Nov.09.2018 - Nov.23.2018

Almost immediately, we're hit with a surprising revelation in Resident Evil 4.
What was that revelation?

  • The birth of Umbrella


  • The fall of Umbrella


  • Leon's Top Ten Close Calls with Death


First let's look at A, "The birth of Umbrella."

As we would eventually learn, Spencer, Marcus, and Ashford were the founding members of Umbrella, and while that story is an interesting yarn in its own right, it's not what happened in the RE4 opening, so it's not the right answer!


Ashford, Spencer, and Marcus: The Early Years. I'd love to see that!


Next, let's look at C, "Leon's Top Ten Close Calls with Death."

By this point Leon has flirted with death so much, he may not be able to fit the most dangerous ones within just 10 choices! However, as Leon never put together such a ranking list, this is also not the right answer!


The latest Resident Evil title. In RE:2 alone, Leon would have enough close-calls to fill out a top ten list and then some!


That means that the correct answer is B, "The fall of Umbrella."

Chris and Leon had risen to the top of Umbrella's hit list, and just as we were wondering how that would play out...the intro for RE4 casually tells us that Umbrella was done fun. I was so shocked that I spit out my drink! (Managed to clean up everything later)


When I first saw this screen, I thought I'd booted up a different game on accident. It's a nice memory though!


Thanks for joining us for this peek into the wide world of RE lore. We hope this question didn't leave you stumped!

Correct answer: B
The fall of Umbrella.