Jun.02.2017 - Jun.16.2017

Some puzzles involve pressing things, others involve keys. Surely that makes the piano puzzle, which has both at once, the ultimate Resident Evil puzzle experience!
All we know is that no matter how dangerous the mission gets, sometimes it's nice to spend some time indulging your musical side. But which of these three characters can play the piano like a pro without any practice?

  • Billy, the handcuffed anti-hero


  • Rebecca, the pint-sized survivor


  • Chris, the ace of Alpha Team


First, let's think back to B, "Rebecca, the pint-sized survivor".

She tried her hand at Moonlight Sonata to help out Chris in the Spencer Mansion, but it took a lot of practice for her to stop hitting wrong notes. That means this answer's wrong!


Check out Rebecca showing off her piano talents here!

Or watch her lose her temper trying another piece!


Next up is "Chris, the ace of Alpha Team".

When Chris encounters the piano in the Spencer Mansion, he handles it like any puzzle: Press a few things and see what happens. Fortunately for him, that's exactly what was needed to bring Rebecca running. A narrow escape for our hero! However, this doesn't mean Chris can play, so C is false!


Chris' tough battle with music can be found right here!



That means the correct answer is A, "Billy, the handcuffed anti-hero"!

With his top-notch gunplay and superb piano skills, Billy leaves us wondering whether there's anything he can't do. (Besides slip out of a pair of handcuffs, of course.)


Let Billy dazzle you with his classical performance here!


Thinking of Rebecca... When she set off on her mission, we bet she didn't expect to end up playing not one but two pianos!

She begins in failure, but through much trial and hardship, her piano playing opens doors for her in the end.

It's a complete success story set against the backdrop of a zombie outbreak. But would she ever admit that a roguish fugitive inspired her to succeed?


Look forward to more trivia-laden One Click Questions as time goes on!

Correct answer: A
Billy, the handcuffed anti-hero