(Ended) Merry Christmas! Resident Evil Revelations holiday present campaign part 2

It’s Christmas Day! We hope you’re enjoying yourselves wherever you are and whatever you’re up to, and if you have the chance to play Revelations between meals and presents then w...

(Ended) Resident Evil Revelations holiday present campaign!

With the festive season well on its way, we’d like to take this opportunity to give a couple of gifts to all of our users for Resident Evil Revelations!   Rare weapons     A l...
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Happy holidays from Capcom!

The official Facebook page posted a very special Xmas card from Capcom Europe’s design a card competition; it was so good we felt we had to post it here too! Have fun finding all the RE refer...

Follow Claire and Barry's past on their own special chronologies

Have you had a look at Recollections since the renewal?   >>Click here to access Resident Evil Recollections    Now that we know Barry's going to be in Resident Evil Revelation...

Live the history of Resident Evil with Resident Evil Recollections!

We've been making some big changes over at Recollections!   >>Click here to access Resident Evil Recollections       Here are some of the more important changes:   &n...

Resident Evil Revelations Halloween Present Campaign

Thinking about taking on the denizens of the deep this Halloween? Try using the following selection of free weapons and parts!   Rare weapons   Battlefield leader: Dictator (Lv46, Slot 3...
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Raccoon City Contagion Campaign: BSAA is here to save the day!

We hope you’ve all joined in on the Raccoon City Contagion Campaign for the upcoming Resident Evil remaster   You can sign up immediately ...

Find the hidden references in the Resident Evil Revelations 2 concept teaser!

We’ve created a dedicated messageboard for the new Revelations 2 concept teaser, >click here to see the board!   The complete version of the teaser released today is packed full of no...

Share your tales with other survivors on Resident Evil Recollections!

It’s a good time to be a Resident Evil fan with the announcements of both the Resident Evil remaster and Revelations 2, and today Resident Evil.Net is also happy to announce a brand new featu...

Resident Evil Revelations online event “Mano a Mano 2” now on!

The “Mano a Mano 2” event is currently running for Revelations.   Taking part is easy, you simply have to defeat as many creatures as possible with knife and melee attacks.   ...