Improve your skills with Captain Chris Honda's new Umbrella Corps Boot Camp!

As a competitive shooter, Umbrella Corps is of course all about the win. RE NET is delighted to announce our very own Boot Camp to help you hone your skills, captained by none other than the highly...

An unexpected result for the latest RE NET One-Click Quiz!

Thanks again to everyone who took part in our latest One-Click Quiz!     This was as tricky question, as all three answers seem viable. How do you think the community answered?   &g...

Stand out from the crowd with the new 3D character Decal components!

The dev team have been working hard to make the Umbrella Corps experience more enjoyable than ever with new updates and patches.   Here on RE NET we've also been making our own new additions, ...
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A fan's candid "shot" of a pair of familiar faces

The official Resident Evil.Net Facebook page recently posted the following fan art!   Looks like they've having a great time under the cherry blossoms.The flower over Jake's ear is without a d...

Megaman enlists in the Corps with all new Decal components!

Umbrella Corps is a tense, compact shooter set in the Resident Evil universe.   Among the most unique of its customization features is the Decal editor right here on RE NET, and we're happy to...
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Artwork: The Executioner Majini spares none

The official Resident Evil Facebook page recently shared the following terrifying depiction of the Executioner Majini.     Looks like the player’s in a tight spot, in fact he&rsquo...

Latest RE NET One Click Quiz Results!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the most recent One Click Quiz we sent out in the Newsletter!     Two of the answers were plausible, but we were mostly interested in finding out how ...

Create better Decals with new features and components!

Umbrella Corps players are having a blast exploring the possibilities of this brand-new direction for the series.   If you've been using the Decal editor, we've just added a mask guide selecto...
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An E3 interview with series producer Masachika Kawata

Masachika Kawata gave the following interview during E3 that goes over various questions about Resident Evil 7. Here’s a quick overview of the content:     There’s still a sh...
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Resident Evil 5 returns in HD on PS4 and Xbox One!

As the Resident Evil 5 remaster on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One is now out for all regions, here's a rundown of what you can look forward to! New players will no doubt appreciate the gorgeous vis...