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About a reward for Tower of Doom 19 Resident Evil Revelations

[2017-5-30 16:00 (JST)]

A reward for the "Tower of Doom 19" event for Resident Evil Revelations was incorrect, and have been fixed as follows: =========================================== Previous incorrect rewards: Dehuma...

RESIDENT EVIL.NET Spring Break Maintenance

[2017-4-19 10:30]

RESIDENT EVIL.NET Support will be closed during the following period   [Spring Break] 4/29/2017 (Sat) ~ 5/7/2017 (Sun)   [Services unavailable] -CAPCOM Account Support   [About suppo...

UPDATE [RESIDENT EVIL.NET for iOS] About iOS10 support Maintenance

[2016-11-16 10:30]

RESIDENT EVIL.NET Mobile now supports iOS 10.   Sorry small update
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[Compensated] Online Event "Rail Yard Dominator 6" suspended. Resident Evil 6

[2017-3-13 13:30]

Due to an error in processing the scores for the "Rail Yard Dominator 6" event, will be suspended.   Resident Evil.Net sincerely apologizes for this issue, and will be taking the following ste...
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About the Resident Evil 6 "Rail Yard Dominator 6" event rankings Resident Evil 6

[2017-3-13 11:00]

The rankings for the Resident Evil 6 event "Rail Yard Dominator 6" are not updating correctly; this issue is currently under investigation.   Resident Evil.Net sincerely apologizes for this is...

[Fixed] About appearance of Current status for the Agents, Abductors, Chainsaws 15 (Xbox 360) online event Resident Evil 6 Maintenance

[2017-2-24 20:15]

*This issue has been fixed. (Feb 27th 11:45(JST) 2017)   The current Resident Evil 6 online event page's "Current status" appearance is not working right. Resident Evil.Net sincerely apologize...

[Ended] Resident Evil.Net maintenance info Maintenance Maintenance

[2017-1-16 13:00]

RE NET will be undergoing maintenance according to the schedule below, Resident Evil.Net will be unavailable during this time.   2017/1/23 @ 10:00 (Mon) ~ @ 21:00 (All times are JST)   *T...
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[Updated] Display issues on RE NET Maintenance

[2016-12-21 16:00]

RE NET is currently experiencing issues with the display of the following content:   - Xbox One and Xbox 360 Gamertags - Umbrella Corps Boot Camp articles (Dec 22 fixed)   These issues w...

[Ended] RESIDENT EVIL.NET Maintenance Maintenance

[2016-12-19 14:30]

RE NET will be unavailable during the following period due to scheduled maintenance   Tuesday, December 20 16:00~ Wednesday, December 21 16:00 (JST) - The maintenance end time is subject to ch...

RESIDENT EVIL.NET Winter Break Maintenance

[2016-12-19 14:00]

RESIDENT EVIL.NET Support will be closed during the following period   [Winter break] 12/22/2016 (Thu) ~ 1/9/2017 (Mon) [Services unavailable] -CAPCOM Account Support   [About support] We...