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[Ended] Resident Evil 20th Anniversary US tour update!

Here's another update on Resident Evil's 20th Anniversary Tour in the US.



↑The tour has almost made it all the way to the East Coast!


 0909a.jpgThe tour trailer left San Francisco on September 15 and is currently making its way across the continent. This time the staff have posted some nice shots of the inside for everyone to see.


 1014dd.jpgYou can see some PS VR headsets hung up below the screens. From what we've heard the experience is a game changer!


1014ee.jpgOf course the regular experience is also available for play. Even the chairs look amazing.


Here's a look at the merch tent.



1014aa.jpgThe even have a cute licker hanging from the tent, I wonder if anyone could have foreseen that when they first saw the licker...

The tour is almost on the East Coast now, sadly it won't be coming to Japan so I'll just have to make do with these reports...


We'll be back with more updates soon!


>>Resident Evil 20th Anniversary 2016 US Tour official site