Nov.02.2018 - Nov.16.2018

In Chris's campaign in Resident Evil 6, which location is designated as the 8 of Clubs?

  • Site of the skirmish in Edonia


  • Landing point in Weiyip


  • Place where Chris and Leon had their showdown


First let's look at A, "Site of the skirmish in Edonia."

The lead vehicle in the convoy is suddenly attacked, and the BSAA finds themselves in the heart of an intense battle! As Chris reports to HQ that this is the Two of Hearts, this is not the correct answer!


Chris reporting to HQ. Yep...that's the Two of Hearts.


Next, let's look at C, "Place where Chris and Leon had their showdown."

There were a lot of memorable scenes in RE6, and this is most certainly one of them. However, en route to this location, no code name was given to it, so it's also not the correct answer!


After this confrontation, Chris finally returns to his former self. Truly, the hero has returned!"


That means that the correct answer is B, "Landing point in Weiyip."

Eight of Clubs is the designation given to the landing point, where the BSAA soldier is enthuiastically (probably?) waving flares for the landing party. The quiz this time was pretty hard I think, but if you're a true Chris fanatic, perhaps it was a piece of cake? Or...a piece of steak?


The helicopter arriving at the Eight of Clubs. It's only going to get worse from here!


Thanks for joining us for another peek at the wide world of RE lore. There were no hints this time around, so we hope your love of Chris and, who knows, perhaps a magic 8-ball, helped to guide you to the answer!

Correct answer: B
Landing point in Weiyip.