New discoveries posted in “The Art Director’s Notebook”!

It’s already been over a year since Resident Evil 6 was released, and while most of you have almost certainly finished all of the campaigns by now, we’re delighted to see so many people...

Congratulations to all teams for reaching the SSS rank in the “2-Team Killcount Challenge” event!

The Resident Evil Revelations “2-Team Killcount Challenge” event that ended on December 24 was a huge success, and all teams managed to reach the top rank, SSS!   The event reward...

Celebrate the holiday season with a selection of rare weapons!

The holidays are finally here, and we hope you can all take some well-earned time off!   We’ve been getting a little forgetful as the years go by, and we’ve realized we’d com...

Extra Files updated!

While we’re sure most of you noticed the Extra menu we added to the top menu a while back, as the Creature Encyclopedia and Digital Archives pages are updated every week, you might want to ch...

Fight for your team in the Killcount Challenge 2 battle event!

Have you had a look at the Killcount Challenge 2 team event yet? Players are automatically assigned to one of two teams in team battles, all you need to do to take part is play!   If your tea...

Win powerful weapons in the Damage Champion 2 event!

Have you joined the Damage Champion 2 event yet?   The rules are pretty straightforward: deal as much damage with a single shot during the event. All weapons and parts can be used (except the ...

Win rare parts! Wanted Challenge event now on.

The brand new Wanted Challenge event for Resident Evil Revelations starts today at 18:00 (JST). Some of you might not know what the “Wanted” part refers to, so here’s a quick revi...
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Become an authority on Resident Evil lore with the Creature Encyclopedia and Digital Archives

You might have noticed a new mysterious “Extra” button on the top menu, we’ll be using it to post all sorts of Resident Evil-related info.   To start off, the content will be...
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Resident Evil 6 Anniversary Campaign now on!

It’s been 1 year since the Resident Evil 6 launched in October 2012.   A lot has happened in the past year, but the constant driving force behind the team here at Resident Evil.Net has a...

High Roller II up for grabs in the next event, “Tower of Doom!”

You might have noticed a new event on the Online Events page, called “Tower of Doom”, some of you might find the name somewhat familiar…   The rules are straightforward: aim...