Feb.03.2017 - Feb.17.2017

Resident Evil 7's opening starts off with a memorable shot of a car driving through vast swampland, but which of these images shows the real Louisiana?

  • I think it was this one...


  • Wait, maybe around here?


  • No, it's definitely here.


Let's start off with
C. (No, it's definitely here.).
A lot of people seemed to have trusted that "definitely", but sadly this is the boot of Europe, Italy!

Those who chose this will be punched as a punishment.
Next up is B. (Wait, maybe around here?).
This doesn't look like anywhere in the States, but it's somehow familiar...That's it! It's Hokkaido in Northern Japan! Not to mention the wrong answer.

Those who chose this will be shoveled as a punishment.
Finally we have A. (I think it was this one...), which is the correct answer!

This is indeed Louisiana, and it might be a name that everyone knows, but when you have to guess using the shape it's not that trivial.

I had to stare at maps for some time to make this quiz, so much that it kind of reminded me of geography lessons back in school, Thanks RE7!
Answer: A
I think it was this one...

See you soon for the next quiz!