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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Xbox ONE "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2907Name:Darkstar2017-04-30 01:24:03
James - lol I actually don't have one on the One.
2906Name:ADR JaiDe N2017-04-29 21:38:45
but EVE , you don't want a Zyastev you already got one, and it's collecting virtual dust like all those trophies L0L
2905Name:AMR Hunter2017-04-29 00:25:33
Thanks Raider I'll check it out.
2904Name:Darkstar2017-04-28 16:30:21
OMG the next WS is a Zatsyev! How did Capcom know I wanted one?

It's a Miracle!!
2903Name:Raider772017-04-27 19:22:59
Hi AMR. I did go to The Division after i played Rev2 for a long time and did never regret. You have 3rd Person perspective, better feeling controlls, Looting stuff, a lot of weapons, gear, skills and perks to combine. Still love this Game and it can give u a similar feeling when playing with a well skilled Build in a good group. 4 Guys running like Fast Full Burst together throughg content. I like this but it takes time to come there. Check it out. Must be a free trial version available i think.
2902Name:AMR Hunter2017-04-27 08:45:41
The controls for rer2 are pretty good. I've tried out the past re games like 4 and 5 and they are pretty stiff. 6 is the only one I can play but it still annoys me. Are there any other shooters that are as good or better than rer2?
2901Name:AzGudAz2017-04-24 18:46:01
LRC 206 With dreadful red life crystals.
2900Name:Darkstar2017-04-24 15:05:40
Omg the next LRC 100 has an Amazzzzing Machine Pistol for a prize!!

It's a miracle!
2899Name:Darkstar2017-04-24 13:25:16
Level Restricted Challenge 205 solo Final

Thank you Carve, Shiny, Soulless Persona and Wornoutsmiles for journeying with me through my countless blunders... and overall I ended up loving this stage in the end.
2896Name:ShadowSlayer692017-04-19 13:36:14
agreed, xbox one is a haven of fair and friendly competition, people like us who found high rankings on 360 impossible because of cheating can realise those dreams of gold towers. only the blue door system is broken, but use the forum and clubs to find partners easily.
and weapon sharing is more a way of equalising the game's bizarre odds than a cheat, it makes competion about talent not luck. 1,600 hours of play to find a lvl 100 AMR on 360, here i found one in the quad arena after 30 hours.
2895Name:Darkstar2017-04-19 04:55:45
I believe in Worn and his words. The Xboxone still the best in terms of community and competition wise.

Don't let it deter ya!
2894Name:WornOutSmiles2017-04-18 22:04:40

To be honest, the Xbox One competition has always been fair ever since a couple of certain people stopped playing long ago. As far as I'm aware, there's currently nobody who uses the Spawn Glitch here on One, I was just responding to Eve's comment about cheating on "other" platforms.

On One the only cheats available are the Spawn Glitch and the Duplication Glitch. On other platforms, I can safely assume the list is endless. So if you're after fair competition, don't be discouraged, as you're definitely on the "fairest" platform...
2893Name:Raider772017-04-18 20:06:57
oh my... this is indeed a little disappointing. all i read is about cheating, glitching and stuff... reminds me a lot on 360 times. i did quit there after i really tried hard to get a 1st-3rd place by playing fair and never got it. i knew i were one of the best players there but got always cheated out of the top rank... to read this actual discussion is not very motivating. I thought somehow things were different on XB1...
2892Name:WornOutSmiles2017-04-18 18:40:09
Stupid's run is glitched, I can bet my ass on that. Even if her time was possible on that WS, there's no way her movement/execution is good enough to obtain that kind of time without cheating. Sorry, but it's true... and like I said before, you don't record a 44 minute run and then for whatever reason, not bother recording your World Record 39 minute run...

TBH I don't really care, the only thing they are really gaining is a worthless Virtual Gold Trophy that nobody cares about nor acknowledges knowing that you cheated to get it.

As for Gallivant, I hope that time is legit. A 44 minute run without the glitch is like a 50-51 minute run... lol
2891Name:ShadowSlayer692017-04-18 12:53:30
Eve is an inspiration to me too, tambem mando um abraço :)
2890Name:maicao0062017-04-18 09:38:08
Hello good night great week start for everyone and eve I had commented that I love you I'm your fan and you are my inspiration in re2 ;)
2888Name:WornOutSmiles2017-04-18 08:32:24
Lol, no event is free from Spawn Glitchers...

TBH I don't believe the majority of solo WS runs, very hard to see who is real and who isn't.
I don't like to make judgements on what is possible on an event I have never played, nor watched a full run of. However, in my opinion, if you play on Xbox One, PS4 or PC where you have recording equipment integrated; the only excuse to not record is if you have cheated. Until I see a run on video, I don't even acknowledge it...
2886Name:maicao0062017-04-17 11:53:43
Olá feliz Páscoa a todos jogadores de revelations 2 u.u beijão e abraço de ursinho pra vcs ;) Eve i love you eu sou seu fã ;) minha inspiração no re2 hahaha
2885Name:Michael kerr 1802017-04-17 09:07:56
Is it just me or is speedshot the best tag I mean sr+ and lr+ is just shite
2884Name:Raider772017-04-16 20:58:32
@shadow: thanks for the suggestions! add me dude and we play together; GT is llRaider77ll
2883Name:ShadowSlayer692017-04-16 07:14:58
@Raider, i have good memories of playing with you on 360 and would be glad to return the favour.
i recommend also levelling up Moira for crouch power and can't catch me, Chris for coat of armour and Claire is the earliest character for sniper mastery; her shield is also useful. Evgeny's hurler skill is a must have too.
2882Name:Raider772017-04-15 17:41:32
@ james II ... the best choice in comparesion to a well tuned zaytsev that has an massive burst potential and may beat down single hughe enemies quicker ;-)

Crap limited text boxes here ...

Happy easter to all of you guys :-)
2881Name:Raider772017-04-15 17:32:51
well okay i got started now. its pretty hard cos there seems to be nobody else playing below lvl 100 and it took me a lot of time to bring 3 chars up to about lvl 30-35. To be prepared for code red asap i thought it would be good to start with Wesker to inherit Magnum Mastery asap and Evade cancel later on.
Jill for the other evasive skills and the missing bottles. Chris for Launcher, Metals skin, Shotgun and Sniper Mastery. Did i miss something essential i did not remember but will be needed to play WS and LRC in the future? Or just Grind Cash/XP soon?
I Remember i did grind cash in the Underwater World Stage where i used hunks invisiblility at the beginning.... and maybe this "more dmg while crouching" ? dont know anymore.

Any further suggestions?

If some guys here still grind Neal/VIII-6, help me to get to code red and i will open up a thousand chests for you/do the run part :-)

I never said the AMR is crap or something dude. I just was not sure if the AMR is always and ever the bet
2880Name:ADR JaiDe N2017-04-14 04:37:20
- Carsten, whats you current gamertag, if you'll add me back? I remember you changed it after you disappeared

And you were wrong about AMRs , they are a power house and really strong .
2879Name:ADR JaiDe N2017-04-14 04:34:03
Yes, fast fullburst , i pass the teachings on to many players well .

Maybe we play in future Carsten, hope you been well all this time. I am still here this whole since we last played TC's The Division, but mainly i am WS player speedrun still . Haha connection still a big problem in co-op , you will appreciate the faster frame rate on the xbox one = faster spawns and times overall .
2878Name:Raider772017-04-14 01:44:06
yes its me james:-) i got bored from The Division and felt like... well i did miss rev2 and the fun, a good run in "Fast Full Burst" playstyle can offer! I m really starting from scratch here and see how much time i will need to be, where i once was on 360...

@wornout: thats good to hear. then my memory is somehow wrong and the codes were just for rev1 i assume.

If somebody will have fun to help me leveling up a bit.. man u r just welcome i m at lvl 5 with one char just right now lol
2877Name:ADR JaiDe N2017-04-14 00:58:38
Carsten!? is that you old friend ??
2876Name:WornOutSmiles2017-04-14 00:51:32
Pretty sure Present Codes for Revelations 2 were never a thing, so I'm assuming you're looking for something that doesn't exist.
2875Name:Raider772017-04-13 23:07:05
Hi there.
I m actually looking for some present codes pages for rev2 but cant find!? I m sure there are some to find cos i did when playing on my good old 360. anybody wants to help? Would be great to help me getting started from scratch on ONE. Many thanks ;-)
2874Name:Monkeystash2017-04-09 19:37:03
Typewriter you might consider Anti recoil if it's too wild a ride. Or play around with aiming speed perhaps.
2870Name:Monkeystash2017-04-09 19:30:19
Chicago typewriter can be a great weapon. Crank up that capacity and firing rate to around 20.00 Add Damage homing, fire ammo extended burn, and merciless works rather well. For the last its your choice. Piercing maybe. BSAA added will increase cap and firing rate, Fire rate too high and it will break the sound barrier and the damn things have moments of silent firing. Use 4 of them and go nuts on a gangster psycho sprayfest.( Experience enhanced if yelling COME GET SOME MUTHA FKR'S) Loads of satisfaction from doing this if feeling in the mood. : )
2869Name:AMR Hunter2017-04-08 12:39:05
It's a pretty lousy prize for roughly an hour of time. I would rather spend an hour giving good weapons to players that need them.
2868Name:Darkstar2017-04-08 03:33:37
Let's run the WS together!!

Jk lol ❤️
2867Name:WornOutSmiles2017-04-08 02:45:28
I was wrong and right. I knew it wouldn't be worth my time...

Anyone who can complete all 30 Floors of WS Solo without cheating, certainly doesn't need a Chicago Typewriter...
2866Name:Darkstar2017-04-08 01:56:44
Definitely a great surprise for next WS. A Chicago Typewriter SR+! What a miracle!

Who can possibly pass this up?!
2864Name:AMR Hunter2017-04-07 23:00:29
I ruined my zaytsev before I knew what I was doing. It works great with burst 2 for non-challenges. Muramasas just seem to make m1891s obsolete.
2863Name:xxrayeyes2017-04-07 21:33:23
Yea zaystev would have been nice. Almost anything is better than my current best rifle. 1891 sonic assist + I already have too many Chicago typewriters!
2862Name:Michael kerr 1802017-04-07 13:02:12
Sledgehammer or unscripted or grim reaper would b nice
2861Name:ShadowSlayer692017-04-07 12:38:15
I assume Capcom will show great originality for once and offer the same prize on Rev1 and Rev2 events...
such a tasty morsel, I want it so much it huuuurts
2860Name:AMR Hunter2017-04-07 01:38:49
Thought I had the banshee but I must have sold it when I was running out of room storing weapons. I do have a 5 slot goldfish which also doesn't do much.
2859Name:Darkstar2017-04-06 09:44:37
Dont think I ever seen a Banshee.

I want it I want it!
2858Name:WornOutSmiles2017-04-06 09:37:30
I can safely assume it'll be something I don't need, want and won't be worth 50minutes of my time...

Banshee maybe?
2857Name:Darkstar2017-04-06 08:13:21
I'm hoping it will be a surprise new item. Maybe a Basilisk, Lindwurm or even a Million Dollar.

Or go above and beyond a 6 slotted AMR.
2856Name:ADR JaiDe N2017-04-06 05:53:12
''dear James something about your avatar and your name. Lol''

Oh, why ever do you say that, dear Eve? What specifically is there pertaining to my name+pic could you be referring to?

He's a nice TIP , as seems a task too HARD for you to convey to me here. Why not get straight to the POINT instead of beating around the BUSH


and yerr when i saw this ; You upsetted Worn...Gallivant... ''

I was all like; na~uh GuRL, aww hell no she ain't just said that hahaha

.....Anywho..just a weekly reminder to those that still play this game and care; Weekend Survivor is back around next week - not this friday but the following friday (14-17 April) to monday /JSTimezone / Saturday forevery1 else? Even when this game was still going strong its sad to have seen so few doing decently enough solo let alone in duo compared to PS3/4

upcumin WS.34 prize ??????? who can tell me ??? hahaha who will guess right? Post you answer for a chance to win......

2855Name:Darkstar2017-04-05 09:56:04
AMR Hunter - It is too long a story in itself. And I'm referencing to LRC 100. Not really feeling this weeks events. Will see about the 40... the 100 is and can be a crystal sink.

And I am really hoping the HC will end by today, not really looking to shooting it another day.

And finally James... dear James something about your avatar and your name. Lol
2854Name:ADR JaiDe N2017-04-05 03:30:32
2853Name:AMR Hunter2017-04-05 00:09:15
Eve- why do you feel like an outsider? Also, what is the "100"?
2852Name:Darkstar2017-04-04 22:24:45
More or less realistic. Although... I would had just simply said to Sir Gallivant... grow up.

Short, somewhat sweet and to the point.
2851Name:ADR JaiDe N2017-04-04 20:54:59
Thanks for accepting me as i am , with arms wide open *hugs Eve*

Yes Ma'am I'll see you on the 100 then, if u r really certain u want me for it, then im the man for the job, dont 4get Jay tho - are you absolutely didely positively scump'didely'osheous??? once you say 'yes' theres no going back...
2850Name:Darkstar2017-04-04 20:38:37
James - your coming with me to the 100.

I accepted long ago that is James and so funny lol.

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