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Oct.11.2019 - Oct.25.2019

Resident Evil 6 introduces Piers, who is set to become a leader for the next generation. When we first meet him, when he talks to Chris at the beginning of the game, what is he eating?

  • A delicious-looking steak


  • A juicy apple


  • Health recovery tablet


First let's look at B, "A juicy apple."

If an apple sounds familiar, you can find a particularly juicy-looking one in Jake's campaign. However as we don't see Piers eating an apple at this stage in the game, this is not the correct answer!

The apple got what it deserved...



Next, let's look at C, "Health recovery tablet."

These tablets are an essential item for players to recovery their health in the game. However, as we don't see Piers eating one of those tablets here, this is also not the correct answer!

Piers is upset over your wrong answer (joking).



That means that the correct answer is A, "A delicious-looking steak."

As Piers claims that it's hard to find a good steak in these parts, perhaps he has Chris to thank for leading him to this place and their delicious cuts?

That does look good...I try not to watch this scene when I'm hungry.



Thanks for joining us for another look into the wide world or RE lore. We hope this quiz hit the right spot for you!

Correct answer: A
A delicious-looking steak.