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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
1985Name:buba-x2017-07-23 09:38:59
mj5mpgk - Do you have poor eyesight?) Different countries have different localizations, Okay - Rifle Muramasa and Anti-Materiel Rifle, if you understand this more clearly. If you thought better or did not pretend to be stupid you would understand that Players having such weapons as you and more specifically Rifle Muramasa and Anti-Materiel Rifle with 6slots, they will show much better results=) I would have the same time as you difference in a couple of seconds with your weapons. Yes for 100lvl events in most cases there will be enough shotguns, but for 40lvl the best weapon is Rifle Muramasa and Anti-Materiel rifle 6slots with 1-2 shotguns ( As well as repulsive weapons for some levels) Therefore, the reward for events sometimes should be Rifle Muramasa and Anti-Materiel Rifle, this would help novice players and would increase the fight in the leaderboard, that would add interest to all as well as you and me) So do not be an egoist.Also it would be great to see the levels from DLC in Events)
1984Name:mj5mpgk2017-07-23 04:00:55
I can see that THINKING isn't your strong point buba-x but no matter, no matter. Let me se what do we have here a "Murasima" what is this? probably we are playing two different games because I never heard and/or saw a gun like Murasima in Revelations 2. See what am talkin' about? Your knowledge about the game is so low that you even don't know the gun name. Anyway, what make you think that I want to look "cool" in your eyes? You're nothing to me I don't care about you and what you want, will I get some extra rewards if will finish this event without any sniper rifle? of course not so why the hell should I?, just because someone like you ask about it? don't make me laugh. I played on shitty weapons on begening no matter lvl40 or lvl100 I always had 2-3 shotguns & magnum and still got better times solo than you two in co-op, besides you have 500 hours and you can't finish WS in co-op, so how the hell you wanna get any reward?
1983Name:Ash9092017-07-22 09:00:24
Your guys played lrc a lot.And now you still not understand lrc...On lrc40,firepower is important and you can consider lrc40 as ws6070(after stage28).Without heavy firepower,you can still use shoutgun or other sr and magnum(with fire ammo).So lrc40 is dependance on firepower and basic skill.That's why Centurion can win lrc40 easier than other players. On lrc100,weapons are not important like lrc40.But skill and rng(bweilder) are important.That's why some legit players who played sub 200 hours can get trophy on every platform.Besides,don't think get good result is very easy.Any player still need to restart a lot of time and try it continously.Without any pratice and attempt,it's impossible to get nice results. If you wanna reference videos without any great weapons ,you can subscrible this channel. Good luck guys!!!
1982Name:buba-x2017-07-22 06:43:54
mj5mpgk -- I think you have an inflated ego =) Weapons for 40 lvl events - The best is Murasima and Heavy sniper rifle desirable With 6 slots 2things. As well as almost any shotgun 1-2 will be enough. The chance of Murasima falling and the Heavy Sniper Rifle with 6 slots is less than 1 percent.. The rest of the weapon will fit under the event but this is not enough for a good result like YOURS=) Therefore, I do not think that any Magnums and machine guns are Good awards and Weapons =) You're a great player, but I'm sure that without 2 heavy sniper rifles and 6 slots Murasima you would not have shown such results =) If you are such a cool show class without these weapons on Video) Therefore, you are not quite right about Magonah and his thoughts about game)
1981Name:mj5mpgk2017-07-22 02:43:49
Hope you can read too but am hardly doubt... enjoy.
1980Name:magonah2017-07-21 22:51:57
Please check these players for the use of cheats ( Or let them give a video of their passage. I believe that they use cheats. I also think that having played 500 hours I'll have to be with the top weapons, but your fucking events do not give anything but mountains of useless garbage, while similar players take first places using top weapons and cheats. I believe that you are obliged to give useful weapons for events, especially sniper rifles of Muramas and so on, with which you can pass events with equal conditions. In fact, it turns out that someone was lucky and who managed to knock out the right weapon for a long time now and wins. This is an unfair attitude to other players who want to compete for prizes.
1979Name:freeman713862017-07-20 21:41:18
How does capcom decide who to ban? i notice some ppl are removed from rankings after every lrc but some of the highest ranked guys on the final list are still obvious cheaters, take darksnake for example. With 40 hrs of playtime he wouldnt have the gears to pull that time in lrc 230 without cheat. Check him out.
1978Name:Ymfer2017-07-18 21:50:26
Aren't those maps DLC exclusive? If they are then there would be players who wouldn't have access to a community event, and that's not a good thing.
1977Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-07-18 02:03:15
Luciole,I got no clue xD
1976Name:Luciole2017-07-17 21:02:32
Why not this maps in LRC?
1975Name:Luciole2017-07-17 20:57:54
Why capcom dont use the other maps listed in raid mode IX for events in restricted challenge? Why the same maps over and over again? I'd love to see other maps like the Resident Evil 6 party hall president and the Resident Evil Revelations 1 ship's hall.
1972Name:mj5mpgk2017-07-06 00:58:49
Cause your account is banned since first event you played LRC 173....
1971Name:Ken2017-07-05 23:25:38
I would like to know why my score in the online events are always put in site buddies ranking but not rival ranking? does anybody can tell me ?
1970Name:Obito2017-07-04 05:17:35
how do i do bloody gina event i linked my account, lvled up to 20 and still cant access event
1969Name:Luciole2017-07-03 23:58:06
I like the events in revelations 2 but the rewards are forcing me not to play past those events. Who Needs Parts Like Final Shot? Or low-level parts like capacity 8 that are easily found?
1966Name:W3SK3R2017-06-28 23:17:44
Plz no more shortrange magnum and sniper. It just makes no sense on this weapontype. There are so many other and especially usefull weapon improvements. Thx very much!
1965Name:Ryu Fireheart2017-06-22 11:32:06
What is the gun pattern with rev2 events? I seen a mix of short range+,long range+ and rare tags so far. There is any different tags than this? Also, i seen some level restricted events giving a gun a few times, how often it happens? Is it 1 time per month or random?
1964Name:Carcharocles2017-06-16 11:00:36
Is anyone else even playing this anymore? This is the second time I've done a Mutant Pedro huge creature, but the first time I've gotten the offered gun. :|
And yeah, I concur on the damage thing, it's weird, sometimes the total damage I do on the mission is 1/3 the others. Oh well, I've got that SVD, guess I shouldn't be complaining.
1963Name:magonah2017-06-09 20:09:39
hi guys, SEBA&SEWCIO POLAND has 2-33 time on 220 lvl in coop, and on 219 lvl in coop has 2-03, pls chek him, i think i't impossible have ever great time on 220 and awful time on 219 lvl. TY
1962Name:NX012017-06-08 02:12:09
Problem with results?! No ranking? Anybody?
1961Name:Ymfer2017-06-05 21:39:32
I think this glitch is actually related to Pedro as an enemy. Don't his eyes have varying degrees of vulnerability, especially when attacking them in order for the easy kill? I believe the order of the eyes change, and even if the health pool is shared globally every time you enter Huge Creatures the monsters are spawned in that instance. That means the location of the vulnerable eye changes each time you start the mission, and that's why it takes a few times to get that eye in the position you want.
At leas that's how I think it works.
1960Name:ShadowWarrior2017-06-05 16:39:45
@Ryu Fireheart + all
It's still boring to restart the event 6-7 times for normally damage...
Please CAPCOM fix this!
1959Name:Ryu Fireheart2017-06-05 02:07:59
Thats what i usually do. I understand that its kinda nice to win a "digital trophy" to decorate your profile but some do like to go full ego. Some even have multiple 1st place trophies, just 1 for each rank would be more than enough for me. But i care more about a nice gun collection than website trophies.

P.S. Not like i can even try to get 1st place on REV2 events with my current setup lol. But well, i share the same mindset.
1957Name:Luciole2017-06-04 21:49:01
Guys! Dont be selfish in Huge creatures! Once hitted 30 millions its enough for the rewards! Unless you have inflated ego and like to see your name at the top of the list. Be kinder and humbler and leave other players with no time to play try to do any damage. I do not want to give a moral lesson but a little humility and help to others is a good initiative!
1956Name:Ryu Fireheart2017-06-03 04:26:57
Ok, some guy sent me the info about this bug on Huge Creatures, and it took 3 tries to get back to my regular damage. I seen 3 different damage ranges, 1st time my rifle did 8.000, then 2nd time 5.000, then at 3rd attempt it returned to normal damage of 12.000 (all shots on weakspot, no critical, no eletric buff).
I never seen it before, maybe it only happens with Pedro.
1955Name:Vlherg2017-06-03 03:22:47
Occasionally on huge creatures it won't register the extra damage for hitting the vulnerable spot & will just do normal damage. If you see this happening, abandoning the level and restarting will usually fix it
1954Name:Ryu Fireheart2017-06-03 00:56:17
No, i would never hit 100% of my bullets outside the weakspot... And no, i used a character that even had rest bonus actived, so 100% sure it was at lv 100.
1953Name:Ymfer2017-06-02 17:28:19
It could be that you're hitting just outside the eye's hit box. It happened a couple of times while I was targeting that same eye, and instead of hitting it you end up hitting his pants. It could also be a bit of a fluke. Test it by hitting his head. If you're still getting the same reduced damage then it's not the eye.

By the by, were you going after medals for Code Red before you went into Huge Creatures? I've done that a couple times and forgot to reset my level back to 100.
1952Name:Ryu Fireheart2017-06-02 06:22:56
So is pedro as a huge creature somehow different than other huge creatures? Like yesterday my damage was 2x higher than today. I know the thing about getting damage halved if you play 2x in same day, but it usually happens only on website score, and not in game. I am hiting the same eye on his right leg (his weakpot), is this the cause of the issue or what?
1951Name:LustedLisk2017-05-29 20:38:46
Hey guys, is anyone doing LRCs on 144Hz display? It's way too difficult to keep the shotguns leveled, there is so much recoil. I tried 60Hz and i had no problem keeping it steady. Is anyone else experiencing this?
1950Name:Igniz992017-05-26 01:26:54
Any one to play?
1949Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-05-23 00:56:13
ayy I forgot to do these last 2 lrcs...guess I took the celebration for too long lmao
1947Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-05-20 01:16:22
Bushido ^^ dream gun!!
1946Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-05-19 02:35:31
yay first 3rd place trophy ^^
1945Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-05-16 02:29:51
@LarryAsh909xZ270 well then,I guess i'm unlucky,I play on a potato xD,no wonder it takes more shotguns bullets than usual to kill an afflicted,rotten,etc. lul
1944Name:Ash9092017-05-15 15:04:32
This is truth.Like lrc40,other platforms can kill ironhead with 2 electric bottles and rpg but pc can't.Lrc100 is same as 40 on rottens or afficteds.....And ws,we can find ps4 have great connection and spawned enemies are faster than pc especially snow mountain...etc.And this game is without optimization from graphic cards of Nvidea and AMD.So rev2 is very dependance on pc parts.
1942Name:NikeOrange2017-05-15 04:48:53
Why console > pc?
All time better result.
1940Name:Luciole2017-05-09 22:32:22
I would recommend a super fun game which is the killing floor 1. It is perfect to be played with friends and it is extremely fun! In your face pal! ahhaah
1939Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-05-09 15:48:57
This is a public forum,everyone can speak whenever they want,sorry but you can't do anything :) .
1938Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-05-09 15:47:30
lmao salty af boii hahahahahahahahaha
1937Name:dathip2017-05-09 15:42:09
can't wait to participate in rev2 rewards
1936Name:mj5mpgk2017-05-09 12:28:07
We're not friends, so it's not "dude" to you. Besides, I don't like when someone don't have anything interesting to say and still talk like you do. You should be quiet as possible.
1935Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-05-09 05:50:47
XD hahahahah dude why you take these stuff so seriously?
1934Name:mj5mpgk2017-05-09 02:39:27
Yeah, you for sure.
1933Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-05-09 02:10:16
Damn,someone is really tilted here lmao xD.
1932Name:mj5mpgk2017-05-08 23:59:39
It was fantastic WS, each and everytime it should be like this. III-6, VIII-3. Where were "heroes" like Stupid & minoCHEATmouto? Unable to be in top3, really? wonder why... oh yeah, because there is no glitch on cementary. Stupid did 54 minutes (1st run), then did 4 minutes less because of stages like airplane and others but still... last 3 maps finished the job.
Congratulations CAPCOM, do it everytime!
1930Name:-Unknown Warrior2017-05-08 06:37:48
1927Name:Luciole2017-05-07 22:50:15
sorry guys! graveyard is 29! I did it in co-op! Was a good challenge and fun!
1926Name:G@BOM@2017-05-06 23:25:41
THX all , died in the 30th floor, its the prison, very very hard but ill try again when i can.
1925Name:Luciole2017-05-06 21:44:29
This weekend survivor is really hard. Stage 28 (if i remember is the graveyard, you cant die there) 4 rifles antimaterial is very recommended to try. Using skill "Crouch Power" + rifles antimaterial we have a chance to beat. But i have only 1 rifle Antimaterial.

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