Oct.21.2016 - Nov.04.2016

When you first face off with a Gigante in Resident Evil 4, which one of the following can help you take it out depending on your choices?

  • An old friend


  • A handsome vagabond


  • A dog, Man's best friend


We'll go over the answers starting with
A, An old friend.
While Krauser and Leon do have a history together, Krauser turns out to be one of the games main antagonists so he's out.

Next up is B, A handsome vagabond.
Luis does help Leon out throughout the game, but not actually during the El Gigante fight, so he's out too,

That leaves us with
C, A dog, man's best friend!
This is the very same dog you can save at the start of the game (the one that runs off without a second look). Good thing Leon points this out too as not everyone would remember it.

I guess the dog regretted leaving Leon hanging like that earlier, either that or Leon has more than the stalker in the red dress.
Answer: C
A dog, man's best friend

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