[Updated 12/18] About the recent RE NET login issues Maintenance

[2015/12/18 15:00]

The following will be performed as compensation for the recent login outage on RE NET (December 13 @ 15:00 ~ December 14 @ 9:30 (JST) approx.)   1. Users whose login chain (from December 12 or...

[Ended] Resident Evil.Net maintenance info Maintenance

RE NET will be undergoing maintenance according to the schedule below, Resident Evil.Net will be unavailable during this time.   2015/12/18 @ 10:00 (Fri) ~ @ 15:00 (All times are JST)   &...

RESIDENT EVIL.NET Winter Break Maintenance

[2015/12/16 11:00]

RESIDENT EVIL.NET Support will be closed during the following period   [Winter break] 12/19/2015 (Sat) ~ 1/4/2016 (Mon)   [Services unavailable] -CAPCOM Account Support   [About supp...
[Service restored]

[Service Restored] About the recent RE NET login issues Maintenance

[2015/12/14 11:00]

From approximately December 13 @ 15:00 to December 14 @ 9:30 (JST) it was not possible to log into RE NET due to a system error. Logins are currently working normally, and we will be releasing more...
[Service restored]

About the rewards for the Agents, Abductors, Chainsaws 10 online event Resident Evil 6

[2015/12/11 11:00]

The base reward of 10,000 points for the "Agents, Abductors, Chainsaws 10" online event on PS3 and Xbox 360 was not credited together with the other rewards, these points have now been credited to ...
[Service restored]

About the conditions for the Invasion of the Huge Creatures No.9 online event Resident Evil Revelations 2

[2015/12/10 13:45]

Due to an administrative error, the Invasion of the Huge Creatures No.9 requirements incorrectly state that Episode 1 must be owned in order to take part in the event. The correct requirement is E...
[Service restored]

About the rewards for the "Killcount Challenge 11" online event for Resident Evil Revelations. Resident Evil Revelations

[2015/11/13 17:30]

The "11th Killcount Challenge Agent" title was incorrectly awarded to participants in the "Killcount Challenge 11" online event who ended the event ranked between 71st and 100th place. All affected...

[Resident Evil.Net Mobile for iOS] Language setting changes to English after iOS update / 【iOS版RESIDENT EVIL.NET Mobile】 iOS更新後に言語設定が英語になる現象について Maintenance

[2015/9/25 17:30]

We have confirmed an issue that causes the Resident Evil.Net Mobile language setting to change to English when updating iOS from version 8 to version 9. Please follow the steps below to switch back...

Resident Evil Revelations "Killcount challenge 9 (WiiU)" online event rewards delay Resident Evil Revelations

The rewards for the "Killcount challenge 9 (WiiU)" are currently being credited to all participants, please note that it may take some time before all rewards have been completed.

About the results for Invasion of the Huge Creatures No.3 Resident Evil Revelations 2

[17:00 (JST)]

A number of scores were incorrectly calculated for recent Invasion of the Huge Creatures No.3 event, we have since recalculated all scores and rewards for all users on all platforms.   RE NET ...