:Eriica LOVETA2018-07-08 21:44:01
todas as ws coop que eu faço eu faço com uma pessoa que não quer aparecer ela joga com o desativado. eu não tenho como fazer sozinha porquenão tenho 2 controles e muito menos 4 mãos , essa ws eu não fiz coop , já falei que não sei porque apareceu , se eu estivesse usado armas modificadas eu tinha sido banida de tudo e não fui . acredite se quiser se não quiser acreditar foda-se tenho minha conciencia limpa. .
3815Name:Black 0n Black2018-07-08 13:19:47
that's what I said, the third screen-shared solo ws was detected by capcom
3814Name:Marko Moans2018-07-08 12:31:21
Sorry B0B, but that theory is incorrect

, they are MANY people by themselves 'solo' on C0-0P leaderboards simply because 1 player does a better time with another player , leaving the 2nd partner in that place with a slower time

ALSO ...if what you said was TRUE then, does that apply to SPLIT-SCREEN...... ???

do me a favor... and check Loveta's will see her in C0-0P , by herself 'solo'

on Weekend Survivor no. 54 S0L0 with a SPLIT-SCREEN ** glitch time of 37'53"67

HAHAHHAHAHH C'est la vie ??? Also , do me a favor and tell loveta how you modded and cheated for so long on 360, but evaded capcoms attention and even got you account unbanned ,

I look forward to seeing you and Pequarte on the next Weekend Survivor ;)
3813Name:Black 0n Black2018-07-07 19:51:09
why the solo coop is sometimes erase?
the coop must make two players appear and capcom monitors this!
capcom has two possibilities, either the third does not pass or there is a person who asks a capcom ok
3812Name:Marko Moans2018-07-07 11:41:27


nice time you did on DRAGON LIMA with Level Restricted Challenge no. 331 2'17....time glitch is obvious ....
3811Name:Marko Moans2018-07-07 11:28:18

**SARCASM** I love, that you do not reply to anything I say, but instead make your own bullshit to shift the focus of off what I just said...You have got the be the worst I have ever seen in the forums, and I've wrecked a lot dumb fuckwits who had it coming.

You are a complete coward, pathetic cheat, liar and a hypocrite. I will keep pounding until you submit like the weak slut you are. For you, it is better to make up more lies than response to me properly HAHAHA

How long can will you keep this act up??

I can keep it up aalllllll night slut ;)

See you for tomorrow's pounding, bitch .lol
3810Name:Marko Moans2018-07-07 11:20:14

About your Weekend Survivor C0-0P score getting removed... HAHAHA SHADOW VS BOB got banned and UNBANNED for crying to capcom like a bitch... he evaded capcom for a longggg time in a way that he remained 'safe' ..... Do you know HOW many times he had modded scores in HUGE CREATURES + C0-0P LRCs and capcom didn't care or do anything????

The ONLY thing , I liked about him , was his slutty wife maria wanting to suck my aussie cock, AND that he would play Weekend Survivor C0-0P against me with PEQUATRE fairly, I would enjoy beating him. Even ask him yourself . He might even come here to brag about evading capcom. I don't care if you did or didn't use modded guns/RPG - if you did you would have used another profile....fact of the matter is, you had your score deleted/removed..that's enough reason for me to believe you modded...there's no way around it. Again, thank for the laughs piggy HAHA
3809Name:Marko Moans2018-07-07 11:17:35

The reason I 'hated' her, is because SHE used time-glitch and modded guns AND pretended to appear to be playing LEGITIMATELY (at least in the end she admitted to it and left from humiliation) <<<<<< IF YOU CAN NOT GRASP THE SIMPLE CONCEPT OF THAT . YOU DESERVE TO GET SLAPPED ACROSS THE FACE WITH THE DILDO FRESH FROM HER STINKY ASS . YOU are a complete utter imbecile , even a 6 year old could understand the principle behind that<<<

The fact that you are even associated with her leaves little doubt you also follow her ways...and you and I both know I'm not wrong in saying that. Shut the FUCK -UP Once in YOUR life be HONEST . Why keep lying???!!?! OH yess that's right?? you're a pathetic coward have to lie to strangers over the internet .... about cheating in a video game, that you 'supposedly' don't care about??? Can ANYONE think something else remotely pathetic??? HAHAHAHAHAAH
3808Name:Marko Moans2018-07-07 11:15:30

I was humble. Then shortly after she was exposed in the 360 forum by others who care about playing fair; she time glitches, and used MODDED profiles with guns ...on many accounts , she was EXILED after the humiliation, the same will happen to you...these are FACTS. I know she is your lesbian lover, but these are true FACTS. If you want to pretend and cry about it that's fine.
3807Name:Marko Moans2018-07-07 11:14:36

No, dear you have it wrong - just like all the sluts on XBOX, I already explained about kamylla pig to you on xbox with messages, and you just laughed; because that's all you can do. Listen, she is ugly - when another Brazilian friend showed me a picture I vomited in my mouth abit....She was almost as bad a lady bandita. Also, listen carefully; I played with her only 2-3 times maybe on 360 , that's it. Just like everyone else, she complimented me on my speed and was OVERLY EAGER to play more with me and seemed desperate/flirty in messages.
3806Name:Marko Moans2018-07-07 11:12:57

You are the real retard, Loveta L0L I am BETTER than you , without having to cheat. plain and simple . YOu are fucking pathetic, and out of your mind. Tell me, who on XBOX ONE still plays and is good? NO ONE better than me, sadly, and you can ask the pros about that . it is a FACT, so for YOU to then joke and say someone retired on the game, and would come back JUST to play on my account MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE??? to put it politely, you are CLEARLY a fucking delusional retard.
3805Name:Marko Moans2018-07-07 11:11:29
time to fuck ur ass again slut
3804Name:ShadowSlayer692018-07-06 23:27:02
coitadinha, realmente vc nao sabe usar o tradutor google, lol. finge que é botao de pausa, logo ficas perita ;-)
3803Name:Eriica LOVETA2018-07-06 22:12:12
Falei que iria posta todos os eventos que eu fizer e fiz e cada dia vou melhora mais e fale oque você quiser tem os vídeos pra prova o contrário a mais uma coisa isso que você faz não chá a atenção da kamylla seu excluído hahahaha existe um ditado quem destrata quer compra barato hahaha você James se e seu nome mesmo e patético
3802Name:Eriica LOVETA2018-07-06 22:06:58
Mais uma evidência do tanto que é burro ele mesmo afirma que criou várias contas pra tira a kamylla do serio e você afirma que tenho outros perfil ver quem fala com outros perfil aqui no fórum hahahaha
3801Name:Eriica LOVETA2018-07-06 22:03:01
James fala tanto do xbox 360 e continuou no xbox se é tão justos porque continua aqui no xbox da você mesmo se entrega jogado mentiroso aqui você faz suas trapaças e é fácil acusa outros jogadores hahahahaha patético
3800Name:Eriica LOVETA2018-07-06 21:59:08
Mais uma que vocês mesmo se entregam e mostra o tanto que são mentirosos você jame e sua namoradinha que é outro perfil que usa pra fala aqui no fórum vocês não se consideram jogadores onesto? Mais uma vez vocês mesmo se contradiz falam de jogadores desde 360 e porque continuaram no xbox se vocês fossem tão justo como afirma não estariam em outra plataforma ?
3799Name:Eriica LOVETA2018-07-06 21:46:54

Owwww parece que ficou com ciúmes em sabendo que seu namoradinho não vale nada . Ou será que ta se doendo tanto porque descobriu que ele gosta de mulher e de homem . Ta decepcionado coitadinho de você hahahahaha . Ciúmes do namoradinho que romântico. O amor é lindo não é mesmo hahahaha
3798Name:ShadowSlayer692018-07-06 21:18:15
simple reason everyone from 360 despises Kamylla: she was yet another worthless little hacker who polluted the leaderboards with her lust for unearned glory... she was banned several times but kept returning with new profiles, same old faked weapons. pathetic little girl, that's all
3797Name:Eriica LOVETA2018-07-06 17:07:20
Why are not you a man at least once in your life and tell everyone here the real reason to hate kamylla? Speak there to everyone that you took one out of her and she excluded you from her friends so the whole uprising ha ha accept that it hurts less james and this has been for so long and has not surpassed yet. Of course you will never assume and will deny to death ha ha ha. He is still doing 50 profile with names of his ex boyfriends. Just to have "support" ha ha. Because in the live came all the educadinho justify myself and did not curse me? Because you know that there is not the same here ne? It has rules and if cursing is banned. Or just likes to appear even haha
3796Name:Eriica LOVETA2018-07-06 16:51:13
Ha ha ha ha ha ha James you really are an ass and retarded. If I had been using modified weapons I would have been banished in all my times. Stop being stupid and boring. I'm not to blame if capcom missed. Stop getting things you do not have. You keep saying that everyone is saying that I do this and that. But I only see you here with 50 profile talking shit ha ha ha you're pathetic indeed. And you think I do not know that you passed your profile to a good player to play in your place? You really dumb ha ha.
3795Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22018-07-06 15:09:45
@@. J u i c e y . J a m e s . We good, sorry if I came of as very defensive. Sometimes i'm bad with how I word my sententences (I'm swedish so english isn't what i'm most used to talk) But thanks for informing me, If I find someone willing to help me with weapons i'll do that, but until then farming is my only option! See you around ^^
3793Name:Marko Moans2018-07-06 12:01:53

..........Looks like the Martini was 'shaken' not 'stirred' hahaha L0L

I'll say again, I knew you were friends with Jay or at least a good acquaintance???? so I thought it 'odd' to be talking about

farming here on XBOX ONE. Since I thought it 'likely' you'd be the recipient of new guns, hence the question marks [?]

The '?' did indicate questions and not assumptions. the 'Hmmm L0L' Was that; I'd be laughing if you got guns/parts from Jay

and still farmed . hahahahaha

I was 'assuming' that you were aware of the duplication here, there was never an argument , perhaps a misinterpretation on wording, nonetheless .

Other than that - I did not assume anything more?????????????????????????????? L0L......lets not add to it.

When I said Good luck and no offense, I meant it.

As I said before , I don't hold it against you , you are free to play how you want. I played on XBOX 360 for over almost 2000+ hours , BEST I found was a 5 slot SLEDGEHAMMER myself, I have video p
3792Name:Marko Moans2018-07-06 11:26:44

I'm more worried that you seem to have a problem admitting or accepting that everyone knows about you 'cheating' now. It doesn't affect us - we don't actually care about you glitching and cheating, only about the snobbish spoilt-bitch attitude you've displayed here - it affects you , psychologically, and your mental wellbeing i think, every single time you come here and pretend and lie, and put up this 'fake' attitude about you not's starting to get state and pathetic really...

you're like a robot, saying the same generic shit over and over telling yourself if you keep lying it will come true L0L I also LOVE how you keep EVADING my questions and points i bring up...but it's typical of your slippery kind to use such tactics...LoL

'' . Life is not just about video games '' <<<< said the girl who has to come here and lie and pretend to strangers about her cheating in a video game?? hmmmm okay L0L....seriously...Hahahahahahahah Thanks for the laughs piggy .

3791Name:Marko Moans2018-07-06 11:23:30

Haha, seriously??? Firstly, do not take part or comment on things you do not have context about (just to try and make yourself look like a saint,) bitch. If you think I was 'not polite' to Martin, you need to harden the fuck up. Why are people so sensitive. It was sound advice about the game and a few lines of words, not nonsense. To you it might seem like nonsense, because you do not have the full context, does that compute with Ericca's tiny brain? * BeeP *B00P .

Hahaha, you're going to sit there and say I need treatment when you're the one in denial , a hypocrite , a cheat and a liar? If anyone is in dire need of psychiatric help, it's you dear.

The irony of the situation is you are the one who needs help... you really do ...simply put - the way things go is ; you time glitch , you used modded guns and you think it's OKAY morally for yourself to pretend and lie about it. WHEN the evidence is there for anyone to compare and see?? DO YOU KNOW UNDERSTAND THIS??...and you have the fucking
3790Name:WornOutSmiles2018-07-06 03:19:57
Farming in this game is a joke, that's the only way of putting it. There shouldn't be a part combination system and you shouldn't have to destroy weapons or parts. That's just my opinion though.

Heard about some of the Switch changes to this game, but I'm still kinda ignorant towards them. I hate the Rare Finders on the Rev.1 port though, not gonna lie. Hopefully they're more useful on Rev.2
3789Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22018-07-06 03:17:17
forgot to tell it's the switch version that has rare finders.. sucks they didn't give us those in the old versions
3788Name:M a r t i n M i l k 22018-07-06 03:13:59
@WornOutSmiles I know the farming is crazy, good thing they gave us 'rare finders' in rev2.. those make things 10000 times easier :) But then again, that platform has it's issues aswell.. you can't store your save files and I had a friend who lost several AMR's and all his stuff just because his console failed..

But I'm not aiming for best set up or anything, I just want decent loadout so I can get through the events that's all.
3787Name:WornOutSmiles2018-07-06 03:06:57
Not how I read it to be honest.

You don't have to beg, if I still had interest in the game I'd hop on and sort you out with all the weapons no questions asked. I can guarantee someone else would do it for you too though. The One community was always pretty helpful.
I can respect someone who likes to earn all their weapons legitimately, but on this I honestly think it's a waste of time. I spent about 1600+ hours farming and found a 5 slot Sledgehammer, that's about it...

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