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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Nintendo Switch "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
102Name:Az2018-10-14 18:17:58
Muramasa LR+ 100. Nice WS reward. Huge Creatures fans will be getting a boner or moist for that gun , if they don't already have it. I personally have not found one in a chest and really could benefit from owning 1 or 2. A shame they only give out 1 even if you do all 30 missions on 3 separate days. Come on Capcom 3 x mission complete = 3 x mura LR + please.
100Name:Jonas2018-10-11 22:46:45
@controldeplagas el ultimo evento no logre el traje de Gina ,en esta ocasión entre a diario y lo dañe aun mas crees que ahora si me la den?
99Name:xuele2018-10-10 15:54:42
98Name:Bill2018-10-01 19:22:40
97Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-09-20 05:28:02
I totally agree with you. I want to let them know I don't want to put up with this.. So i'm not gonna pay either. But in the future i'll have to :(
96Name:Az2018-09-20 05:20:47
its been free for quite some time martinmilk. I will look for the 1 week thing but it must be clear to them that I have already trialled the shit out of it for past few months. So maybe access denied. I will look tomorrow as now I have to sleep and forgot eshop password anyway. The family subscription is a fair price for a year IMO
95Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-09-20 04:44:12
You can start a free 1 week trail AZ. But yes it sucks I hope no one buys that crap :p
94Name:Az2018-09-20 03:37:27
Oh dear. Nintendo now want paying to play online. Looks like no WS anyway on switch for me I am skint broke right now. Be back next week.
93Name:Az2018-09-20 03:04:18
. pause glitch is like a cancer that spreads from player to player in the shadows. One learns it and then another and before you know it the rankings are infested with cheat times that many of the pro's (past and present) can spot straight away. Then there are those "pro glitchers" that are very subtle with their glitching as to make it look like a light time. This is why I started recording my event runs in the 1st place. And there's always those players that glitch events and be totally open about it and say if Capcom can't do anything to stop them they will do it and screw what anyone thinks of them. Weekend survivor is CLOCKROACH central. Not many players have the tech hardware or know how to record WS all 30 Missions either. Some record the last 4 or 5 missions but that doesn't prove shit.
92Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-09-20 02:11:55
I've heard of some pause glitch. But I haven't even figured out how to do it and I have no interest in it. As long as u can make ur way thru the LRC's without getting fu*ed I don't see why anyone would even care to cheat their way through just to get a silly ranking.
91Name:pest control2018-09-19 04:17:40
Well now. I hope everyone is looking forward to CLOCKROACH SURVIVOR to be rewarded with the FIREBOLT.
Cheko loves the stop start method isn't that right mo fo. Or there are those that stop start just a few times and chisel away at ligit times enough to avoid suspicions. It's always infested with clockroaches so enjoy the next instalment of fuk dup survivor this weekend.
90Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-09-19 02:50:09
Yea I see what u mean Az. I currently have PS3 PS4 Xbox One switch and even vita version.. too bad that one dosen't have events ;) xD
89Name:Az2018-09-12 15:41:10
@ Marty milk
I like the switch mate. Great crystal supply. I will still be active on it. If I go PS4 I could pop up anywhere in events. ; ) (except steam).

88Name:pest control2018-09-12 15:26:00
@ Jonas
. Si mataste a una bestia enorme, Gina debería estar abierta para ti. Capcom te lo enviará aquí para que lo transfieras a tu juego.
87Name:Jonas2018-09-12 11:55:31
Como se que gane a Gina sangrienta,se supone que al derrotar a los gigantes debería desbloquearse
86Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-09-12 09:35:18
No Az, we need our 5 active switch players.. XD
85Name:Az2018-09-11 06:34:51
It's a shame BRIAN won't show vid footage of his lrc 249 it is nothing short of a miracle so fast with such slow spawns. I too find it suspicious. When a world record holder pro like soulless persona on faster spawn ps4 is only a second quicker than BRIAN on slower switch, it's kinda hard not to be suspicious. CLOCK ROACH???? Highly probable IMO
To beat clockroaches one must become a clockroach and before you know it the ranks are infested as bad as PS3 and Xbox. Maybe I will start over on PS4. lol
84Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-09-11 01:13:21
Japanese people can't see our message board. But complain to capcom for releasing a flawed version of Rev2.. It's the 10th release and they still didn't get it right.
82Name:pest control2018-09-10 14:53:15
No. I Just leave it here Mr Milk. He will see it and G translate it. Cheating and bringing shame and dishonour to Japan.
81Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-09-10 10:01:44
He is Japanese so he won't see your message, try to send message directly on his page. :)
80Name:pest control2018-09-10 07:49:55
LRC 349. 2"15 is a CLOCK ROACH time. BRIAN THE FUCKING CLOCKROACH. This is SWITCH spawns not PS4 you cheating fucker. Pause spamming wanker. Show a video and prove me wrong.
79Name:Az2018-09-07 06:02:50
OK pest control LRC 249
78Name:pest control2018-09-07 05:58:42
@ AZ
He'll yeah go for it. Post it right on here mate. Could be very useful. Cheers.
77Name:Az2018-09-07 05:32:57
My LRC run video's will posted for anyone that would like to use them as CLOCK ROACH (ha ha ha for pest control lol) time comparison. So far 2"23 on the lvl 40 event is where I am at.

If anybody wants to see it before events end say so and you will have it on my YouTube channel asap.
76Name:Bill2018-09-05 12:35:49
75Name:pest control2018-09-05 03:06:44
74Name:Gelatinous2018-09-04 13:17:10
Hey guys just looking for some people to play with on the switch here's my friend code SW-8305-3744-6410
73Name:Pacone2018-09-03 04:04:18
Event rewards are distributed automatically, or do we have to claim them on the event page or something
72Name:Sporky2018-08-24 21:44:20
Hey there. Not a lot of discussion for Switch Rev 2 online anymore it seems, though I have some questions.

Is the Switch version not as updated as others? From what I read online other versions of the game got a patch in 2015 to make them harder, playing online at level 100 was supposed to make enemies level 105ish, but on Switch they are all 95ish, and the game is very easy as a result. Does everyone mostly play for the sake of gearing up for online events?
71Name:Guiding Wingman2018-08-23 18:51:32
Whats good y'all. I'm new to this whole revelations thing, I'm just trynna learn about leveling up and get some help doing events and raids.
70Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-07-08 01:02:02
@ir3mix3d Join the discord -
69Name:ir3mix3d2018-07-06 18:09:39
playing collection and need raid buddies for all situations add me i accept all!
68Name:Slimey912018-06-19 08:37:30
Is the only way to obtain the Bloody Gina costume is witnessing the death of the huge creatures?
67Name:KC2018-06-16 00:11:43
No bloody Gina costume I watched the giant monster die I killed it last night
66Name:Tobias Rieper2018-06-15 13:45:50
Missed Bloody Gina again! Why can't Capcom just give her out to anyone who plays it
65Name:Az2018-06-10 00:17:47
@ hector

Watch this

A shocked creature will take heavy damage. Hope this helps.
64Name:hector2018-06-07 21:21:50
Anyone know how to do 10M more damage to the Invasion of the Huge Creature? The best record of me would be 7.5 Million only... Does anyone have any techniques?
63Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-05-24 00:09:29
A streamed version of RE7 coming to Switch with uniqe Joy Con controller settings. Wish they made a real port instead but better than nothing I guess.
61Name:Strike2wce2018-05-15 00:17:42
So how does this Invasion of Huge Creatures event work? How are people getting such high ranks and points? Do you just expend all your ammo, end the mission, and then rinse and repeat?

Shoot me a message if there's anything that I'm missing out on. Oh, and if anyone wants to add me, my friend code is: SW-3216-0037-2725.
60Name:Bazooka Joe2018-05-07 11:37:23
Anyone looking to do events? Let me know! Need some help! Shoot me a message!
59Name:Bazooka Joe2018-05-07 03:23:46
Always looking to team up with anyone!
58Name:Ton2018-05-01 05:20:29

This comment is not displayed as it contains spoilers. Please select "Display Spoilers" under the spoiler display settings on the customization page to enable the comment.

55Name:SwissPlayTM2018-04-21 02:53:34
if anyone need’s help, we will give u guy’s a helping hand
54Name:Ohfishcakes2018-04-20 08:20:13
Hi, I’ve been trying to unlock Moria’s “Struggle” attire for the last couple of days. I read on a Steam forum you’re suppose to clear the hard or the very hard gauntlet on raid mode. I completed both of them with Hunk and nothing.. any suggestions?
53Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-04-14 22:06:04
Anyone who wanna do code red missions throw me a message or join the discord! I'm helping anyone that needs it ^^
52Name:Cintian Uzuki2018-04-05 17:17:21
@MartinMilk nice idea with DISCORD, if anyone needs help with LRC's or like ask about or just talk about revelations you can text me there.
51Name:SwissPlayTM2018-04-05 05:57:09

here i need help:) ,i send u a pvt msg on u board
48Name:tear2018-04-03 09:54:38
if someone need help on revelations my sw 3490-4815-9120 i will glad to help.
47Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-04-03 05:50:45
DISCORD for Resident Evil Revelations on SWITCH! Do you need raid partners or an easy way to talk directly to raid players! Join this discord (Revelations Switch)
46Name:ZYLE2018-04-01 17:51:59
Add me for online events 7823-1500-6036

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