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Biohazard Revelations Unveiled Edition released under the PlayStation 3 “the Best” label (Japan only)

Biohazard Revelations UE, featuring both a Campaign Mode with dramatic intertwining stories, and a progressive Raid Mode with powerful weapons and parts, has been re-released at a new low price poi...
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Resident Evil fan poster

We’re taking a break from the usual site news to show you this spectacular Resident Evil-inspired poster by a fan of the series       The poster was recently posted to th...

Chickens incoming! Another peek at the new Web Badges.

We hope you've all had a chance to look at the new Web Badges and Titles we recently revealed for RE6 and Revelations.   In the last post we mentioned the "NHL" Badge, a throwback to the harde...

The Resident Evil.Net Mobile app now supports Resident Evil Revelations!

A big thank you to all agents for being so patient. Resident Evil.Net is happy to announce that the Resident Evil.Net mobile app now supports Resident Evil Revelations!   We've kept the same ...

Celebrate the one-year anniversary of Resident Evil Revelations with another Present Campaign!

Can you believe it's already been once year since Revelations was released on home consoles and PC?   To thank all of you for your support this last year, we'll be providing the following code...

A challenge from Resident Evil.Net! First batch of new Web Badges and Titles now

Resident Evil.Net is delighted to announce the first batch of new Badges and Titles available for all agents to unlock by playing Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil Revelations.   The first gr...
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New present codes from Capcom Unity!

Capcom Unity released some present codes about 1 week ago, but in case you missed the news we’ll be posting them here too.   Make sure to pick them up before they expire, and have fun us...
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Share your favorite Resident Evil moments on the official Facebook page!

The official Resident Evil Facebook page is asking users to post their favorite RE moments from across the series.   Once user will be selected to feature in an upcoming Capcom game, don&rsqu...

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Celebrate Resident Evil’s birthday with another present campaign from Resident Evil.Net!   March 22 is a special day for RE, as the very first Resident Evil was released 18 years ago. &n...

Find the Serpent Emblems and delve deeper into the world of Resident Evil 6!

Have you finished all 4 scenarios of the content-packed Campaign mode yet?   You’ve probably noticed the Serpent Emblems hidden around the Campaigns, which can be broken to unlock files....