Sep.23.2016 - Oct.07.2016

The hype is still on for Resident Evil's 20th anniversary.
Can you still remember what difficulty you selected when playing the Resident Evil remake for the very first time?

  • Like climbing a mountain.


  • Like going on a hike.


  • Like taking a walk.


A. Like climbing a mountain.
Those of you who chose this the first time were either pretty confident, or masochistic. Even regular zombies can be deadly, and surviving on this difficulty is proof of your survival horror skills.

B. Like going on a hike.
This feels harder than a mere "hike", and is definitely a more satisfying experience if you're looking for a challenge. Once you've completed the game on this difficulty you'll almost certain want to graduate to mountain climbing.

C. Like taking a walk.
Many players cut their teeth on this difficulty, as it still teaches one of the most important survival skills - caution! Despite what the name may suggest, this isn't a walk in the park...

No matter what difficulty everyone chose, I know for sure that your memories of that first time through the mansion are burned into your mind.
Remember to have a look at the overall results!

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