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About the valid medals for the RE6 Pax Aeterna 19 online event Resident Evil 6

[2018-02-02 18:00 (JST)]

Due to an administrative error, Valid medals  for the "Pax Aeterna 19" event for Resident Evil 6 was incorrect, and have been fixed as follows:   =========================================...
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[Compensated] Online Event "Rail Yard Dominator 6" suspended. Resident Evil 6

[2017-3-13 13:30]

Due to an error in processing the scores for the "Rail Yard Dominator 6" event, will be suspended.   Resident Evil.Net sincerely apologizes for this issue, and will be taking the following ste...
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About the Resident Evil 6 "Rail Yard Dominator 6" event rankings Resident Evil 6

[2017-3-13 11:00]

The rankings for the Resident Evil 6 event "Rail Yard Dominator 6" are not updating correctly; this issue is currently under investigation.   Resident Evil.Net sincerely apologizes for this is...
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About the rewards for the Agents, Abductors, Chainsaws 10 online event Resident Evil 6

[2015/12/11 11:00]

The base reward of 10,000 points for the "Agents, Abductors, Chainsaws 10" online event on PS3 and Xbox 360 was not credited together with the other rewards, these points have now been credited to ...

About the target medals for the "Pax Aeterna 8" online event Resident Evil 6

[11:30 (JST)]

Due to a system error, the "Killed 5 zombies while in the minecart (Leon chapter 2 / Ada chapter 2)" medal for the Resident Evil 6 event "Pax Aeterna 8" was not being counted towards the event scor...

Resident Evil 6 "Neutralize the Threat 8" online event rewards delay Resident Evil 6

[11:00 (JST)]

The rewards for the "Neutralize the Threat 8" are currently being credited to all participants, please note that it may take some time before all rewards have been completed.   Resident Evil.N...
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About the Creature Level for PC players of Resident Evil 6 Resident Evil 6

[15:30 (JST)]

An issue affecting the Creature Level for RE6 PC players has been fixed. Any badges that were unlocked by this error have been removed (any RE Points will however remain unlocked).   Resident ...

Resident Evil.Net app for Windows Mobile end of service Resident Evil 6

[18:00 (JST)]

Support for the RESIDENT EVIL.NET Windows Phone app will end on May 30 at 11:00 (JST). If you are a Windows Phone user, please use the mobile version of the Resident Evil.Net site instead.   R...

About the Resident Evil 6 "Creature Workshop Dominator 2" online event icon Resident Evil 6

[10:00 (JST)]

Although there was a delay in distributing the icons for the "Creature Workshop Dominator 2" online event, all users with eligible accounts should find they have now been awarded the icon.   R...

About the "Extermination Tactics 4 (PS3)" online event rewards Resident Evil 6


There has been a slight delay in distributing the rewards for the "Extermination Tactics" online event. All rewards shoud now be available.   Resident Evil.Net sincerely apologizes for the dalay.