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Mar.24.2017 - Apr.07.2017

Jack gives Lucas the business at the dinner table, and before long Marguerite's the next one to lose her cool. What sets her off?

  • Her rude guest wouldn't eat


  • Lucas is a smart aleck


  • Jack just isn't considerate enough


First, let's look at C, "Jack just isn't considerate enough."
Jack might have a short fuse, but he says to Ethan that "this was supposed to be a very special feast." With the respect he shows towards his wife's cooking, it's hard to imagine this made her upset.

Here, boy, have a meatball!

Next, let's look at B, "Lucas is a smart aleck."
While no one can deny that Lucas runs his mouth, Marguerite just can't get angry at her special boy, so this is the wrong answer!

Aw shucks, go ahead and have the whole thing!

Meals aren't always like this in the Baker estate...probably.
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So what was the correct answer?
A, "Her rude guest wouldn't eat"!
Ethan did try his best though, right? Not his fault that he threw it back up! Well...

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

Look forward to more trivia-laden One Click Questions as time goes on!
Answer: A
Her rude guest wouldn't eat