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[Ended] Resident Evil 20th Anniversary US tour update!

Here's another update on Resident Evil's 20th Anniversary Tour in the US.   ↑The tour has almost made it all the way to the East Coast!    The tour trailer left San Francisco o...

How to evade the truck, BIOHAZARD THE TOON style

A new BIOHAZARD THE TOON comic was recently posted on Club96, the official Japanese Resident Evil community page.   Remember that truck that’s intent on mowing you down in RE4?   &n...
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A fan’s cosplay of the President’s top man Leon

The official Resident Evil Facebook page recently posted the following fan cosplay of Leon!   Looks like they aced Leon down to the very last detail, including the beard; truly the “Pres...
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Bring your new KITCHEN home from October 13!

KITCHEN was originally shown as a tech demo at E3 2015, and left a lasting impression on those who tried it out.   Bloodstains and a camera...what went on here?   These hands look like th...
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[Ended] Resident Evil for PS4 now available for free for PlayStation® Plus subscribers!

The remastered version of the legendary masterpiece Resident Evil is currently available for free for PlayStation® Plus subscribers.     RE NET offers additional support for this titl...

[BIOHAZARD THE TOON] Leon's slick fashion sense

The official Japanese Resident Evil community CLUB96 released a new "BIOHAZARD THE TOON" web comic recently!   Leon's securing the area, wouldn't want Ashley to get hurt...     >&...
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The latest cosplay challenge for RE's community manager!

The official Resident Evil Facebook shared a cosplay featuring Jill and a Chainsaw Sister!     Everything including the backdrop is picture perfect. Just like last time our very own Resi...
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Resident Evil 20th Anniversary US tour update!

As we mentioned previously in the news section, a RE 20th Anniversary trailer is currently touring the US!   It almost looks like a board game. Better stay out of the Pacific...    ...
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New trailer for the next full-length RE CG movie "Biohazard Vendetta", out this spring in Japan!

Out in spring 2017, Biohazard Vendetta is the latest chapter in the Resident Evil CG movie series.               A new trailer was recently released, here's a qu...
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[Ended] New RE7 "Lantern" demo showcased at the Tokyo Game Show!

The Tokyo Game Show starts, and RE7 is making a very special appearance with the new "Lantern" demo”.   A blank screen and a pile of tapes...what's about to start here?     &nb...