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Become an authority on Resident Evil lore with the Creature Encyclopedia and Digital Archives

You might have noticed a new mysterious “Extra” button on the top menu, we’ll be using it to post all sorts of Resident Evil-related info.   To start off, the content will be...
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Resident Evil 6 Anniversary Campaign now on!

It’s been 1 year since the Resident Evil 6 launched in October 2012.   A lot has happened in the past year, but the constant driving force behind the team here at Resident Evil.Net has a...

High Roller II up for grabs in the next event, “Tower of Doom!”

You might have noticed a new event on the Online Events page, called “Tower of Doom”, some of you might find the name somewhat familiar…   The rules are straightforward: aim...

Parts and Weapon cases added to the Unlockable Items page!

We’ve added Parts and Weapon cases to the Revelations unlockable items page! You might have already heard the term ‘cases’ here before…as it turns out, these are exactly th...

The first Champion Belt event is here! Who will be the first Champion?

The Champion Belt events are here at last, starting with King of Urban Chaos 2.   Here's a brief rundown if you're wondering what Champion Belt events have to offer: The Champion Belt is award...
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Biohazard 6 Special Package now available (Japan only)!

The BH6 special package is here! Includes all previously released DLC, the brand-new Japanese voiceover pack, and a bonus DVD, all at only 3,990 Yen. Package contents: Biohazard 6Special case slee...
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"Biohazard The Real" now open at Universal Studios Japan! Few survivors reported…

Many of you have probably already heard about the Biohazard survival horror shooting attraction at Universal Studios Japan from articles published on gaming websites. "Biohazard The Real", a live r...

2-Team event "Killcount Challenge" now on!

Looks like you've found the new News section, thanks for checking it out! We'll be using this space to post Resident Evil-related news and info, along with articles on how to make the most of your ...