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Resident Evil Revelations

My game data is not synching on Resident Evil.Net

If you have linked your accounts, the following issues can cause your data to not sync:

- You are not playing the game with the account you linked to Resident Evil.Net

- Your game data is not being sent to Resident Evil.Net

   Please make sure that the game account you registered is the same account you are using to play. Your account is displayed underneath your RE Point total on your Overview on Resident Evil.Net.
(Please see the relevant FAQ section for details on how to access your Overview.)

If the accounts are the same, please make sure that your gaming platform is connected to the internet, and reconfirm the Auto Data Upload setting in the in-game Options menu to send your data.

You should then be able to sync your data using the Synchronization button on your Resident Evil.Net Overview.

My previously synched game data is no longer synching

The following issues can cause your data to not sync:

- You are not playing the game with the account you linked to Resident Evil.Net
- The Auto Data Upload setting in the in-game Options menu has been disabled
   (Note that if the setting is disabled, your data will not be sent until the setting has been reconfirmed. This setting can be disabled by the game in the event of a network error.)

When is my data sent to Resident Evil.Net?

If your gaming platform is connected to the internet, the game will send your data at the following times:

- When you reconfirm the Auto Data Upload setting in the in-game Options menu
- When your data is saved just after a Results screen has been closed
   (You must have enabled the Auto Data Upload setting.)

Event data is only sent after Results screens (i.e. event data can not be sent by reconfirming the Auto Data Upload setting).

My event score is not updating.

You must meet the following requirements in order to take part in online events:

- You must be using a linked game account, and the Auto Data Upload setting in the in-game Options menu must be enabled.
- You must have sent valid event data

(please see each event's event page to check the conditions)
(If you are offline or a transmission error occurs when sending data, the event data you attempted to send will not be recorded. This can also apply when the site is unavailable or undergoing maintenance.)

My score is and / or rank is displayed as "-" or "0" in an Online Event

If your score or rank is out of the rankings it will be displayed as "-" or "0".

Can I be awarded multiple items (Weapons / Parts / Titles) for taking part in an event?

Yes. As long as you meet the requirements for any given reward, you will receive the reward when the event ends (except for special prizes for the top 5 places which are only awarded to the individual players in the respective place).

How do I enter Present Codes?

Present Codes obtained from events and online media can be entered by navigating to your Revelations Overview, and clicking on Enter Present Code at the bottom of the side menu. Remember to enter them before they expire!

I have not unlocked one or more of the creature kill titles even though I have enough kills.

Only kills that are registered under the Raid mode creatures list accessible from the side menu are counted for these titles. Campaign mode kills do not count. (n.b. each creature subtype is capped at 999 kills.)

When are online event rankings updated?

Event rankings are updated once an hour, and are not calculated in real time. (The amount of time necessary to recalculate rankings depends on the number of participants.)

I can't find the "Transfer Items" button in my game item list.

The Transfer button will only appear after you have synched your data for the first time.

About Site Buddy battles

The Site Buddy Battle feature allows you to compare your online event rankings with those of your Site Buddies.

How to view Site Buddy Battles:

  1. Select "Site Buddy Battle" under the Community tab at the top of the page
  2. Select the event you want to view
  3. The rankings of you and your Site Buddies are displayed for the selected event

*You must be logged in to view Site Buddy Battles
*Site Buddy Battles are available for Resident Evil Revelations online events

What are Rewards?

Rewards are items that can be sent to the game such as Weapons, Parts, Supplies, and Prize Tickets. 

How do I send items to the game?

Please make sure your accounts are linked and your data is synchronized first.
You should then be able to transfer Game Items to the game.

Please follow the steps below to send items to the game.

  1. Click on the 'Transfer unlocked items to the game' button or select 'Game Items' under the 'My Collection' menu.
  2. Select the items you want to send to the game from the list of those available (up to 20 items can be sent at once).
  3. Click on Send.
  4. Launch the game to retrieve your items.

*You can see a list of the items you have sent on the Sent Items Log
*Identical Supplies are totaled and sent together. Any items received past the maximum amount you can hold will be discarded.

Item(s) I have sent to the game have not been received

Please make sure that you are playing with the account linked to Resident Evil.Net. Your gaming account is displayed under the RE Points total on your Overview on Resident Evil.Net.
(Please see the relevant FAQ section for details on how to view your Overview.)

If your accounts match, please see the relevant FAQ section for sending items to the game.

What are Supplies?

Supplies are in-game items that can be sent to Partners for use in the Campaign. Sending Supplies will randomly award one of the following: Handgun rounds, Shotgun shells, Machinegun rounds, Rifle rounds, Magnum rounds, Grenade, Pulse grenade, Shock grenade, Decoy grenade, Herb. Supplies are a great way to stock up un items that are hard to come by in the game, and are essential when playing on higher difficulties.

How do I send Supplies?

Supplies can be sent by clicking on the 'Send Supplies' button displayed next to Partners in the Partner list, or on other users' Overviews. You can send Supplies to each player once a day. The Supplies you have received can be viewed by selecting 'Supplies' on the the Game Items page under My Collection.

What are the 'cases' awarded by online events?

Cases contain Weapons and Parts. The contents of the case are determined only when it has been retrieved in-game. The chances of receiving any given item depend on the rarity of the case.

What are titles?

Titles are awarded by meeting certain in-game requirements, and can be viewed and set from the Titles page. Your title is displayed on your Profile, in the user search, and your Overview. Titles are not displayed in-game.

How do I unlock Weapons and Parts cases?

Weapons and Parts cases can be unlocked with RE Points.
*Cases can be unlocked from the Game Items page which can be accessed from the Unlockable Items section on the side menu, and the Cases can be transferred using the Game Items page under the My Collection section.