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[Service malfunction]

[Compensation Report] Resident Evil Revelations "Killcount challenge 39" event schedule changeResident Evil Revelations

[2020-09-29 13:45]

Due to a mistake with data accounting, the results for the current event, "Killcount challenge 39" could not be collected. We apologize for this mistake.


To correct for this mistake, the event will be re-set with the dates as follows:

Previous Event Period: 09.28.2020 14:00:00 - 10.12.2020 15:00:00

Updated Event Period: 09.29.2020 15:00:00 - 10.12.2020 15:00:00

Data collected from 14:00 on September 28 will not be included in event totals. Thank you for your understanding.


We sincerely apologize again for the inconvenience caused to all event participants.

In addition, we would like to offer the following to users inconvenienced by the change.



Compensation Contents: Weapons Case Bonus x1, Parts Case Bonus x1

Eligible Users: Users who have an account link for "Resident Evil Revelations" (all platforms), which includes game results.

Please note, compensation items are still being prepared, and may take a little time to deliver. We ask your patience until they are ready.


Thank you for your understanding, and we again apologize for the error and inconvenience.