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May.12.2017 - May.26.2017

All RE fans have had at least one moment where they wished they had a little extra inventory space. Where are you going to fit that last green herb?! So the question is: What item increases your item slots in RE7?

  • A rugged backpack


  • A professional attache case


  • A "hip" side pack


First, let's look at B, "an attache case".

This item actually appeared in Resident Evil 4, starting from the default size and going all the way to XL. No attache cases in RE7, though, so this one's no good!


Get off my case!


Next, let's look at C, "a side pack".

This excellent item adds inventory slots when you equip it in Resident Evil 2. You won't find anything this hip on the Baker compound, though, so wrong again!


Talk about "pack"-ing a punch!



So what was the correct answer? A, "a backpack"!

Not too tough for anyone who's played RE7.


Also, did you know that item slots made their first appearance in the original Resident Evil?

Might be interesting to take a look back after a question like this, huh?


Regardless of which RE you play, nothing's better than the moment you expand that inventory, are we right?!

Incidentally, while writing this question we remembered the hell we went through on our no-inventory-expansion RE4 run, and spending way too long deciding whether to take the side pack or a certain other item in RE2. Really takes us back...


Look forward to more trivia-laden One Click Questions as time goes on!

Correct answer: A
A rugged backpack