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Special Release Event for Resident Evil: Revelations on PS4 and Xbox One! Present Code Giveaway!


We're proud to say that Resident Evil: Revelations is out on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.


Improved graphics and additional content make this a must-have whether or not you've had a chance to play it on other platforms!


Here at RE NET, we want to commemorate this release by giving out a bunch of useful gifts, including weapons you can use in Raid Mode such as the Serpent and Lead Storm.


Use the codes below to grab some of these items for yourself!


Note: You must log in to RE NET to use these codes.

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[List of presents and present codes]


weapon_python.jpgThe Python's evolution: Serpent (Lv. 3/2 slots)
Present code: serpent


A rapid-fire P-90: Lead Storm (Lv. 5/3 slots)
Present code: storm



normal.jpgBring the heat with more firepower! Damage 3.
Present code: damage


normal.jpgMore bang for your buck: Long Magazine 3.
Present code: long


normal.jpgLuck be a lady tonight: Critical 3.
Present code: critical


Take out the small fry: Green Belt 1.
Present code: green


normal.jpgThat's what I call teamwork: Aura of Strength 2.
Present code: commander


normal.jpgHeal from a 5m distance! Medical Kit 2.
Present code: medi


normal.jpgAn herb a day keeps the doctor away: Fertilizer 2.
Present code: harvest


Locally-grown gunpowder: Ammo Magnet 1.
Present code: ammomagnet


Note: You must send weapons obtained on RE NET into your game in order to use them. Read below for details.



▼How to use present codes and send items to your game▼


1. From the Revelations RE NET page menu, select "Present Code" under "MORE".



2. Input each present code!

Note: After using the present codes, click the highlighted button to send the items to your game.


These items are each useful in their own way, so be sure to give them a shot!


Note: The present codes above only work for the PlayStation®4/Xbox One versions of Resident Evil: Revelations, and will not work for other platform versions.


>>Click here for the official Resident Evil: Revelations PlayStation®4/Xbox One site


Note: These present codes do not have an expiration date.

(An expiration date may be added at a later date if deemed necessary.)