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Mar.10.2017 - Mar.24.2017

Just as Ethan's hope is running out in the Baker household, there's a light at the end of the tunnel... Or a flashlight at the end of the hallway, held by an intrepid deputy! But who is this well-timed hero?

  • David Javis


  • Chris R.


  • David Anderson


First, let's examine A, David Javis.
Maybe this name sounded familiar to some of you? Well, "Javis" is actually the surname of the star of our last One Click Question: Clancy!
Forgive us this trickery. We just really like Clancy. He'll make it out safely in the end, right? Give us a thumbs-up, Clancy!

You answered wrong, so you get a knee in the face.

Next up is B, Chris R.
Surely you didn't pick this one! We all know that Chris is the (not a) hero of the upcoming free DLC, "Not a Hero"! If Ethan had asked Chris for a gun, we're sure he would have agreed. Chris usually carries plenty of spares.

Now why not click here to check out more info on "Not a Hero"!

Oh, you thought you could get away with choosing Chris? Nope, you get the Stinger!
(The stinger is a move favored by Jacks everywhere. Remember this guy?)

And that means... The answer is C, David Anderson!
Anderson is a little surly and uncooperative when he first sees Ethan, so it's surprising when later on he holds the key to Ethan's chances of escape. Maybe it was something he ate?

And how would you find out his name, anyway? Well, you could go take a look at the unlockable items right here on RE NET!
(Overview > Unlockables > Web Items)

Why not check them out right now?

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Join us next time for another One Click Question, and expand your Resident Evil knowledge even more!
Answer: C
David Anderson