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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Nintendo Switch "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
70Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-07-08 01:02:02
@ir3mix3d Join the discord -
69Name:ir3mix3d2018-07-06 18:09:39
playing collection and need raid buddies for all situations add me i accept all!
68Name:Slimey912018-06-19 08:37:30
Is the only way to obtain the Bloody Gina costume is witnessing the death of the huge creatures?
67Name:KC2018-06-16 00:11:43
No bloody Gina costume I watched the giant monster die I killed it last night
66Name:Tobias Rieper2018-06-15 13:45:50
Missed Bloody Gina again! Why can't Capcom just give her out to anyone who plays it
65Name:Account No (001)2018-06-10 00:17:47
@ hector

Watch this

A shocked creature will take heavy damage. Hope this helps.
64Name:hector2018-06-07 21:21:50
Anyone know how to do 10M more damage to the Invasion of the Huge Creature? The best record of me would be 7.5 Million only... Does anyone have any techniques?
63Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-05-24 00:09:29
A streamed version of RE7 coming to Switch with uniqe Joy Con controller settings. Wish they made a real port instead but better than nothing I guess.
61Name:Strike2wce2018-05-15 00:17:42
So how does this Invasion of Huge Creatures event work? How are people getting such high ranks and points? Do you just expend all your ammo, end the mission, and then rinse and repeat?

Shoot me a message if there's anything that I'm missing out on. Oh, and if anyone wants to add me, my friend code is: SW-3216-0037-2725.
60Name:Bazooka Joe2018-05-07 11:37:23
Anyone looking to do events? Let me know! Need some help! Shoot me a message!
59Name:Bazooka Joe2018-05-07 03:23:46
Always looking to team up with anyone!
58Name:Ton2018-05-01 05:20:29

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55Name:SwissPlayTM2018-04-21 02:53:34
if anyone need’s help, we will give u guy’s a helping hand
54Name:Ohfishcakes2018-04-20 08:20:13
Hi, I’ve been trying to unlock Moria’s “Struggle” attire for the last couple of days. I read on a Steam forum you’re suppose to clear the hard or the very hard gauntlet on raid mode. I completed both of them with Hunk and nothing.. any suggestions?
53Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-04-14 22:06:04
Anyone who wanna do code red missions throw me a message or join the discord! I'm helping anyone that needs it ^^
52Name:Cintian Uzuki2018-04-05 17:17:21
@MartinMilk nice idea with DISCORD, if anyone needs help with LRC's or like ask about or just talk about revelations you can text me there.
51Name:SwissPlayTM2018-04-05 05:57:09

here i need help:) ,i send u a pvt msg on u board
48Name:tear2018-04-03 09:54:38
if someone need help on revelations my sw 3490-4815-9120 i will glad to help.
47Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-04-03 05:50:45
DISCORD for Resident Evil Revelations on SWITCH! Do you need raid partners or an easy way to talk directly to raid players! Join this discord (Revelations Switch)
46Name:ZYLE2018-04-01 17:51:59
Add me for online events 7823-1500-6036
45Name:JavierAbdo2018-03-29 09:46:46
Anybody known how yo unlock second costume for Gina
44Name:Thachozenduan2018-03-23 09:44:48
@MartinMilk my highest character is Hunk at 64
43Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-03-22 00:34:08
Okay, so if anyone are good in Revelations 1 Switch / Wii U i'm open to help anyone level up their characters in Revelations 2 if you help me level up in RER1. if anyone is down for that trade send me a message on my page. thank you
42Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-03-21 18:10:50
@Thachozenduan Which is your highest level character? I'm not sure but maybe you need atleast one full level character to join the events. I never entered an event before having somewhat decent weapons before.
41Name:Thachozenduan2018-03-19 08:14:24
@MartinMilk the thing is that when I am at the red door screen which has the main missions, quick match, daily missions and the event missions the only options available are main missions and daily missions. Quick match, and event missions always have been unavailable since I started playing although here at re net says they are ongoing events I can't seem to play any of them i don't know if its a glitch on my game or what
40Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-03-18 12:28:07
@Thachozenduan There are different kinds of events. The most common is 'Level restricted challenge. In these your ranking and rewards are based on your level and time. Finish the selected map with the lowest level you possible can handle.

So for example, the winners of each event is the players who use level 1 characters finishing the fastest time.

To manage to beat a level 40 or level 90 restricted challenge you'll have to grind rare weapons in raid mode for a long time. Good luck
39Name:Thachozenduan2018-03-18 03:11:50
SwissPlayTM found it lol I linked my gamedata. Do you know how to play online events?
38Name:SwissPlayTM2018-03-18 02:48:02
oh and u need to Sync. ur gamedata the first time on or the link will not work
37Name:SwissPlayTM2018-03-18 02:46:35

that‘s the Link i think...

If u open it u wil see a button it‘s called “Main menu“ click on that button and then click on
the last option bellow called
„Enter present code“

that‘s it:)

and if u have rer 1, u need to go on a other
/seperate site, to enter ur code‘s there...
36Name:Thachozenduan2018-03-18 01:51:37
MrSuperman215 me too I have been playing the game for almost a month and can't get to play any online event I linked the account and everything but it is just unavailable at the deploy screen. Another thing I can't find the screen where you input the present codes. If someone knows how to do it please do tell. Tks
35Name:MrSuperman2152018-03-17 10:40:34
Hi guys; brand new to the game; want to get stuck in with the events;

Stupid question, where are the Event Missions? It says to find them under ‘deploy’ in the Raid menu but I can’t find anything!! Please help!
34Name:SwissPlayTM2018-03-16 02:16:13
Hey pep‘s i looking for a new teammate on stage GS/C and want a trinity bonus, i got allready all trinitys on chasm, trench and abyss and i‘m lv50 but i can‘t find any good players, i hope anyone here still playing that game and are ready to give a noobie like me a helping hand thank‘s=) (Notice: i play actually on a Switch RER, oh and sorry for my bad english xD) here‘s my FC for that guy‘s where are interessted: SW-2138-9003-2824
32Name:Thachozenduan2018-03-16 00:42:09
Hi anyone can add me on the switch! My friend code: sw-3962-9284-2897 I am a Good shot and Btw I have been trying to play online and play events but I don't know what I am doing wrong I cant find a session or an event in the deploy screen.
31Name:Dante40012018-02-21 14:38:07
Hi, can anyone explain how "Rare Finder" part in raid mode works?
30Name:M a r t i n M i l k2018-02-17 09:06:02
If anyone wanna do weapon hunts/events add me. 0789-5854-0680
28Name:iamDTS2018-02-13 19:26:32
Just got Revelations Collection on Switch yesterday, looking for some people to play raid mode on both titles. I do have experience with Revelations 2 Raid Mode on PS3, so i'm not new to it. Revelations on the other hand is new to me.
SW- 7738-4005-9114
27Name:LOADED SPECIAL2018-02-09 01:18:47
Got it!!!! I destroyed the Huge Creature on my first attempt on Switch. Cool. Only took me 20 minutes and was down to the 4.5 million hp range.
26Name:QuietRezo2018-02-04 00:19:17
My brother and I both have Switches, a copy of RE:REV2 each, and enjoy the online raid mode, but rarely meet in person.
This weekend I visited him, and we couldn’t play the campaign each playing in one’s Switch, we had to connect the four joy-cons to one Switch for it to be playable (The split joy-con controller option is weird). Locking campaign co-op behind split-screen seems ridiculous.
Is there anything official / a workaround, or is this actually possible and we’ve been dumb as rocks? (This last one is very possible)
24Name:LOADED SPECIAL2018-01-30 23:46:15
I'll add you. I go by Ne'aryah as my Switch nickname.
23Name:Mccarman2018-01-29 04:14:16
Anyone can add me on the switch!
22Name:LOADED SPECIAL2018-01-27 01:37:01
Yes Lady Hunk is included.
21Name:KC2018-01-26 05:18:13
Is lady hunk in the Nintendo switch version of re revelations?
20Name:LOADED SPECIAL2018-01-25 23:52:49
Send me a personal message with your sw:#. I been playing Raid Mode on other consoles since the original launch, so I know what I'm doing. I can help out.
19Name:Mccarman2018-01-22 08:31:24
Anyone need of a newbie? I do pretty well in the game. I’m trying to get stronger. I play when I can and will play upon request!!
18Name:Artaud2018-01-05 10:25:58
Otro evento de gigantes que termina sin que pueda derrotar a alguno
17Name:no name2018-01-05 06:39:02
Well im just an idiot sandwich thanks thou
16Name:MikeyMo822018-01-05 00:48:26
So why does it seem like I am continually getting shorted roughly 1,000,000 damage when my IoHC score is uploaded? I feel like it should be about +4,000,000. Also, what happened and why/how did Charon come back to life!?
15Name:MikeyMo822018-01-05 00:41:43
The code is for a Chris icon for use here on RE.NET
to unlock Chris in Raid you need to keep playing Raid Mode.
14Name:no name2018-01-04 09:59:22
So i did the code for chris and havent gotten To use him he does not show up any reason why?
12Name:jamsik8908052017-12-20 23:39:33
Anyone can help me please on getting the TB bonuses on the abbys mode at the first revelations?. I mean just a few can, but no one wants to play to get them. I would appreciate it.


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