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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2789Name:SEBI2019-12-06 00:26:34
Yamazaki ty pierdolony oszuście. Daj sobie spokój z grą w re.rev2 136 godzin gry to ty możesz zrobić sobie wydarzenia na 100 poziomie.Więc powiem Ci grzecznie wypierdalaj z tej gry , nie wkurwiają innych graczy .
2788Name:freeman713862019-12-02 08:02:32
Anyone needs help getting medals in raid mode? I am down to run all stages.
2787Name:Uzumaki19882019-11-29 03:52:21
@All: Happy Thanksgiving Friends! :)
2786Name:MozzyMathison2019-11-13 01:05:19
@Uzumaki1988 i would love to add those who are still playing this game. Best Community Ever :-)
i will add you on steam. I really need a level 100 attachment+ weapon. Looking forward for everyone's help here :-)
2785Name:Uzumaki19882019-11-12 05:06:21
@WS No. 78: Finally my next Mura LR+ is here! :D :D

@MozzyMathison: Feel free to add me for the WS event. The reward is sniper rifle Muramasa Long Range+ with 6 slots. My Steam ID is Uzumaki1988. :)
2784Name:MozzyMathison2019-11-12 04:11:48
thank you all, finally you guys helped. i would love to cooperate with y'all in events. :-)
You can add me on steam.
Steam ID "MozzyMathison"
2783Name:W3SK3R2019-11-07 22:47:36
First step on the long ladder is to built a farm weapon. Use a sniper with at least five slots and lvl 100. Modify all on capacity. Mods: tripleshot mod, homing ammo, electro ammo, greedy killer and soul eater.
Use this in stage 8-6 to kill as many napads as u can. Level up with the wesker character to get the ability chancel/evade.
Replace the triple shot mod on your weapon with a full burst and combine it with the chancel/evade ability.
This is a basic condition for further steps.
Try to get a better sniper. Best farming sniper is muramasa and rifle M1891/30.
2782Name:ares.one2019-11-06 20:57:24
@ MozzyMathison

Make sure to have at least 1 level 100 character.
Make sure to have the toolbox unlocked to maximum (lvl 4?) to stack / combine parts.

Then look forward to farming boxes.
Complete / Coop events LRC, WS.
IHC is difficult to boost as coop partner if u dont have at least some decent weapons that do remarkable damage.

Iam working with savefiles. Even if i farmed about 900 hrs in this game ... i barely can have lvl 18-20 dmg and cap parts.
So i dublicate my savefile as a backup. For almost every event i destroy some weapons to get all parts together and put them in the weapons i wanna use.
When i did the event ... i reactivate / replace my backup savefile.
2781Name:Lundgren2019-11-03 13:32:22
2779Name:MozzyMathison2019-11-03 08:51:35
Can anyone please help me in winning rewards from IHC events, what are the best level Strategy/guides or any helpful tips for raid mode. Any sort of help can be appreciated. I am Having a hard time in raid mode events.
2778Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-10-12 14:44:57
nvm already done
2777Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-10-11 03:32:38
Is smb free for both LRC? I need carry.
2776Name:Drmi2019-10-09 15:38:35

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2775Name:Uzumaki19882019-10-07 04:06:54
@Daegoth Vilfariel: Getting the "Gina Skin" takes not just luck but a ton patience too. You have to start the lobby at the perfect timing when the creature is less than 1% HP left. This involves plenty restarts of the game to be able to get in the game just at the right time and with the right amount of firepower to take down the creature.
Whoever decides to help you needs to be available to play (including you) at the right time... Hence, the luck factor. :D
2774Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-10-07 03:07:07
Does somebody have enough fire power to kill the giant when he's 1% so I can enter with you?
2773Name:W3SK3R2019-10-05 20:44:39
Had the same bug many times in LRC
2772Name:scorpion_ka2019-10-05 02:26:04
In the last WS, I had a curious bug. At the snowy level, I cleaned out all 30 enemies, but the main boss with an ax somehow miraculously survived. He became invisible and managed to kill me a couple of times, until I reached the medal. And I distinctly heard his roar. On the screen was "30/30 enemy routed".
2771Name:ares.one2019-10-02 05:08:32
Yeah, failalert ^^
I expected the same like last month. It was just some mins after beginning and already said 97% & 99 %.
All fine. Thanks.
2770Name:Uzumaki19882019-10-02 04:12:49
@Ares: I do not think any cheats are involved this time. As only one creature is at 64% and 2nd one is at 99% health. These specific creatures have a clear weak spot and are easy to kill. Typically these creatures have never been alive for more than 3-4 days from the start of the event.
Also, if you consider the cheat from last time then by this time the event should have been over already.
2768Name:ares.one2019-10-01 15:31:06
Dang it. Looks like the same cheat like last month is going on. Isnt there any way in this game for an hardware-id ban?
Please react somehow.
2767Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-09-27 18:56:57
nvm smb already helped me
2766Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-09-27 02:18:28
If smb is available for both LRC (lvl1) please tell me :D I need help and carry :$
2765Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-09-15 13:33:29
Uzumaki1988 added smb who I assume it's you with kof2002 achievemnts as showcase and avatar with a kyo like guy and crows.
2764Name:Uzumaki19882019-09-14 21:55:21
@Daegoth Vilfariel: Feel free to add me on Steam for the WS event if you haven't completed it already. My Steam ID is the same as the one "Uzumaki1988".
2763Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-09-14 13:39:37
Does anyone want to carry me on this survivor's weekend STEAM? I really want that weapon :(
2762Name:Shonkawakan2019-09-09 21:43:58
Hello guys. Can anyone point me at what could go wrong with joining the last RE6 event? (doesn't feel like this is the right thread for a RE6 related question, just didn't find a thread for RE6 events, apologies)
Pressed "yes" in "enable auto data upload", went to Mercenaries(No merci) and played Mining the depths for an hour, event was still on, 3 or 4 hrs till the end, but statistics say my score is zero. I'll figure it out myself eventually, but i'd be grateful for any help with this.
2759Name:Nimitz2019-09-05 16:11:02
I entered when he had 80% health 1.500.000.000 when 100% 2,000,000,000, I thought I was going for the second race the next day and instead he died in the early afternoon
2758Name:Ymfer2019-09-04 21:12:05
I'm actually curious on what the health total was. I'm looking at the rankings, and 10 mil for top spot isn't that absurd when the monster has a weakpoint. I'm wondering if it's another mess, the kind that happens when 8-3 rolls around for LRC and they forget to properly set the levels for rewards.
2757Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-09-04 03:27:18
This is insane. So next time we must wait till the monster is 5% so we can be carried by the cheater or what???
2756Name:Lady_H4wk2019-09-03 13:39:19
Yes, everyone can see that here was a cheater acting, I'm not sure if everyone get those rewards,but as I saw those event rewards to push in my game I also saw 2 gold chests. Maybe this was something like a compensation.
2755Name:Harry Giats2019-09-03 01:01:20
begging us to let the manager know what to do with the eve ??? you didn't see what happened .... somebody was cheating ..
2752Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2019-09-02 07:47:37
This game hasn't got vac so it's pointless anyway. Such a pitty.
2751Name:Lundgren2019-09-02 02:56:19
bb Charge Shot C 8
2750Name:Doggy2019-09-02 02:18:45
This is so unfair!! :c
2749Name:Lady_H4wk2019-09-01 22:28:21
I don´t know who did this, but this can´t be real.
Waiting for the rankings to see those cheaters
2748Name:SEBI2019-09-01 22:03:53
Czyżby ktoś grał na cheatach .Bo zostało mu o godz. 15.00 . Aż 2%
2747Name:Uzumaki19882019-09-01 21:08:03
@Ymfer: Lol.. seriously.. I bet next month the creature won't even survive 10 minutes past the start of the event... :P
2746Name:Ymfer2019-09-01 21:02:06
*pop online to get daily points*
Oh yeah, 1st of the month, wonder what the huge creature is.
*checks and sees it only has 17% HP*
What? How?
2743Name:Uzumaki19882019-07-30 04:43:48
Finally a good LRC weapon reward this time...
2742Name:Uzumaki19882019-07-12 04:21:34
Some people are just a tad bit slow at understanding what they are told...
2741Name:Lundgren2019-07-11 14:16:29
I play for fun, you play for trophies. Ok no problems
2740Name:Uzumaki19882019-07-10 06:35:33
@ Fatal: I wasn't referring to you at all. And I have actually seen the cheaters I'm referring to here, cheat in the 8-3 (Graveyard) event in the past and get away with it. All thanks to CAPCOM's algorithm that let's you get away if you have a few hundred hours of game-play under your account.
I had given up on this game once because of these shameless glitchers. Anyway, this is the reason I don't care much for LRC events anymore. My old co-op partner usually comes back to play the WS events, so I like playing the WS events and some LRC from time to time if there's a good part in the rewards.
2738Name:Lundgren2019-07-09 14:41:20
Come on win the LRC438. A pause-glitch here will not help. :xD
2737Name:Lundgren2019-07-09 14:27:02
So much negativity because I once used a pause-glitch
I try a pause-glitch only once, and I warned about this in advance.
The trophy does not interest me anymore.
I'm just interested to repeat or improve my time.
I can win the IHC event if invite someone to help me with electric support.

P.S. I am very happy to see the new WR of Centurion
2736Name:Uzumaki19882019-07-09 08:46:15
@Sgt Zypher: In the race of these shameless pause-glitchers... A helpless legit player can only win in the IHC events. As it's the only event where, all the pause-glitching skills in the world which they have will not help and if they mess with the weapons, CAPCOM's algorithm will insta-ban them.
Anyway, I'm more than happy to help anyone with the LRC/WS events. Can't promise you good ranks (still need to play story for Alex... :p) but can help you get through the LRC/WS events easily. :)
2735Name:Nimitz2019-07-08 15:00:28
Sgt Zypher:
unfortunately there is a trophy race
many players are not interested in having new users collect items
if you need help ask in which event here in the forum
I'm available
2734Name:Sgt Zypher2019-07-08 10:31:20
can people slow down on the event when reach enuff Points for the max rewards?

letting other get a shoot for some better rewards

not everyone is sitting on maxed lvl 100 weapons
2733Name:johnpg20172019-06-30 23:27:19
Why is taking so long to get the rewards???
2731Name:Uzumaki19882019-06-19 04:09:28
@Sidorovich/Fatal: Isn't that cheating! :P
2730Name:Lundgren2019-06-18 22:16:38
LRC 431 I will try a pause-glitch. Join in the fun )

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