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Mar.17.2017 - Mar.31.2017

Jack's plenty busy at the beginning of Resident Evil 7.

After punching out Ethan and strapping him into a chair for a friendly family meal, Jack's ready to sit down to some good home cooking. But the meal's only just begun when Jack flips his lid! What made Jack so angry?

  • Marguerite served leftovers again


  • Lucas was acting up


  • He didn't get a kiss from Marguerite


First, let's look at A, "Marguerite served leftovers again."
While the food doesn't exactly look fresh, Jack says it's a "very special feast," so it seems unlikely this was sitting in the fridge for days. Wrong answer!

And how dare you say such a thing about that food? You get a slap!

Next, we have C, "He didn't get a kiss from Marguerite."
Well, this certainly makes sense. We'd be upset if we were married to a pretty lady like Marguerite and didn't get a kiss every now and then. But since Jack takes the time to compliment Marguerite's cooking, it's probably not her that's made him so mad! Wrong answer.

But for having such a romantic heart, you get a big kiss!

Did you know this isn't the only scene where you can enjoy Marguerite's cooking talents? In the room escape scenario "Bedroom" from the DLC "Banned Footage Vol.1" (available now!) you can get up close and personal with some special stew before you try to escape! Don't miss out, Marguerite fans!

So what was the correct answer?
B, "Lucas was acting up"!
Lucas was just throwing food, so maybe the punishment didn't fit the crime? But as they say, spare the wrist and spoil the child. Maybe Jack's a good father after all.

Dammit, old man...not again!!!

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Answer: B
Lucas was acting up