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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2181Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-16 22:47:06
I can understand
2180Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-16 22:46:30
if I create a new account I will lose all the improvements and I do not want to download it from the level 1 details it takes a lot of time
2179Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-16 22:40:28
when I will be banned I have
2178Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-16 22:39:08
Freeman can you ask a question when I will be banned for normal participation in events this is something like it is not human to be at least some time
2177Name:freeman713862018-01-15 02:46:50
@Lady Hawk Another awesome video! Look forward to what you are going to do in the next WS.
2176Name:Lady Hawk2018-01-14 21:42:07
We tried the running Weekend Survivor only with Shotguns
you can see here how it works ->
2175Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-14 20:05:16
and the more so in the rules of the game and I read them very carefully not to say that the cheats give a perm
2174Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-14 20:01:52
and I spent 600 rubles on this game exactly where it supported the project and here it is
2173Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-14 20:00:51
ares one you were never forbidden so you do not understand it
2172Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-14 19:59:11
because for you it is very difficult
2171Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-14 19:55:26
just strange moderators is it really a chance to give players can not be corrected in any game given 1 chance to improve here is not why give a chance to the player it will be easier to give a ban for always and not to sweat here is my opinion about you
2168Name:ares.one2018-01-13 23:32:12
@maxusstronger: If this game is outdated and everything sucks about it, why dont you go ahead with something else? Just take a minute, read your posts and reflect yourself.

Have a good intense facepalm to yourself and have a nice life. Good bye.
2167Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-13 19:08:09
the tragedy is that the ban was already given has probably passed a month it's time to forget about it I'm not playing your game anymore because it's already outdated there's better games to take the same Dayz standelone
2166Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-13 19:05:01
another answer I did not expect to hear and I'm not cheating, cheating is the one who uses an outsource PO I did not have it strange who the moderators take just a caper
2165Name:Battle Chess2018-01-11 15:00:06
you are dishonest cheater
Enjoy your permanent ban
2164Name:zi02018-01-10 10:43:45
"I deleted it from my computer"
What a tragedy. We'll have a week of sorrow about it.
2163Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-08 01:50:45
maybe I will then return to this game well, I think not soon you will see me in the expanses of revelations 2 I deleted it from my computer
2162Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-08 01:48:20
I'm not a crook just decided to go 1 time running or a trainer in the game or not and by the way really Pts is bad your site is updating the damage for a long time to wait I have tried just to you at least how to get through you decided not to ban me all the same, and on this I all the games I play without cheats just like I wrote before decided to check
2160Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-08 00:36:31
Если вы нашли лоха то уверяю вас лох это не я и я не буду терять своё драгоценное время на прокачку с 0 уровня персонажа флаг вам в руки
2157Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-07 22:58:51
Well, I already fucked up your game, well, good luck, you play
2154Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-07 20:39:41
Ау разрабы добавьте мой нанесённый дамаг что это так сложно?
2153Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-07 18:00:19
what improvements in the boss for weapons are affected by who knows? I decided to go honest and win something well, I need advice
2152Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-07 17:52:04
where my rating just on the boss 500,000 shot almost
2141Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-01-07 06:31:12
@Maxusstronger: The people you are calling cheaters are actually some of the very best players we have in Revelations 2. Players who have legitimately played this far and have acquired skills and gear that let's them score high in the events and just an fyi: these players have been playing from day 1 and the scores that you see are actually the accumulated scores of each day till now.
I agree with Freeman, these damn cheaters always come and do massive amounts of damage to the creatures in IHC and ruin the chances of legit players, who try their very best to clear the IHC events.
2136Name:freeman713862018-01-07 04:50:07
@Maxusstronger Doesn't matter. All of your scores will be removed next Thrusday and you'll be banned. I hope the game didn't register your kill, or you would have ruined some legit players' chance to get the bloody Gina skin.
2133Name:ares.one2018-01-07 00:56:15
Fail of the Year.

IHC: 26512998 + 3486852 = 29999850 dmg ... i failcharged 1 single shot last session. Karma?
2130Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-01-04 23:01:19
@Freeman71386: Thank you man! I'm aware of this thing..I had to do it once before when my local save files got corrupted and I had to delete them and download back again from the cloud.
However, the IHC score seems to be uploading/updating normally as expected for the last 2 hopefully the issue seems to have fixed itself. But I still lost a big amount of score because of it..technically I should be finished with the event by now but I'll still need to play for another 2-3 days more assuming the creature survives to reach that 30M target score.
2129Name:freeman713862018-01-04 09:30:18
@DarKGameR177IN Problem fixed? If not, try to remove all of the rev2 save files from the steam directory and let steam download the one from the cloud. I had the same problem before.
2127Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-04 02:46:59
помогите мне
2126Name:Maxusstronger2018-01-04 02:45:23
ребят что с игрой? прошел ивент ничего не засчитали - стоит
2123Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-01-03 04:10:22
The IHC score has not been updating/uploading for me for the past 2 days.. Lost close to 24M of score (12M for the 1st day and 11.8M for the 2nd day) as the score didn't upload and I got the " service not available" error both of the times.. Even the was connected properly when I started the IHC on both of the days..
And now even the 1st creature is dead.. Out of luck and hate this crappy server service..
2122Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-01-02 04:10:27
Happy New Year everyone! :D :D :D
2121Name:BigB@dMitch2018-01-01 06:48:45
Happy New Year People :)
2120Name:Bodryj2017-12-28 13:27:33
a few words of gratitude! v.2.0
I am glad that there are people who are willing to help! thanks for helping:
"[UWS] SEBI" fun and just a teamplay in the Red Zone & LRC!
"ThickestGlobe13" in the Red Zone & LRC!
"rogtom70" in the Red Zone!
"hirotanyan" Weekend Survivor #45 first my completed 30 stages!
"fujimeru717" in the Red Zone & LRC!
"Corphelia" in the Red Zone!
"Miss M&A" in LRC!
with the upcoming happy new year! success and all the best in the new year!!!
2116Name:Josue_online2017-12-27 22:47:20
banned account temporal or forever? I sorry. everything comes from the fact that due to a synchronization error with STEAM, all my CLEAN progress in this game was erased since I bought it at its launch. I will not do it again competing.
2115Name:(1473702) noname2017-12-26 21:25:44
Significa que la cuenta ha sido baneada
2114Name:Josue_online2017-12-26 03:24:57
I participated in the "weekend" but my classification does not come out. In its place only one line. -
2113Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-12-25 14:40:32
Merry Christmas everyone! :) :)
2112Name:BigB@dMitch2017-12-25 14:12:45
Merry Christmas Everyone
2111Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-12-23 08:36:30

Because these present codes were only announced for the XBONE and Nintendo platforms only..
2109Name:MiloKahnum2017-12-22 22:04:34
Does anybody know why we aren't getting any [present codes on steam?
2106Name:W3SK3R2017-12-08 21:30:56
It was in your best interest to assist me!
2105Name:ares.one2017-12-07 01:29:09
Thanks for the info guys. Maybe one day .... :D
2104Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-12-06 04:19:06
@Ares: Yeah you need to be present in the game when the creature gets killed and you need to witness it's death. It is exactly like what Freeman said, either we or our partner (in case of a 2P partner) needs to make the killing hit. While I was waiting for the creature's HP points to drop to the limit where I could kill it (In my case it was HP<10-11million) I didn't only refresh the event page frequently, but I also had to restart the game just as many times to be able to see the updated score (just entering the event and quitting without breaking the coin will not update the HP).
This is the video I captured for killing the creature:
2103Name:freeman713862017-12-06 02:29:57
The creature's hp is not updated in real time. Once you enter a game it's hp is locked to you and your partner (if playing coop). Even if someone killed the creature in his game, the creature will still be alive in yours until you leave your game. In other words, you can't hop in solo and expect people in other rooms to kill the creature. Either you or your partner has to do the final blow in your game.
2101Name:ares.one2017-12-06 01:53:59
@Dark, bigbad, ...

You need to eleminate the creature? Doesnt it say you need to "be present when the enemy dies?" (translation from german)
I thought it would be enough if i manage it somehow, to be on the beach against the creature. Even if someone else does the final shot. As long as i hit the coin in less than 1 hr after the event ends to upload the data in the given limit. Isnt it?

Jesus my english suxx- sry.
2100Name:W3SK3R2017-12-05 04:11:21
My score for the invasion No.33 is not correct. Must be around 12 000 000. Thx for editing
2099Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-12-05 02:51:29
@Lady Hawk: I guess you are correct. I played it for a 2nd time in the same day. Even if the event was reset and available to play again, we should just play only once a day.
Oh well, I'm not really very upset that I didn't get the weapon reward. As the skin is obviously more valuable and a more rare reward than the weapon (M1891 LR+ sniper rifle) reward that we had for this IHC. :)
2098Name:Lady Hawk2017-12-04 23:38:17
You had to choose one situation
1. Grab the weapon
2. Grab bloodied Gina

Your score is changed because you played the first day for 3pm and after 3pm, since this happend to me I only play it one time each day not two times at the first day
2097Name:DarKGameR177IN2017-12-04 20:28:34
@BigB@dMitch: Thanks man! Yeah I agree that took a lot of patience, had to wait almost over 1.5 hours till the creature finally reached 0% but was not dead.. (Approx some 3.5 million health points were left when I did the event)
But it seems for some reason my total IHC score has been penalized. I had a total of 32.3 million as of Sunday morning 11:50 AM my time. I did the event for Gina skin close to around 03:00 AM early morning on Monday. But just earlier I noticed that my total IHC score has now dropped to 27.98 million. I wonder why this happened. Now I won't be getting the weapon reward. :(

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