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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2380Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-08-15 12:39:44
@PanicDisorder: Man, you could have simply asked here on the forums for help with the events.. With the exception of the Huge creatures, where your own scoring is what counts.. Someone would have definitely helped you out. You could have cleared the events in a legitimate manner and got the rewards and kept on playing..
I know it sucks that we hardly have many people playing these days.. But at least you could've tried to do the events at your own capacity rather than going with illegitimate game-play..
2379Name:PanicDisorder2018-08-15 02:09:12
Sorry, I thought that was opened. xD
2378Name:Draguth2018-08-15 01:48:42
I can not answer you, you have the message board in private
2377Name:Draguth2018-08-15 01:02:43
it was enough to write a message even in private I would have gladly helped you
2376Name:PanicDisorder2018-08-15 00:18:05
Wikipedia make it clear:
Actually, I hope they will remove me from the rankings (because I have no partner or something like that). But as Freeman says - it's really sucks when you waiting in the lobby almost hour and no one ever wanna playing with you. Maybe only cheaters or newbies.
2375Name:Draguth2018-08-14 23:33:53
what do you think of Panic Disorder?
2373Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-08-12 20:18:53
@freeman71386: If you are still looking for somebody to play the WS co-op, let me know and I'll drop a friend request. :D
2372Name:freeman713862018-08-12 11:28:34
Looking for someone to play ws 57 coop. Haven't played this game in a long while and wow... this game seems even more dead than ever... been waiting for a partner in a room but no one ever joined...
Anyway, still looking for someone to play a round of coop weekend survivor. Please bring properly modded weapons.
2370Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-08-11 04:07:53
@dragoner_dreyco: nuprahtor only has the base episode 1 and to play the LRC 340 we need to have the episode 3 of the game.. :)
Regarding him not being able to play the IHC event is strange as he does have the base episode 1 which is needed for playing the IHC 41... :/
Perhaps your suggestion might help here..
2368Name:dragoner_dreyco2018-08-10 13:23:11
@nuprahtor, DarKGameR177IN,
An apology for getting me into the conversation:
One thing you can do is verify that the files you have installed on your computer are not damaged.
In the steam account:
1) Go to your "Library".
2) Select the game.
3) Click (right or left) until a menu appears.
4) Click on "Properties".
5) Go to the "Local files" tab.
6) Click on the button "Check the integrity of the game files ..."

This can help if there is a damaged file.
2367Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-08-03 21:29:42
@nuprahtor: Please keep in mind that you need to have the specific Episodes installed to be able to play certain events. LRC 40 needs Episode 1 and LRC 100 needs Episode 3
It is strange that you cannot play the IHC even though you have the Episode 1

2366Name:nuprahtor2018-08-03 17:51:41
@DarKGameR177IN: I can play Lvl40 LRC, but can't play Lvl100 one (in July I was able to play both missions). I deleted my local save file, but it didn't help - still can't play them. But I can play other missions and daily missions just fine. Weird!
2365Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-08-02 03:34:15
@nuprahtor: I don't think that playing the daily's will prevent you from being able to play the events.. Are you able to play the LRC events without any issues?
If you use steam cloud service, can you try deleting your local Rev 2 save games and have the saves restored back from the cloud and check..
2364Name:nuprahtor2018-08-02 01:45:15
@Ymfer I haven't played the mission at all, though before selecting it I cleared 2 daily missions, can this be the culprit? I guess I will wait for tomorrow, maybe they will let me play it then
2363Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-08-02 01:06:45
@Ymfer: I agree the IHC rewards this time around are not worth it.. However, I have recently learned that if we use LR+ weapons with full burst and Long range + critical parts with electric ammo, we can get an almost comparable score to that of full charge shot C setups..
Please check out my YT video for this:
Please also keep in mind that the IHC 40 creatures had no critical/weak spot damage bonus..
2361Name:Ymfer2018-08-02 00:59:18
My guess is that you entered it once and hit the medal to exit instead of quitting the mission from the menu. Hitting the medal ends that session and submits whatever score you had to, so if you don't fire and exit that way it will still think you're submitting a score of zero. If that's not it then I have no clue.
As for this Huge Creature, don't really see anything worth the hour or so of my day that it takes to unload all my ammo, so I'm gonna skip it.
2360Name:nuprahtor2018-08-01 22:46:18
I'm new to events, and I'm facing a problem - I can't enter the Invasion Of The Huge Creatures - when I click, the game just plays some kind of sounds and that's it. I'm connected to RE.NET and I do daily missions just fine. I checked and the creature's health is high, so the event isn't finished yet. What should I do to enter the event? I have only the base Ep1.
2359Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-07-30 15:20:52
Wow! Some really decent rewards for the upcoming new LRC 40 & LRC 100! Thank you CAPCOM! :D :D :D
2357Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-07-09 13:49:19
@Ymfer: I sort of agree with you..that is..if your goal is to just clear the event without using Crystals. But to be honest, as soon as you learn how to use the Bewilder and the map environment effectively..the LRC are no longer a challenge.. If you are concerned over ammo then an AR or Machine pistol (preferably Chicago typewriter) with fire+force ammo will keep you alive in between cooldowns..
So now the challenge is to get the LRC done as fast as you can.. You try your best but then see these glitchers do their thing and get away because they have a couple hundred hours of gameplay under their accounts..
Anyway.. I've decided just to play the events for the rewards alone from now onwards.. Let these glitchers enjoy their tiny moment of glory...

:( :( :(
2356Name:Ymfer2018-07-09 07:25:18
I'm not really playing the events to compete against others. I play them to see if I can complete them and see how I can improve. I actually challenge myself to do the LRCs without using any continues, and I finally managed it for these two. Makes me feel accomplished more than constantly rerolling and killing myself just to get cooldowns and ammo restored to shave off a few seconds.
2354Name:zi02018-07-08 06:34:15
looks like it's still 7th of July in Japan :]
or even June at all :D
2353Name:Futurism2018-07-08 06:00:20
So where are the rewards from IHC 39?
2352Name:Ryu Fireheart2018-07-03 11:27:43
That was me (the part with the weapons), i did a search in my events history and made the list because other 2 people did mention it going into a cicle.

From this list im missing the firebolt, serpent and dagger fang to complete my collection. The other rare weapons seems to be only found in chests in the game... :(
So far i only got the Godfather with perfects slots and max lv.
2351Name:Yanmato2018-06-22 22:54:29
Noooooooo! Just missed my chance for the skin in a blink of an eye :(
2350Name:W3SK3R2018-06-22 22:05:37
They should give us the new mods per events. And maybe think about expanding the events with the omega and IX-missions
2349Name:ares.one2018-06-22 01:08:29
Weekendsurvivor event dates

Someone already stated the cicle of the weapons and rewards are the same.
For the last 3-4 months that is definately correct. (Day/Month/Year)
Here the dates for 2018

Decimator 16.03-19.03
Ticket Puncher 06.04-09.04
Chicago Typewriter [SR+] 27.04-30.04
Zaytsev 18.05-21.05
Bushido 08.06-11.06

Cerberus 29.06-02.07
Serpent 20.07-23.07
Dagger Fang 10.08-13.08
Gravedigger 31.08-03.09
Firebolt 21.09-24.09
Rifle Muramasa [LR+] 12.10-15.10
Beelzebub 02.11-05.11
Mr. Train 23.11-26.11
Shotgun Drake [SR+] 14.12-17.12
Trident 04.01-07.01.2019
Banshee 25.01-28.01
Overlord 15.02-18.02
AR High Roller [LR+] 08.03-11.03
2348Name:KEV1N2018-06-16 00:05:38
I'm gonna do it! The skin is mine this time!

2347Name:W3SK3R2018-06-09 09:51:54
Sry, 28: IV-06 29: IV-02 30: IV-04
2346Name:W3SK3R2018-06-08 23:04:22
Weekend surviver 29: IV-06 30: IV-04 but with revive
2345Name:zi02018-06-08 11:55:17
@DarKGameR177IN: Yep, it was tow-in-a-row rounds (right before and after day change)
But today it's again "service not available" >:-E
it was 2.8kk and 3.8kk. today I even got 4.2 with the same weapons set (but had to pay a bit less than an hour of time for it)
2344Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-06-07 13:05:25
@Ryu Fireheart: Not with 18~19 hours of playtime..
2343Name:Ryu Fireheart2018-06-07 12:54:20
People with a controller using the second player to shot eletric bullets to boost damage
2342Name:Aurelinus2018-06-06 16:59:22
I think i saw once 80M/day so everything is possible. We just play wrong :).
If he is smart enough he won't try it again and if he tries we probably don't see him again, especially if he ranks between 1-3.
2341Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-06-06 13:01:33
So, after playing for the first 5 days I finally manage to cross the 30M mark to finish the event. But didn't know that people with 18~19 hours of play time could score over 40M in just one day..
Just wow! :D :D :D
2340Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-06-06 12:58:59
@zi0: It appears that your score is now getting uploaded just fine. As you mentioned you have been able to score 2.5~3 million/day so judging from the damage that has been done to the creatures and the remaining health, the creatures will most likely survive for one more week. So, this gives you a legitimate chance for getting the Coffin Nail reward. Good luck with the event! :D
2339Name:zi02018-06-06 07:58:18
@DarKGameR177IN: Thanks for helping!
Secondary solution doesn't looks helpful for my case (as I do so almost always), but regarding STEAM.. maybe it's help.
I also have one idea, I will post it if I'll found it's looks to be working.

In my case it's common 2,5..2,7kk "pure" damage (w/o weak spots and tricks) per round. So we talkin' about "can I get the 30kk reward or not" =]

This IHC let to get some dmg boost, so I'm still hope to get the Coffin Nail. Not 'cause it's very usefull but for collection for sure =]
2338Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-06-05 12:51:28
@zi0: Trust me I know what you mean, I myself had this issue for 2 days in a row in the IHC 34 event. Lost close to 24~25Mln points because of it..
I have had this issue in the past too. Now I cannot guarantee that this will fix the issue, but try deleting all of your Rev2 save-games from the Steam saves folder and try to restore the saves from the cloud. This might just fix the issue..
Alternately, I have observed in the past that playing 2-3 normal rounds before the IHC ensures your connectivity to the server is working fine.. So you may also try playing a couple of random rounds and then try the IHC and see if it works..
2337Name:zi02018-06-05 09:09:38
@DarKGameR177IN: this is the issue I talkin' about. " service not available"
it's happening time-to-time, but for LRC you can take another try (not the best solution but it is). With IHC you can't.
However when you got this THREE days in a row... it's make you fall in wrath.
(I almost always checking "did the service is ok?" by finish a daily or just any mission. It's fails right with IHC, nor before, nor after)
2336Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-06-04 19:51:59
@zi0: Did you by any chance get an error message at the score upload screen " service not available"? If so then unfortunately your score didn't register..
Read this part of the event rules:
- You must use a game account that has been linked with RE NET.
- The "Connect to RE NET" setting in the in-game Options menu must be enabled.
- Your score for the event is displayed on the Results screen after playing.
- If your data cannot be sent because you are disconnected or a network error occurs when playing, the data for the current session will not count towards your event score (this includes any data that could not be received due to maintenance or other downtime.)
I have myself had this issue few times in previous IHC/WS events.. Sadly the score is lost..
2335Name:zi02018-06-04 09:30:09
bloody hell, it's third day in a row I don't get IHC scores counted -__-
it's need something to fix that issue (when you lost attempt but don't get the scores)
2334Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-06-03 19:44:21
@Fallon @Hammet: Guys, you have the best shot at getting the Gina skin when you feel you can manage scoring around 8~10 million points in a session. The best way is to wait till any of the creatures reach a 1% health and continuously keep monitoring its remaining HP (health points).
Start the game > Launch the IHC event > Quit without breaking the coin > You will see remaining health points at the score screen when you exit > Restart the game (HP won't update until game is re-launched) > Repeat the previous steps > Once you see the remaining HP is within the range of your scoring limit > Go for it! :D
Don't rely on observing the health on the IHC event page, it never updates in real time, as soon as you see the creature at 1% on the event page follow the above steps.. :D
2333Name:Fallon2018-06-03 12:12:01
It takes excruciating timing. I only deal about 1.15M damage per day so I need to wait until one has just less than 1M before starting on that day.
I have tried in the past but never managed it.
2332Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-06-03 07:46:12
@Darkgato14: Unfortunately there are no weak spots for these Revenants. There is a trick however to get double damage (it is not a cheat, just careful observation) while the 2nd Revenant's right arm is moving in front of its leg, shoot at the edge of the arm, the bullet will hit both the arm and the leg and will give double damage. It is not a huge boost in score but you will most certainly score 30% ~ 40% more. Hope this helps.. :D

@Hammet: I believe that I have already answered that question in a previous post.. You will need to kill a creature and watch it blow up to get the Gina skin reward. You can find videos of it on YT. Good luck with the events! :D
2331Name:Hammett2018-06-03 03:48:17
How can I unlock Gina's costume? I have participated in previous event and I didn't get the costume.
2330Name:Darkgato142018-06-02 00:59:33
How do you damage the giant Revenants in this IHC? Will their weak spot be revealed?
2329Name:Smeks2018-05-26 23:06:10
I finally got Bloodied Gina! (47:30)
2328Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-05-23 22:47:11
@Spdante: You will have to kill the creature and watch it blow up to get the "Witness Enemy's Death/Bloodied Gina Skin" reward..
Here is a video of me doing that in the IHC No. 33:
Hope this helps.. :D
2327Name:Spdante2018-05-23 20:27:48
How Can i see the Dead or the colossus? Thanks
2326Name:DarKGameR177IN2018-05-19 23:50:47
@Aurelinus: Yeah I suppose you are correct there!

It seems the system is taking its own sweet time to update the IHC scores for today.. Almost 11Hrs+ since I played early in the morning.. :/
2325Name:Aurelinus2018-05-19 22:32:26
We talk about the same mechanism - if you play 18 days + 1 additional shooting before 15.00 JST on first day your score should be finally averaged as (19xscores/19)x18 as Capcom states. Almost the same you reach by playing just 18 day since formula then will be 18/18 or just quitting a day meanwhile (in the middle or last day).

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