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Resident Evil Revelations "Killcount Challenge 7" online event rewards delay Resident Evil Revelations

[16:45 (JST)]

Due to a system error the rewards for the "Killcount Challenge 7" event will be delayed as follows:     Original time: 2015/2/26 @ 15:00  (JST)   New time: 2015/2/27 @ t.b.c. (J...
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About the Creature Level for PC players of Resident Evil 6 Resident Evil 6

[15:30 (JST)]

An issue affecting the Creature Level for RE6 PC players has been fixed. Any badges that were unlocked by this error have been removed (any RE Points will however remain unlocked).   Resident ...

Configuring Site Buddy visibility following the Profile page update

[15:15 (JST)]

The update on 2015/1/19 added a Site Buddy list to each user's Profile page under the "Partners" tab on the PC browser site. (Friendlists have not changed and remain visible only to their owner.) B...

About the scores for the Tower of Doom 6 online event for Resident Evil Revelations Resident Evil Revelations

[19:45 (JST)]

Part of the scores for the Tower of Doom 6 event were not displayed correctly between 2015/1/19 @ 18:00 and 2015/1/20 @ 18:00.   This error has now been fixed and event scores have been restor...
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About the rewards for the Wanted Challenge 6 online event Resident Evil Revelations

[21:45 (JST)]

A single Normal Parts Case was missing form the rewards distributed for the Wanted Challenge 6 event for Resident Evil Revelations. The missing case has now been awarded to all participants, as wel...

Resident Evil 6 "Break the Siege! 6" Online Event time change Maintenance

[13:30 (JST)]

Due to system maintenance, the start and end times for the Resident Evil 6 "Break the Siege! 6" online event will be modified as follows:   Previous start / end 2015/1/15 15:00:00 - 2015/1/19 ...

(Ended) Resident Evil.Net maintenance info Maintenance

[13:30 (JST)]

RE NET will be undergoing maintenance according to the schedule below, Resident Evil.Net will be unavailable during this time.   2015/1/19 @ 10:00 (Mon) ~ @ 18:00 (All times are JST)   *T...

Incorrect dates posted for the Resident Evil Revelations online event "Wanted Challenge 6" Resident Evil Revelations

[10:00 (JST)]

The dates for the Wanted Challenge 6 event for Resident Evil Revelations were incorrect, the correct dates are as follows:   2014/12/25 @ 15:00 ~ 2014/1/13 @ 15:00 (JST)   Resident Evil.N...

RESIDENT EVIL.NET Winter Break Maintenance


RESIDENT EVIL.NET Support will be closed during the following period   [Winter break] 12/27/2014 (Sat) ~ 1/4/2015 (Sun)   [Services unavailable] -CAPCOM Account Support   [About supp...

Unlocking the "Finish the game without saving" game progress achievement for Resident Evil

 To unlock this achievement, you must save your data at the typewriter screen displayed after completing the game before returning to the main menu.   If you do not save at this time, you...