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RE7 "Banned Footage Vol.1" DLC is here!

Here's the lowdown on RE7's "Banned Footage Vol.1" DLC, out on Thursday:


First up is "Bedroom", a terrifying escape experience.
Can you make it out of the bedroom without Marguerite noticing? Don't forget to eat up, looks delicious...


Next there's "Nightmare", an action-packed survival mode.Fend off the Molded onslaught in the basement until dawn, or else...


Finally we have "Ethan Must Die", a completely self standing mode.

Fans of Capcom games may be reminded of another certain series by the title. This mode takes place in the Baker mansion with one notable difference: the difficulty has been cranked up to ridiculous levels, so make sure you can handle yourself in the main game first!


The above three modes offer an entirely different experience compared to the main story, we hope you enjoy playing!

(Xbox One and PC versions of the DLC will be released on February 21.)


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