• Nintendo Switch "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Nintendo Switch "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
18Name:Artaud2018-01-05 10:25:58
Otro evento de gigantes que termina sin que pueda derrotar a alguno
17Name:no name2018-01-05 06:39:02
Well im just an idiot sandwich thanks thou
16Name:MikeyMo822018-01-05 00:48:26
So why does it seem like I am continually getting shorted roughly 1,000,000 damage when my IoHC score is uploaded? I feel like it should be about +4,000,000. Also, what happened and why/how did Charon come back to life!?
15Name:MikeyMo822018-01-05 00:41:43
The code is for a Chris icon for use here on RE.NET
to unlock Chris in Raid you need to keep playing Raid Mode.
14Name:no name2018-01-04 09:59:22
So i did the code for chris and havent gotten To use him he does not show up any reason why?
12Name:jamsik8908052017-12-20 23:39:33
Anyone can help me please on getting the TB bonuses on the abbys mode at the first revelations?. I mean just a few can, but no one wants to play to get them. I would appreciate it.

11Name:DoomsSD2017-12-20 01:05:06
Congrats to the lucky few who were around at just the right time to finish out the Huge Creature Invasion event.

Capcom, not everyone can play this game at the random time the HP bar for the giants finally whittled down. Given the long running nature of this event, does it not occur to your events team that the final prize coming down to being available to play at an unscheduled, random event closure is unfair and an insult to players that put a lot of time into participating?
10Name:Wolf2017-12-20 00:39:02
So you locked a raid mode character behind an event feat that only a handful would accomplish? How is that even remotely fair?
9Name:IAmVianca2017-12-18 21:59:12
I am trying to play Raid Mode on the first Revelations game with the Nintendo Switch, but I can't seem to connect to anyone online? Is there a server problem? Is it a thing? Or is nobody just playing around this time?

Before anyone says, my internet connection is doing fine. I have just played several rounds of Splatoon so that can't be it. I'm not sure if this is the right area to say this as well since this whole forum is giving me a headache just trying to figure out.
8Name:Cintian Uzuki2017-12-15 03:05:00
It's looks like events work fine now. Thanks for fast fix.
6Name:Agent B.2017-12-12 04:25:52

Same here. Extremely annoying. I always invert both axes for the right stick, but I don't want motion control inverted. But there's no option in the game to invert or not invert the motion controls. Only the stick controls
5Name:Cintian Uzuki2017-12-11 17:46:20
Hi. Is anyone play Level-Restricted Challenge No. 271 or 272 on switch? I'm asking because events site don't display any results. I was playing events and saw people in lobby that try it too. Is this is a bug?
4Name:BobbyGuns2017-12-10 20:22:00
Revelations 2 is amazing on the switch, why oh why is there no voice chat in raid mode? How I wish Nintendo would realize 1999 is a long time ago
3Name:Walboro2017-11-29 04:24:42
My launch items and BP unlock are not transferring to my game from the site. Little help?
2Name:SpaceAdmiralBob2017-11-28 22:03:24
I got Revelations for Switch today and I've been playing around with it. It's nice that there's an option to turn off motion controls, an option to invert Y and X axis for the normal camera and a separate one for the camera while aiming. This is all awesome... so why is there no separate option to invert the motion control camera? Just because I invert the Y axis on the control stick doesn't mean I want to point my controller down to aim up. Is there plan to include a separate option for this? Would love it if there was, cause right now it's frustrating the hell out of me. Thanks!
Also, I'm probably not posting this in the right area, but the site isn't exactly user friendly and it's hard to navigate the forums.
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