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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3118Name:Darkstar2017-06-22 17:12:26
Level Restricted Challenge 223 - Bottle Ceiling Trick

Can help some players with the inflicted on the top stairway without having to make a dash up and saving some time. Hope it helps.
3117Name:DRiLL JiLL2017-06-22 15:15:35

awwwww whats the matter bitch?

cat gottcha tongue??

yeah....lets all just pretend you didn't see what i wrote you - or that FORT HOE , was a , NO SHOW last time

3116Name:Luso Warrior2017-06-22 02:31:23
@Fort Woe
You are pathetic and I'm shiting my pants already with your childish threats .
Grow up and get a life .
3115Name:Jake wesker2017-06-21 16:37:03
Has anyone got Resident evil 6 and if so who is your favorite character in it ?
3114Name:Darkstar2017-06-21 15:12:35
Silly Fort you are not going to do anything. Here's a lesson, if you are going to make threats or say anything and want people to take you seriously don't hide behind alt accounts.

You aren't going to do anything you are a coward and a good laugh though and that's about it.

So stupid
3113Name:Fort WOE2017-06-21 13:17:23
3112Name:Russel Hobbs2017-06-21 11:02:56

I agree, about the DLC packs, especially the card game, 21. Haven't finished the other two variations of 21 yet, such as Survival, but it took me hours just to beat it. Lucas cheats too much
3111Name:WornOutSmiles2017-06-21 02:44:25
I thought it was fantastic. The DLC packs for it are mediocre to terrible though IMO...
3110Name:Jake wesker2017-06-20 18:55:23
Is RE7 any good ?
3109Name:MPM Hunter2017-06-20 13:49:05
3108Name:Jake wesker2017-06-20 13:21:45
Yes @DrillJill she is hot and @Eve I know @James is a nice person and he is a good friend and it is fun to play Xbox with him he's a really nice guy :-)
3106Name:DRiLL JiLL2017-06-20 11:36:56
@ EVE ''James - actually is a very intelligent and wise person. I don't like it much when he curses but he it does have wisdom in it a lot of times if you look past the foul language involved. ''

Awwwwwwwwwwwww thanks dear ~ Nice Abs...L0L yes I have dirty mouth, needs to be cleaned out nicely..

@MPM Hunter I know exactly how your post was intended - I was just having a laugh (L0L) it was just a joke ~ sorry if I offended you ~

@Stu-ART yes I got it on Blu-Ray I liked it ;) iLuvRubyRoss2

@Az hahahaha Michael Bolton , nice1 skipper L0L

3104Name:Darkstar2017-06-20 08:20:20

3103Name:Luso Warrior2017-06-20 02:55:41
To capture the video while you streaming on the Windows app ,just press Windows button plus G and it prompt you with a menu.
Choose the big red button and it's done .
3102Name:Jake wesker2017-06-20 02:55:03
@Darkstar really lol you are messing out they are really good and the last one was so good Too a
Point that was sad :( @DrillJill seen the last one I think he didn't like it I can't remember lol but I did up to the point it was sad :( plus ruby rose is in it
3101Name:Luso Warrior2017-06-20 02:50:51
Is more simple than I thought LOL
I was fooling around just now with my xbox one app for Windows 10 and found out how to do it .No need for a twitch or beam account .First of all you need to turn your xbox one on and start a game .Then go to your Windows 10 app and select stream .Now from there just press the xbox one icon and it automatically finds your xbox one ID LOL
If the xbox one is turned off the app will ask you for the xbox one ID ,that was my problem.
3100Name:Darkstar2017-06-20 02:28:30
Stuart - lol no, I tend to just comment or like random live stuff on people's feeds on Xboxlive. I have seen I think the first live action RE movie, but it was terrible, I never finished watching it and based on friends feedback they weren't really impressed either.

AZ - I am one that never watches a WS in full unless I am investigating someone, then yes I do watch the run in entirety. When it comes to known friends, I usually watch a few minutes and then I verify the time matches with their posted score, and then I mark it with a like. It helps me keep track of friend's video's and other's that I verified and watched investigated or not.

I am posting it here so people know how I watch videos, LRC events I always watch the run completely.

3099Name:Luso Warrior2017-06-20 02:17:35
@Darkstar Eve

Thanks for the answer .
I guess I have to open a new twitch account since I don't remember the password and e-mail I used to open it .
Another way I found is to put my xbox one ID on the PC app but there is a problem. I don't know where I find that xbox one ID LOL
The xbox One mixer seems nice but I didn't use it much ,yet .
3097Name:Jake wesker2017-06-20 02:06:39
Natural selection leaves the survivor stronger and better! Humans have escaped this winnowing for far too long
3096Name:AzGudAz2017-06-20 02:00:07
How can we be lovers if we can't be friends? How can we start over when the fighting never ends
3094Name:Jake wesker2017-06-20 01:58:56
@Darkstar have you seen any of the Resident Evil movies ?
3091Name:Jake wesker2017-06-20 01:41:06
He's awesome WESKER
3090Name:Jake wesker2017-06-20 01:39:02
Albert wesker
3089Name:Darkstar2017-06-20 01:31:59
And some information I like to share so... have a seat.

I am actually pleased this WS Xboxone is kept clean, but that doesn't rule out that the participants are all clean, they just didn't bothered with this event or staying low as they say. As for the other platforms, all the usual spawn glitchers are still there, you can enjoy and have a laugh if you like as most if not all of them are already on there.

3088Name:Jake wesker2017-06-20 01:31:00
I have i was talking but as he don't wanna say sorry it's cool but anyways eve do you have DOA lol
3087Name:Darkstar2017-06-20 01:27:14
James - actually is a very intelligent and wise person. I don't like it much when he curses but he it does have wisdom in it a lot of times if you look past the foul language involved.

AMR hunter - thank you for trying to keep the peace, you remind me of a old friend back on ps3.

Stuart and Gavin - stop it now. thank you

Luso - I use twitch for all my WS runs, the stream can be pretty bad at times and not reliable in my experience but until I figure out how to use beam now MIXER I'll probably continue to use it as majority of mentor's and friends all on the same community.
3083Name:Luso Warrior2017-06-20 00:17:20
Here is my run on Lrc 221 - 1'52.

I don't know how to make a 1 hour recording with my xbox one so I don't have my ws 37 run ,sorry .
If someone want to help with that I would be apreciated .

Have fun .
3082Name:MPM Hunter2017-06-19 23:59:39
That's not what I was saying James but ok
3081Name:AzGudAz2017-06-19 23:37:22
WS 37 SOLO 49"48

I would love to see the 45 minute SOLO run video's.
3079Name:DRiLL JiLL2017-06-19 20:32:18

''Happy Father's Day weekend?! To all the great guys and dads out there! ''

''Sorry dear... According to the delightful reminder in which was spoken by AMR Hunter recently; it would seem that wishing all the fathers and great guys out there, A, happy Father's day, breaches the usage agreement of conduct you accepted when making an profile. Also 'Father's Day' , doesn't pertain to the game , unless there is a special Father's Day Weekend Event with Moira & Barry? No? I didn't think so. If possible please remove your post '' **HE SAID SARCASTICALLY**






xD eeeeeZe NuTTz
3078Name:DRiLL JiLL2017-06-19 20:16:55

This is place is sooo fucking dead and desolate without the drama / what is the purpose of this forum ? who benefits from it / take the stick out of your ass? ...and now it's gone back to being so quiet, that you can hear Galifag screaming in agony as he dwells below deep in the dungeon of despair, that is, the Axeman's playpen where he is 'tortured' by said Axeman deeeeeeeP. There is much 'Evil Within' FORT HOE's special training academy; 'butt camp,' i mean 'boot camp'

3077Name:DRiLL JiLL2017-06-19 20:16:06
Jake, no need to say sorry for the feelings and emotions those uncalled for remarks evoked - you were just reacting .

Even though my posts were funny and 'on-point' with the facts during this Fi'asco , it was quite an enjoyable face-sitting, woops i meant 'fascinating' source of reading material - it's immediate removal from the forum here was solely in the interest of others and to respect certain V.I.Ps, or perhaps I thought herein this one time I would abide social standards to some degree more so than I have in the pasta -

....But I don't know what people expect to get from this place. I mean for fucksake CAPC0M hasn't moderated the forums in over a year...

the rules here, are simple ..anything goes ..literally the amount of fucked up shit I've said? this is really nothing next to the 'paper-trail' I've left.

This is place is sooo fucking dead and desolate without the drama / what is the purpose of this forum ? who benefits from it / take the stick out of your ass? .
3076Name:AzGudAz2017-06-19 15:45:23
LRC 221 40 @ 40 Recommended Level Time 1"27
3075Name:Jake wesker2017-06-19 15:20:50
Everyone but 1 I just wanna say sorry for what I said on here but if anyone ever talks about my sister like that I will come for you she was my best friend and it was really hard for me and my brothers and dad to say goodbye to her I am still not over it and what was said about her made it all come back but I took down what I have said about that guy he said it so sorry again for putting it on here PS sorry Eve that you had to see all that
3073Name:DRiLL JiLL2017-06-18 08:57:05
well well wellllll ....look who decided to crawl up out of his gutter and open his mouth after what happened last time....

HAHAhahahahahaha Fort HOE you're a few months late .. and few floors short of completing all 30 floors on WS solo aren't you?

what happened? all talk but no action? I don't suppose you want 2 challenge me again during this current WS , you bitchh?

otherwise shut ya fuckin gob ya cunttt
3072Name:Darkstar2017-06-18 08:26:13
Nobody should be taking Mr Fort seriously, he already lost even before he posted. Anyone... that "confident" shouldn't be hiding behind alt accounts anyways.
3071Name:J4y1872017-06-18 08:14:01
and a big welcome back to the joke everyone can laugh at, FortHoe, where have you been? LMAO
3070Name:Darkstar2017-06-18 07:37:27
Hello Gallivant (Fort Woe). Since we are past the being friends part maybe I can call you Ronnie.
3069Name:Russel Hobbs2017-06-18 07:32:52
Fort HOE, shut your pathetic worthless ass up. You're the weakest link of Resident Evil games. And how dare you speak of Eve like that. Punkass
3068Name:Fort WOE2017-06-18 07:27:13
3067Name:Darkstar2017-06-18 07:22:20
I don't know the full story or really want to know what is going on but sharing mutual friendships, I must say that I personally be very upset if someone wished ill on friends and family alike. Male or female, that person is someone's loved one, and I would never ever wish or dare say something bad to happen to anyone.

Sometimes people say or do things out of frustration or anger, some can be rectified, other times unfortunately some things cannot be taken back. Whether or not your friendship can be salvaged, I do hope you guys will find peace in the end.
3066Name:DRiLL JiLL2017-06-18 07:01:53
yayy ;)
3064Name:MPM Hunter2017-06-18 05:56:28
Jake4life, my condolences to you and your family.

To all that are involved in this issue, please take this discussion to another forum and if possible remove the posts as they do not pertain to the game and have some hurtful language. Thank you.

3059Name:DRiLL JiLL2017-06-18 05:40:50
yayyyyy ;)
3050Name:J4y1872017-06-17 21:25:45
Guys, for something that started out as a failure of gaming etiquette, this has gone way too far. I understand people feeling hurt, but please stop this over the top hating and abuse, we were all best friends a couple of days ago and I repeat my offer to do anything I can to help sort it out. IT'S JUST A GAME.
If a gaming partnership ever starts to feel like a marriage, step back and enjoy your freedom. This is meant to be about fun :) that way there is always enough love to go around.
Um grande abraço para todos
3043Name:WornOutSmiles2017-06-17 15:03:11
Is that really necessary?
3041Name:Darkstar2017-06-17 08:43:20
Happy Father's Day weekend?! To all the great guys and dads out there!
3040Name:Jake wesker2017-06-17 08:17:30
I love apple pie mmmmmmmmm
3034Name:Kokh032017-06-17 01:43:30
Huge thnx to j4y187 for finishing WS even though I had to leave for work with 3 leaves left to go! Hope to play again for better time and shake the rust off.
3031Name:Darkstar2017-06-15 02:08:14
AMR Hunter - Now dear... what fun would it be if I just did that and called them all out? No my dear, but I assure you it will be revealed when the time comes. As for the "How you can tell" part, it really is difficult to explain, but without delving into the specifics you really need to understand Game and Character data manipulation and "Structured play" something that is common in my experience with Spawn Glitchers.

Only exception is Sir Gallivant, I mean I don't even consider him a tough case, I mean this man may just as well painted I'm a CHEAT and STUPID on his forehead or hold up a big sign with arrows pointing to him.

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