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The legend returns! A present campaign to celebrate the announcement of Resident Evil!

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock you may have seen the Resident Evil announcement earlier today (rock-dwellers, see the link below!).   The g...
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Arsenal for Peace

We’re sharing another image posted on the official Resident Evil page today, featuring Jill as she appeared in Resident Evil 3. She might look a little over encumbered, then again when you co...

Push yourself to the limit with another round of Web Badges / Titles!

We hope you’ve all been having a blast with the last two sets of Badges (RE6) and Titles (Revelations). Due to the success of the previous batches, we’re happy to announce yet another r...
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Memories of a Lost City

The official Resident Evil Facebook page recently posted the image below using the title of Claire’s scenario from “Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles”, “Memories of a Lost C...
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A community challenge!

A fan-made quiz entitled “The Ultimate Resident Evil Quiz” has been making the rounds, and recently appeared on the official RE Facebook page.   Obviously we went to check it out ...

Resident Evil Revelations Summer Campaign

While we know many of you will be watching the soccer right now, you can always squeeze in a round of Raid during half time!   The current campaign features weapons and parts that should give ...

Win new “Bonus” cases from events!

As a big thank you to everyone who has been diligently unlocking weapon and parts cases over the months, Resident Evil.Net is happy to announce a new case rank, the “Bonus” case!  ...
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Abandon all hope…again! Biohazard the Real returns to Universal Studio Japan(R) from August 8.

Following the incredible success of “Biohazard the Real“ last year at Universal Studios Japan, “Biohazard the Real 2” will be running this year from August 8.   This y...

Are you ready to take on the next batch of Web Badges and Titles?

Have you already unlocked the new Titles and Badges we announced a short while back? You seemed to enjoy the last batch, and we’re happy to announce the next round!     &...
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Biohazard Revelations Unveiled Edition released under the PlayStation 3 “the Best” label (Japan only)

Biohazard Revelations UE, featuring both a Campaign Mode with dramatic intertwining stories, and a progressive Raid Mode with powerful weapons and parts, has been re-released at a new low price poi...