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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2813Name:WornOutSmiles2017-03-23 03:40:23
As for Bewilder, it's always inconsistent. Again, how the enemies react and whether they decide to attack or not is depicted by RNG.
Also bare in mind that there's a certain Elite Enemy type which can't do damage to other enemies, even with Bewilder. I believe they are called "Granters"(?) as they grant Elite Skills to other enemies. They have like a Yellow/Black Symbol above them I think? Anyway, if it is 1 of them, they will attack the enemy at times, but do no damage.
2812Name:WornOutSmiles2017-03-23 03:35:04
AMR Hunter

That's more common than you might think, especially with Shotguns which have a higher Fire Rate. I've shot literally 40-50 bullets before and not got a single burn. Sadly how often Burns occur is depicted by RNG.

I have about 10 different shotguns and use them depending on how consistently they burn, as well as how much burn damage they tend to do. I'm not a fan of the Decimator, as it's rarely the best choice, but for some LRCs it can be the best choice.
All I can really say is try out a few different ones on an LRC to see which is most consistent. I find 1 will burn better on 1 LRC and then be useless on another
2811Name:AMR Hunter2017-03-23 00:28:52
Does anyone else have problems with their shotgun with a level 10 fire not burning when shooting? It happens to me quite frequently. In my last run it happened twice in a row. Also, bewilder isn't working that well for me. The enemies swing at each other and do no damage. I don't get it.
2810Name:Darkstar2017-03-21 04:05:29
My number one fan is now from Hong Kong, even more dedicated than my fan from Chile and France Combined.
Thanks for the love! Lolol
2809Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-18 18:15:12
15 hrs raid playtime?

..Looks like someone needs the 'rev2 RAID MODE starter Bundle Pack' ~including all the essential goodies n toys
2808Name:Darkstar2017-03-18 11:06:02
Level Restricted Challenge 196 solo WR - Signs... watch?
2807Name:ColorDemiGod2017-03-18 00:40:01
Would anyone like to join me add me
2806Name:WornOutSmiles2017-03-17 19:48:11
I'd like to get that Ticket Puncher, but I'm still "too scared" to play WS Events :/ Kappa
2805Name:Michael kerr 1802017-03-17 18:52:23
Ticket puncher good guess a very handy weapon pity I already have 1 lol
2804Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-17 15:59:09
Sorry LADS

but i fkn called the TICKET PUNCHER long ago few WS back and was certain it was the next 1 /half weeks ago when many people ask me when im never wrong with all my past preDICKtions lol

Any1 who doesn't have the most sought after mag is a fool whos passes this ONCE IN A YEAR opportunity up (this is the 3rd time its the reward/ this time every year generally ) ~ better grab it while you can ,

.... O ' I'll be 'Punching' both holes in those who have Mr. Willy WANKAz~~ golden 'Tickets'
2803Name:Darkstar2017-03-17 15:26:18
Thanks but the ticket puncher I really like.

Hope someone can carry me!!!
2802Name:ShadowSlayer692017-03-17 15:18:09
@Darkstar, the 5 slot Sledgehammer up for grabs in Revelations 1 next week is truly desirable, if you'd like to try out a game that's actually a challenge lol. i'm not sure you even need to be awake to breeze thru these lrcs, but your no respawn skills would be useful in Rev 1
2801Name:ShadowSlayer692017-03-17 15:06:57
previous Weekend Survivor prizes:
15 Ticket Puncher 1. 33?
16 Chicago Typewriter SR+
17 Zaytsev. 2
18 Bushido
19 Cerberus. 3
20 Serpent. 4
21 Dagger Fang
22 Gravedigger. 5
23 Firebolt. 6
24 Muramasa LR+
25 Beelzebub. 7
26 Mr. Train. 8
27 Drake SR+. 9
28 Trident. 10
29 Banshee 11
30 Overlord. 12
31 High Roller LR+. 13
32 Decimator. 14
2800Name:Darkstar2017-03-17 15:01:31
Omg! A Ticket Puncher! Such a blessing it's a miracle!!

I want it I want it!
2799Name:ShadowSlayer692017-03-17 14:45:33
WS prize is probably the very desirable Ticket Puncher, judging by the cycle of prizes. I'm only committed to 2 plays, happy to help others if anyone needs it :)
2798Name:Darkstar2017-03-17 10:53:13
Level Restricted Challenge 196 solo - No respawn watch?
2797Name:KaosXV2017-03-17 10:39:10
A mr.train or serpent...
2796Name:WornOutSmiles2017-03-17 06:50:12
Either a Ticket Puncher or a Zaytsev...
2795Name:Michael kerr 1802017-03-17 06:20:57
Predictions for next weeks weekend survivor?? Million dollar I think
2794Name:AzGudAz2017-03-14 05:52:46

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2793Name:AMR Hunter2017-03-14 03:49:32
It would be even more fantastic if they came out with rev 3.
2792Name:ShadowSlayer692017-03-14 02:45:54
fantastic that we will have Revelations 1 here soon, as Smiles says, it will need to get the best out of it.
meanwhile, Ocypete is down to 8 million, dead in a few minutes
2791Name:AMR Hunter2017-03-14 00:58:52
That will be cool. I was just looking for it the other day. Don't know why it will take that long but oh well.
2790Name:WornOutSmiles2017-03-14 00:58:49
Noice, safe to say I'm pretty excited for that! Hope they have support for it though.
2789Name:Lady LC2017-03-14 00:47:31
Just posted this on my Activity Feed, so thought I'd share it here: Official RE Facebook page has confirmed that RE Revelations is coming to Xbox One in both digital and physical forms Autumn 2017
2788Name:ShadowSlayer692017-03-13 13:24:05
ok the huge creature has about half a day left to live, if anyone out there still needs bloodied Gina costume post here, there are a few of us around to help out
2787Name:ShadowSlayer692017-03-11 00:52:09
@Az, donated my ticket to ADR so he could take part in this farce. I had another challenge for FW, not holding my breath lol
2786Name:AzGudAz2017-03-09 22:23:27
Was your Fort Woe thing Solo because I can't see your solo time on WS 32. You both didn't show.? lol
2785Name:AMR Hunter2017-03-09 06:01:39
No thanks. I tried it and it is the opposite of fun.
2784Name:Darkstar2017-03-09 05:37:32
AMR Hunter - I have a List of Spawn Glitchers that you can ask.

They are everywhere. They even follow my friends and my videos.
2783Name:WornOutSmiles2017-03-09 04:32:28
Not sure how into detail I want to go with promoting the Glitch, but judging by what you called it; you already know how to do it at least.
2782Name:AMR Hunter2017-03-09 01:03:17
I guess I don't understand the pause glitch or how it works.
To support what wornoutsmiles said, I have the same weapons as the best players and lvl 20 parts and I am not in or barely in the top ten of the rankings. There is a lot of skill involved to be fast in this game.
2780Name:WornOutSmiles2017-03-08 21:06:18
Like AMR said, that sums up duping to me. I feel some players seem to think with Lvl.20 parts and a few decent AMRs they'll become Gods. Really not the case.

And AMR, no the glitch is game breaking. Anyone can use it on a WS Event and save anywhere between 4-7 minutes. It's harder to use efficiently on an LRC, but used correctly can still save you a tonne of time.
2779Name:WornOutSmiles2017-03-08 18:23:53
There's nothing "thrilling" about opening Chests, especially when you're lucky to find something useful every 500+ hours. Those saying that is rewarding/fun must have awesome RNG luck...
2778Name:ShadowSlayer692017-03-08 13:48:36
AMR Hunter - that was basically the game mechanic on Revelations 1, the ability to move your parts around to suit the occasion, a single full burst part goes a long way! also, greater freedom to upgrade weapons makes my level 42 Lindwurm pretty devastating, it's equivalent in Rev2 would be useless. frankly, the only improvement made in the sequel was the enemy counter
2777Name:ShadowSlayer692017-03-08 13:37:02
Worn/Ivy, we only get 3 or 4 shots at WS on the One, no option of save manipulation like PS3 - that handful of tickets, when you're focused on friends needing help for a 30, an earned Decimator, makes a solo run feel a bit self-indulgent.
This also makes it really hard to find a partner able to do more than a single try at an LRC 100.
I get why people prefer the thrill of opening a rainbow chest themselves over weapon sharing, but the complete bullshit this game comes up with... my 1st was a 96 Trident lol, some decent rifles but 6 months waiting for any shotgun, ending in a 4 slot Decimator? just in the last 2 weeks I've had better finds on Revelations 1 than in the entire 3,000 hours played since buying Rev2 on 360... keep enjoying RE7!
2776Name:AMR Hunter2017-03-08 13:09:46
The dupe glitch has made the game so much more enjoyable for me. I can make different combinations of weapons for specific scenarios and have the flexibility that should have been designed in to the game. I'm not a better player but I like the game instead of being annoyed with it for the pointless grinding.
I am curious how the pause glitch makes times so much better. It seems like you would already have to be pretty good at the game to benefit from it.
2775Name:ShadowSlayer692017-03-08 13:05:44
so, fresh from squashing one giant bug, I glance at the WS leaderboards to see if another sneaky little pest showed up for the 'battle of the century', but no matter how hard I scope in, the annoying little sod remains completely invisible...
well, FortWOE, what happened? pause yourself to death on PS3? lol
2774Name:Gilgamesh2017-03-08 08:20:16
Idk how Xbox having a low population of Rev2 players makes people scared of running online events for a two year old game that is nearly dead... Maybe people on Xbox have moved on to play newer games, maybe games like RE7 perhaps... And idk why people keep bringing up the duplication glitch like it makes people better at the game lol literally no difference between a damage 20 and 18 can't even tell the difference on an LRC or WS, Movement, Strategy, and Spawn knowledge are the only thing affecting "skill" in this game.
2773Name:WornOutSmiles2017-03-08 08:07:03
@PS3 Forum

Yeah, I don't play sometimes because I'm "scared"...I'm sure it's the same for everyone else here.

You guys have some of the most ignorant people on your platform it's not even funny...
I get a kick out of reading your Forums, just to see how far some of you have your heads up your ass...

2771Name:KaosXV2017-03-04 02:18:53
If somebody want help to get the decimator from WS 32...send a message on Xbox one same GT
2770Name:Marko's Meaty Man Sword2017-03-03 21:24:46
REAL HC guide

for all normal people that want bloody Gina

the long way with Charge shot C is only for the top 3 players or anyone who wants to do win essentially or place a really high socre , you onl need to kill the HC to unlock bloodied Gina

check out Jays video here, and read the description ;
2769Name:Darkstar2017-03-02 13:35:31

Old HC guide, I may update it but I never can find time to.

******Please read the video Description first*****

*NOTE* This is a very basic guide for maximizing your score for HC prizes
2768Name:WornOutSmiles2017-03-02 12:59:26
The secret is to just not play it, the event is a joke.

Seriously though, for maximum damage you need to play the event in Co-Op. From here, you Charge a bullet and then wait for your partner to shoot 2 Electric Bullets before shooting. Done correctly you'll do double damage.
2767Name:AMR Hunter2017-03-02 07:06:47
What's the secret to this invasion of the creatures event? I have AMRs with 70-88k damage, equipped with max level parts. These parts include long range, mundane murderer, damage, capacity, electric. One has charge shot c lvl 10 and it does less than the sledgehammer. Is there a weak spot on a glasp? I feel like I'm missing something obvious and that is holding me back from scoring more damage.
2766Name:WornOutSmiles2017-03-01 07:18:24
AMR, you'll most likely find that most players are looking for the exact same weapons.

Muramasa Steady Shot, AMR Steady Shot, Sledgehammer etc all with 6 slots. Although not impossible to find one of these, safe to say it's highly improbable.
2765Name:AMR Hunter2017-03-01 00:34:17
Are there any weapons that you are still looking for darkstar eve? I don't have anything you don't have already just curious.

Fort woe hasn't been practicing according to his profile.
2764Name:Darkstar2017-02-28 16:15:10
Omg next months HC is a High Roller SR+!! Such Amazzzzing prize it's nothing short of a miracle!!

I want it I want it!!
2763Name:Darkstar2017-02-28 05:47:13
LRC 189 Co-op watch?
2762Name:Darkstar2017-02-27 15:44:15
Omg!!! A SR+ MPM! Who could ever pass such a wonderful reward?! What Miracle!

I want it I want it!

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