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Apr.07.2017 - Apr.21.2017

Today we take a look at "Daughters," part of the "Banned Footage Vol. 2" DLC. Jack wasn't always a shovel-wielding maniac. What humble dream does he mention in this tragic footage?

  • Form a family music group, "The Bakers"


  • Travel the world with Marguerite


  • Run a bed and breakfast


First, let's look at A, "Form a family music group".

While the speakers littered around the Baker house might make for some quality surround-sound music, there's no mention of a "The Bakers" band forming in "Daughters." This one's a miss!



Time for your music lesson, boy!





Next, let's look at B, "Travel the world with Marguerite".

You get to see a glimpse of the two lovebirds getting along in "Daughters," but there's no mention of globe-trotting together. Jack's all for family values and staying put in Louisiana, so this one's off the list!



How's this for carry-on luggage!




Say, isn't he always getting mad over something? Well I've got some good news for you Jack fans out there. In "Daughters", you get a rare glimpse at a calmer version of Jack that we've yet to see. See the kinder, gentler side of the Bakers in the "Banned Footage Vol. 2" DLC!


So what was the correct answer? C, "Run a bed and breakfast"! It sounds idyllic until you imagine Lucas working reception...


Come see all the beauty the bayou has to offer! (Or not.)


Look forward to more trivia-laden One Click Questions as time goes on!

Answer: C
Run a bed and breakfast