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    • [Starcade] Hey guys! For the Resident Evil 6 (PS3) EX3 outfit event, make sure 1)you’re LOGGED ON...
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    • [MartinMilk - MilkiHazard] umm.. that's a weird minor thing to be that upset about lmao.
    • 2020-03-31 01:19:27
    • [Scarlet Jester] The controller needs to be altered because The Evil Within is better as far as run. Pre...
    • 2020-03-30 01:22:05
    • [Nubianprncess504] Trying to link my Wii U on here but keep getting an error msg.
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    • [Offworlder1] @Ya Boi Get the two high grade gunpowder, go to the subway car again where you started...