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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
2630Name:zi02018-12-16 09:00:22

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2629Name:Ryu Fireheart2018-12-16 04:35:16

Probably a Cheater (lol lv1 in 2 minutes... He can't even fake it). There is alot of cheaters on PC version.

As for rewards (the thing that i care about in the events) it luckly didn't had good weapons and the parts were not good or rare enough to worth wasting time trying it.
2627Name:Uzumaki19882018-12-15 19:20:27
Somebody did the Graveyard LRC @ Level 1 :facepalm: (-_-')
2626Name:Nimitz2018-12-12 02:14:29
you're the same problem right
2625Name:Dave2018-12-11 19:20:03

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

2624Name:zi02018-12-11 07:51:35
loool. LRC №378 – wadda heck is it? :D
2622Name:Uzumaki19882018-12-10 17:23:58
The IHC score got messed up! :'( Had played in the morning for December 9th, but got a " connection error" at the score screen so played again after the 3PM reset. Turns out the score did get uploaded even with the silly error, so technically two scores got counted for 9th and averaged out my total score...
Damn, wish the score in the rankings was updated on time so we can avoid such confusions... Bad luck this time...
The rewards are horrible for this week LRC and even the WS... :(
2621Name:Maxusstronger2018-12-08 12:46:05
Модератор не присылайте мне на почту уведомлений я знать вас не хочу я фнанат резидента ну меня забанили в игре ибо смысла нету теперь в неё играть
2620Name:W3SK3R2018-12-06 14:36:49
Many thanks to Santa!!
2619Name:zi02018-12-03 03:44:03
@Ryu Fireheart
They're effective enough to do 7...10kk damage per day (hitting weak spots)
I even used Muramasa [SteadyShot] lvl96 for it.
(not too fast ofc, but I hadn't enough good weapons in that moment)
2618Name:Ryu Fireheart2018-12-02 20:56:22
What i have been using so far:
Anti-Materiel Rifle 1

Anti-Materiel Rifle 2

(i can upgrade to a better one but im saving the parts until i hit lv 20)

Pale Rider
2617Name:Ryu Fireheart2018-12-02 20:25:35

Thats it, but i think fire rate and eletric bullets maybe aren't that effective if you play solo. Thats 2 things to care about while with a single Charge Shot C 8+ in every weapon you can pretty much get the 30kk damage.

I use the Charge Shot C Setup (1 weapon having a lv 10 parts and other 3 having lv 8 parts) and i don't even use a second player with eletric bullets and i have no controllers or online friends that play this game. And i pretty much get the 30kk rewards most of time (The single executioner event is troublesome a few times...).
I have enough items to build another Charge Shot C lv 10 Muramasa LR with better stats but im saving the parts now to build it with full lv 20 parts. So far i have a spare lv 18 damage and capacity (almost lv 19), i already have the other parts that max out at lv 10)
2615Name:zi02018-12-02 13:25:50
It's all about the point.
If you only want 30kk for rewards and have a weapon choice, you don't want to waste your time with Charge C.
If you want to go for record, you WON'T use the Electric Ammo in your damaging weapon. You need a partner with a side weapon who made the target electrified.
2614Name:W3SK3R2018-12-02 10:15:39
Palerider LR+ for IHC every shot 3s loading and 3s recovering + aim :)
2613Name:Ryu Fireheart2018-12-02 06:16:32
Muramasa is the only weapon that doubles the normal damage once it goes critical
2612Name:ares.one2018-12-01 20:27:03
PaleRider Steady Shot 6s vs Anaconda LR+ 6s. For me the damage is almost the same. The Pale Rider is 500-1000 dmg stronger (in this event) than the Anaconda. But due to firerate i hit better with the Anaconda.

Anaconda LongRange+ (6s): Fullburst, Electro Ammo 10, Anti-Recoil 5, Long Range 10, Damage 18, Capacity 18
Pale Rider SteadyShot (6s): Fullburst, Electro Ammo 10, Anti-Recoil 5, Long Range 10, Damage 18, Capacity 18
Muramasa LongRange+ (6s): Fullburst, Electro Ammo 10, Chritical Hit 10, Long Range 10, Damage 18, Capacity 18
AMR SpeedLoad (5s): Charge Shot C 10, Long Range 10, Damage 18, Capacity 18, Mundane Murder 10

Todays damage: 13.894.789

LadyHawk shared his setup. With Fullburst + Electro Ammo i dont have to charge 40 minutes. The damage you put with electro is almost the same than charge. Now iam running 3 weapons with this setup.
Done in 6-7 minutes / round / day.
2611Name:Uzumaki19882018-12-01 19:54:40
Ryu Fireheart:
Maybe so... But I've actually seen the Anaconda LR+ do better than a Pale Rider 6 slots (no tags)... So, unless you can provide proper stats or a video demonstration... In my opinion a Pale Rider 5 slot LR can't best the Anaconda LR+ 6 slots...
Also your comparison between Mura/AMR and Anconda/Pale Rider is not accurate. Keep in mind that the base damage of AMR is already double that of a Mura, but the base damage of a Pale Rider isn't that much more than Anaconda...
2610Name:Ryu Fireheart2018-12-01 18:49:59

No, but i know this from experience, just take a 6 slots muramasa LR and a the anti-materiel rifle even without tags and 1 slot less and it will deal more damage than the muramasa LR criticals.

And yes i have this ones above.
2608Name:Uzumaki19882018-12-01 08:06:08
@Ryu Fireheart:
Are you absolutely certain and have compared the stats and checked it in-game (preferably IHC) that a Pale rider long range (no plus) bests a Magnum Anaconda LR+... I do completely agree that the base damage of a Pale Rider is more than that of the Anaconda, but please also keep in mind the increased critical hit chance (20%) and an additional slot that can be used for a Critical Hit Rate Lv. 10 (30%) part. That's a solid 50% boost to the critical hit rate.
So this means that there is a very good chance that the total damage done by the Anaconda LR+ will exceed the damage done by a Pale Rider long range (no-plus) in an IHC event.
Also, the Anaconda with its higher rate of fire can also be used for an electric ammo setup, which can do almost comparable damage to that of a charge shot C setup. That saves you a lot of time as well.
Also, I did clearly mention that a Pale Rider LR+ can most certainly beat the Anaconda LR+ in a charge shot setup.
2607Name:Ryu Fireheart2018-11-30 17:40:44
I have a long range Pale Rider with 5 slots and i can say that the weapons base firepower matters alot.
I don't think that the anaconda even with a long range+ and an extra slot would perform better than my Pale Rider.
2606Name:Uzumaki19882018-11-29 06:40:31
Totally agree with you... This one is the best possible Magnum for IHC regardless of a charge shot setup (maybe only Pale Rider long range+ can beat this in charge shot setup) or a full burst (electric ammo) setup. The damage is just absolutely sweet...
2605Name:freeman713862018-11-28 14:52:51
Very good reward indeed. Blows all of my magnums out of water. Excellent for IHC. I don't really play this game much anymore but somehow I am feeling the urge to get this weapon lol
2602Name:ares.one2018-11-28 07:01:32
Message cut :/ ... here is the link
2601Name:ares.one2018-11-28 03:45:39
Hello and welcome.
First off: I stalked your profile before i post a doodooload of suggestions :D

I would not recommend playing with a lvl 23 character. All the recommended / required skills arent available. The event is about doing it on the lowest level, in a given time of 60 minutes. The enemys will stay at their high level, your character level is low. The huge gap of damage must be compensated.
With active and passive skills, a useful setup you can outplay the enemys.
Example: Bewilder (active skill) the enemys will attack each other. So you can save ammo.
Example: Shoot barrels when enemys are close to it and they will take the "normal" damage, not ur lvl 1 reduced damage.
Example: Use Rifle, Shotguns or Magnums with fire ammo lvl 10. Enemys will take the weapon damage and the burning damage. Again you "save" ammo

Long story short: Find coop partners, level up, discover the game and learn by doing. Your welcome to join.

This guide covers most topics and covers a bunch of questions very wel
2599Name:Arby2018-11-27 23:17:44
do you still recommend LRC #373 even if the character level is 23 only?
2598Name:Uzumaki19882018-11-27 16:44:35
Wow! An awesome weapon reward for LRC 100 this time...
2597Name:Uzumaki19882018-11-26 10:49:38
Thanks for the warning.. I just managed to clear the WS by taking a shotgun for the Floor 26 and later stages.. Shotgun with fire ammo really helps when playing the more difficult floors..
2595Name:dragoner_dreyco2018-11-24 09:27:46
Care in the mission 26. Do not die or run out of ammunition. "Weekend survivor 62"
2594Name:elo2018-11-23 16:28:54
Hello there. I have little problem.

Well, Leatherboard & Rankings in raid mode sometimes disapears my ranking and i'm not in the list.

so what is the problem if someone know answer me i'll be happy. this happend second time first time i dont know somehow fixed but second time I added new friend and after thet i'm not in the list.

Here is the Picture about problem:
2593Name:Uzumaki19882018-11-19 15:42:10
Mr. Train! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :D :D :D
2592Name:Uzumaki19882018-11-06 08:35:59
@elo: It appears that there was some delay with the final rankings getting updated.. However, you have got the rank now. So all is good... :D
2591Name:elo2018-11-05 23:24:21

Yes its all about LRC 366. showing completion status but not ranking... So i will get weapon or not ?
2590Name:Uzumaki19882018-11-05 22:31:12
@elo: Are you referring to the IHC event or the LRC 366 event?

If it is about the LRC 366 score, then most likely either your or your partner's score didn't register...
This can happen if either you or your partner had connectivity issues when the score was uploading after clearing the event...
2589Name:elo2018-11-05 22:16:09
I have completed this but not in ranking why? i played in co-op with another player and helped me in lvl1 completed but not appeared in ranking why this happend ?
2588Name:Uzumaki19882018-11-04 22:25:10
Hell yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Grabbed the Gina Skin today! :D

Thank you so much my dear friend Souea! :D
2585Name:zi02018-10-31 16:26:32
M1891/30 [Long Range+]
it might be interesting =]
2583Name:(1352765) noname2018-10-26 23:12:23
@Draguth Aurelinus are cheater
who tall u ive got banned or cheat.
look at my score of RE rev1 (10.11.2018 08:00:00 - 10.29.2018 07:00:00 on Tower of Doom 27)
i got angry with cheater and deleted my account. i just reg back and use cheater's (UID 1352765) mame.
i think i like u. everyone are cheater.
2580Name:Draguth Aurelinus are cheater2018-10-26 18:52:14
You are very obvious cheater. Congratulations on getting a permanent ban
2579Name:ares.one2018-10-26 04:44:14
Sadly lot of people only do some events together. Waiting for coop-partner is hard. Since DarkGamer left and an other friend quit iam quite alone. Just coop when someone needs help. Seldom karl joins or asks for coop.
Most time "necomer" that have just 2 weapons equiped, carry 4 handguns or act very inefficent regarding time. Its like solo, just harder. When assist them in farming they request, they are using fireammo against my farming setups. Kind of frustrating.

Back to getting lvl 20 parts. I go for events. Keep and upgrade the useful weapons. When below 90.000.000 i go for 8-6 and always finish in ~50 secs. When reach 95.000.000 i go for 5-3 and only finish it for CAP, DMG or useful red, purple , rainbows.
It looked like the most effective way. Of course i visit the shop after every run.
Is there a better / faster way?
2578Name:Draguth Aurelinus are cheater2018-10-25 11:25:52
This forum does not lack stupid players.
Don't explain to stupid players. Their scared head can't accept any information.
2577Name:Draguth Aurelinus are cheater2018-10-25 11:13:39
He is just a rookie with insufficient game knowledge.
Don't even know under what circumstances will not calculate the game time
2576Name:Futurism2018-10-25 09:44:01
@(1352765) noname

What r u talking about? My total play time on steam is 710 hrs. played, it doesn't even match whith my play time on RE.NET, lol. So, are you implying that I'm a cheater? If that's the case let's do this easier, yes I'm a cheater, I'm not feeling like trying to convince you, trust me... I had this conversation before and people always think they're right and start talking nonsenses, so... have a good day.
2575Name:Futurism2018-10-25 09:27:12
Yes I had a break (more than a year) but when I realized Capcom replaced Rank-based rewards for Achievement-based I started playing events again but the bad thing about this is that now rewards aren't as good as they used to be, I haven't seen another level 18 dmg or cap, another thing is that they weren't able to deal with cheaters so that's why they switched to Achievement-based rewards. Currently I only play events with a friend if there are decent parts or weapons.

2574Name:(1352765) noname2018-10-25 09:14:20
Futurism who (he) says 600hr (online) but I have played this game more time in offline mode.
do u know when you offline-played in this game after updata RE NET will be count all played of time, including offline time.
its all about savedata. savedata will count all of ur played time, even no network or (pirate ver).
yes, ur online & offline total played 600hrs. why u lie about it.
and btw who knows when you on first event, maybe u only played 100hrs on ur data
2571Name:ares.one2018-10-25 06:11:27
Already heard and checked first event rewards. Kind of a dream nowadays.
As said i stop at lvl 18. Better have 4x competetive weapons instead of just 1 with lvl 20.

And yes. Farming is boring. Did you had a break from this game?
2570Name:Futurism2018-10-25 04:52:54

Lol, yeah... 600hr (online) but I have played this game more time in offline mode, I play events since day 1, I got second place in the IHC No.1 and that Level 20 dmg and cap are the only ones I have, I did a backup of my savedata to do the test, I'm using that muramasa with fire ammo indeed, and... I don't know why you don't have any level 20 part with 1k hrs. I got most of my dmg and cap parts from the store and events, I'm not farming those parts at all, so damn boring farming something in this game, the last part I farmed was a charged shot C, jesus... I fucking nightmare.
2569Name:ares.one2018-10-25 02:32:34
Looks very strong so far :D
But i wont use it this way. For me Neill in events is always (Crouch + Ice + 2x electro + rocketlauncher + SG or any weapon). Everyone to its own.

I have the same setup but just lvl 18 dmg, and cap. Need to collect 1 year more and then, if i get enough, built some lvl 20 parts. Now with my round about 1100 hrs i just could built 1 dmg 20 and 1 cap 20. But i stop at lvl. 18 to have more weapons with high parts. Only replace / rebuilt when i got 2nd of that weapon.
I must do something wrong. You also have dmg and cap lvl 20 with 600 hrs.

Whatever. This weaponsetup is totally awesome for multiple uses LRC 40 / IHC / and maybe even on WS.
2568Name:Futurism2018-10-24 16:54:46

I just did (quickly) a short video testing the Muramasa [LR+] with +30 capacity upgrades and the same parts you used. Stage was VIII-06 on Neil weak spot.


-Electric Ammo 10
-DMG 20
-CAP 20
-Long Range 10
-Critical Hit 10

The first test was with a character at level 55 and the second one at level 60 because I wanted to simulate a Weekend Survivor Lv.60 last stage (floor 30). I don't think it is a proper test but I have no time and a good PC to try doing something better than this.
2566Name:Draguth Aurelinus are cheater2018-10-22 09:56:39
This is the correct way to use this community.
2565Name:ares.one2018-10-21 06:05:48
Ok guys. Big thanks.
Testruns in LRC'361: 6:12 (typewriter 4th weapon) | 5:55 (2x Mura electro/ fire). Then used the Mura LR+ and got 5:11. The opponents dropped like flies.
LR+ Muramasa: FB, Electro, DMG 18, CAP 18, LR10, Critical Hit
This works pretty fine. The first time i hit almost every shot, without homing. I got terribly aiming with X-Box controller. This setup definately works. Plus i got my desired IHC weapon.
Only upgraded ammo 25 times in the beginning. Added BSAA and didnt feel any advantage. Echanged BSAA for Firerate12 (+19%) from 0.54 to 0.64 if i remember right . Still no big advantage. Felt a bit more steady, but not worth spending at least 5 bullets to firerate upgrades.
IMO: -10% firerate doesnt effect much. The +20% critical hit pushes the rate occurance to max. of 60%. This is way more effective. Its a bit slower, but the recoil still feels like none. Due to more firepower i need less shots. Without homing, i can go for weakspots.


You can use the message board after logging in with your CAPCOM Account.