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Mar.31.2017 - Apr.14.2017

Ethan's found a chance to slip away from the dinner table, but Jack is hot on his heels. During the pursuit, what's Jack armed with?

  • A handgun. Feeling lucky, punk?


  • A handy, oh-so-manly shovel


  • Fists for another "welcome" punch


First, let's look at A handgun.

The sight of Jack with a handgun would certainly stop us in our tracks, but luckily for Ethan he's not the gun-toting type.



Batter up!






Next, let's look at C, "His fists."

Jack's "welcome" punch is nothing to sneeze at, but it looks like he found a fun toy to spank Ethan with this time around, so righty and lefty took the night off.



Aaand it's out of the park!




Jack shows up with all sorts of nasty weapons during the main game. He also appears in the "Nightmare" horde survival mode included in the "Banned Footage Vol. 1" DLC, so be sure to check out what he uses to bring the pain!


So what was the correct answer? B, "A shovel"!


Now that we think about it, this IS a farm, after all. If you're going to bash some heads, you might as well use the first thing that comes to hand!

Still, don't look down on a simple shovel! In Jack's hands, even your run-of-the-mill yard tool becomes a wall-wrecking weapon! Is this the end of Ethan!?


Look forward to more trivia-laden One Click Questions as time goes on!

Answer: B
A handy, oh-so-manly shovel