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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2552Name:Draguth Aurelinus are cheater2018-10-18 10:19:12
I think I am explaining a fact
2551Name:ares.one2018-10-18 02:30:11
@ Wesker: Still the most wanted weapon he told about and showed off.
Its not that every screenshot out of the bench is a hint for a cheat.

But if someone posts almost every weapon over at least 1 year and suddenly posts 3-4 days just workbench pictures.
Plus, 2x rare tag and "Steady Shot" TAB in 3 days in a row, is a lil bit ... yes iam out. Never was a genius in stochastics.
Plus. Every video and screenshot were taken offline immediately. Ofc, i clean my screenshots on a regular basis. Or delete videos no one cares about. Who doesnt.
I just concluded to myself, that these happenings show something bad.

How i met him, played with him, we almost had good times and fun. He wasnt the obvious cheater, at all. Maybe he really had that badazz luck. Maybe he never cheat. Whatever happend to him. Wish him all best. Whatever lead him to leave, he choosed.

For me its just a problem, that toxic players name and shame with their nicknames. Hate and frustration. This all goes to far. I find it kind of funny
2550Name:W3SK3R2018-10-18 01:01:58
Makes no sense to cheat an AMR rare tag and not AMR with steadyshot
2549Name:zi02018-10-17 13:35:57
tbh I don't do evaluation screenshots every time (as for TAP[SteadyShot] e.g.) Only for first 6s Muramasa (i coldn't get one for a looooooong time) and same special occasions.
And even personally I don't care about time records (only looking for trophies), I can clearly get the point of madness about cheaters if you play by skill and someone shows the same or better result by cheating.
2548Name:ares.one2018-10-17 02:51:04
DarkGamer177 - Dunno if he was really a Ghandi-Guy.

Actually i played a lot with him. He cried for cheaters, often.
In the end he posted some screenshots from workbench with Sledgehammer, Steadyshot Tab 6s, Muramasa Raretag 6s.
All of them dropped one by another in just some days.

No picture of evaluatiion. Just bench.
Just one day later some "veterans" declaired him cheater. Then all pictures and videos were removed by darkgamer. Get rid of evidence.

Didnt feel good to play with him after that. Especially two veterans explained me what he did.
Then he left. Maybe he really left free will, maybe to put an example. Or maybe not.

Play the game. Met some players and maybe get a nice group or friendlist. Just ignore the toxic part.
2547Name:Draguth Aurelinus are cheater2018-10-16 22:57:37 the end every head is a world.But This hatred is caused by Draguth and Aurelinus.
Draguth and Aurelinus a jealous person with a liar
2545Name:dragoner_dreyco2018-10-16 10:52:24
Totally agree with your comment (I do not want to generate controversy), in the end every head is a world.
But was it necessary to take such a drastic measure?
2544Name:zi02018-10-16 10:29:20

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2543Name:RyanYin2018-10-15 10:50:32
sb help me!!!!! I can just get 22 floor
2542Name:dragoner_dreyco2018-10-13 17:26:36
Is someone encouraged to play in coop for WS 60?
2541Name:ares.one2018-10-13 17:09:44
Hello and welcome.
Like everywhere else, some toxic players in toxic forums.
Still you can find ppl. to play with or boost you in getting xp, bp, weapon farming and beat the events in coop

If you wanna play, send invite. Iam from germany and play on the weekend the most. Sometimes in the week after work.
2540Name:HateSymbol2018-10-13 14:46:56
Man, I have yet to play with someone else in the raids or anything, but this seems like a toxic community... lol
2539Name:dragoner_dreyco2018-10-13 06:59:42

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2538Name:xVxOxVx2018-10-02 21:32:08

2537Name:Draguth Aurelinus are cheater2018-10-01 04:22:38
Yes. Some difficulties. Because Aurelinus will use the weapon he cheated. It will cause great damage to the giant.
2536Name:Uzumaki19882018-10-01 02:33:54
Bad IHC rewards this time.. In any case.. I doubt I'll be able to score 30M points on my own...

2535Name:Draguth Aurelinus are cheater2018-09-30 09:15:21
The event is full of liar and jealousy. This is why DarkGameR's left.Draguth and Aurelinus are murderers
2534Name:zi02018-09-24 12:09:09
@Uzumaki1988, Draguth
I see... thank you!
I just was confused about DarkGameR's fate.
2532Name:Draguth Aurelinus are cheater2018-09-24 09:14:11
capcom account settings > unregister
2531Name:Uzumaki19882018-09-24 07:50:57
@zi0: Those are all probably deleted accounts... Either banned or deleted by the account owners themselves...
2530Name:zi02018-09-23 23:50:05
does anyone know what those "(####) noname" nicknames means?
2529Name:Draguth Aurelinus are cheater2018-09-13 11:28:58
2528Name:dragoner_dreyco2018-09-13 11:16:00
Hi, does anyone know if the video card Radeon RX 560 Rev. 2 is compatible with RE Revelations 2, in Win 10 X64?
2515Name:(1352765) noname2018-09-11 12:39:09
@ares: Good setup!
2514Name:ares.one2018-09-11 10:18:58
Finally managed to get and use 4 dmg18 parts. Now i have 2x dmg 17 built in 2 weapons 1x dmg 15,16,17.
With next rewards i get dmg 15 again, next event LRC lvl100.
I could generate 6x dmg 18 then, so i still need one more for second magnum (WS lvl 100). Place Long Range 10 instead of high dmg part for an second magnum? (Long Range+ Phyton 6s vs. Serpent 6S)

So i can boost in LRC and IHC ... for WS i need to use the LRC weapons + The LR+, LR10 part instead of dmg 17.

LRC Muramasa: SpeedLoad 6s ... dmg18 + fire or electro?

Cant decide.
2512Name:(1352765) noname2018-09-10 13:08:00
@Freeman: I never intended to throw any blames at anyone. Now, I'm not entirely sure about the weapons/parts Linsave has or how he acquired them.. But his game-play skills are on a pro level, there is no doubt about that.
I guess you are correct, we both started playing the events around the same time. However, a quick look at your event data suggests that your growth was certainly faster than mine. Although, I did manage to climb up from there, step by step. I had good friends who helped out as well. I used to love it when the competition was tough, something that always kept me motivated to keep improving.
Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore...
2505Name:freeman713862018-09-09 01:04:55
What you said just reinforced my claim that you are a terrible player that knows nothing about the game. Lvl 16 part only for lrc with 1,400 hours+ played? You are a joke. When I looked at your scores, all I can see is you couldn’t even get in top 20s in any solo events that require skills and in ws50 you couldn’t even finish stage26 solo. All these are proofs that you are just a terrible noob with high playtime count and garbage knowledge about this game. Seriously you should just shut up because opinions from scrubs like you are null.
Yea yea Just go back to flipping burgers or taking trash out at work. Oh how did I know what you do for a living? It’s because I figured those are the only jobs that people of your intelligence level are capable of. You must be REALLY proud of your trophy of life-long-burger-flipping because that’s about everything that you’ll achieve in life. Happy for you too.
2500Name:Draguth Aurelinus are cheater2018-09-08 16:19:41
kkkkkk of course
Shameless dirty liar Aurelinus and taboo dog Draguth.They are a group of locusts that have no life and no future.
2499Name:ares.one2018-09-08 16:06:47
The forum is reading like Trump tweets.
2498Name:Draguth Aurelinus are cheater2018-09-08 09:20:17
@Aurelinus congratulations you won the best glitch trophy better void and liar the Year trophy.
I can hear the voices of the monsters that you Cheating the kill. They are clamoring for revenge! They will come after you!
Great jealous. Congratulations on living in jealousy forever. You have no life. There is no future. I respect the way you live.
2497Name:Draguth Aurelinus are cheater2018-09-08 00:03:24
Congratulations on Aurelinus. You use dirty means to get three dirty gold trophies. Based on your game history and steam information. Make me more sure that you are indeed a shameless liar
It’s hard to believe a shameless liar to blame others.Nonono. You are indeed a liar. And it is dirty to get this dirty trophy.
byebye cheater
byebye cheater
Draguth has gone through these conversations. I am sure that you are a shameless jealous. Your lame game technology will never get better results. You can only avoid jealousy. Poor jealousy.
Of course. You really don't care about the trophy. Because your lame game technology makes you unable to get the trophy. You can only avoid jealousy. Poor garbage
Aurelinus, você não vale o trabalho. Nem você nem o Draguth. Eu estava apenas blefando a fim de ler você e ver o tipo de pessoa com que eu estava lidando. Agora eu sei, e me desapontei. Se você realmente pensasse nos jogadores honestos desse lugar, você certamente teria outro tipo de atitude.
2495Name:Aurelinus2018-09-07 23:39:10
Reported, bye, bye BC.
2491Name:Aurelinus2018-09-07 20:01:35
If you did then you would see that i get on rankings slowly progressing from very low to better now. If you believe using electric weapon's support on IHC (thanks to Sebi) or 16 lvl parts in LRC is a shameless lie, i'm not gonna argue. You got a problem.
2489Name:Draguth Aurelinus are cheater2018-09-07 18:11:00
Congratulations on Aurelinus. You use dirty means to get three dirty gold trophies. Based on your game history and steam information. Make me more sure that you are indeed a shameless liar
It’s hard to believe a shameless liar to blame others

Draguth has gone through these conversations. I am sure that you are a shameless jealous. Your lame game technology will never get better results. You can only avoid jealousy. Poor jealousy.
2488Name:freeman713862018-09-07 15:14:52
And you should stop acting like a know-it-all when you obviously don't. Read my comment below, noob. You are just a bigot that plays judge and jury based on your false beliefs. I hope you never get selected for jury duty.
Thanks for responding, politely. If I remember correctly, you started playing events shortly after I started and we both had about 150hrs played at the time. Were you already farming in the speed you mentioned in those 150 hours? Also 7-3 can be farmed in 20ish seconds. One last thing I wanted to say on this topic is that back in the earliest events, very powerful parts were awarded to top players in addition to the rewards from clearing the stage and the rewards can be earned twice if you topped both the solo and coop board. Take LRC4 for example... you could get 2 lvl18 dmg parts by getting top 100 in solo and coop. It was that easy. Linsave is a veteran that has been around since the very beginning so it's entirely not impossible for him to have what he has legally.
2479Name:freeman713862018-09-07 08:25:33
No I do not have lvl20 parts and I competed with event weapons and parts. No one ever said I had max lvl dmg/cap parts in 300hours. The reason you can’t get lvl20 parts in 600 hours is because you are just not efficient, not because others are cheaters. Don’t blame others because you’re bad in this game.
I find it ironic that you are acting so self righteous when your coop partner who used to go by SEBA POLAND is a known cheater/ glitcher among active coop players. Maybe you should ask him what local coop glitch he used back in the day to clear lrc 100 stages 3x faster than world records? His glitched scores were purged by Capcom every time but that says a lot about him. Are you aware of that or are you guys exploiting the game to steal trophies together now? I suspect you are just a thief crying thief to divert attention from your cheating behavior. LOL Busted.
Bottom line - if you have time to make false accusations, maybe you should instead go read a guide so you can become a better player.
2474Name:Shonkawakan2018-09-07 00:45:44
Do i read it right that in the end any standard lvl 100 gun is a total waste as compared to a lvl 100 one with a nicname? Even with all the millions forked out to upgrade it and best parts installed?
2473Name:Aurelinus2018-09-06 21:37:26
Freeman: And you were those who did "no life" for getting full parts for LRC in 600 hours and of course you had that pretty luck? I say clearly: not possible even if you played 24h/d - then you would have 2k hours at least (at least 1k hours might be enough to get all of them, still hardly). Not mentioning you started playing with these equipment when you were 300 hours or less... Just shut up...

<can't believe cheaters think someone can really believe them and they dare to try to excuse anyhow in public>
2471Name:Shonkawakan2018-09-06 20:12:22
2 Aurelinus.
Got it, thanks.
2470Name:Aurelinus2018-09-06 18:56:30
Gravedigger is ok, High Roller not worthy mentioning, sell it or put to the archives.
2469Name:Shonkawakan2018-09-06 16:48:46
Guys, HighRoller(steady shot) AR lvl 100 and the Gravedigger shotgun lvl 100.... good enough to start spending money on upgrading them beyond limits or should i keep grinding and wait for smth better?
Or should i not upgrade them much or at all and throw everything into a lvl 100 sniper rifle ? (cuz i prefere sniping and upgrading beyond limits turns out to be unexpectedly expensive lol. wasn't planning to do without secondary weapons at all, anyway, just not sure yet if they need as much upgrading as the lvl 100 sniper rifle i expect to get at some point)
2467Name:(1352765) noname2018-09-06 13:07:21
(Contd...) I used to run 8-6 (33s~35s), 5-3 about a min and 4-4 (40s-45s) but still after ~500+ hours of play I have only 3x Dmg Lv 19 and 4x Cap Lv 18 and few of Lv 16/17 ones.. So having 1~2 sets of Lv 20 is still possible with 600 hours+ but not multiple sets.. It is impossible..

2466Name:(1352765) noname2018-09-06 13:04:56
@Freeman: I most certainly agree with you that it is quite possible to get some of the rarest weapons drop for you early on in the game. Having played close to over 1000 hours (I lost my saves at one point around 350~370 hours playtime) and had to start from a Steam cloud save back up with about close to ~100 hours of playtime. I was lucky I had good friends who helped me with farming Code Red/Events and I was able to gather up the parts again rather quickly. I also managed to get the following super rare tag drops afterwards: Godfather (6s), Bushido (6s), Ticket Puncher (5s), Muramasa Steady (5s), Trident (6s), Banshee (5s), Firebolt (5s), Unscripted (5s) and Sledgehammer (6s)/Sledge was the last one I got (my 2nd AMR drop) not counting the super rare-tags that I got from WS rewards.. I agree it is possible to get the guns! But getting multiple sets of Lvl 20 parts (1set = Lv 20 Dmg + Lv 20 Cap) is still quite impossible with 600~700 hours in the game. My progress was not slow.. I used to run 8-6 (33s~35s),
2465Name:freeman713862018-09-06 12:20:09
It's already been said that with 600 hours of farming it is more than sufficient to get the lvl20 parts and there are others that agree to that statement in the responses below. I can’t believe you have 1,400 hours logged on and still think that's not doable.The weapons are just RNG... you could farm 3,000 hours without seeing any good weapons or you could find tons of good weapon early on. In terms of probability, based on the rev2 database on, the odd of getting the rarest weapon, a lvl100 max slot sledgehammer, in any one chest is 0.00000013275, that is low but heck, the odd of winning the mega million lottery is about 1/300 of that but there are jackpot winners in almost every drawing. Why couldn't linsave be one of the lucky guys who got the best weapons without thousands of hours of farming?The guy made a video, why can't you just appreciate the skill shown in it instead of making claims that you can’t prove? Seriously, the toxicity in this community is unbelievabl
2461Name:Aurelinus2018-09-06 00:13:44
Good move, just don't come back... We don't miss.
2459Name:(945530) noname2018-09-05 23:06:12
I don't care about gold trophies or silver trophies.
For me, playing LRC is just fun~ first cancel the account~ next time I meet the favorite map is coming back
2458Name:(945530) noname2018-09-05 22:46:24
I also believe that you are an immature child.
I dare to announce the configuration, I am not afraid of your questioning.
2456Name:Aurelinus2018-09-05 22:16:28
Oh, Linsave, just shut up and go back to those "other games". I dare to tell - you are a cheater - ok, you play well, but with cheated parts and weapons - LOL. Go home, nobody cares of your cheated "WRs", nobody cares of your kiddy explanations. Bye, bye. EOT.
2455Name:(945530) noname2018-09-05 20:17:14
Draguth kid .Very meaningless quarrel. I am playing other games now.Lrc I only choose the map I like to play. What is the next map? Maybe it is a few months later. I think you should learn to enjoy the game. It is not a meaningless quarrel.
2453Name:Draguth Aurelinus are cheater2018-09-05 19:59:11
I know blue 7/8/9 red 10/11.But the steam version doesn't need to read for such a long time.
Selling useless items takes a few seconds.4/5 hours?That is your slow progress

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